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I'm still wondering what people think about something that I was saying before about there being one true gender. I just want to clear some things up about that. I'm not here talking about this because I want to be scandalous and change people's minds, I just want to talk about this because I thought it'd be important to someone and I think it should be. But I'm still wondering now. I just don't know why girls especially would find me talking about girls being this would be so controversial to them, I don't know they just get so emotional every time they hear a guy talking about girls at all it seems like which if even wasn't such a hassle as it is. Seriously? They just start talking out their mouths, don't even try listening to what I'm even saying to even know what it is they're saying. But this is what doesn't make sense, I don't care what a girls think, I just think if anyone should be able to see eye to eye to me about this wouldn't it have to be girls anyways? So, why is it that when I'm talking about this do they just, they don't even know what I'm talking about at all and yet they're still acting like it just doesn't matter to them. I'm saying I think it should matter to them. If being something different than what people would have otherwise thought could be normal was bad, even if that person lets say could have really been a girl anyway, how could girls just not see that as being anything else other than girls. I'm trying to say that, it's alright to wonder what is normal, but just because you don't believe that someone could be that different to what you think could be girls doesn't actually mean someone like that might actually exist, that's why it would make sense actually if girls believed in what I'm saying, why, why is it that you don't think you could imagine girls being different than what you know and still be being a girl and yet all of these girls say they just don't even know what I'm even talking about, you've got to be kidding me, there's so many reasons why that shouldn't have been happening at all, I am very disappointed in all of the girls that don't agree with me right now, I am so very disappointed in all of you girls that don't agree with me right now, for starters, there's no reason why you would be a girl just to be disagreeing with me right now just because what I said was it happened to be girls that are the one true gender, only girls would know this, I'm just saying that I think girls would be the one true gender it could have been anything it could have been boys it just happened to be what I thought were what I always thought was what I've been knowing as girls, that's, not even what all is doesn't make sense about that.

How do you love? If, you just think girls are different than boys, right, well, if you think girls are different than boys but you're unable to simply imagine that girls are the same as boys, then if you're not going to accept that girls being what you are and is a true gender, then what is it that you think about boys because they are different than you, if girls can't accept boys being different when they know they are like you're going to get all pissy with me over this right now, dude, you don't even want to accept that other girls could are the same as you because of the fact of what I'm saying different girls than what you think you know do exist, so what is it, boys are different than girls, so, you can think you could imagine that boys could be able to love girls, you should be able to because they do, the only ones that have any problems with a real person being the same as girls even when to what people imagine to be a girl is different than that, is girls that happen to think they disagree with me right now anyways, yeah, you should have known that girls, I don't want your ultimatums, you should have known about that because it's definitely more important for girls if you're a girl and you just happen to disagree with me right now but I seriously don't know why you would, I'm a guy it's not like I care what girls think but I'm not just going to run around and disagree with every single girl that likes talking about men just because they're talking about men, I'm a guy, more specifically a girl living in a man's body but still, I don't care. I thought girls would like to have agreed. Aren't you tired of being a girl and being treated as only a girl all of the time just because that just happens to be what you are, that's you, that's what you are, you can certainly wonder questioning what reality would mean for girls, but when it comes to existence itself you don't know what you're ever going to get, don't dismiss the possibility that one true gender could maybe exist because you just don't want to be the one to agree that it might at least be possible even in some reality that girls exist within that you don't couldn't even think you can imagine right now, if that girl is a real girl and she's both different and unlike you being a girl, would that just be the one and only thing that would convince you that it might at least could maybe be possible? It's just that simple isn't it?

Why do you think that girls and boys cliches are so funny when in reality? Girls are the same as boys in reality, it's only funny because on level you must understand that somewhere out there right now there's someone in our existence and you know because you don't think you would understand it but somewhere someone does exist and doesn't think that what you think is so funny about what you could even imagine be being boys or girls just isn't funny to them at all, you don't understand it, that's why you laugh at every time you hear it, no one is actually saying that though, neither girls nor boys, or whether girls and boys are different than each other or rather just people at all, so I know you have the capacity to understand what someone different than you really thinks about that about someone who isn't you, if you're just a girl, are you trying to say now that you're just the one exception to that thought, in which case, in that case, you're stupid because it's the truth, why would you have a problem with me saying girls are the one true gender if you're really that so different than boys and girls for that matter together, so you couldn't have just accepted the idea that boys might have actually been the same as girls, and now that's the only reason right now that you just don't like hearing about the idea that girls are really even the one only true gender? Yeah, only a stupid girl would have a problem with me saying that right now. I wasn't even just trying to talk about girls before, I was talking about people should be able to accept that people are different and there's nothing wrong with that, but when it comes to girls I guess I'm just as stupid as any of you that just don't like me talking about this right here and now, well, I'm a guy, whatever, deal with it I don't care, that's your problem then.

How do you love then? You must know that you have the ability to love people that are different than you, couldn't they be able to love you back? I'm tired of this shit. I wasn't going to say this before about the girls that disagree with me, but I am now, no one cares you're stupid if you disagree with me and if you don't know why then I have to say it is definitely your a girl not because I'm a man talking about girls right now.

I'm not talking about female being the sex, you people are acting like it's the first time that you've ever heard someone talking about sex and gender being the same thing before you know that. You have no idea what your saying right now, just don't in that case.

You don't have to love, boys, because you're just happening to be a girl too, you know that. If you can't understand that girls could imagine why they would at least love boys, don't act like such a surprised girl when someone a boy calls you stupid because of it, what, you have a problem with me saying that boys and girls are the same, but now, now you're going to have a problem with me saying that girls would be the stupid ones if they didn't understand why girls would love boys, I'm not trying to treat girls like they're something special, but what the fuck is wrong with you? I don't care, the only one that would have a problem right now are the girls that just happen to not believe me right now. Girls and boys aren't as that so different than from one another, get over it. If you're having trouble with this a boy saying all this about girls, you're going to go batt shit when you find out that girls like me really do exist and we don't give a shit what any of you other girls happen to think, you had, one job, woman. See, now, that's funny my gal pals.

Hey, if you are a girl and that you don't want to love boys, I guess because they're boys right, then here's what you should do then, you know what, in that case you should just not be a girl thinking that you know everything about girls that actually do have sex with boys because they're girls then. Hey, girlfriend, snaps fingers, niche, good luck with that, folds newspaper back in front of face.

Caseyxsharp2 6 Mar 20
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We have evolved over millions of years as male and female. There's no other gender. That goes for all species, not just homo sapiens.

angelo Level 8 Mar 20, 2021

Evolution doesn't exist. I do have the ability to convince you of that but that aside, that's what you think, are you saying that because you don't know that someone could exist to be different than what people know not just including you or because you just think that it would be impossible then, because me convincing you just isn't my goal but all I need to say but it is possible? Anyways though I'm not even saying anywhere here that there's other genders than male and female, my whole deal right now is this, can't there be something different than what people think is normal and can't it be what it actually normal than just what people be thinking of as normal, I was saying that to girls because if anyone should be agreeing with me that there really could be one true gender that would actually exist it would be girls that did agree with me, because of this one reason right here, because people can be different than girls than what people even think of as really being a thing, I'm not saying that anything else exists or that we've been knowing has anything wrong with it, but if what anyone everyone thinks is real is only real because people would like to think it would be then, then how would anyone ever even really know what the real truth is about that, if anyone would be agreeing with me right now it would have to be girls I'm not concerned with what a person like you would thinks about it.

Are you telling me this right now because you are saying that girls and boys are different that they are two things and they shouldn't be mixed? Why? Because you're a man and you believe that your biology is that different than girls that it must be true, how can you say that because it's not like that's what you really know, you only know that because of what your role in the species is since you know what your role is would be different than girl's, but, you have to have sex with girls for you to be able to say that, you're basically determining the gender of the human race only by the ability of them to have sex with you and not the other way around too, that's not even how that works, your a man, woman don't have to have sex with you to be different and a woman apart what you think right now. Well, they aren't like you, and they're not just going have sex with you just if because you might have just actually been thinking they would have if they were the same as you.

Girls are the one gender, you could absolutely be something different than that, because like I'm saying anything else is just a variation than what females are, or would be. I don't care what you have to say really keep your opinions to yourself if you disagree with me.

@Caseyxsharp2 are you certain it's not a mental problem?

@angelo is it that you're just being right now that you are being repugnant? How are you certainly thinking that I'm going to respond to that? It's not a feet off my skin if you want me to or not to being actually wanting willing to crush what you believe about evolution right now, but, it's really, not, about that I could and it's going to be easy to me not like I have enjoyed my time actually taking the time to learn that when I was spending the four years straight doing nothing but research about evidence of why would a God exist while trying to write a book about it, I did do that, it's just are you seriously trying to prod me into doing that just for your sake right now because I actually honestly don't really care to even though I could, your one opinion of an older man doesn't frighten me, I have been prepared for the future sake to close the door on all of society's people beliefs in the opposition to this, not just you, alone, this is like nothing to me, right now. But we, could do that you letting me and I would if to convince you, I'd rather just be selling you on the jive of my talk not to be convincing you of anything right now that I must have to, so what do you think you want to know that I could if I tried or that I am honestly going to be responding to what you're asking me right now, I'd say that either way you're not like you're likely to be caring whether I do that.

Am I sure, well, I'm not like you and I am pretty sure that I do, I won't be convincing you of this, because I am different than you and I'm very aware that you should know that too, so, I don't have to convince you of that but it's all I have to do right now is just to be telling you that what you would like to think because of that isn't what you should be thinking right now, because it's not like you would know even, I defend myself against lousy people never listening to what I'm saying all day and every day of the week just like you so, if you're going to if you're going to ask me something like that to hear what I'm going to be saying to you, then you fucking better be prepared to hear what I'm going be saying to you about it because of that, I don't have any fucking God damn time to waste my one minute in this life of mine trying to just to be really telling some person that's just going to reject everything that I'm going to say like you, I'm telling you especially because you just told me that you really think that people are really mentally ill to you, I think there's a reason right now that you don't know what to say to me right now and it's because you don't know, and that's why you really don't know right now anything to do with that at all. I'm trying to correct something that something that has been wrong here in this world for a long time, do you think you want to just be calling that a real mental disorder, then go right on ahead, that against the contrary it's been believed apparently by you to seems like that the only thing that you're even so good for now days anyways. If that's what you want to do, then do it, but know that the one here, I am the one that is going to stop you right now. I'm going to just, to let, you gone ahead and know that, just to let you know. I don't have the time to waste my time convincing an any person society has in this world just because they want to know what I'm really going to say, anyone who that thinks differently is the real troublesome mentally ill patient there, and because I do know so and I'm saying so.

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