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Central Bank Treasonous Fraud III
by Joe Kelley

VLADIMIR PUTIN Address on Socioeconomic Strategy for Russia - 16 March 2022 - English Subtitles
761 views, Premiered Mar 19, 2022

Someone might attempt to justify war. Would that be something new?

Is this the first-ever case where someone attempted to justify war, and if not, were there any other examples where someone can now compare this current attempt to justify war with a knowable past example where someone also attempted to justify war?

Just war or just another unjust crime scene?

Proof of concept is a generally understood dynamic process. Those conceiving of a plan prove their concept when their goal is reached-for and arrived-at in time and place. That which was an empty lot becomes a new building as the proof of the conceived new building is built in place on schedule. The Map becomes the Terrain. That which is a new building is leveled and the lot is empty again. What was a new building is no longer a new building, proving the concept of leveling a new building on purpose.

Proof of guilt is a generally misunderstood dynamic process. Those conceiving of a plan disprove their concept when their goal is reached-for and arrived-at in time and place. That which was a self-aware, self-motivated, self-made, self-reasoning, self-controlling, self-governing, private, independent, individual, becomes a New World Order Built Back Better Slave after The Great Reset as self-government becomes antiquated and Human Trafficking by Treasonous Fraud becomes The New Normal version of Subsidized Slavery.

But slaves, as a rule, are told not to question their orders, and slaves, as a rule, follow orders without question.

Nothing personal, no more people. 

What about motive? What is the proof of concept involving motives? Guilty act, or actus reus, or guilty of mind and mens rea? Who conceived the plan and who executed the plan conceived to attempt to prove the concept?

Just an aggressive war or a Mixed-War?

How does one prove motive when Treasonous Frauds are as busy defending their Slave Contracts as they are denying the existence of their Slave Contracts?

Master of Slaves or Slave to Slavery?

One might look into The Golden Rule with a more specific effort to prove the concept of guilt. Proof of concept of guilt is realized in time and place with a simple application of the rules that rule humanity. The golden rule codified in Mathew 7:12 serves to justify unjust behavior, to discover the facts, to validate the facts, and then to prosecute the case as Public Notices of dire warnings. Murder is wrong, if not then do your best to get someone to murder you, fuck around and find out if it is justified or not justified. 

Prove the concept yourself independently.  

Omnicide is wrong, if not then do your best to get everyone to murder everyone, fuck around and find out if it is justifiable or not justifiable. Aggressive war for profit is wrong, fuck around and find out, find a stronger group to murder your weaker group of people, ask them to enslave your group, and find out if it is justified or not justified. Defensive war is justifiable, find other groups to federate into a voluntary defensive association, and deter all weaker groups from attacking before that idea hatches in their minds, or fail to do so while criminal gangs grow stronger each day on their chosen path of subsidized slavery knowable as Treasonous Fraud.

You have been warned, warned again, warned again, yet you still insist upon defending Treasonous Fraud while you deny it.

While treasonous frauds defend their conspiracies, doing so by evoking the word theory in conjunction with the word conspiracy, treasonous frauds are caught red-handed denying the very thing they are defending while they are perpetrating that criminal act.

Criminal insanity writ large, just following orders, nothing personal, conceiving the proof of inhumanity, proven when there are no more people.

Their own documents, which they claim to be their source of authority, deny them the authority to dictate blind obedience, an official, forensically documented order that purposefully leaves their victims no viable option to refuse to obey criminal orders.

What was due process of law becomes Totalitarian Dictatorship on the official documents that contradict the official documents, self-contradicting, self-confessing, Treasonous Fraud maintained by conspirators theorizing proof of concept, executing proofs to prove the concept, resulting in factual slaves enslaved by external powers pulling the strings that make their slaves do the work they are told to do without questioning those orders.

No better example is needed than National Subsidized Slavery created and enforced in America from 1789 to the present forms. National Subsidized Slavery in America exists in factual reality. A just war, if there ever was one, won between 1774 and 1789, and then lost to very effective Treasonous Frauds perpetrating an unjust Mixed-War ongoing as I type.

National Subsidized Slavery Official Start Date:
Google Confesses the Public Notice of Treasonous Fraud Mixed-War:
September 17, 1787
“On September 17, 1787, 39 of the 55 delegates signed the new document, with many of those who refused to sign objecting to the lack of a bill of rights.”

Treasonous Frauds Confess:
“3. Representatives and direct taxes shall be apportioned among the several States which may be included within this Union, according to their respective numbers, which shall be determined by adding the whole number of free persons, including those bound to service for a term of years, and excluding Indians not taxed, three-fifths of all other persons.(The previous sentence was superseded by Amendment XIV).”

Treasonous Frauds Dictate:
XIV - Citizen rights not to be abridged
Passed by Congress June 13, 1866. Ratified July 9, 1868
“The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned.”

There is no official Public Notice end date for American National Subsidized Slavery to date. Treasonous Frauds do not admit to their guilt and they punish all who point out the fact that the law affords each defendant the power to question criminal orders.

National Debt Slavery is codified, in your face, forensically documented, Subsidized Slavery, as the slaves are made to believe they are slaves, yet clearly, they are victims of a crime instead, and those victims of that crime are controlled externally by their tormentors who run the Confidence Scheme formed now as Central Bank Treasonous Fraud, which is a forensically documented case of Mixed-War.

As those criminals were caught red-handed while they were busy deceiving the people of America those willful actions by those individual, independent, private individuals constituted a crime known as Mixed-War. 1787 documents the willful aggressive war against the people of America, an unjust war, a war perpetrated with Fifth Generation Warfare knowable as Treasonous Fraud, prosecutable by law.

Your tormentors cannot allow their victims to know the truth, and their victims are told not to know the truth, and their victims obey without question.

Denying that, one believes one is a slave, while defending the continued enslavement of oneself, confesses internal loss of control, which leads to acts not charged to the corrupted mind of the individual slave. Not guilty of mind, but guilty of their actions that are controlled externally by the guilty-minded versions of Treasonous Frauds.

Just following orders, nothing personal, or just issuing orders to be obeyed without question for personal gain at the expense of the targeted victims. 

By reason, logic, and proof of the concept of triage, defensive efforts must be prioritized to deal with mens rea versions of treasonous frauds first. Nipping the growth of treasonous fraud in the bud is the concept of suturing the severed artery instead of merely mopping up all the blood being spilled. One path leads to more damage being done until the patient dies while the doctors and nurses are keeping the floor clean and shiny, and the other proof of concept prevents the unnaturual early death of the young patient that has a productive life yet to live.

While holding the guilt-minded to account the slaves discover Public Notices, the slaves validate those Public Notices, the truth sets those slaves free from the falsehoods that enslaved them, as the Public Notices prosecute those cases of Treasonous Frauds perpetrating Mixed-War.

Those who deny treasonous fraud are controlled by it, the same as those who deny conspiracy while they conspire to deny it. Those who defend it while denying it prove something worth knowing. Motive is proven as a concept when the defender of their Slave Contracts knows that they are destroying the lives of other people as they remove the self-governing powers of their targeted victims. Their targeted victims, on the other hand, are unaware of their victimization, they are made to believe they are defenseless slaves, and they are then made to believe that they love being defenseless slaves, and then they are internally broken, confused, lost without a rudder, seeking external authority, needing external authority, and completely given to external authority internally, a drone, a remote-controlled robot.

Welcome, all belong to the Infantile State. 

The end of morality one victim at a time, the proof of the concept of inhumanity.

You have been warned, warned again, warned again, and when the truth finds its way into your mind, you will no longer be externally controlled, you will then be back in charge of your actions, responsible for what you do or do not do, and accountable for those actions that you do or do not do in time and place.

Will you willfully rejoin the cult of personality, cause injury to innocent people for profit, or will you then see that the subsidizing of your own slavery is not only your own self-destruction it is you willfully moving mankind that much closer to omnicide on your watch with your dime?

Jus Ad Bellum, Jus In Bello, Jus Post Bellum

Caveat Emptor

Josf-Kelley 8 Mar 27
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