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Does it feel as if the US is experiencing some sort of political coup?

Tucker Carlson says:

  • in just a few years, a small group of emotionally-charged activists took over a culture.
  • obedience to it's rules now is required ("Silence is Violence" ), purge dissenters
  • why are Democrat-controlled cities now SAYING they want to "defund the police"?
  • they want to replace the "police", not abolish it!
  • without police, the only people who are allowed to have guns are "woke" militias to enforce Democratic party orthodoxy (need more evidence here?)
  • the police are most supported by Trump Voters and BLM supporters hate the police
  • why are they Democrats NOT asking for help reduce black murders and encourage intact families?

Rule #1 (being enforced today with BLM protest) :

"You are not allowed to question BLM now in any way".

... enforced by firings and public shaming. "Disown your parents if they don't agree with BLM". Mitt Romney marched with BLM instead of calling out where it is going too far.

Why are Republicans not speaking up? Winners can speak their mind freely, losers can't? The truth is this is a great country, working to improve our flaws, and we have nothing to be ashamed of.

You might be thinking, they're not going to defund the police because people like yourself are not going vote for that. Then again, BLM is saying that not supporting them is racist...

Admin 8 June 9
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Tucker Carlson is on point.


I just came from a forum where there is a good level of agreement that Tucker Carlson is a racist.

Without Trump all of the craziness would have gone unnoticed. You can think Trump is the worst president in U.S. history but you should at least agree that his presidency has exposed the "shadow government" of bureaucrats and intelligence agencies run amuck. Trump's presidency has also exposed the corruption of the media and educational system. It exposed how out of touch with reality our children are. It has shown how politicians like Romney are gangsters in sheep's clothing. It has exposed how vacuous the intellectual and entertainment classes are. It exposed the big lie that unemployment is unavoidably and that those jobs that Obama said were never coming back can come back. It emboldened the closet Marxist to expose themselves as well as the fascists.

Anyone who thought that it was going to be easy reversing the insanity was kidding themselves. It was there all along but was hiding under a veil of superficial politeness and in the dark corners.

wolfhnd Level 8 June 9, 2020

Well Tucker is in good company, they say DJT is racist and all patriots are white supremists. Liars... everyone of them.


Well, if they “abolish police” and someone tries my door, what are they going to think about dragging the bodies away? Maybe they should consider hiring Coroners.

As it is, I’m a firm believer in the concept that the police will arrive in about 15-20 minutes while a .45 round will handle the matter at about 870 feet per second.

Personally I don’t give a rat’s ass about the “race” of someone “infringing” on my Rights or Property or threatening ANYONE I consider “mine”.

People who suck up to this “Black Lives Matter” crap should find THEMSELVES “Shunned”.
I’d say that Democrats are a waste of human flesh but ... that’s been the case for decades as is not new.


BLM declared war on white people in 2017.

FEWI Level 8 June 9, 2020

He hit the point I have been thinking about. Whats the point of being in politics if you don't have a spine?

They(the left) push the crazy because they don't fear any consequences, and they are right. When leaders grovel to the mob you know you are screwed.

."Whats the point of being in politics if you don't have a spine?". MONEY! They don't give a damn about the people they represent. They want their nose in the public trough.


We've been in a rolling coup attempt for the last four years. This is just the latest phase.

Four (or five) decades to be honest.


We've been in a soft coup since 2016. Everything that the Democrats have started has been in agenda with a coup. The rioting and looting is coup v4.0. It started with v1.0, the Russian Collusion investigation. Failing that, they moved on to v2.0, the Impeachment. Failing that, v3.0 was Covid. Since people are starting to question that more and more, we've moved on to v4.0, mass social and cultural unrest.


Since 2016 I've been saying that in the years ahead there is going to be some sort of uprising that the Democrats would get behind, and now that sure appears to have happened. The mentality of BLM is truly appalling, that you're either with me or against me and if you're against me you must be racist, as if there aren't neutral positions in life. I think what we've witnessed so far with the rioting and all is just the beginning.


The insanity going on is unreal. I think these people are clueless to just how violent the silent majority can become of pushed to far.
We don't care about shoes, we want freedom, and I for one am willing to do what is necessary to secure mine.

Kheare Level 7 June 9, 2020

I’m over 50. Life in prison is not much of a deterrent.


Tucker Carlson doesn’t have a racist bone in his body. But he does not suffer fools lightly. In this case he is spot on.


I feel like the US was reaching a political coup when the Republicans straight up blocked impeachment witnesses, and when they let the president attack US citizens.

Yeah ... I see that you pay attention to FACTS.
Not much hunh?
I know ... thinking hurts your head ...

@Bay0Wulf well if the Reps didn't block witness testimony, we could have seen the facts, no?

LOL ...
You saw “facts” ... pages and months of “facts” ... as presented by the DIMWITS.
The most interesting thing I saw was that the deeper the DIMWITS Dug, the more they began to expose Their Own “Skeletons” ...
All their “digging” did was open up that communal grave a bit bigger ... I’m waiting for them to jump in.

Interestingly so far after ALL Their Bullshit and MILLIONS of Dollars and EVERY Biased Dimwit and Bimbo they could produce, they managed to produce NOTHING.
Not One SINGLE Anything.

@Bay0Wulf you seem pretty ignorant of the facts then, as they produced a mountain of evidence, and his loyalist brigade excused it all. Trump certainly told the truth about one thing, he could shoot someone in the street in broad daylight, and his followers would still support him. If there's any coup going on in America, it is the wannabe dictator who publicly ponders doing away with term limits or being "president for life".


It is a coup!


The BLM movement does have a point. The police are over tasked. They have to deal with the mentally ill, domestic violence, drug use, homelessness etc. as well as other crimes. That's too much. In most poor and Black communities the only services available are the police. The police have to deal with everything. And it turns into an us against them environment. I can understand that money needs to be taken from purely police services that involves law enforcement and allocated to the broader community that can provide other services that the police shouldn't be tasked with. So, the police can concentrate of "true" crime.

BTW, if there is going to be an "admin" group, everybody should automatically be a member. That way a we can gain a broader perspective on things and not just exposed to the Fox News and right-wing drum beat. Put Rachel Maddow on once in a while. That ought to cause a stir.

TyKC Level 7 June 9, 2020

Good point... It's like having 311 and 911 being different level of urgency/etc. I could make this group added automatically but I already can pin posts to the entire site for 30 hours at a time.


A Trump supporter once told me to put on my big boy pants. What goes around comes around.

Well, I dunno about my “Big Boy” Pants but it certainly makes a case for strapping on my holster. Does that count?

The right has been reconstructing the state for the last four years--for the last half century, really. So put on your big boy pants and deal with the reality that the left might finally be pushing back against the neoliberal authoritarianism of Republicans and Democrats.

@Header What does the right know about Reconstruction aside from replacing it with Jim Crow?


I could care less if they think I'm racist based on idiocy.


YEs, that is what the left lib demos always want to do is "provide services" for all the problems they have caused with their social experiments over the decades. These services are a scam like addiction services and seldom work. Many of these cultures are not screwed into the work ethic like Western culture and then blame their problems on slavery which they are the mothers and fathers of in places like Egypt.


Tucker really hit the nail on the head with this one and you have to admit that the "SHUT UP RACIST! click" was pretty funny...

kipmax Level 7 June 9, 2020

BLM has always been about politics Tucker.
Just ask their Marxist founders.


It's about time someone used the proper name for what has been happening in the USA!

Dinah Level 5 June 10, 2020

“A small group of emotionally charged activists ...” with the help of a desperate media in a search for ratings.


The Republicans create their own problems. By excusing cops every single time they draw a line in the sand against all reason. By not fighting back on important issues they lost ground on others. And while the only Republicans I can stomach are Rand Paul and Justin Amash because they apply principles with consistency. That's the philosophical problem of both parties. They only care when it is the other party doing it.

At this point it's tipped. We are headed for martial law. What happens after that is anyone's guess.

I take comfort in the fact that God is the one with the final say.

@dd54 There are globalists that have infiltrated the US political system but without the aid of useful idiots on BOTH sides they would have gotten absolutely nowhere. Both left and right play this game but since Trump came into office the Republicans have continued to shoot themselves in the foot by being bitter betties and helped to create the situation we are now all in.

@ThomasinaPaine I don't think Trump created the situation the US and the rest of us are now in Thomasina... I been watching the changes coming for decades now... the march through the Institutions, Indoctrination of youth, infiltration of the media, etc, etc, etc...
Trump is just giving the Dems a target to hate. That's all.

@Lightman I didn't say he was. I said REPUBLICANS. Other than maybe Rand Paul what Republicans in Congress were strong against the Inquisition?

@ThomasinaPaine To quote you...
"Both left and right play this game but since Trump came into office the Republicans have continued to shoot themselves in the foot by being bitter betties and helped to create the situation we are now all in."
MY point... been happening long before Trump.

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