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I don't like society's standards of beauty for women. I get to writing when I'm bored and I'm pretty bored so I go. It's just me jotting down my thoughts it's whatever. This is my kind of poetry, this is a melody to me, you're able to hear and listen to it now, you know what girls like, a man that can sing for her, you're about to find out why, because I have this inside of me all of it, and she has my beauty so I have to do have to give this to her. I don't like the way people like certain things just because they say whatever it is happens to beautiful, it could literally be the most perfectly beautiful thing in this whole world and I won't even give two shits about it, girls are beautiful. Perfect doesn't equal beauty no matter what anyone says. I've seen a lot of girls in my life, I could tell you everything about that girl you put in front of me even if she's drawn, I watched a thousand anime series to be able to do that, and, when I was writing trying to write a book I would listen to and watch nothing but female singers music videos all day for about 8 years, when you were to ask me to name famous people I could name 300 females right off the top of my head. But, I've really known and seen girls when they're at their perfect best, and that's just not even nothing to when they not having been that way. I could understand what beauty is just by looking at it, but it's not what I decide which is beautiful that is really beautiful, because beauty really does exist just like that, that's what beaty really is. Like I knew this one girl before that came into my life, she was the most beautiful girl that I've ever seen in my life, I really thought I would have liked her too, she was the most perfect girl to me in my life that I ever seen, but then I eventually figured out that she was just too perfect for me and I didn't like her at all because I just didn't anything else, that's when I found out what beauty really is, and it wasn't anything like that girl. I don't want perfect, perfect girls don't know they're beautiful, what's the point in having a beautiful girlfriend if she's never around, I just want someone that I can see and when I look at her then from any angle I'll be able to say yeah I can see how that's beautiful, not this, dumb, oh you think roses are beautiful, you think the beach is beautiful, you think that unicorns are beautiful, what is so beautiful about them, like society would ever be able to know even remotely what true beauty is, lies, don't say something is beautiful if you can't explain why it is to you. I will call you a liar. I have a new girl that is in my mind as the most even more beautiful girl than that other girl I mentioned, you know who's a really beautiful girl, that girl Selena Gomez. It's funny almost how that turned out, that's what makes, Selena Gomez, beautiful, get it? Fuck, society's standard of beauty, I never cared for it anyway and apparently neither does anyone else for that matter, Selena Gomez is seriously a beautiful girl. I seen Selena Gomez before, I never really even thought about it before, never thought about her being a beautiful girl before, she was just a sort of pretty girl that I knew was a girl and that was just it, but I pitted these two girls in a death match, a fight to the death in my head, so to speak, not really but kind of, I told myself well I am a guy and I have two choices either the girl I thought would have liked me and was beautiful or the girl that I knew was going to and was just simply pretty to me, the answer was so obvious it's burned into my mind, the very idea that I was having to pit these two girls together for who I wanted to date made it even make even more sense then, if that girl turns me down and after I put everything I had into trying to love her, then who, the answer was just that simple, it was Selena Gomez that I must go for, because I have no girl now and if she doesn't already know just how beautiful she really is well, then that's why she has me, I have to be there to go to her for her, anything in this world is at this point way better than letting people dictate what the definition of beauty is if it's just that society's standard of beauty now. I will have my pretty woman, God damn it. And fuck that bitch. I'm sorry. That's why I couldn't ever come to love any other woman in my life. That perfect girl might as well have been a complete monster to me trying to suduce me and it wouldn't make a lick of difference, not compared to the beauty of Selena Gomez, and, that's what makes Selena Gomez a beautiful girl. Yeah. Exactly, just like that. Boom, one girl, Selena Gomez. None of these other girls could compare even if they thought they did, and certainly not that girl, that's all I'm trying to say. You have to know what beauty is in order, to be able to see it. I know, Selena Gomez is beautiful, the most beautiful girl that I've ever seen in this planet. That's my girl.

Yeah, like I was saying, I don't want perfect, I just want a drop dead absolutely gorgeous girl that actually knows what beauty can be, and that also happens to look good from any angle I'm coming at her like. I'll grab my handy dandy pick axe for later, because I'm about to mine me a girl, mine. I don't know how long it will take or if I'll ever get there, exactly, I'll see her around, and when I do, like that one diamond I happen, happened, to find in the rough, she will be beautiful, boom.

So, if you have been listening, paying attention to what I've been saying here and there, now you know what my ideal true, perfect girl, would be now. A bitch that's a total bitch and has nothing at all wrong with that, because she's perfect, another thing, so she's a girl unlike any other girl within her gender because she really is different, because she's perfect, and one hell of a truly beautiful girl that as soon as you see her it just so happens that if you don't drop dead from the sheer beauty of what's seen then your whole entire face melts off because you really haven't ever seen anything else like it ever before even if you have and know that already. Doesn't that not perfectly describe how Selena Gomez is the most beautiful girl ever, that's a real beautiful woman? That perfectly describes her, Selena Gomez, I don't care about anything else, I don't want to care about anything else, perfect girls can literally suck my balls, you hear me you beautiful perfect girls you're nothing compared to my bitch that girl is Selena Gomez and you can just suck my balls all you other ladies, you know what, yeah, you know what, I've never known any girls that were ever in my life that were all that so beautiful that ever wanted me to actually know it, but that's why that I must say so, I know she is out there and that she does exist, so I must go to her, yeah, you did certainly heard me, fuck the rest of these girls, that girl Selena Gomez is a really beautiful girl, truly. See, if you don't think so, I can honestly say right now, that you, if even you are a real woman, alright, you don't know even what true real beaty even is. I got this girl.

Caseyxsharp2 6 Mar 30
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women in general worry too much about beauty

iThink Level 9 Mar 30, 2021

I don't mean to resent that but I do. I'm a girl that's living in a man's body, I was just talking about beaty. I was trying to mention that if people had a real sense of beaty, then they would actually think they would really know what beaty is, at the moment as it stands now, I don't blame women for being so concerned with beauty, it's because people only think that they would have any sense of beauty but they don't really, really, really it's that the reason that people think they do that girls would have been so worried over such things, spending too much time trying to be beautiful that they aren't even thinking about doing it to look beautiful for the person they want to look beautiful for anymore, and part of that issue has to do with this crappy sense of society's standards of beaty, that's what I really have a problem with.

Am I beautiful now?


In my experience, physical beauty is only a small part of what makes a person beautiful, and may in fact be the least important kind, because physical beauty fades with age.

There is also the truism that the more physically beautiful a person is, the more they feel entitled to having their way in the relationship. After all, if you won't do what they want, there's dozens of people offering to do so. Hence the saying, "No matter how gorgeous a woman is, there is at least a couple guys out there completely sick of her shit." (And that goes for handsome guys as well.)

Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. What society thinks is beautiful - men and women both - has changed over the decades and centuries. There is no ONE beauty standard, only the beauty standard for TODAY, which may just as easily change tomorrow.

Finally, there is no accounting for personal taste. For example, I adore redheads. I could not give you a logical, rational reason why - especially since redheads tend to be batshit crazy - I only know that I do. But they've fallen so out of favor in modern society that redheads in fiction are increasingly being recast as people-of-color: The Little Mermaid, Wally West, Iris West, Mary Jane Watson, Starfire, Little Orphan Annie, Jimmy Olson, Heimdall, April O'Neil, Batgirl, Batwoman, Hawkgirl, Triss Merigold, Electro, Alice Monaghan, and more...all redheads replaced with POC in television and movie productions. Of course Hollywood tells us that we're imagining things, but it's pretty clear the standards of "beauty" have shifted once more and redheads are no longer it.

Yeah that's exactly what I'm saying. Actually what I'm trying to say is just that beauty indeed exists, not that people are really are the ones that would know that is all. So that's kind of what I'm saying. You're right though it's been changing for years, but that's why I think beauty really does exist, it's not what anyone ever thinks to be beautiful. Like the redheads, or like back when what people thought was beautiful was like being a pale white skin girl, that used to be a real thing, and somehow it went from that, to redheads, to God knows what else, yet there's still all of these people that swear up and down that somehow they just know what beautiful is, all that is exactly why I think the way I do about it. I hear what you're saying, I just would wish to add a little something to that and that is maybe, for true beauty to really exist, you must be able to see it, so of course there's always going to be the possibility of what actually exists is in contradictory to that, but somehow and somewhere out there anyways there just happens to be it does still actually exist. The kind of beauty that is still beautiful even when you're not looking at it or having never seen it before. I think girls are that thing, there just might actually be varying degrees of that but still if beaty exists then there's certainly absolutely the possibility that the most beautiful does exist as well even if no one thinks so at all. But that's just the catch, you have to know what that is first, for to be able even to see that it is. It's like the way people believe they know what comedy is, it doesn't matter what if at all you think you do or not, or not, you just have to know that it is for it to be real comedy to you and then it's actually funny to you. That's it that's all you have to have to be a comedian is just to have at least some idea just the one of what comedy really is at all. Something like beauty is like what's funny, you have to know it is for you to be able to see it as that. So is beauty really in the eye of the beholder, well that's the question isn't it, is it?

I believe like that, to me you'll be able to see just what beauty lies in a girl just by looking at her, or for that matter to put it another way how you are looking at her. You'll know when you see it, that's all I can really say on that topic. It just will never work if I try talking about it, I just want people to know that it really does exist. I've tried accurately telling what beauty is to people, the reason it never works though is because of society's skewed sense of beauty in the matter, it's either a mix between beaty and ugly or it's something else that's only said to be beautiful but that's never really actually what beaty is. It does actually bother me to death, I know what beauty is, I can see really beautiful girls, and yet I have no way of ever possibly letting them know just how beautiful they are to me at all, the real definition of beauty could be some girl that looks like she just gave birth to the hunchback of nutradam and yet people still wouldn't really have any sense at all even what true beaty actually is, I'm like but it's right there, it's more than that, even with two different standards of beauty it still exists as being in the state of beauty, both forms are just as beautiful, but the trick is then, you wouldn't know it just from seeing the one standard form of beauty, I believe that the only the one exist and can be said to be truly really beautiful, and how ironic that it is then that no one can just ever simply see that. What a bummer, but oh dang is it beautiful.

Hey also by the way I like redheads too, actually, that's one of the forms of beauty I mentioned earlier too, and why, that's because redheads represent that whole mess between what is thought and what is known to really be beautiful, beauty just kind of exists outside of being a real redhead, and I think that is probably why that Hollywood happened to change what that was because of that, trying to teach people that beaty is real but that it just doesn't even matter.


Go Selena Gomez.


It's funny how, just from my saying this all this, the idea of beauty and what a beautiful girl is, I like the tags associated with this post.

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