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I’m by birth from country that had gun restrictions. When war broke out in 90s only armed people were military . 50,000 woman were raped , babies where tossed out of the windows , mass graves of entire family that have moved down are still being dug up . Bad people with guns are capable of killing thousands, good people with guns would have been able to defend their family . I Immigrated to USA as refugee after the war - I seen a lot of death , as proud USA citizen nowadays the best thing it could have happen to any law abiding citizen is to own firearm for self defense. Statistics show average responding time to call of law enforcement is 5-7 minutes , this can be longer in rural areas . If you have law that allows you defend your self do so . Why leave it up to Government agencies . It takes seconds for someone to take your life it takes minutes for someone to get to you to fight for your life . Choice is your to know the value of your life . My sexual orientation of this matters is Lesbian ,my political party is torn in middle due to politics being torn by gun agendas vs gays vs religious belief vs liberals etc . technically I should be democratic but I don’t agree with their gun policies and republicans remind LGBT πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ of their disapproval by discounting our value as human beings . As human being whom seen what humans are capable of when they are in power trip state of mind or have no care for their life and happy to take yours I can say political parties are deciding what happens if you let them control everything - you will be power less in time of disparity . As proud gun owner - owning gun comes with responsibility of knowing how to use it and of course becoming proficient is must have skill . Firearm Education and classes are endless .

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I am glad you were able to get out of a war torn country, I was in Iran 74 to 76 and just made it out, it was bad when we left but they were killing foreigners before we got out. I saw what a country being torn apart looks like. You are right in your opinion that there is far to much dividing because they "stick" to their side no matter how stupid the "opinion". I am a moderate who like opinions on both sides but one thing I am is American and that word doesn't tell my race, color, ethnicity or where my family came from in the old country, one side was here in the 1600's the other in early 1900's, what makes me American is my belief in our constitution. I don't care what your sexual preference is, I just care that you consider yourself an American citizen both mentally and "legally". More so that your proud of it. Far to many so called "Americans" spend their time cutting down America than listen to folks like you about what real tyranny is. thank you for sharing your story.


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Posted by Caseyxsharp2I don't know what happened to the comments that I was making before on my other post.

Posted by Caseyxsharp2I don't know what happened to the comments that I was making before on my other post.

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