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SO many people constantly tell us that the reason the LGBT community has rights, is because "trans women of color started to riots at Stonewall." This is a MYTH.

My question though, is WHY do the progressive leftists feel the need to rewrite history? What do they feel they gain by doing this?

ariellescarcella 7 Oct 29
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Try to give themselves some clout. As a Lesbian enough to remember Stonewall its more about gay men standing up to cop for being targeted and arrested for being in a gay bar. Some folks who think they fall Into LGB need to read some history!


I wish I knew, and it seems to me back then, the word "queer" just wasn't used because it was considered a slur and a very ugly one.


I heard Stormé Delaverie is actually the woman who threw first brick. But that isn’t important. Trans women have rights because better understanding from politicians and civilians. I’m not anti-cop propaganda


Relevance. Stature. Empathy. Encouragement/approval. People do things to make themselves feel better and to gain elevation and power within social structures.


George Orwell understood it.


Because they believe if they rewrite/control history, they get to write their narrative going forward without the contradiction from the past and have more control.
Have you ever heard someone say,"That's the way we have always done it." That is why they do it.
Francis Bacon said, "Knowledge is power." But then that might mean the lack of knowledge is servitude.


"The issues are not the issue. The issue is the revolution." - Saul Alinsky

Never lose sight of that. All the rest are just distractions.


The problem progressives have with the early gay rights movement is exactly the same problem they have with the second wave of the feminist movement - both are too white. The once revered Gloria Steinem is often criticized and rejected by postmodern feminists who see the movement of her day as too white and too conservative.

Feminists like Camille Paglia are detested by progressives for their conservative views. Gay rights are not about gays, just as feminism is not about women. As Paglia observes so brilliantly in her book “Essays”:

Ayn Rand was the kind a bold female thinker who should immediately have been the centrepiece of women studies programs, if the latter were genuinely about women rather than about a clichéd, bleeding heart, victim-obsessed, liberal ideology that dislikes all concrete female achievement.

The woke-left has a similar issue with pioneers of the gay rights movement, because many men were embarrassed by the excesses of their own community, including its ridiculous alliance with openly pedophile groups, who for a time were permitted to march in pride parades. The Mattachine Society of New York — which advocated for respectability — is an embarrassment to the left, which sees them today as conventional, white, sell outs.

So Stonewall had to be reimagined. Over the past few years, for example, Wikipedia has added woke buzz words like “poor, marginalized”, “homeless youth”, and “anti-transgender discrimination” to its Stonewall page. Progressives have also searched records diligently for any mention of non-white men in the crowd, and two women of colour have recently been cast in the starring roles in the fantasy version of Woke Stonewall: Sylvia Rivera and Marsha P. Johnson. Stonewall, like a modern TV series, has been tokenized with casting diversity.

The left is not just tearing down statues. It is busily deconstructing all of our history into something new and false.

GeeMac Level 8 Oct 29, 2020

damn this is a great point thank you


WTF? That's really a thing?

Projecting current Theory into the past promotes both "validation" and popularization. The current Theory can't predict anything in order to create evidence for itself, so it's made "true" in retrospect.

And it works.

govols Level 8 Oct 29, 2020

Please provide the rest of your argument, not just the thesis.


To continue the us and them mentality. To support the use of violence to pursue outcomes.

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