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I felt like talking about some girls that I really admire. I feel like there's not enough to say that this is even going on more in the world so I could change that.

Girls I admire beyond belief. Did you watch anime or play video games before, you might know of some of these I know everything about these girls.

Did you know about this girl named Erza Scarlett, she is the girl in the anime Fairy Tail, believe it or not, she's the main character even though the other main character is Natsu and the story is even told by a completely other girl, she's the strongest person in the series, she's on the level of the guy that is also meant to be the most powerful person on the whole entire continent they live on, he's the strongest because that just tells you if he's the strongest just how much stronger this girl is, this girl isn't like anything that you've ever known, she's uncouth, you couldn't find a girl like this even in your dreams that's how uncouth she is, she has red hair, she likes picnics, she can steal the endings of Broadway shows just by putting on a wedding dress, she enters the scene by hauling a tusk the size of a house on her back, people fear her, she is a master swordswoman, she has a psychic ability to control swords, her magic is equipment, she has over 100 different armors and swords, her nickname is Titania the queen of fairies, her most powerful special attack is the sword pinwheel it's like a sunflower that both intimidates and means business no matter the foe, she's not shy when it comes to being exposed, she has one eye the other one is fake, she likes strawberries and cake, she is the only one to ever defeat all 100 monsters in the kingdom tournament by herself, her only enemy is herself because nothing can phase her, she likes dress up, plays, and has a troublesome nack for overpacking luggage wherever she goes, before she was introduced into Fairy Tale series she looked different she had a bird on her shoulder, carried a spear and looked like a shaggy amazonian, the only person who accurately is identical to her, is Natsu, Natsu is the beast that was never was but is Erza Scarlet, and he had to die and become a demon then travel 200 years into the future just to get on her same level, Erza Scarlet is just something else when compared to girls, that's a true girl in all of the sense of the phase, she means to be the one thing in a world of uncertainty that one thing that you just can't defend yourself against. And she kind of reminds me of Jaclyn Glenn too, you know how she dyed her hair red, that's where she got it from I'm telling you was that girl, she's trying to return to herself, but not for Erza Scarlet because Erza Scarlet is always Erza Scarlet. By the way she was captured as a little girl and turned into a slave to build a tower, and, so has the next girl been in captivity too. And, she is her own mother too, her mother was just like her but she was cursed to be in pain forever because she turned into a dragon and then a powerful wizard turned her back into a human, she was in so much pain that she used magic to give birth to the still born Erza Scarlet and I don't know how it works off the top of my head but that's how she was born.

Then, you could know that girl, in One Punch Man, there's a real reason that the show is about a guy that punches any and all to death with one punch, and it's not because the name of the show is One Punch Man, it's because of that girl, yeah her, one girl, her name is Tatsumaki. She's the most powerful thing in known world of the show, she's a psychic, packed in this little body contains the most powerful woman ever in the whole world, she's so powerful that her hair just stands pointing up like not even her hair knows what a girl like that could do with all that power and it's green man, she's so small but her power is so great it can't be accurately compared to anything because you can't compare a person's physical ability to that of being a psychic person's and it's so strong she has the power to basically stop the whole entire planet from turning at all with just her mind, the only one that can you can say is just as strong as her is that guy the one punch guy and he's not even known to be the strongest person in the series, she tried using it on him, it just made him sweat, these two beings if turned against the world the world wouldn't even know what to do, she's feisty as and stuck up as all hell, I would be too, if I was a girl that powerful and was that powerful, besides that though, she's like that because if you think about it she has no aim no direction than what she knows, she's like a girl driver behind the wheel this little small girl and all of that power, of course she would be a bitch, that's just another thing to be loved about her, you think I'm joking, she has so much power in her they call her the tornado of terror because you don't know what is a tornado looks like that's okay because she's right there now you know and she has such a powerful psychic ability that even when she gets knocked out and can't fight anymore her psychic ability can still put a barrier around herself even when she's unconscious, she picked up an octopus with her ability the size of a skyscraper and crushed in with her hand into a ball the size of a minivan, she's just if having unholy strength was God's super power then this girl she's just the Devil, when an earth apocalyptic even is about to happen they call her, I made girls like this if you didn't know because I am her and those women who have the power to, to control the world, little do you know though, I do know why she's called Tatsumaki, because I created her, her name is, tat, like tattoo, or the sound of a firework because she's just a little firecracker that can literally blow at any second, and su, like in order to sue someone something had to have happened in the first place she's the one girl like herself, and maki, like my ki it means that she dwells within her own to be believed power like the eye of a tornado that you must be have seen in order to know it is, tat su maki, it does sound like a firework, and it's just like a firework because how do you think someone invented the firework it happened because someone didn't know what would happen they just knew how to make it goe boom and that's exactly what happened but you had to know that for you to know what a firework is, just saying, I can tell you what all of these fictional girl characters name's mean, even Erza Scarlet, but I'm not done with Tatsumaki yet, she used her ability when an alien mothership attacked earth it shot down bullets the size of vans that already destroyed the whole city and then she used her finger to send them back up and destroy the ship, one time a dinosaur king woke up and tried to take back being the dominant species and it said to her the only thing that can kill me is a meteor and she just said okay and raised her hand and smashed a meteor right on top of him vaporizing him, she grew up isolated from the world when she was taken from her family including her other psychic sister to be tested on in a lab, she was always told not to use her psychic ability or people would get hurt, but she stopped using it altogether and they stuck her in a cell, oh my God I remember it too what it looked like in there, it was just a wooden door with a peep hole, then one day a monster smashed the building and started killing everyone inside, she couldn't do anything but watch because of what she was told, then that man the number one super hero bursts onto the scene and blows the monster too oblivion, his name was Blast, he seenher stuck in the cell, he asked her why didn't you use your powers, I know you can break that door, and she said because if I use my power people get hurt, and it was because of him Blast that now Tatsumaki has become a hero till this day, because she has the power to, and don't give her boose because a psychic gets drunk way different than normal people, she killed zombie man with Atomic Samurai's sword, like really that is only what she can find funny, the undead zombie being killed by the Atomic Samurais sword, what even is that, so what else, oh yeah, she's selfconscious because of how small she is, that's why she wears a little black dress ripped all the way up to her thighs, and she doesn't wear underwear either. She's so intimidating that when her sister was being attracted by a guild of monsters she shook the ground and blew up buildings when she appeared to help her dropping a monster head at her feet and all the monster could say was we had no chance, and then the girl attacking her sister just up and left.

Alright now I'm done with that for now

Caseyxsharp2 6 Mar 16
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Posted by Caseyxsharp2I don't know what happened to the comments that I was making before on my other post.

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