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Recently something happened involving Arielle and Storm Ryan... it caused a moment of clarity for me. The treatment of homosexuals are recieving and in this day of all identities are valid we can't call ourselves homosexuals and we must call ourselves monosexuals because homosexual is a bad word and offensive. Lesbians can NOT have a sexual orientation or they are bigots (TERFs). Nobody talks about how devastated the lesbian community is... much of it has been completely erased off the face of the Earth... but that isn't a LGBT issue. Mostly if you are younger than your 40s you don't know what you are missing. As a 54 year old it is glaring to me.

Lesbians, and Gays are vilified for being gay. Yet at the same time we are the greatest allies to trans people and NB... everything is one sided. I started seeing within All Black Lives Matter... black gay men and lesbians are never mentioned or talked about... they are ignored. Did anyone of us hear Black Lesbian Lives Matter or Black Gay Mens Lives Matter ... did it happen and I just missed it? Everything in our community has become one sided.

We are excellent friends and allies but it is NOT a two way street. What does that have to do with Ryans video... watch Ryans video and talk about what is happening.

Here is what bothered me about Ryans video and caused a moment of clarity for me.

  1. Ryan apologized to the Trans Community for working with Arielle. Why? was it not benefiting Ryan anymore?

  2. He stated that he felt used by her and felt bad for platforming Arielle. That is backwards, Ryan used Arielle to get followers. Arielle has way more followers than Ryan and when Arielle collaborated with Ryan he was the only one who benefited from that. Their first collaboration was the Lesbian looks at a trans mans vagina. To be perfectly honest I don't know how that video came into being but if Arielle was going to use a trans man for exposure... she already knew Buck Angel who she could have done that video with. I also feel that part of Ryans and others motivation was to get close to Blaire White... but I might be incorrect,

  3. Arielle was accused of being manipulative. If Arielle is manipulative she sucks at it. She is a pretty straight forward person. Part of her problem these days is she is not manipulative, she says what she thinks without planning out an agenda.

  4. He complained she scripted the videos... Most Youtubers script a video by creating a format of things they want to talk about... if they didn't they would have to edit 6 hours of recordings to get the same results. That is not manipulation.

  5. Arielle has never misgendered a trans person... not even the ones she doesn't like.

  6. Arielle does not use transphobic language

  7. Arielle is extremely loyal to the trans people in her life. I wittnessed her put people on blast that attack the trans people in her life and those who appear on her videos.

  8. Arielle is accused of using trans people like Ryan to show she isn't trans phobic... Arielle isn't transphobic and she mostly platforms other LGBT and content creators.

So after watching that video my moment of clarity hit... Arielle is an awesome ally like most LGB... but is not a two sided street... because there are some seriously shitty allies on the other side of the fence. Arielle has been shitted on at all angles... LGBTQIA+ have shitted on her, the woke shit on her, far left people shit on her, homophobes shit on her, and transphobes hate Arielles guts. Transphobes have made videos about Arielle... She who shall not be named slammed Arielle (I won't say her name bacause I did that once and was threatened).

So lets discuss somethings about being a good ally and why it is one sided.

  1. Stop calling women TERFs (it took one trans woman to tell me to stop saying tranny... and she didn't have to explain why it hurt her... she just had to say it hurt her.)
  2. Stop silencing homosexuals or talking over us.
  3. Stop telling us we can't talk about our sexual orientation and calling us transphobic.
  4. Stop erasing LGB from LGBT history.
  5. Stop acting as though the "L" in LGBT is silent.
  6. Call out attacks against lesbians that includes calling lesbians TERFs
  7. Call out rape threats, threats of violence, and death threats sent to lesbians.
  8. Stop saying women can not discuss gender or womanhood or about issues that effect women.
  9. Stop justifying why you should be able to say TERF... it's hate speech.
  10. Stop justifying violent threats against women and gay men
  11. If a person says I am not comfortable with the word cis, I do not identify with cis... don't call them cis.

Most TRA are total shit allies and shitty friends to LGB. I still support transsexual rights because I am loyal to my trans friends who are the ones most at risk... I can honestly say they have my back.... but honey the majority of TRA treat us like we are pieces of shit and I am tired of it... I have never seen such shitty allies in my almost 40 years of LGBT activism as I have seen in the modern trans, queer, and LGBTQIA+ movement.

EarthBear66 5 July 5
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I don't know much about Storm Ryan, but he seems to have serious mental health problems. In the video, he's real disorganized and barely coherent... not sure if he got high before filming it

I feel kind of bad for him, but he's an ass for trying to make Arielle look bad. If he has a good reason for calling her "TERFy" etc.. he should have said it in the video instead of wasting everyone's time

I don't hate him but damn... he can be real annoying. Big ego, too.

Until concrete evidence comes out that Arielle is secretly transphobic, this is my theory: Arielle did jack shit, or something really minor. Ryan is projecting his problems onto Arielle. Dude should see a therapist.


i absolutely adore you. you fucking NAILED this. thank you so much for making me feel sane. i also always see your tweets etc. you're constantly involved in the convos <333


Hey, I just read this post and I just watched Storm Ryan's video. (And that would be the first video of his I've ever seen!)

I've identified as trans for 12+ years. I found Arielle on my own and I love her videos. I like how she asks questions and listens. She's trying to educate herself and her audience. I love how she invites people who have different POVs from her - such as her many trans guests!

Ryan is right that it is exhausting to try to educate people. But if he doesn't feel up to the task, he doesn't have to educate anyone. That's really something that is in his power to control. It's not fair of him to try to blame Arielle for that, I think.

I also don't like how he's trying to prevent Arielle from making a response. He's set it up so anything she says will be seen as an "attack" rather than her defending herself. I just think that's lame. It leaves zero chance for dialogue, compromise, or amends. And his story gets to be the only version that is told.

I have to agree with @tracycoyle. Ryan is young. Trans YouTube is full of drama. The online trans community is full of drama. Ryan probably feels pressure to "pick sides." I don't know anything about him, so I can't claim I really know. This just seems like a logical theory.

I want to add, as I usually do, that this trans person doesn't speak for me!

thank you, my love

@ariellescarcella Thank YOU!!

"I also don't like how he's trying to prevent Arielle from making a response. He's set it up so anything she says will be seen as an "attack" rather than her defending herself. I just think that's lame. It leaves zero chance for dialogue, compromise, or amends. And his story gets to be the only version that is told."

I could not agree more and commented saying something to that effect. Exactly.

@Jenn156 I don't want to be cruel or aggressive towards Ryan because he's really young and is still figuring himself out. But it seems to me like this is a typical far-left tactic: getting "too upset" or getting "triggered," so no opposing ideas can come near you. You win the debate before it even begins if you just say it's wrong and you're too upset to hear otherwise!

I don't mean to make light of his or anyone else's emotions, but... it's not a productive way to live life. That's for dang sure.


100% agree! I hate that they are like bashing her for her beliefs. Just because I don’t want to date a Transwoman doesn’t make me transphobic or a TERF... I just don’t want to date you. I believe he even said something about “let people forget your trans”... ok we’re trying to do that but you have to constantly remind us. I don’t even think of him as trans and I think of him as a gay man. Isn’t that they want? No one gives a shit about anyone being trans... at least not in our community. Hell bi-sexual people get hated on more in our community than trans people.

Ceokc13 Level 1 July 6, 2020

I've been part of the transsexual community for 33 years (late 80s) and Arielle is a good ally. I've met REAL TERFs that HATE me...for being transsexual (MtF). With nothing more than the label, I've been vilified. The TRA are destroying the 'good faith' of the CIS community towards transgendered in general and the transsexual in particular.

I watched Ryan's video. He is a young man that can't handle backlash for not being sufficiently 'woke'. I get it and give him a pass - but as he pointed out, he was an adult - and for that, I'll hold him accountable for his actions. Ryan: you lost respect, not because you worked with Arielle, but because you think you had to apologize for it and threw her under the bus to prove your loyalty to the TRA.


how about everybody agree to be tolerant of every one elses life style choices - period. Everyone is or should be free to say whatever they like without fear of reprisal.
just stop trying to create a silly hierarchy of the various classes of LGBT... Be gay be lesbian be straight...whatever.
I feel it is important to point out that while hurtful words are hurtful it is also true that hypersensitive easily "triggered" people are very difficult to tolerate. It seems we live in a time where "what about my feelings - ism" dominates all human interaction.
Not that your feelings don't matter but what you do with your own time and your own life matters most.

iThink Level 9 July 6, 2020

Could it possibly be... they aren't... you know... for real? I'm not even gay anymore, I just want a man for an emotional and sexual relationship, but won't deal with the hippcresy anymore. Those people think "making love" is an euphemism for "fucking," and they fuck like it, so they have nothing to offer to me anyway. Do you believe in love?

A1fredo Level 8 July 6, 2020
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