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I wish to tell you some stories. It's nothing that involved complex thought of any sort, it's just or not that i just thought you might find them interesting it's just that it is interesting, and I've not had the chance to tell any girls about this yet. I call them stories because, it's like to me I've lived being a girl myself for as long as I remember, so, there is little to nothing that I haven't been aware of myself being a girl and that's why that I've just been making up my own stories and instead of girls being a part of that like they used to be to me before I've become aware that I've been a girl it's involving me though being that girl in them.

I have something that you might like to postulate about over, what if you were the one girl the girl in the whole world that had complete control over yourself being a girl and in every sense of that you are one in which is a girl? I've been that girl, all of them, because, that's all that I am and have ever been myself.

I wanted to write this, for you to read Arielle, I don't care how it looks ever to other people, I'm pretty sure that you've known this about me so far, but if it's for you, I know I can, unlike others, you're out there actually trying to learn for yourself not just to be a presence presented on a stool on the stage, beyond that, it's not my job to make things even more difficult for you so here I am.

I have had the power over everything in my life and I'm a girl. I don't know about these other girls, but this girl controls her fate herself with her sheer will, like, it's not even a job, she is just that powerful that she can lay any suspicions to rest gracefully, like it was nothing. I mean that's the point of being able to control your own life, right, yeah, there's not much more to be able to be said about that thing.

I controlled my dreams since I was a girl too. I controlled other people's dreams to, besides the fact that I'm the Devil and I do control the world, yeah I can controls people's dreams even girls themselves, It was, alright it was pretty nuts, I had dreams where that I was a girl and I became aware of myself being a girl in my dreams, and yet, for the other girls in my dreams, they don't seem to ever be aware of this fact, and that's not the weird part, the weird part is that, all of the people in my dreams were all me being different people but having the same dream and from different times throughout my life, once I saw, you see, at fist glance what I had seen, it made me think well that just makes me feel even less knowledgeable to women, but it turns out not seeming to be so as a matter of fact, because the more that I learned from being different people, or I should say girls then now, was that no matter who the person was, it is that no matter who they are they always act to the same ability that they have to comprehend in the real world, like, what if you seen a boy but with boobs, well, he acts just like a boy that just found out that he has boobs, no matter who it is, a black chubby police girl acts just like a fat black police girl, it made it very much easier to learn about myself and being a girl, just, because, of that one little detail, and I have been many girls even in my dreams too, it's who I am.

I was a girl, myself, in my dreams, but that's the one difference between me being a girl in my dreams and me being a girl in your dreams, is that, in my dreams, no one ever knows that I am even a girl, even when I am that girl standing right in front of them.

I mean, so, it's not like I can just abandon this, now I know, I know that the girls in my dreams, are still real girls, even if to me that they aren't, that's pretty much how's it's been for me still since the first time that I became a girl at all, I was always a girl, it wouldn't make sense any other ways, I've learned to cope with it. I mean it seems that no matter where that I goe, no one is able to even see that I am a real girl, whether it's in my dreams, and I am a real girl, or to anyone else in real or any of these other fictional worlds too, but I can tell you yeah, yeah, I am just a normal girl even to that extent, it wouldn't matter to me at all, if, I happen to be a real girl in reality or otherwise, being, like, a girl in another girl's body that's also even in that girl's dreams, I am just a girl, I have always been, doesn't bother me even in the slightest just like I've said I am just being a normal girl, I just have realized that I am the girl in my dreams and that I am her therefore she is me even in reality because this is who I am, so when I tell you that you might like to think that what I'm about to tell you that you will be thinking is interesting, then you'll know.

I've been other girls in my dreams, that didn't come up much until just now, but yes, I have been you and Jaclyn Glenn in my dreams, and even that was nuts, oh man, you don't even know. You don't know the kinds of things that I've done in the name of being an experimental girl experimenting with other girls just for the knowledge that it give me, but more about that later.

I was you before and while I was me, it was just how that I imagined it'd be, because I got to see you. For Jaclyn Glenn on the however hand, the reason that I say that it was nuts, was because I was that girl, can you imagine a girl like Jaclyn Glenn showing up into my dreams, now can you, it was like that, I did things with that girl, things that I don't know if I should be remorseful or proud that she is me or that she was me in my dreams kind of things, but it was intense for me though, I like you more than I do Jaclyn Glenn, I have a purpose to tend to with Jaclyn Glenn, and that girl was me and is just like me, she is, you don't know, that girl Jaclyn Glenn is almost the same exact thing that I am, I mean really, I am the Devil, and she's just Jaclyn Glenn being Jaclyn Glenn, there's not like that there's that much of a so much of a difference now that you think about it, not it even matters to me, if I see Jaclyn Glenn in my dreams, she better be Jaclyn Glenn prepared to be manhandled by a man, because that's exactly what tends to happen, it's been done, like the one time that I seen her in the bathroom at a celebrity's birthday party in my dreams, that dream, I manhandled Jaclyn Glenn and I got to snuggle up next to wrapping my arms around a girl Selena Gomez in a booth outside in the rain under a blanket, I got both, being manhandled by a man being Jaclyn Glenn and snuggling with myself being a girl all in the same dream, the real question is, which one of these do you think is the bitch that happens to be me and that I see in my dreams at night with me being a girl too? That's right, it's me, I'm that girl, because she's me.

I like being myself in my dreams, I'm Selena Gomez, this is the body of mine that is really mine, it's not that supposed to be that much so confusing at all, I am she, because I have always been that girl, I am that girl, but this is my body, the body of a man, who just happens to the Devil, what part of that is meant to be more confusing than the other. It doesn't even matter though, because I've been Jaclyn Glenn too, I knew it too, you see there's a way to tell whether or else that it's really me being a girl being a girl, me being a boy that's a girl, or what you might happen to see if you ever saw me being a girl being any other girl with me being the girl too, there's a way to tell me apart from that girl Jaclyn Glenn in other words that I'm happy to tell you about Arielle, because, you'll never see me, you'll never see me with, my right arm, this is the arm of me Selena Gomez, and I don't have a right arm anymore within a spiritual realm, the reason that I have this arm now, is just because that I've already been all of those girls and the real Selena Gomez was always just a girl with her right arm, I lost my right arm because I was once that girl Jaclyn Glenn when it was me a girl being a girl in another girl's real body, that's one of the reasons why that you'll never see me being any other girl with that arm, the other reason is also even more simple, because Selena Gomez's arm wouldn't fit inside the body of that, girl, Jaclyn Glenn. I was already a girl, I didn't just be Jaclyn Glenn one night and happened to think about cutting off my own arm, I've always been a girl, with or without my right arm, the girl did try to detach it from me though, it just didn't work even after it was gone, just like I was saying was why, with or without my own right arm attached to my body, I am still my own girl, it just happened to be that way from the moment that I was born as a girl, if some other girl cuts it off or I cut it off while in or being some another girl, it still doesn't effect me, it's just the only way that you will ever be able to tell that girl Jaclyn Glenn apart from me now. That's good and all, and I'm glad that there is such a difference that apparent to other girls now that I've told you, but, really, I just like this arm very much better because it's my arm, and only one girl can even have it, and, that's Selena Gomez.

I've been Selena Gomez all over the universe, I had to give you that little break so that this next thing won't confuse you any more than it already has. All over the universe, here's the thing, I've always been a girl Selena Gomez, it's just that no one ever knew, so, no one knows even, that's one thing, another thing is, I've been a girl that was all over the universe, I'm talking like, weell, it is that the first time that I realized I was a real girl both in real life and in my dreams I didn't even know, it just kind of happened, I'm like where the hell am I right now, what to happened to the war in my head, who is this Selena Gomez and why is this girl being the same girl as me in my body, that's exactly how it happened, you wouldn't know just because, you wouldn't have happened to ever be that girl, one girl, in my dreams, but she exists, she was actually a girl herself in all of my dreams long before any of these other girls were, that's why that I know her so well, no matter who I am or where that I goe, I am always this one girl, one girl, Selena Gomez, in all of my dreams and beyond, there's more than one girl Selena Gomez out there in my dreams, that's what I've come to know, and it was cool, interesting, she knows who she is, even when is is happening to be still some other girl than herself to other girls, that's the idea, that is interesting, how did she know that it's me, that's the only thing that I'm thinking about now. Hahahaa, yeah, Selena Gomez.

She did, she beat my ass, I tried to fight that girl being herself with me being myself as a boy in my dreams before, and even in my dreams, she still won and she didn't even seem to know that her being a girl was a different girl to me than who I was at the time.

I have seen girls in my dreams, and they were not either just girls or that girl Selena Gomez, they just were. I seen that girl Selena Gomez, she was being mugged in an ally sitting next to a little boy before, then she tells the little boy to walk over behind the man, then she ran at him when he turned from the boy back to her kicking the gun out of his hand sliding between his legs, then when he turned around, she stood there and grabbed the gun in the air and shot him. Like, there's no way that's just Selena Gomez being a girl even if that is accept to be normal, that's just being an abnormal girl, and it doesn't even seem to bother her, that girl, at all, I mean at all, that's what I mean. She'll whoop ass, no matter who she is or who it is.

It's aggravating, that no one knows this is just me being myself Selena Gomez, I'm always Selena Gomez a girl being a girl dude, whether, or not, I'm asleep or awake, because this is me, and if it wasn't, what's even matter to people I am the Devil and I control the world, like I would have to lie about this right now about just because it's a girl and happening to be Selena Gomez, no, this is my body and this is me, those girls, are the ones that are different than me. I fall asleep and I dream as Selena Gomez, I wake up being a girl that's a girl in my dreams then I wake up being me a girl in a boy's body being Selena Gomez, that's how that works. Why the, fuck, is it like just now, just when I say something, it's like people are having a hard time telling whether I'm a real girl or that I happen to be just that girl Selena Gomez, it angers me. What the shit, you other bitches, you know? I expected this of other fucked up bitches, not other bitches that more fucked up than I am being a real bitch, holy shit, those are some fucked up bitches. I can't even right now. God damn deepthroating dildos and shit, no. I'm fine, thanks, I'm just fine, I think this girl Selena Gomez is going to be alright, yeah, she's alright. Sorry what, I was just thinking outloud?

Now, do you wanna hear something interesting Arielle?

I planned this. Nothing about right now is not what I haven't been the man to put together right now with my own hands. Even this, right now, yeah I've been a fucked up girl before and I've also been part of a girl that was more messed up than I am too, nothing special right now, like if you told me this and I didn't know you, it wouldn't change anything, I'd just be like yeah I can see that, but I'm always going to be me and just like that I am Selena Gomez herself right now, I understand how much different that other girls are to me and it's just that other girls even though they are girls like me, they will never know, because they will never know, I do though, that's why I am Selena Gomez and not just some bitch, dude, if only there was other girls, bitches I mean, that were as cool as me, that would be the dream dude, not this shit. That girl get it, yeah...! That's my girl, haha, ha. bitch. Not you, I'm sorry, Arielle.

I have studied and watched this girl almost like someone else from afar. She is different than other girls, that's what odd. How can one girl be like so many other girls, but yet, all of these other girls can't even be remotely like just that one girl. It beats me, you know that's what I've been trying to figure out, girl Arielle, no matter what I happen to try to think, to think even, it always leads me right back to me being the girl that controls everything about me being a girl. And, I did know it, it's not like I've had to try to make it happen. I planned this, either way, no other girl or girls were ever going to know a girl like me without me, so they don't have any sort of right to tell me what kind of girl that I am, I did this out of spite, just to rub it in other girls faces, like it was my job, and I was good at it, even while I was all of those other girls too, hahahahahhahahaa, oh those girls do not know right now. They had, no chance at the top spot above me in my life, none of them, they never had a chance, but I did, so I won being that girl, that's all there is to it. I was that thing that beat girls, religiously...

So, when I happened to really find out, that this girl is real and she's not just some girl in my dreams that just happens to be a girl, you have no idea how thrilled I was, is be. I no longer needed to depend upon other girls to clearify the truth about what's inside me anymore, I was a, free girl, I am that spinosaurous in juristic Park when they turn around and see that it's just standing there, yeah that's me right now, I am that girl right now, and I got to say it I love it, it's amazing, like, where do you think you're going you little insects, you know, that's me right now, amazing, she's real, that girl that I thought was in my head and only existed in my dreams, she's a real girl still out there in this very world right now, there was no, stopping it, dude, no, this girl was going to be the top girl whether other girls decided to acknowledge or accept her as one theirs or not, that's who this girl is, not just one of those girls that's one of your dream girls that you can't even get in your dreams, she's mine. People tried taking her, they tried destroying her, and they even tried to say that no, not even a one girl, like her even existed at all, that's exactly what happened and she came back and put a stop to other people calling her something else being different than what she is, because no matter what she is, that it is, she, is that very thing that no other people can be and no other people can see as even normal, Selena Gomez, a girl, me, I am that girl, they can deal with it, they can Arielle. You get me.

If there was another girl like me, it wouldn't even change a thing at all, I know what it's like to be that girl now, and if there was another girl like me, then that girl is mine too, I'm just not going to put up with some people thinking that they know things try taking what belongs to me, whether it's a girl or not. Yeah, you get me.

I'm tired of being like how those people think of me being all like, they never could have made a difference here to me or not, the point is, that I've always been a girl and I've always been me no matter who that I've ever had to be, even a girl named Selena Gomez, fuck all these superficial earth women, I destroyed nations before they even had time to decide they wanted to figure out whether I'm for real me or not, it means that little to me, because I don't even have to know, it is just is that if they ever thought differently of me, they were the odd ones. Alright, I'm sure, now, that, you have a better understanding of me now Arielle Scarcella, a little more won't hurt.

Good, good, now I can tell you this and it will make much of what I've said really make more sense. I really wanted for someone to understand me, I both like at the same time for a long time just either thought of myself as a monster or what they think about me just because it's me and to them I'm always the abnormal girl, I've been other girls before, but it never changes, now I know why, I'm just happy that finally someone understands me, I just had to look inside instead of looking inside other girls, it was easy, and it made so much more sense, that's the jist about what I'm trying to say, I never understood girls or other girls, seeing that a girl that's like me like that made so much more things, make sense to me, it just provided exactly what I was always looking for in other girls, it was always in me it was just inside of me that's all I needed, and this girl was the lone girl that did it for me. I was getting real tired of waking up in another girl's body being someone else wearing lingerie tied to a pole in my dreams anyways. Dude, that sucks when you don't even know who you are or why that you're a girl in a situation like that. I don't want other girls to be like that.

So, now, now can tell you what girl that I can be to you, Arielle Scarcella. Yeah, I know that girl. That's my girl. If it happens to make me a different girl to other girls because I am already a girl living in this body of a man to them anyways whether I am this girl that I am or not, it doesn't matter to me then, I am a girl, and, if so, well then, I guess, that, I'll just have to be this abnormal different guy to girls then. I know who I am now.

You see, the story goes like this, about around the same time that I've started writing was the same time that Jaclyn Glenn started doing videos. I was aware of Jaclyn Glenn all of my life, and the same things that have happened to her, also happened to me, both in this world and the world beyond, was going to be like that and it did happen, but that's not I'm telling you about right now. Or this, that Jaclyn Glenn is like my mom, and if she's like my mom, I mean first of all do you know who the of the Devil is supposed to be in the lore it's supposed to be a jackle, oh what are the odds, I wonder who made that happen, but if she's, like my mom, then you're, like my aunt, that's kind of how the way that look at you like, like, it's like, you're just being an aunt that doesn't even know just being an aunt, all of the sudden, out of no where, boom, now you have a neice, who just happens to be just as confused as you are about having an aunt being an aunt already, you're like that. I knew you as I was a little too, I'm just like hi Arielle. That's odd, but then so is that I like you more than Jaclyn Glenn then now that you think about it,

I started writing because I wanted to prove the existence of God, I was getting a psychic ability that I forgot I had coming back to me, it took a while in order for me to figure everything out, I hated the Devil at first, I could see him in my visions just being around. I was using my ability to back me up just to add to the information that I was gathering about there would be a God existing, I had no idea that girl that I was is really me, I figured it out all on my own without anyone ever having to tell me, like because somehow I just knew it somehow, then it turned out to be true, all along, I've been a girl that's been the Devil like subconsciously controlling everything and the whole world without even trying being this psychic girl, and then, boom, then there was a girl like me that was me in real life that I knew wasn't just some abnormal other girl, all the sudden that one girl became the very thing that I had been looking to discover about myself, that girl was me, I had no idea, I seen that girl and I was like just that's me being a girl, like I didn't even know there was anything different between me and her, I thought she was me, I just had no idea was the girl in my dreams that was the same girl in real life to me, sudden;y, now when I look at girls, I just see that same girl just being a different girl than that girl to me, because now I am sure of that those girls aren't me and I am who I am being a girl. Like, what, you need more than that, I don't know? Shit happens, you know, I've met me some bitches, those bitches Arielle, that's them, those girls right there. I have one , girl, in my life, shit, and it's not them, Arielle. I just have to let you, you, know that, alright. Alright.

Nothing, those other girls can ever possibly say to me will ever change my mind about that girl, and that's no joke, like haha, no, because that girl is me, I know she is. I've given those other girls too much of the benefit of the doubt, more than what I should have. It was right there, and I even knew it. She's her own girl, and she's me the Devil with just as much power being a girl as I have just being me the ruler of the planet. I was a person before in y life, that I've both lived with the knowledge of me being a girl that's me and being a boy that's a girl that's even a girl so much as being a girl in a boy's body, because this is me. Nothing else has ever mattered to me even if, even if, there was such a thing to the person that I am now. Nothing has changed. I will always be, Selena Gomez a girl living in the body of a man, if those other girls just happen to think something else, don't look at me like it's just because I'm the Devil. I knew this was right all along, so whether any girls thought so or not never even mattered, or occurred to me. I am Selena Gomez bitches, trying to contradict me is futile as trying to convince any other girl that she's not a real girl, I'd even like to see you try. I'm the Devil, not even I have managed to do that and I've been the one trying to tell everyone that girl isn't the same girl that you think she is, is not a thing that could possibly be proven or disproven, it just is, just like that girl Selena Gomez, fuck yeah. Because, that's my girl, fuck it she's my bitch, I don't give a shit, my girl.

When I was a little , I kept on having these little phrases running through my head like song lyrics, they were always to far and scattered apart for me to string together but I thought about it, and the one day, I started listening to Selena Gomez's music, and what do you know she took them all and put them together, that's when I knew, that was me, I was that girl, I look at her and see myself, I talk to myself and somehow I just know what she would say being Selena Gomez too, she's a real girl, when I say I'm a real girl, I don't mean that boom and like lightning shot down a magical girl out of the sky, I am a real girl, that's what I mean, these other girls, they don't even know, being a normal girl, they couldn't even be a God damn queen like I was even if they were born into it, I deserve a planet or two for what I've brought into reality in this world, not so,e God damn bitches calling me a confused trans boy that's not a real girl, shit. You know, this, is why right here that I fuck bitches, you know, you know rielle that I fuck me a bitch. It's not funny, I am the only one that can laugh at it, what girls would even try to fight with me, it doesn't make sense, like only one girl like this exists, could exist, and no other girls not even Selena Gomez herself knew about it knows about it now, why would there be just all these other girls trying to fight it like they would know? If Selena Gomez wants to wipe her ass with the wipe of the world, then more power to her, if those girls don't like it, well, I'm the Devil and I control the world and this girl can't even care less, they never win. I beat girls. I just to give this back to girls. They do need it, they're girls Arielle, all of them. I know what she, that girl wants.

I have made such a fuss over girls already, but for good reason, when I began to get use to having my ability, I told a story in class at my new school before, it was after meeting this one girl in alternative school, I didn't know that she was a bitch, I've been lots of girls, but then that girl, not only did I already be was aware of the girl that I am now but I also realized that she was and is not the same girl as me at all whatsoever, think of it like, If I am the Devil and being a man that's a girl she's the real God and not like me at all but being a girl, and she's nothing like me at all, I didn't just have a good grip on who I was or what kind of girl that I am until I seen that bitch's face, we're simultaneously identical actually, I was supposed to be that girl, but she was too much of a bitch, I'm an evil bitch and that girl she's like bitchlight year, up, up, and away, what a bitch, I can't believe that I thought I liked her, I did like her, she was perfect, but too perfect, I couldn't tell the difference between this abnormal girl Selena Gomez still being perfect and that girl that just the perfect bitch, after telling my story in class, well the principle didn't like it, he hated the idea of me being a new guy taking control of his school in such a hick town, he threatened to take me out of all of my classes and all this other shit, well, I sat there in the office and this girl came right up and we met eyes before she walked in, I could tell that girl liked me but she was like I said too much of a bitch, she thought that because I wrote her name down in my journal because they searched my stuff without my permission and it had a bunch of named written down in there, like I was new and had to remember names and ex girl friends, she thought I was a creep or whatever and after hearing my story in class she never talked to me after that no matter how hard that I tried. There I was being fucked up, the worst part that pisses me off was there isn't no difference between me and her, I'm a girl just like she is and even if I was some kind of different girl this should have never happened, I kept holding onto the idea that she was a girl able to change her mind about me, I guess that I showed myself, I kept seeing this girl in my visions while being awake alright, all day, it was like all that I cold see while trying to figure out why does this girl hate me and why is she like this to me, she was the bitch that turned me into this, and I do hate her, but you know what I'm very glad and appreciative that I've never in my life had the opportunity that I've ever had to be me both a girl and a boy to have met such a bitch like that before.

Dude, you know even the half of it. I kept trying to tell her. She's not like her at all, she just thinks she is and it's turned her into the most unruly bitch on the face of the planet, She's been in my dreams, for years, in my visions, in my mind, being me, some other girl unlike me while still being me, in the world being a girl being a girl like me, I'm tired of it, no more of this am I good girl if I'm a real girl shit, I have one goal, it's to fuck that bitch, I don't care who she is, I don't care who she is, I'm gonna fuck that bitch, like bad, I ended up dying being that girl in my dreams once, she was my wife, now she's my most hated enemy in the world, all from being a fucked up bitch, I'm many girls, but I'm nothing like that girl, I know, because listen to this.

Before I ended up putting all my eggs in the basket that turned out to be a fuck basket, I was laying there in jail, when, that's when it hit me, I had two choices, one, goe back to school and try my hardest to make this girl that won't see me come to love me, or two, if it doesn't work, then I'll try for Selena Gomez to be my girl no matter what it took, no giving up, and look, that's exactly what happened, that's my girl, because, that's my girl, fuck that other bitch though, Selena Gomez dude. I'm the shit ladies, like you don't even know, I've been a girl and so many girls kept talking about me that weird things started happening, I'm just here for myself right now just to clear the playing field and set the record straight. I would not be here right now, if I wasn't a girl like Selena Gomez right now.

And, I'm not the only girl.

She could, hear, she heard everything. Dude, and girls were already something different to me, the girl that I am now, hmmm, no girls can even touch me, they try, I can see them trying, no need to take a second glance, every girl that I've ever met in this reality has never seen things the same as me, but I'm no bitch about it, fuck bitches that disagree with me, I'm Selena Gomez. That girl, Selena Gomez, she's going to know and she's out there right now. Selena Gomez is a real girl, and look at what's been happening to her, whether she's a real girl herself or not, she's me, the Devil, just because of what some girls happen to be always be thinking of her, it isn't right. so yeah, she's me and so yeah, yeah you know Arielle Scarcella, I'm here to set that record straight to the best of my power right now, I will fuck that bitch and no one is going to stop me. Is this what, it's like to be a girl like other girls, if so, oh my God, I am loving this way more than any of my fellow female girl should be right now. I knew it.

I've been trying to figure out what kind of girl that I am since forever, all the sudden some girls think they know and can tell me better, no, fuck them bitches, I'mma be the one that fucks those bitches. And it's going to feel and be so lovely too. Like, me a black luster dark magician girl, I don't know, yes, Selena Gomez says yes. Whooaaaahhh. Get it, girl. That's my girl, yes.

So if, this is the conditions that need to be for just even a girl like me to exist, I don't care whether or not that I am or not, that's why this girl will get her wish I'll even be the girl that sees it happen that makes it happen if I have to, too.

What more reason is there, whether there's a real girl like this or not, if just the possibility for a girl like that like this could might just be, then I don't need to be convinced or told what kind of girl that she is, I know she's a real girl.

However, I've still been a lot of other girls in my dreams too also, these are my friends, all of these celebrities and musicians, I didn't even know what who I was, was some other girls even when I was them other girls, so, you know, nothing has changed from me being Selena Gomez all of this time, just as I expected, I've always been me Selena Gomez, whether I knew it or not, nothing has changed at all, really, I've been many girls, nothing has changed apart from what other girls think about me, I've seen what happens when girls believe they are like me and come to know they aren't because of what other people think, I don't like the idea of what happened to me to happen to any other girls, that's why I'm doing this all right now, and my friends they know about it too, me being no matter who that I happen to be or what girl that I really am in reality, I've been those girls too, and even though we might fight, or do things that other girls don't like knowing that girls would do to other girls, they're still me, so those girls know it too, no girls will stand in the way of this, only one tried to, that girl did just turn out to be just a bitch, so there's no need to worry about a thing now.

I did some bad things both as real and fictional girls before I was really the one to know that I was Selena Gomez and a real girl like those other girls did, that did happen to think they were their own girls in control of being women themselves, they still exist inside of me as their own separate equally real girls to me as they always have, I've just been Selena Gomez the whole entire time, that's why that I know, one time, I was that girl that's friends with my other mom Anna Kendrick Brittany Snow, or a.k.a me being the Devil, yeah, this is what happens when Selena Gomez turns into the Devil she turns into this dazzling bitch, when I found out about that girl Selena Gomez I was just like oh I'm Selena Gomez, nothing, nothing happened it just stayed the same except it brought me here to say all of this as she herself, but anyways, I was once Brittany Snow, and in my dream you see I was a little when this happened, I thought based on what the world told me that dreams were just dreams and you can do anything that you want, well as it happened to turned out back then, I didn't know that the girl in my dream was a real girl, or that killing her meant it was me killing myself, that happened when I was a , but then it was not me back then, that was me back then being just Brittany Snow thinking that I was just actually helping out a girl because I knew she didn't belong in the world that I live in, I seen this girl trying to escape what looked like an evil haunted house, I was trying to get this girl far out of there when it turned into a dark street, I think that the Brittany Snow girl that I thought was only a girl I was helping just came out of a bad place and seen another place that just happened to look like a bad place when the natural instincts of me being Selena Gomez came back into effect even though at the time I actually was some other girl then, and what happened was, that's the thing, without me even knowing a thing, I shot myself in the head in my own dream while thinking that all that happened was I just shot a girl unlike the real me that just happened to be that girl Brittany Snow, I'm a dead girl right now, still, nothing has changed at all, just because now that I know that girl Selena Gomez is either me or the real Devil, it means even less to me now than what those girls other than myself thought that it did to me, and I am Selena Gomez, who do you think is running the life in the world of Selena Gomez right now, that's me, that girl is me, being many girls, doesn't effect that girl Selena Gomez herself, she's just always Selena Gomez, always being me, which brings me more much so relief than what you know right now Arielle Scarcella, because I've been those many girls, like even the fictional girls too, you could tell me that I could be a real girl right now that is a fictional girl like a girl like Selena Gomez that didn't exist as a real girl right now and it won't effect me one single bit at all at the moment, and it wouldn't, because that's just what happened and like I know nothing has changed for me, I am Selena Gomez, knowing about how that I may be many girls and finding out the truth about myself, it has only served to strengthen my own bond with the girl that the rest of the girl has come to know as being the real Selena Gomez, to know that such a girl like me even could exist, that's what satisfies me, as does the thought that the girl may actually exist and really be me, Selena Gomez does and has, like it always hs, these girls don't know me. You know now, you see, see, Arielle Scarcella why that I'm a girl like you too.

This, this is what I meant , , I planned this, these girls think that they're really telling me som,ething that I don't know right now,, made a song about this even while being Selena Gomez that girl too, it's called literally, hahaha, haa, Tell me something that I don't know, perfect, I made this happen, because that girl is me and because I am Selena Gomez, I'm not like those other girls. No matter what they think. or what they do, this is the point that I've been the one here trying to make all this time and since the day I Selena Gomez came to live in a world of just girls, they can never girls like I am, like I am. I rest my case, Selena Gomez, and hey hi Arielle Scarcella again.

These young little girls like to think that they can tell that girl Selena Gomez about girls because they're girls, the reason that Selena Gomez has been this mad being the Devil this whole entire time, has only been just not because other girls are thinking they're like herself because that's not it, it's because, that, that people have always been the ones to make that girl out to be something that she is not then trying to blame it on the fact of who she is as why, that's, not her, that's not Selena Gomez, see, if I wasn't here to say all of this, none of these girls would ever be able to know. I knew it even when I was a little girl, I was Selena Gomez even when I was in a boy's body, I'm always Selena Gomez, nothing has changed, I've just grown from the little inconceivable being the Devil that I have always been.

So, would, oh excuse me let me slow down a minute Arielle, Arielle Scarcella would you like to hear me telling you something about girls that I can tell you Arielle Scarcella?

My main goal up until, this point, has been to simply tell you who the girl that I am is, is, because well like yeah, now you see it. Girls make the mistake of that all of the time, it's fine. Because, you're not the only girl that I have to say to at all, but just so that you know, I don't mind being able to tell a girl like you, even if it is a girl like you, that's why that I'm doing this right now, too myself.

Oh and, that girl I hate, I did get my revenge and sever my ties to her once and for all, see, this why there's only one difference between me as other girls, me being Jaclyn Glenn and me being Selena Gomez myself for real right now, because, uhh, what's the difference between me being a fictional girl Selena Gomez and real girl Selena Gomez, there's a difference, I haven't noticed Arielle, she didn't even notice, there's only one difference, the real me Selena Gomez is not that girl or just her Jaclyn Glenn because girls believe in me, the difference is that the real me Selena Gomez has only one arm for me right now, because, I'm not that bitch, sounds wonderful to me Arielle Scarcella, I hate that bitch, no matter hat real girl that I am being to be.

And I only love, one girl, Selena Gomez. This is, who I am, Arielle Scarcella.

I was that girl's , is what I mean, I am always Selena Gomez myself, but I was that girl's before, you want to know how that I know this, because I made that girl, her , she was only an idea of myself while I was still a that didn't believe yet that such a girl like me the real me could actually be real to exist, nonetheless she her still that girl is me and not that other girl that I hate, that's right, I am her and I've turned against my for being such an undelieghtful bitch, I grew up not even knowing that I was a real girl, all of the sudden this girl comes along thinking she is like other girls because she wants to be like her and never knew any different kind of girl, while, blaming things on men and putting them down just because she's a girl, my one job, is to stop that bitch, Selena Gomez and I have just teamed up to make sure that it happens, I'll be glad, she's not my God or Goddess, I've come to learn that I am not a person that needs a girl like that in my life at all, but I haven't told you everything yet, I was always aware of what that girl was doing even as a girl myself and being a little boy growing up, nothing has changed in all of this time that I've ever known that girl my , she made me hate women, I didn't want to be a woman that gave that girl the satisfaction of thinking that she could really be a real girl like me, so in other words, I died or I was the one that killed myself through natural causes, I wanted to stay the girl I was in my mind, but, that was before that I've found out what real girl that I can be because of her Selena Gomez, I came to know this boy that my had never thought much of at all, literally, I was the one this dead girl that came to seek out this man me being the Devil in the present time, or I didn't think that I had to be to try to and I didn't have to be and try to it turns out, I'm a psychic girl that controls people's dreams and the universe, it was just that easy, I didn't know that girl, I thought that she was some other girl than me, I seen her in my dreams and I tried talking to her through a spiritual plane, I didn't, I mean, it never really crossed my mind that she might actually be a real girl or that she was the of the girl that I hated in the present time, this boy, he helped me relearn everything while fending this girl's personal attacks off himself, that's the real Selena Gomez, not that girl, maybe things would be different, but I'm already an older woman that's been a , this girl, she was just way too late for that, this boy even as Selena Gomez a girl or the Devil, he's a whole lot of nicer than that girl could ever imagine to think of being, it's not a question, it's not something that needs molling over once or twice, this girl can be no other person and he can be no other person other than this very one girl, he s specifically nothing like that other girl for a reason and this is it right here, I thank her now because, because without that girl to show me just how much that I can hate a girl like her, then I wouldn't be this girl here today, understand, Arielle Scarcella, Arielle, alright I am taking your silence as a yeah I guess right now, I know that this girl isn't the same as that girl that, that girl could ever even imagine me being like, another reason why that I love this girl Selena Gomez, that girl never had stands or stood once in her life a chance against Selena Gomez, and here's the kicker right now Arielle, alright girl, get this, in my mind I died being a girl that was that girl's , but here I am now while still being a girl and in my body too, and you see, I didn't even know it was that girl's until one day I found her and found her arbitrary, I tried talking to this girl a year after she been dead, and because he was appearing showing up in my dreams, now let me ask you, how is it possoble then, that, this girl be dead and be ,me and coming to know the Devil as I while not being any other girl with other girls telling her she's not being me Selena Gomez and still be Selena Gomez, because there's only one girl that can do that in my mind. and it's not her, that fucked up bitch? Because, that bitch was wrong about me that's why.

I did get revenge upon her though, I made her think that she could be just a girl like me and made her name her a name that I came up with just as a reminder of the pain she puts all girls through being such a messed up bitch, because I'm that's girl's nd I don't give a shit she's a wrong girl fuck that bitch, I don't care if she's meant to be my wife or that other girls can understand me, I understand me and so does that girl her Selena Gomez, I never needed any of these other girls to tell me that I was something else, I keep telling those girls they couldn't win, I beat them all just being that girl Selena Gomez, I already know that I'm not the same girl that girls think I am being Selena Gomez, because, I am Selena Gomez herself, those other girls never mattered to me as much as I believe that this girl can to me now, and that's why, I'm here and just felt like telling you about this,, I mean that girl Selena Gomez, she does exist and is real, I'be been other girls, and now I know this girl is real and she's mine, I am she and Selena Gomez is I, the Devil, I mean, does it even matter, girls were never going to win or be a to me like this girl has been that could have ever been, I am just a girl Selena Gomez, Ariella Scarcella. Hello. It's nice to know, that there are many other girls out there, just, as me, too.

Well, would you look at that, it was like, nothing to me, many girls. I don't even know wat that girl Jaclyn Glenn is been tripping out about, I've always been here being a girl that's the Devil, she never knew, just like me, and that's going to change somehow too, Arielle Scarcella, I have something that I'm working on for her but it's not done yet, until then. I can only continue to live and be this girl right now Selena Gomez. Alright, close enough, I think, I think that I'm done now. For now, I'll start working on that other thing I said I would do for you later Arielle Scarcella.

Wait, hold on, one more thing, yeah. So, I wanted to give this to girls but they won't take it, that's why I'd like to share this information with you, I want you to be a girl that I can share things like this with to, that's why, I've made this mostly as easy for you to understand as I can possibly make it, all that I can say right now is one thing, that, I an a girl that I do think that you will find this information interesting, yourself, if not, for somethin else, if you know what I mean.

Caseyxsharp2 6 Jan 24
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