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I have a lot to cover and the text has to fit into a sound bite, or no one (or only one, me) will read it.


Military Grade Weaponized Interactive Activity
A technologically advance treasonous fraud capacity: a tool

Natural rights
Know better from worse, account for those discoveries publicly, defend with defensive violence if attacked with aggressive violence, the law affords redress - right to peacefully hold officers of the law to account - or it is not law, as proven time and again, as criminals with badges assault, kidnap, torture (cruel and unusual punishment), enslave, murder, and mass murder with impunity.)

Side 1, A
People who solve problems in liberty, they are free to do anything except stepping outside of liberty, which means they are on Side 1 because these people abide by the law that preserves their freedom to maintain liberty: do unto others what they themselves would want done to themselves, rather than doing onto others what they themselves would violently oppose having the same things done to themselves, or more simply those on Side 1 do not willfully make other people victims - the choice to make victims out of people by stepping outside the law is a choice to reject membership in Side 1.

Side 1, B
People finding other people who knowingly or unknowingly are making victims out of people and an effective defense (holding the criminal to account) is followed through to agreeable completion of the cause to act lawfully. The cause to act lawfully is the discovery of victims being made into victims by criminals (cause) and the actions that follow the discovery are acted out so as to bring before The People (or their representatives in an independent grand jury and then an independent trial jury) the suspected or found guilty criminal for adjudication by The People (through their jury) as to the possibility of redress, restitution, redemption, fine, or punishment, as a means of returning everyone back to everyone having the freedom to maintain liberty.

Side 2, A
People who do not know that they are causing injury to innocent people (making victims out of people), yet they are doing so, which can include many possible methods by which people are caught up into Organized Crime hidden behind False Flags of Lawful Authority, whereby these people captured into this type of mindless slavery are people who aid, abet, lend moral and material support to the worst types of criminals ever to disgrace the human gene pool.

Side 2, B
People who are in fact the worst types of criminals whose crimes are unspeakable to innocent people, in other words the mere act of becoming aware of the crimes perpetrated by these criminals causes injury to innocent people or causes innocent people to fear these criminals to a point of defenseless, powerless, incapacity to be free and therefore to use that freedom to maintain liberty.

The tools used by the worst criminals that defy the imagination of normal, naturally born, people known as deception has become technologically very powerful and steps are already being made to increase the power of deception to a level at which there will be no means to return to a truth based social order: liberty.

Few people know any of those facts above, few people know some of those facts above, few people know all of those facts above, which is thereby a measure of how powerful the tools used by the worst criminals is factually, currently, affording the worst criminals a steady supply of victims that are completely hopeless because those criminals can do whatever they want to "their" victims with impunity.


The worst criminals have to abide by Criminal Rules, and therefore their lives must be (by defining Criminal Rules in Reality moment by moment) a torturous horror filled existence, ever threatening as the next most powerful criminal below the most powerful criminal is working to take the top spot away.

Side 1 (A and B) Exist from moment to moment and from place to place within the clearly made boundaries of Rule of Law (doing to others what they would do to themselves) and in any case of controversy, due to excursions made outside of Rule of Law, Side 1 members know how to proceed, in a deliberate manner, back inside Rule of Law.

Side 1 has an opportunity to return back inside Rule of Law while the worst of the worst are currently fighting internal battles that weaken them severely.

Josf-Kelley 8 Aug 23
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