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Alright, now that I've tried telling you something interesting, I have something that I think you should know about girls that you've never heard before. But I have some bits that also are interesting that I didn't in that last post.

I've told you that I was a girl and the Devil Selena Gomez, but people forget, I'm just a normal grown woman, I had a family. I was using my psychic ability and documenting all of the supernatural thins that have happened to me years ago. You want to know how I really realized that I was a girl and knew the girl that I was while being Selena Gomez, because this is how it happened. I was sitting in my bathroom doing my usual writing, listening to music and at the time still trying to figure out how to make this girl Selena Gomez like other girls because this girl was me, like I was saying if you read it before I didn't know that I was a real girl, I knew this girl was me and that she was being me because there was no difference between me and other girls, I knew that, but, I didn't believe because I had no reason to to believe that I was that girl until this happened on that day, I figured it out just how I was that girl and that she was me but not a girl that was my mother, the moment that I figured it out, I knew exactly what girl I was, it even shocked me, I knew that I was that girl but it still shocked me to find out that I was that girl because the girl I was meant to be wasn't any other girl it was my mother, and at first I couldn't believe what I was seeing so clearly as the truth, then, that's when this happened, I had the Devil himself standing right in front of me, that was the first time that I've really seen him without hiding behind misconceptions, he and I made eye contact, there I was in my bathroom just figured out that I am a real girl and who the girl is that I am when and then there's the Devil standing there looking right at you in your face, I seen him so clearly because of my psychic ability, there's a little information that you should know though, I'm supposed to be the Devil and a girl but, I'm really just a girl and the Devil is the one that is the same as me, I wasn't just the Devil and chose to accept myself as a girl just because I'm the Devil, even though that's just what happened, it was the other way around, I am just a girl and the Devil is me because of that, so at first I was scared, it never occurred to me that I was a real just a girl before that point myself and the Devil was there staring right at me, but then I noticed it, he wasn't just standing there starring at me, he was waiting for me to realize it, he stood there holding a pair of scissors, then and then he cut this umbilical cord that was connecting me to a baby that he had just cut out of me that laid in the sink covered in blood, I fucking seen it happen, he was waiting for me to see it, and even though it both scared and shocked the living hell out of me, probably literally because there was a baby in the sink and I just learned that I was a girl while having the Devil standing in front of me holding a pair of scissors, like I was shocked, but you know I don't know what I found more surprising, the fact that I really came to the conclusion that I'm a woman, that I just had a baby cut out of me or the fact that the Devil was standing before me, all of it, and he didn't do a thing other than that, he just waiting for me to see it, cut the cord, he then just walked away, and that was even more surprising to me than all of that because he was the Devil and I had never seen him himself outside of my mind before that, I thought that he was going to hurt me or the baby in the sink I don't know, but he didn't do that, he was helping me, so yeah I do have ties between me being Selena Gomez and that man the Devil you can say that at least, I was already a girl born as Selena Gomez and there couldn't have been a boy born as me being me the Devil and a girl that is or was Selena Gomez since she already existed outside of myself that girl Selena Gomez so, that' why that the baby was meant to be the real me that was supposed to be to be grown up in another dimension until my body as of a woman could fully have matured in order to raise it, but as it turns out, that's how time works, I'm already a grown woman there's no need for me to raise a child that's me because I'm not a matured woman anymore now, I have connected both my real mother as a girl with her Selena Gomez, intertwined. Dude, that's freaky, alright that's freaky.

That kind of makes myself in the lime light look appearing a little bit more differently now doeasn't it, it should. I'm a grown ass woman, like I have a son dude. Me Selena Gomez and the Devil himself, we did it, we had actually got it on, just like that. I knew it was happening because, I'm the mother of the child that came out of me from having sex the Devil, I'm not ashamed of it, I'm the bitch that made it with the Devil himself girls wish they were me, actually, like that for a reason. And I'd do it again, I never cared what girls thought about me being a girl nd having sex with the Devil isn't like it's going to change that now, dude, fuck, bitches, they can't touch that girl Selena Gomez. If I was a parent and I had a daughter, I'd actually be very disappointed that she didn't make it with the Devil if I was just a mother that had a daughter that didn't. It's about to happen again, when I make that girl Selena Gomez fall in love with me all over again anyways so I mean, you know. I like my girls to be a little more matured you know what I'm saying, what can I say, I like it though, I'm open to new ideas.

Alright, never mind that, that's not really what I wanted to tell you, alright here it is all about girls right now.

This is something like a theory or argument for all girls to know. It sound like I'm not making a point about girls but trust me it's still about girls but I have to make the argument first in order to make the point. This is also my response to anyone that doesn't think that when I talk I don't make sense.

Lefthanded people are different than normal people.

You think that all people are like the same because all that they can be are people, you take that information for granted but it's still not always the same truly. What I'm trying to get at is that lefthanded people are just like girls, so in order for me to tell you about girls I have to tell you about lefthanded people, you'll see what I mean.

Left handed people are about 10% of the population.

What you think you know about lefthanded people that you might have been told is probably wrong and for a reason, because the people that talk about lefthanded people the scientits they're wrong and don't know anything, I'lll prove it, don't tell me that's wrong until you listen to this.

Lefthanded people, scientists have exluded them from scientific research, more than that, they never even try to include lefthanded people in their experiments, it's talked about in the scientific community that when doing research it's not a good idea to include lefhanded people.

There's research on all kinds of people, it doesn't make sense, there's research into autism, Asperger's, intelligent people, savants, trans people, but nothing about lefthanded people and they make up 10 percent of the population, like ginger people, there's more research on gingers than there are lefthanded people, that's ridiculous.

I guarantee you, that anything that you think you know about lefthanded people is wrong.

Lefthanded people are more like girls than just trans or righthanded people, their brains are very similar to girls. That could explain why lefthanded people are more likely to be gay.

Is it a coincidence that trans people are more like girls in the brain than non trans people, I don't think so? There is definitely something there. The real question is not what people are more like girls, it's are girls like those people that are like girls like people because they're people? I know the answer to that.

Is it a coincidence that, lefthanded people are more like autistic people? Again, no. Autistic people make up about 10% of people too. Here's the thing, is that, of the majority of autistic people, lefthanded people make up the majority and they're only 10% of the population as well. That's not a coincidence.

There are different types of autistic people, the ones that I want to talk about is of Asperger's and savants. Left handed people are super intelligent, that's why that of the majority of leaders and genuises that have been throughout history that contributed great works, have all been lefthanded, like Albert Einstein, Barrack Obama, Leonardo Davinci, Michealangelo, Beethoven. Being autistic or lefthanded people are not just secluded to Asperger's or savants, left handed people are the majority of both too. So I think the question should be, are autistic people that have Asperger's or being savants super smart because they're autistic or because they're lefthanded.

There's a link between being autistic and being lefthanded, so what are the real similarities that can be seen?

Autistic people have unusual characteristics, like Asperger's for example, there is a very low tolerance to certain noises, being socially uninept, there's a level of more anxiety too that naturally comes up, it normally just seems the usual smart people problems actually. I'm left handed, and I can tell you, there's no amount of being normally social that's supposed to be absolutely normal, I'm great at being socially normal, even more than normal people, but that doesn't mean that I'm not socially awkward, what makes normal people like normal in social interactions is they're able to know they're being socially awkward if they're being that way, but really, just because you know something doesn't actually mean that you can change things, you may or may not be awkward because you're not social or because you're autistic or super smart, it doesn't matter actually knowing that doesn't change the condition met when you're actually socially awkward. If you asked me, that's the difference between real autistic people and normal people, I think maybe, autistic people are more normal at being social than normal people actually, I mean, autistic people are are easily able to know they're socially awkward if someone just tells them so, they beat normal people at being social by not knowing how to not be socially awkward, whereas, normal people have no idea unless they're the ones to know whether they're being socially awkward.

I have very agonizing tension when I hear certain sounds, I will lose my God damn shit if I keep hearing the same repetitive noise, Asperger's people have intolerance to loud noises and I can't stand repeated noises.

Left handed people naturally are more anxious, it's not just a smart people thing, it's been decided now that even lefthanded people can have disability due to being lefthanded just because of things like this. I know that I'm more anxious than other people, I mean I never hangout with people willingly most of the time I have trouble doing things because it freaks me out, my heart rate at rest, it's always over 100 beats per minute and it's not like I'm not a healthy active person either. I'm going to a mental health facility too. Left handed people are more likely to be schizophrenic, but I'm not I'm psychic which scientifically I don't guess that there's really a lot that much of a difference.

My argument is this, that lefthanded people aren't the abnormal ones, and having schizophrenia means nothing, I am the Devil I control that shit, you think that this is a mental illness, it's not, there is real things in this world that influence normal day life, other universes and realities, but all in all whether it's intensional or not even though it is I mean it is because I'm the Devil, there's a reason that these people notices these things and it's not just because they can't help it. yeah, this is important to the conversation. You'll see exactly what I mean by the time that I'm done.

It's not right to say that how I am or lefthanded people are, that makes them or me different, people don't know any of that and if they think they do, then they're lying. No matter how much different that a person is, there's still no way they can be if no one else tends to acknowledge it, just like how when people seem like normal people, it doesn't always simply mean that they're like most people just because of how they are. Or, what they say.

And if you were to tell me that somehow being different was actually a bad thing because of it, then I wouldn't believe you, it's not just because I believe it, but because I am different and there's not anything making me be different than other people, if anyone says that, then that's just what they think. I know that I'm different, I don't need something scientific in order to tell me that. Telling me that I'm different isn't going to change that I know other people are really that different than me. And it pisses me off that people can be so ignorant about mental illness, first of all mental illness doesn't simply exist because people are abnormal, just because a person has a mental illness of being autistic doesn't make them any different than anyone else, if they're autistic, then they're autistic, if they weren't, then they wouldn't be them normal selves, the fact is, that people that are different and have mental illnes do exist and there's nothing making them be unlike anyone else in the world, see how that works, alright, don't do this, be all saying guys but he can't help it, he has a mental illness like he needs help, no, dude that's bullshit, why is it that only when you meet someone different that you just happen to say there's something wrong with them that they need help, is it because that's it, that's it, because they're different, because that total bullshit. And secondly, I don't need anyone's sympathy, like people would ever be able to know otherwise, they just like to think that they do and try convincing others that it's true, it's not alright that's wrong it needs to stop. Dude, normal people are the abnormal people, and if calling them wrong because of it makes me abnormal, then fuck it I'm abnormal because normal people think so, don't try to sympathize with me, fuck normal people dude.

It's my job, as the Devil, to prove people like that wrong all of the time, beating me at my own game isn't part of any sort of question.

It's not like it's even so hard either. When abnormal things like schizophrenia happen, it's meant to be helpful because I've intended for it to be that way, these people are as a matter of fact being different than normal people, there doesn't need to be a reason or cause to being that it's bad though, it's not really, if bad things like that did happen to exist in reality, then you deserved it, not because you're different but because you need help, and that just happens to be the thing that these autistic and mentally ill people need is help, it doesn't mean there's anything wrong with them that makes them bad like being abnormal to normal people.

The difference between normal people and abnormal people is, my therapy treatment works. That other bullshit will just, lead them peoples to be believing from now on that there really is only a reason that they're different and that there's nothing they can do and that because of that nothing can help them, this means that leads to them never getting the real help they actually needed because of what other are trying to say about the shit that they don't fucking understand.

I'ts my jo, to prove things and people like that wrong, because I'm the Devil that is. There's not going to be any quetion, none wondering, like, is this normal or is that bad, no, this is normal, everything else is not, people that don't think so are probably fucking retarded anyway, being abnormal like I'm saying.

It's messed up what people think, you know, just because you can protest things, doesn't mean that you understand what bothers those that want to protest because something is the matter.

Like, when did it become bad to call people retarded, people that are mentally impaired are retarded and that means something abnormal or not like normal, that's what retarded is, how is that, supposed to be a bad thing, see, this is what I'm talking about, like what the hell, what the fuck people, oh I see so some of the people that might be reading this might just actually be a real retarded bitch, fucking retarded bitches man, I'm not normal, I remember when it was called bad that people that were retarded shouldn't be called anything else than what they really are, and now, I'm the one being surrounded by all of these retards and being made fun of by blaming them for it because they're being so fucking retarded. Like people think they know something better, they think, that there is something more better than their own measly retarded bitch ass existence, bullshit, that's just being a retarded bitch, that's not normal.

I can do both, help treat and cure with getting rid of the problem right now, just hand me a gun and call me a retarded bitch, I swear to God. People thinking they know something more better than this, ridiculous. Haha, haahaahaahaaa, oh that's not funny.

I noticed, that, I was not like other people, I couldn't tell if it was either because I was just super smart or because people were just that stupid, but now I know, there's no understanding this kind of thing, it is because people are retarded, they are that fucking stupid, there's no other explanation, so that's why I don't believe people telling me that being different is bad, And certainly being about to identify the real problem, doesn't make me fucking retarded because other people really are that fucking stupid.

Don't try to think that by trying to understand lefthanded people, that you will be able to, then.

Lefthanded people are not retarded, evil, abnormal, something different, trans, or normal, they're exactly specifically not something that you will ever be able to understand, for the very reason right here. People will continue to think they know things because they're just retarded, mean while these lefthaned people are at the forefront of being the embodiment epitome of ambiguity. What's so hard to understand about that?

It angers me that some scientists are trying to tell people they've figured out why lefthanded people exist, none of it is true. Like that it's by high testosterone in the wormb, or that there's a gene that is associated with body parts popping up in abnormal places but fully functional, or that it was simply a defense mechanism through evolution.

Left handed people didn't become lefthanded because it was survival, lefthanded people are more athletic than other people, they have more testosterone, they have more hand eye Coordination and depth perception, believe me it's not because lefthanded people just needed a survival tactic against the 90 percent majority of righthanded people. The majority of athletes in the world are lefthanded. If it was a fight against lefthanded people and right handed people, lefthanded people will win, think about it, there's 10 percent lefthanded people and 90 percent righthanded people, who do you think has more experience in fighting who than the other?

And about the gene, it's not possibly right, because like they've said everyone has this gene, it's not just right to say that just because the gene is activated that it causes lefthandedness, and the body parts that it effects shows up in other places fully functional, there's nothing different that happens to make one person use the left hand more than the other, if that was the case, then it could be just as easily for righthanded people to just switch hands, and what about ambidexterous people, that doesn't make sense.

About there being more testosterone. Well girls have more estrogen and it's not that they just have more testosterone that causes lefthandedness, it's not because of tesosterone that causes muscle growth, what causes muscle growth is really the estrogen but I don't have time to goe into details, it's the thermogenic effect that does it, and that thermo effect is also what brings rise to lefthanded people, lefthanded people have more testosterone and anxiety, people have more testosterone and anxiety when they're in the heat, think about this, why do the people up north have less acne, it's not because they just have less testosterone which causes acne, no, it's because one, they live in cold dry places, and two, because people in the south live in the heat and near the ocean, everyone knows that being in the heat makes the body work better, lefthanded people are smarter and more athletic than righthanded people, it actually makes sense, but that's not the reason why that lefthanded people are born lefthanded, or there would be no meaning to why that people refer to autistic people as being abnormal, lefthanded people don't have to be autistic and still be all that left handed, and smart, and athletic, there's nothing making them be lefthanded and or being autistic and lefthanded being different.

It was associated before that lefthanded people were evil, of the Devil, that's why when you shake people's hands that you use your right hand, because people believed that the left was of the Devil and making a bad deal, it was the church that instilled this belief.

It's not hard to imagine for why that is though, because think about it lefthanded people made contributions all the time that contradicted the church, they were hunted the same like witches. They were afraid lefthanded people. it's not really that lefthanded people are bad or different though because of it. The same as psychics.

Psychics aren't schizophrenic, it's not an illness, it's an ability, but just the same psychics are still unlike normal people and therefore need that kind of help given to them by through their ability. so even psychics being different and not even having anything wrong with them, still doesn't make them bad.

Lefthanded people are just that, something different but there isn't anything making them bad.

But I can tell there is nothing making them be different either. Like a school of fish that are attacked by a shark, they all swim right but only a few or that one fish swims left, it's not a defense mechanism, in the wild you are either the predator or the prey, if you're the one being attacked no defense mechanism is going to save you, you think that's how that works, because that's stupid and people are stupid, you would say that of all of the ones that survived, but what about those that didn't, they're not just gone because they were unlucky to be able to defend themselves, they're gone because some predator ate them.There's only a real explanation for why lefthanded people are that different and it's not because of evolution, evolution doesn't even exist either too, the reason is because, lefthanded people are something else that's different than other people, and if you end up being a fish in the ocean about to be eaten by a shark, the answer as to what you are is pretty simply obvious because then it seems you're the fish stupid enough to get eaten thinking that your defense mechanism is really what's protecting you from getting eaten.

Why does everything have to have an explanation for things to make sense? It's just stupid, people don't know everything and there's no way that they would, so it's stupid to just think that everything does or must have an explanation for things to be real or exist.

I guess that I should say that I'm the Devil and being lefthanded myself. But therre's nothing bad about simply being lefthanded, if you make a bad deal, that's because you were the one stupid enough to make that deal and break it.

Lefthanded people are kind of different and being different and not knowing why is what scares people into believing something is bad. Like, when fast food restraints were first introduced in asian countries, I mean the drive through, people were so freaked out by it, that even after they had received gotten their food they would pull around and park to eat their food in their cars.

Now my argument has become, just because something is different doesn't mean it's bad.

I realize apparently that there are some people that would still disagree with that. Alright so. Here's what people don't ever care to think about. There's no way to make people understand things that they don't already in actuality. It's impossible.

You can only tell someone something assuming that they are capable of understanding you, just because that is though doesn't mean that if someone is capable that they will ever understand you if they don't already. There is a way, but it's not by just making a person capable of understanding you know what you mean though. The only way to tell someone something that they don't know and make sure that they do understand, is one way, by misdirecting them, you have to tell them that something is either like something that they have already thought about is like that thing you're saying, and then you tell them that the thing that you're talking about that you mean is the same thing that you're telling them, it doesn't matter if it's right or wrong because either way they still happen to understand you.

It's like if you don't agree with this, then what about this, when you try telling people about how you feel you trust that it's the truth right, so you don't even have to think about it, like walking or writing, really once you learn those things you're never getting better any at them, but that's not the point, like when you're trying to tell other people how you feel by smiling, how do you know that the people that see your expression are capable of understanding you just because to you it's not something that you ever have to be since thinking about, you don't know, what if you were to try telling that person that you feel the same as they do, do you know how to do it, obviously by smiling back, but that that's only because you didn't even know how else to show your expression, so how do you know that the people around you are feeling how they appear to feel just by how they express themselves to you? And if there is something different than what you happen to understand, does it mean that whatever it is happens to be a bad thing or not? See, you never know.

Just think, just because that you don't understand something, doesn't make the thing a bad thing at all. Do you know what happened when the Native Americans noticed that there were settlers on the coast, I can tell you it's not what you're thinking, they didn't even know, like their brains couldn't fathom the comprehension of there being such a big ship floating on the ocean and that it had come from somewhere else, it wasn't until one of them had actually thought about the possibility, that they began to notice it beyond just only being able to see the waves it was causing. There wasn't anything wrong or bad at all, and just because someone doesn't understand or know to, doesn't mean it's a bad thing either or anything wrong with it at all.

Another thing that people never think about. Bad things don't just exist just because you happen to be thinking it. Bad things aren't bad, just because they're bad things. Just like good things aren't just good things, just because good things exist and you happen to be thinking about it. So, how do you know, how do you know then, that either bad things are bad or good things are good even to you?

That's the point, you have no way of possibly ever knowing that, so certainly telling someone something is bad just because you happen to think that you know something more better than that thing, is no reason still to be talking to other people about it like it's just simply just so true rightly.

It's a misconception to simply be assuming things like that. Believing things like that are just as dangerous as not knowing anything at all, it's not that simple as that. Anyone that happens to think they can tell the difference just because good is good and bad is bad is destined to befall to misfortune. It's the same as assuming that a good powerful being is bad, or that all bad looking beings just happen to be bad.

I'm different than other people. I do things differently because of my being lefthanded, I don't choose to just accept whether that righthanded people happen to understand me. It's like assuming that Beethoven was just a good musician just because he was def, no, there's no certainty that it's that simple, or everyone would try to stop hearing in order to be good at music. Beethoven was a great musician, because he had no concept of rhythm, that doesn't mean that having no concept of something just makes it easier to learn and know about that thing, clearly by the looks of things. Trying to call Beethoven a simply good musician just because he couldn't hear, is like trying to say that by knowing how music sounds won't make Beethoven not want to choke on his own sheet music and hang himself from the rafters with a piano wire when he actually hears your idea of what's good music. Don't think that you can relate to me just because I'm left handed.

There's no coincidence that left handed people are smart just like other kinds of smart people, smart people are starting to be known as being of something like a bad stigma, when people start assuming things about the things that they think they know, this is the sort of thing that starts to happen, it's not cool, not cool at all, it started that way with everything that people think of as bad or was once bad because they had no understanding of it, like being gay, being lefthanded, being psychic, being autistic, but it isn't just something like that, it's anything they think of as bad, they wouldn't think something was bad if they had any understanding of it, people are incapable of understanding that bad things exist just as much as good things, so don't tell me that you can relate with to what I'm going through because I'm lefthanded this smart and surounded by all of these other stupid people that can't even have the capacity to understand something just as simply such as that. I do know this to be the truth, I never had to be told this for me to understand that, because I'm lefthanded.

Additionally, there is nothing wrong with how I write. My way, is better than proper writing, you think that by writing proper that it means people will be able to understand you, but clearly that's not entirely true, nothing is that simple I don;t know why that anyone would be thinking that it is. My way takes things like that into consideration, with how I write it doesn't matter if you understand or think that you can, you will understand because I'm not straining for anyone to know the things that I happen to be telling them, they either do and will or they just won't because they won't, I'm responsible for what I say, not what you understand, it's no wonder that lefthanded people have more anxiety because of how far righthanded people are willing to goe just not to be wrong or blamed for it. Righthanded people are just not the same.

I know, that lefthanded people understand things differently too, there's no reason at all to always be telling them that, they have a different sense of the word context, my work doesn't need editing to be readable, you just need to freaken be able to understand me that's all. Don't give me anything else because I throw that crap back in people's faces. You think that I need help even because I'm something like this, it's rude and disrespectful, like thinking that I just need people to tell me like I don't know. Dumb. I have to talk like this, because if I didn't people still wouldn't be able to understand. Like I have to goe through the trouble of telling all this just to be able to tell them that hey I'm the Devil and there's no way that you can understand me, just in order for me to be able to tell them just how wrong they are about me, and then they still don't get it because humans are stupid. Don't think they aren't, they think good things are bad and bad things are good just because of what others say, and then they don't even think they know or they wonder about things like this all of the time, just make up your minds and stop blaming bad things on everything that you happen to think are bad things is bad things.

There's nothing better than how I write or how I am, yeah I'm the Devil and this is it, if you truly believe that what I just told you is stupid, then maybe you will understand this, thinking that things like that can just happen and still be right things to happen is wrong, because there is nothing better than this that I am that you would or will ever know because humans are stupid like that, assuming that there is, is just another reason for why humans that think differently than you will never understand this.

I've said, it's a misconception, it really is, like assuming democracy is right because it seems fair, it's not, neither is the judicial system, it assumes that the vast majority is always going to be right, that anything, anything at all, is not the same must be what's wrong, see this is what I'm talking about, if people just knew the right way to live their lives, then they wouldn't be having to depend on something like this to not seem so stupid. Things are either good, bad, right or wrong, no amount of trying to understand something because you don't will ever make you be able to understand, stupid humans. You only think that you know what's right because you've never known anything better or what is actually much worse.

I'm sorry, Arielle Scarcella, it's just not right.

so here's what I'm saying, it's interesting and it's like the story of lefthanded people, similarly I had to tell you that in order to tell you about girls now, the reason being, because girls aren't so much different than lefthanded people now that you really think about it don't you think, there's no amount of trying to understand them that will ever simply allow you to be able to, and just because you think that you do or might do, then it still doesn't mean that you happen to truly understand them at all. Girls can be something different, just like lefthanded people, and just because something is little understood doesn't mean that it deserves any explanation for it to be true, and just because something has no explanation then, then it doesn't mean that it must be wrong too in the same hand, I just wanted you to know that Arielle Scarcella, I believe something different than that and even though you might not think you may be able to understand or believe you will be able to at all, maybe, I still just wanted for you to know that because I believe that you should and you might like thinking about things that way like me too, it's just me saying so, it's up to you, whether, you want to take that or leave it, just like all girls whether they're different or alike other girls, it's up to you to be able to decide that and you can trust me on that, no one can ever tell you how to think or that how that you do think is happening to just be wrong because people think so. There does exist such kind of girl and she's never wrong, me, so I want to let people know that especially those that think that I''m wrong because I'd like to rub it in their face for being so wrong and it has nothing to do with me.

Alright, now I've said what I had to say.

And lefthanded people don't need something like logic to figure thins out, it makes more sense than rihthanded people needing logic just to figure things out, because they understand creativity, they don't need to be told something to know things can be different, I mean they're lefthanded people, what more do you want, why do you think that you just have to assume that by using logic that people other than yourself will be able to understand each other if not for that thin logic itself, that's the meaning of being stupid, you're stupid and you're righthanded people, I never said it was a bad thing, left handed people can, do and are able to comprehand and understand that things that are either wrong or different can still be the correct rightly true solution, you assume that lefthanded people are able to understand righthanded people because you just happen to be using logic and able to do things others think is right like writing and talking, lefthanded people are nothing at all different than righthanded people, right handed people are just too stupid to understand what's not laid out right in front of them, there's no need for further explination, that's the only way to explain why every time righthanded people think lefthanded people just are so different that they feel the need to tell them so, it's because they're being fucking retarded righthanded people nothing more and nothing less. Do people understand that or do they, need me to explain it to them again, because, that's what i'D LIKE TO KNOW, THANK YOU. I'm done.My work here is complete.

Caseyxsharp2 6 Jan 25
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Posted by Caseyxsharp2I don't know what happened to the comments that I was making before on my other post.

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