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Ever matter to women. Yeah, so, girls are over there blaming men, and I can't even be a girl to tell you that it's alright even although all that what I just said just to get to be the girl able to right now, look at that, yeah it pisses me off, if you were already being a girl to have been a girl simply expecting just that girls to know that just because they are girls, then you'd be wrong, girls would be wrong Arielle, that's why, I'm saying this to you, get it, it pissed me off because I couldn't be the girl that tells those girls or you that if they were wrong, that they were wrong because they were wrong and for thinking I not be right just for being a man either myself, if you need a reason to simply even love a person because you just wanted to be right to be able to, or you, wanted a reason to think girls are more than just for girls to be right for it, then, that's what this is about, I couldn't be that one girl who would be the girl that's able to tell you that because of girls, I mean, it's not alright, I could have just been a girl right from the start and said that and you have had known what it meant right then, but, because girls don't know how to be right, they just do think girls are right, which it's not about that at all, it's about, what a girl thinks herself in the first place. Can't you believe it, that I just proved all of that, just with only telling you basically that girls are wrong for being wrong in blaming men for wrong being men, if I am going to love a girl, then I am going to love a girl, if girls can't understand how to figure that out, then they wouldn't be a girl that would have ever already known that, so if no girls are right, how can I even possibly tell a girl that she's right even, because she really is, you know? Do you see why it would piss even me a girl that I am, not being and unable to even tell you that and have you know being a girl and because I did think that I'm right? Hopefully now, I havefinally prove my point that I was making to you now. If you thought, I mean, oh girl, like, that was bad, then just imagine this, if that's how I'm feeling about it, then just imagine how you must be feeling about it too just right now too being a girl too. Oh man, I can just imgine what you must be feeling about that right now. Well, you would be right in thinking that's how that your feeling about it and it be totally fine too, because it's alright, for you to think that's how that you want to think that you're feeling right now. You know, that's probaly how she feels too you know. You know who I'm talking about. Girls could have been either right or wrong like about many things, like many things, but, not all girls are wrong for being girls, and not all girls are right to be girls themselves and even know what it really means even to be a girl and still love another girl especially for that girl who is wrong being told by girls she is, when as a matter of fact, she really can like she could even love girls herself and girls would have never even known that had they been just talking down to men blaming men for being men. Like really, making fun of men and you're just going to say that you are a woman so then since you are you are right for that matter just because you are a woman, that pisses me off being a woman. Like, not even that I am the one who has to be telling those girls that they are wrong either, it's this I'm talking, why do I even have to be a woman and still tell these other girls that they are just wrong for being wrong bitches who blame eveyrthing on men? I have to be the girl to do that, but I can't even fucking tell a straight up lesbian that because she is a girl that she can love other women if she wanted to be a girl to know whether that's right, I can't even be the girl to tell her, just because men. Dude, fuck these bitches. Some right bitches my ass. Like come on, what about this, explain this girls, you think men are the problem, like do girls really think men are the problem, like that instantly suddenly like, if all of the men were taken off the earth right now, right now, that if men weren't the problem, that then the world wouldn't be such a big problem for girls right now, jsut because they are women, but then women do blame the problems of the world on men at the same time. I couldn't feel that way and tell a girl and like be expecting her to already know that herself even if, I wanted to. That, yeah it pisses me off. It's like an insult to everything that even means girls would know they can want to love another girl. That's not fair for girls, so, yeah that's why that I told you that Arielle. Why, now think, think about it now, now think about it, I can love a girl, but girls are going to tell me that I'm wrong for wanting to think I can just because I'm a man, just because they happen to be girls, and they are just going to call me a wrong man, anyways, just because for I am a man anyways, that's not fair. How can I be such a right or wrong girl in a world like this, when bitches out there possibly really do think they just are right because they are girls that just think they are just right just for being girls? That doesn't make any God damn sense, does it Arielle, it's because not only does it not, but that's why that I would tell you that I would be a girl to love a girl thinking I can, if I could be a girl that was the one right girl to do it even. Acoording to these girls, that's not even a real possible possibility at all. If you have to have a woman that tells you why it's alright for you to love a woman, then, don't not expect for a man to tell you that's wrong, because really it is wrong, all because you are a girl, while when, you're just blaming all of that on men. This, this Arielle, is what I'm talking about, why in the world would girls think ever think this is a good idea, what the fuck, You're a lesbian who loves girls, and you're hearing that from my mouth being a girl in a boy's body. It's like, it's one of those things you know, it's a fucked up possibility, and it's because it's only a possibility that you aren't thinking to yourself it's really so bad, but really, when something like this just went from a only a possible possibility to suddenly all int being a real possibility possible to happen and then it does, you're not going to be a girl thinking like, oh, that probably seems like a bad things, something needs to happen about that, you're going to be thinking like when a girl blames you being a bad person being a man for when you are a man being blamed by a girl who'd blaming you for something, you're going to be thinking to yourself being even a girl that's right for whatever reason, that this isn't just a real fucked up situation even though it was possibly possible to happen, it really is just one big fucked up situation, you know what I mean girl. I was like that, I mean, tell a lesbian she can love girls, that I can do, but this, blaming it on a guy while trying to be a girl and saying I know girls are right because I think I know girls are right, you gotta be kidding me. And well, now you know and how that I am such a pissed of girl right now do you not girl Arielle? I could have been a girl to have handled anything and everything, even this, this is nothing to me, but I'm just mad this was the only that I could have made girls believe knowing they are simply right just for being girls that yeah girls can love other girls, not to mention, what about that fucking guy, he was just, that was like being ragged on by girls you don't even like, what the fuck, yeah, I'm going to have to goe with myself on this one. And yet again, I am being reminded by just how much, I fucking, hate that shit, again, by other girls, I mean, I have to tell you something Arielle, you're gonna want to hear it trust me, alright get this, this is another reason why that pisses me off even more too, because since I am telling you this right now, I would be wrong being a man in telling you that to you, not because I would be, but because other girls even if I'm a woman too, would be saying that I'm wrong anyways, just for being a man who would tell you that loving girls is totally fine. Alright, I was going to say this, this was the point of that point now, I was going to say this to you like forever ago, I do hate it, I hate women too, and for that reason right there, but though, it's not that I would or wouldn't be a man to say or know that I can love a woman myself, it's, that, that I would want to, even with if it was me being a man it's all my fault, would want to love a woman, and not oly that, but too because I would want to, it's not that I don't, that I just don't love girls, no, not even at all, and that's why I'm saying it's alright, because, me taking girls and this into my consideration, now I would say, that it's actually not because I am a man or I just am wrong as a matter of fact for that matter, the real truth is that it's that I can't love girls, when all girls do is be blaming eveything on men, and then trying to say they really just are right because that being for they are just girls at all, I couldn't, and that's why that I can't, I can't love a woman who she only is just right for her just thinking she that hse is all just really right just because, why that I would be saying this to you, a fellow woman, right, you following me here girl, yeah Arielle, this is why that I would be telling this to you right now Arielle, believe me, I would love to love a girl for just being right, definitely if she has to be wrong to be right too, even without other girls even having to say so or not, I have to be a good man, in order to make girls simply believe that I can love them, just for the same reason that I have to be just as good as a girl too for just being a girl too, that's not even fair at all, there is only one option to me that I have right now, and it's always been this way without any of that previous mention of girl's help, those girls are wrong and I can even do anything about it being a girl which I really am, but then right there along side that, get this girl, I would have to be a right man then just in oder to be telling agirl that I am able to tell her she's wrong when like really she really is that such a wrong so wrong, that's why it pisses me off Arielle. I would love, love it, to be able to listen to other girls when it doesn't even matter who's right and who's wrong, but that's the thing, on the other hand, I have to be a girl and right just in oder to make sure for other girls to know that as well too, how am I even going to tell a girl it's really alright to love another or other girls then? I'm mad Arielle, like what am I, I mean, do I just fucking look like God damn Wonder Woman to these dumb fucking bitches, bitches, or something? these girls wanting to try saying that men are the real problem with the world. If I wanted to ever listen to constant bitch being a bitch all of the time, then I wouldn't even bother dating girls, I'd just goe listen to my . Like really, I can't even I mean even tell you that one girl would be right and one girl would be wrong at least probably, or else some girl who thinks she's little miss perfect trying to say that I am a bad guy just mainly for because I am a man and I just so happen swould probably also tell you a real girl, you, not other girls but you, that one girl is really right and one girl, one girl alright right, is one girl who is wrong. Do you have any idea, what it really feels like to be a woman in a man's body knowing that, and not being a girl that's even able to do anything about that, even just to make differnt other girls possibly believe something or like anything even changed from what they thought, being girls? You can't even tell girls that you hate them or you hpen to like that one girl for being a girl that she is, because if you do, girls really take it like just like this, they have to be right because they are girls, or, you are a mesogenistic fucker with an unhealthy relationship to both girls and yourself, like seriously that's really how girls think, like they aren't even about to and going to also blame all of that too on a man anyways. I've run out on the point that I was making right now, let me just say this, Yeah, maybe, it's alright, girls, don't freak out, don't freak out you believe that you are the only girl in the world who has to think she's right and also think she's right because she happens to be the girl thinking it too, it's alright, it's alright because since yeah you could be a wrong girl and you could be a wrong girl for being a wrong girl who is actually just a really wrong girl, but, that's not the point of my message, my message is, was, that for no matter like or whatever the reason is that you happen to be a girl who might who happens to love another girl other than yourself, the real only one right girl that should exist, guess what ladies she does exist. So, anyways, so sorry about that Arielle that was hard and took like a really long time to say, it was a lot just to give a person too, whatever, you can be a girl Arielle and love girls if you want to, and I can be a woman who is in a man's body, it's all alright fine completely, I may not have been a boy to have suspected or expected that to you that you would understand that, but that doesn't mean that, I wouldn't be alright for even if you didn't because all because you were just a girl, well, I mean sorry a girl who is a girl who just so happens to really actually love other girls being lesbians, sorry about that, you know, I am a woman who hates women when they just all ever try making fun of and blaming men while living in a man's body, I think that I'm done, the gravity of my situation just became set in motion, I think that I'm gonna love a girl too, fuck bitch, whoops, just goe be lesbian I don't even give a shit, if some girls call from the prairie and says the land of the lion king is on fire, Arielle, then tell them that well then I'll be the one guy there that's able to actually put it out too, like I live in a man's body, even if I wasn't a girl right now, and I still was a boy that hated women, then not even another girl could ever possibly convince anymore much that otherwize not to right now, and you know that's what I actually wanted to say telling you those , is that I wanted to tell you that, that's why that I would be a girl right now who hates girls who is telling you so now right now, I hate it, I really did want to tell you that, I mean for starters, I don't to have to be a girl told by another girl I am right, just for me to know that I am a right girl, and if I was just a woman who hated men right now, a woman would even to tell me that I am wrong anyways, just if it was true, I'd much rather, you hear me, you hear me, you do, to just be a girl that's just be able and can say to a lesbian girl who may or may not just might be wondering if really girls are right or she's right for considering loving other girls, that it is all totally really alright and right, than have to even goe through all of that armies of bitch right there myself, you know what, Arielle, you if yeah if I could be a girl and do that not having to worry what girls think, then I would do that Arielle. Well, it's alright, I mean, hahahhaa, hahahahhhahhahaahaa, I am a woman who has the body of a real man, and it's alright, it's alright if girls can't figure it out, just to be able to know figuring it out for themselves too, because I guess well then I will just have to fucking be a man that hates women, because women are just women, but I will still say to you that I know whether I am me being a man or a woman, that, I will fuck a bitch up, is that funny, if it isn't, well It's not supposed to be, but here we are, why, because like I just said, I would fuck a bitch up, and she doesn't even have to be wrong because of it. Holy shit. Eeauuuhh, that makes me feel like I can just taste the poinson that I might have been just now poisoning my mom with in my mouth, just by saying that. Like, damn bitch, that's actually true. It was also pissing me off that, because well it also bothers me when other girls try to say that my own mom was bad just for even raising me, you know, I would love to be a girl able to know that I'm right about those bitches saying that, and part of that is just because I just could prove them bitches wrong and be a girl too myself, but really, I can't be a girl and also know that there was a girl before me who knew she was right and who also learned that not from being a woman in a man's society right now, maybe I would be different, actually maybe I could have been if not for that, but seriously, fuck those bitches man, I don't even need to be a girl who thinks that I am right in order for me to really be anything, like oh I don't know living in a man's body because he is a man, or, how about this, I don't need to be, because if none of those girls are going to be right, and be right being girls who are real girls and not just a bunch of bitches to actual men, then, and if it wasn't my mom for being the right girl either too, then, I'm gonna fucking be that God damn bitch that does like serious ly simply think that she is right both because she is and also because I fucking am right, I'll tell you why, because for those other bitches calling calling anyone right or wrong , even for only just being that one girl for being one too, right or wrong. Seriously, the fucking default right now, I've gotta say girl, it, shouldn't be just because at the least men just so happen to be just the most fucking evil thing in the whole entire world right now. God damn it, girls. I meaan, fucking shit, this is why you're a bunch of lesbians who only want to have one big twat circle jerk, oh God, please no, I don't wanna fuck those girls, Arielle. Yeah, if I'm going to be a girl, excuse me I mean, a boy that likes girls for being girls, then I'm not just going to be a man that just thinks and give a shit what other girls have to say when just because they are a bunch of girls telling me they are right. Oh, look at that Arielle, what do you know, she does exist. Oh, yeah Arielle, oh now you see it, now you see it girl. I mean, well, yeah, no, yeah, no, wait, yeah, I think that should just about cover everything that I was meaning to say to you right now Erialle. Oh yeah, and it's not just that I don't have a bunch of girls I know who would be right and be right being girls if I were to be a girl to ever wonder that, it's not that I don't or never had, because my mom is dead. You don't get anymore even more wrong for being a bad bitch, or what girls call it nowdays, being a girl, than broken and burried in the ground, and like, I don't know, maybe if you're a girl who doesn't get it or can't get the understanding of that, then maybe perhapse you shouldn't be the girl to have have ever called a man being wrong because he was ever wrong and just is a man. That's not directed at torwards you, Arielle, I hope you know that. I'm giving you all of this right now. All girls think on their own, I'm saying that, no matter who or what girl you're thinking about right now, even real or unreal, whatever girl that is, all girls out there have this they all do, they contribute to themselves being girls not only because they are but because the can contribute to themselves being the girls that they are, but also for girls in the world in total too as well, whether or not they are ever right or wrong, first Arielle you just were learning about my ideas and views, now, it's time for me to give you something from me to you for me to give to you about all of this right now, if you are a girl, but it just and seems that you're still on the fence about anything or simply unaware, if you need anything, even any more reasons that you should believe me and not other girls, like for one, don't even look at those girls and just take this from me right now being a girl in a man's body, your would be two only options for you it would be, either, that you are a girl who is wrong, or you are a girl that is right, and if this what I've said already wasn't enough to make you even question what girls believe to be right and wrong about girls, then, all of these girls are trying to call that one girl wrong for being wrong and not even knowing it while telling her the real reason is also because of a man too, so if it doesn't matter, what these girls think, or what even girls do think is right or wrong no matter what is to girls, what would, you, think of that Arielle? Would you think girls to be either right or wrong? Well, I bet I know what you are thinking too, you're thinking that no really it doesn't even seem that way at all, like no girl is even being that one girl to say it is right now either, What do you think, that I've been saying all along girl? This explains everything so much right now, I was trying to say this to you, Arielle. I would say that, if I bet against girls while being a man, that, I would be then if I were a woman that, that I would be a woman who does want you to know that if I were a woman then, then I would want you to know that you are a right girl right being one, and you can love other girls or another girls and it is right and alright, I would say all that to you, if I wasn't already a man betting against women being women, just because I am a man just because I am a man. This, is all about women, just so you know right now Arielle, well, it should be, I am a girl who wrote this and was telling it to another girl, you.
This was just the part that I was starting to be geting into just to tell you what I really think about trans people and all that stuff. Now we girls this right over here right on the side for now Arielle. I guess that if this part was to have been to achomplish something, then I would say that, it's that it helps telling you that really yeah I am a boy, to girls, and I do really believe in women, I was expecting, already expecting to get here after a while, yeah in telling you what all I meant. All that what you thought all of that just now it was, well let me just ask you this do you think that girls should have a choice between either being right or wrong? One, I wanted you to decide, and two, if this wasn't what why you already knew all of this being a girl too, well, now ou know that were a girl that does knew all of this now being a girl. Just let that one sink in for a little while, you're gonna have fun with this.

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