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Should people call themselves "trans women" while presenting completely male / as a man?

ariellescarcella 7 Sep 23
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My good will and patience is gone after the death threats to JK Rowling. It should have been when I received my first rape threat for saying "I'm not using cis". I think I was just socialized to be nice. At this point if you don't have a vagina (and this can be one surgically created) I'm not using "woman" and I will never refer to myself as cis again. Over 500k girls in the US have been taken overseas for FGM. One in six of us have faced sexual assault by a man. We are not privileged, cis or otherwise, and I am no longer conceding my language charity.

That's not a trans anything. That's a dude.


The aim of postmodern deconstructionists is to render language meaningless. Stripping the terms “male” and “female” of meaning has been major victory for them.

Sex reassignment surgery has been around for more than half a century and most people aren’t even interested. In addition, Judith Butler is old news, and no one really cares if a woman likes power tools or a man gets off on eye liner.

What’s happening today is different. Woke progressives want individuals with penises to have a legal right of access to rape shelters meant to protect individuals with vaginas. Or a person with a penis to have a right to be housed in institutions meant for people with vaginas. The push toward a non-binary world is a threat to all people with vaginas, the people formerly known as “women”.

As the pictures above so effectively illustrate, the whole charade is just laughable. Someday, historians will look back and ask what we were all smoking.

GeeMac Level 8 Sep 24, 2020

The problem of using sex reassignment surgery as a qualifier is that it can be classist. Not everyone who is trans can afford HRT or surgery. Does that mean Caitlyn Jenner gets to identify how she wants because she is a multi-multi-millionaire, but a trans woman who can barely afford to pay rent must live a lie? If we strictly base it on genitals, does that mean Buck Angel is still a woman, and should go into women's bathrooms and be allowed in rape shelters? Does that mean Blaire White is still a man, and should go into men's bathrooms?

@JacksonNought who said anything about using surgery as a qualifier. I love when you Cathy Newman me.


(For context I am FtM and present entirely male)

The whole culture of trying to force people to see you as you see you contrary to how you present is just bizarre.
When you transition you are asking something of those when prompt them to use your pronouns (especially whilst you're at the beginning of your transition) and use your new name. You have to be understanding in that pronouns aren't REALLY a conscious choice day to day, more of a snap decision we subconsciously make when we speak of people. In order for people to make that snap decision and use your preferred, you need to at the minimum ATTEMPT to fit within that genders societal expectations. Not everyone is going to 'pass', that is understandable, but at least presenting as female is a CLEAR social prompt!

They can present how they want and do what they want, but when people start trying to steam roll over social norms with entitlement and expectation it does more damage to trans people that just want to live quietly.


It's their right to call themselves whatever they want.
I only have a problem when they demand I do or think the same as them.


No. Trans suggests motion from one place/status to another. Someone that just offers some STATEMENT of such isn't.

Now, I know that some people in less public places acknowledge what they can NOT in public, so I have no issues with them and their statement of being trans - but to 'present' as such in public and NOT in a way that indicates some movement towards 'the other', is appropriation in the worst sense of the word.


Seriously though, on dating apps I've tried in good faith to believe these people are beginning to transition 🤷♀️ and kept swiping. But I am seeing it more often.

I am a lesbian but I would definitely not date a man.

@Atitaya Yeah. Same. Trans men too.

@Atitaya Isn't that almost the functional definition of a lesbian? I would not expect you to be interested in someone who looks like me.

I’m so confused and I haven’t eaten breakfast today

@Kitkat99 I was trying to be funny with Titania's tweet. Think ppl didn't get it 🤷♀️ She's a parody account. Hope you got some noms

@Kitkat99 Eh, this interface sexes the emojis. Weird. I'm not doing that on purpose

@alleycatbrawl It’s a satire account! Thank goodness! You never know these days with what crazy people say

I was born a woman and I’m a lesbian who would never date a man so I seriously don’t want to be sharing my dating sites with trans people. Other than that I’m happy for them to live as they like but calling yourself a woman will not make me feel the need to call you that but I accept that’s your reality

It’s not difficult Tatiana it’s called s mental health problem


No since they are not women at all and not meaning all transwomen aren't women, plenty are but they are actually trans, fucks like this are not and using this to try to do the typical male conquest of unobtainable women


No, does not make sense at all.

Hope34 Level 1 Sep 24, 2020

If the only requirement to be a woman is to "identify as a woman", then everyone could potentially be a woman. The word loses all its meaning. They can call themselves whatever they want, but it is very disrespectful to both biological women and actual transsexuals.

@TheMiddleWay Transition, socially and physically and as far as I am concerned, planned surgical intervention. I'm a believer that once transition is complete, you are not 'transsexual' any longer, but a congruent man/woman.



Atitaya Level 5 Sep 23, 2020

Not a fucking chance in Hell. I mean you're free to do whatever you want, just don't expect us to 100% follow along with your train of thought.

Don't get me wrong I have a Navy buddy of mine who made the transition (only recently found out about it) and I absolutely respect her wishes and refer to her as such..........but she DID do the whole shbang.

That right there above?

Um, yeah no........sorry but nooooooooooo.

F0XF1R3 Level 6 Oct 29, 2020

Trans people. Do everything in their power to live their truth. I don’t believe this person is doing that. It’s takes away from the struggles of people that are trans and almost seems like a ploy that if you seem less of a threat because you claim your trans. I don’t know what point in the process the person pictured considers them selves as trans.


Absolutely not. 🤡🌎

Riles Level 1 Sep 24, 2020

I don't think they should because it is unfair on society to visually present yourself as male and then be offended when people assume that you are male. Until we invent a device that can tell us when to assume and when not to assume a person's gender based on their looks, all persons should make an effort to accurately express their gender so as not to confuse others.

gHAB87 Level 5 Sep 24, 2020

Just speaking anecdotally, but any trans people I have accidentally mis-gendered, who presented as a gender they didn't identify, have been super cool about it. As long as you aren't being malicious and intentionally mis-gendering them, they are accepting that you may not have known or it is an honest slip up.

MiddleWay already brought this up, but you can be a woman, born a woman, identify a woman, even be heterosexual, yet still have a stereotypically masculine appearance. As I already said in this thread, I've know women with facial hair. So of course you could make a mistake and refer to them as a man, and you would also be incorrect. Honest mistakes are natural, and when given the correct information, you can make an effort to be respectful. That is my take.


Who am I to question someone's gender identity? If they want to identify as trans women, that is their right. As Middle Way already stated, it doesn't matter that they present as masculine, as some cis women present as masculine, and that doesn't make them any less women. I know women with facial hair who were born women, identify as women, and are heterosexual.

The pics you specifically posted look like they are from a dating app. Would you not want to know how someone identifies while deciding if you want to date them? And what if they just present as masculine currently, but have plans to go through HRT or surgery to present as more feminine later on... would you not want to know that before committing to a relationship?

I will say, 9 times out of 10, even if these people identify as trans women, since they present as masculine they will still go into the men's bathroom, in case you were wondering.

You are you. The right to question is as much your right as it is their right to say they're a polar bear fursona or a woman. You're a satanist, right? Right. You established that already.

You would question the existence of Jesus to a Christian or his divinity even if it hurt their feelings because you do not have confirmation of that god's existence. You are being true to yourself by questioning it just as they are being true to themselves to verbally establish it.

You are entitled to your own reality. You are not entitled to force other people into it.

@ThomasinaPaine to the individuals in the pictures, their reality is that they are trans women. They aren't forcing people to accept their reality by posting their identity on a dating app. You don't know their personal lives, and as I said before, by presenting as masculine they most likely aren't trying to go into women's bathrooms or domestic violence shelters, so you don't know if they are trying to "force their reality" on people in daily life. If you don't want to be a part of their reality, you do not have to date them - and I am sure they would be happy for you to ignore them and move on. If someone was interested in them, and accepted their reality, they would be happy together and hurt no one. So there is literally no harm in posting their identity on a dating app. Arielle is the one in violation here, posting personal profiles of people for her audience to comment on / potentially ridicule. I am not sure what app that is, but they might have TOS that say you cannot publicly share people's profiles.

On another point, how far can we push this reality thing? Some people's reality is that women should be barefoot and pregnant at home, and shouldn't vote or have careers. What if you have a job, and a man with that "reality" becomes your new boss - due to their reality, they fire you. Should we remove the EEOA because your are forcing your reality on him by working? Where do we start to draw the line?

@JacksonNought 1) You assume their reality is that they are transwomen and not activists 2) Even if that is their reality it is not my reality and you are suggesting that I ignore my reality so someone else can gain access to spaces that were designed for women's safety

Regarding "how far we push this reality" and then bring up ideology that is 1) opinion not facts and 2) not even close to being mainstream anymore in western nations as if this is some sort of logical comparison and/or analogy. I don't know what past decade the modern left lives in but we live in the one where women like Magdalen Berns and JK Rowling stating biological facts while espousing classical liberalism (fuck who you want, dress how you want, identify how you want but don't try to get people fired who don't agree) are threatened with rape, brutality, arson, and death. THAT is the modern witch hunt and its not coming from religious people in 2020 US and UK. It's coming from kids wearing black masks and hang out on Tumblr.

I know you guys WANT to still live in the 90s when you can praise Satan and listen to Manson to get that "fight the machine" anti-establishment high but the reality is you won. You are the establishment now so keep it moving cuz we biological women have a witch hunt going on against us and it aint coming from the 700 Club but Woke Twitter.

Reality is DNA, physiology, and hard medical facts. Intersex people have specific health concerns that do not exist in males or females. Females have specific health concerns that do not exist in intersex or male people. Males have specific health concerns that do not exist in intersex or females. That is irrefutable. You don't need to push any reality to determine these as the research science on this voluminous.

Transpersons have specifically mental health concerns that do not exist in intersex, male, or female persons and are unique and relative to that person so much so that they will use a generic "gender fluid" label to describe individual traits, concerns, etc.

Women weren't and aren't discriminated against because we like dolls or lipstick. We are the reproductive class of human and our subjugation has been tied to that throughout history. A transman in Afghanistan will still have to wear a burqa because he has a womb and vagina and a transwoman there won't have to wear a burqa and still will be eligible to vote. THAT is reality.

@ThomasinaPaine you seem to be the one assuming that they are just activists, and not actually identifying as trans women. Once more, where is the harm in having their own reality on a dating app. This is the conversation at hand, the one Arielle is presenting while violating the privacy of these two individuals. And as I said before, by presenting as masculine they are 99% most likely to not try and go into women's spaces. Trans people aren't trying to get special privileges, they are trying to not get fired, kicked out of their homes, or murdered because of who they are. That is a myth that yes, the Christian right perpetuates, trying to make it seem as if big burly men with beards are trying to go watch your wife or daughter pee. Would you want Buck Angel to go into the girls bathroom since he has a vagina? Should Blaire White go into the men's room because she has a penis (she actually was kicked out of a restaurant once for going in the men's room to test this)? We've actually seen cases where "protectors" have assaulted biological women trying to go into female bathrooms because they didn't think they looked "feminine" enough, and accused them of being trans.

If you don't think there are people who still have the whole "women must submit to men" and "barefoot / pregnant" worldview, you aren't paying attention. And of course you just skip over the question entirely. You also seem to want to label your "opinion" as fact, while everything else is mere opinion. There is actually a lot of factual scientific data stating that 1 - there are more than two sexes based on chromosome variations, and 2 - gender is a social construct which is fluid and separate from biological sex. This is just fact. You don't get to force your reality on someone else just because your opinion is different.

I am not sure why you feel the need to make a bigoted religious attack against me. To equate my religion as just being an edgy Manson kid is just ignorant and offensive. Also, you think Satanists won? Is that why the President and his administration is supporting conspiracy theories about Democrats worshipping Satan and eating children? Is that why the Satanic Panic is still going on today, and people are still in jail from the 80's and 90's after being falsely accused of Satanic Ritual Abuse? If anyone is still winning, it is Conservative Christian theocrats.

I also have no idea why you brought up Afghanistan? Are you saying we should be following their example?


Yes, if it will give a false impression not to be clear about the situation.

brentan Level 5 Sep 23, 2020

Only if they're from TRANSylvania 😁


You could call yourself a space kitten that doesn't mean that everyone else has should be forced to lie to fit your delusion.


Are you trying to see how gullible we are? 🙂
HELL NO. They are as male as I am.


I think one of the most telling signs here of all this insanity is that “trans women” or those masking as trans women are the ones begging to be in women spaces, I don’t see trans men up in arms about this stuff because I guess they too would still rather hang in lesbian spaces. Point here is that women’s spaces & rights are the ones being imposed upon by men as usual. It’s beautiful to be a woman and as a lesbian these photos are not what I’m looking for by any stretch of the imagination. Seems like incels & some true mental health.

Level 1 Sep 24, 2020

No no no no no no no no no no no no no noooooooooooo


No not people like that I’m a trans women and I hate facial hair it makes me cry and makes me have mega dyphoria if a trans women has facial hair like that and Is okay with it no no no

Level 1 Sep 24, 2020

Long as it gets me into the nightclub without paying cover....

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