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Green Grass Investments Abroad V
by Joe Kelley

The location of a true cause of defensive action at law begins as in infection in an innocent human mind in an inhuman predatory form foreign to humanity, call it what you will, for the purposes of this Public Notice letter from me to you, the terminology that forensically fits as a true form of evidence is the term Treasonous Fraud.

The cause to act lawfully, legally, and morally by principle, precedent, statute, and law begins in the undefended mind of each new predator WHO decides to prey upon fellow human beings instead of defending fellow human beings.

At least live and let live.

Individual people naturally require individual people, including their own selfish selves, defensively. Naturally born natural individual people naturally choose to defend against any inspirations that may visit upon their minds of an unnaturally malevolent nature contacting their natural human being. Any foreign attack from any predatory quarter assaulting any innocent victim naturally warrants an effective defense. Call it conscience, but one does not need to call it into being, it exists naturally in all but a few cases where a natural human being is formed in an otherwise malignant, mutated, unnatural form, notwithstanding psychopaths, sociopaths, sycophants, and Treasonous Frauds. People defend themselves domestically or internally as well as people, by our natural order, defend themselves from external threats such as, for example, inhuman animals WHO eat human babies as soon as the opportunity arises in the mind of any inhuman being.

One might not want to allow such an unspeakable idea to form into the mind of one inhuman being ever, including oneself. It is, after all, unconscionable.

One knows that there are wolves among us, wolves, mad dogs, sharks, and other predatory beings ready to leap from the darkness into the light at the first opportunity presented to them, where they are then eating human babies.

One does not, for example, drop their baby into the ocean over an active feeding frenzy where sharks are ripping apart everything in range, including their own kind, in those shark-infested waters, because the obvious result will be that the baby dropped into that shark-infested water would be eaten alive in sort order.

Without question, save for a miracle, the baby defends itself, eating all the sharks, or how about a peaceful solution such as, for example, not dropping the baby in with the sharks?

One might want to defend against unspeakable things happening to human babies before those things can happen as inhuman beings exist and are ever ready to consume humanity if given the opportunity to do so.

One might want to invent a process that defends against inhuman beings WHO not only form malevolent ideas into malicious plans when provided with an opportunity to execute plans hatched with malice aforethought when the risks of following through with those evil plans are easily minimized to a practical zero as a part of the plan which then is followed up with actions that execute the plan to consume human babies for fun and profit, once the power to do so is placed in the hands of the evil one on that evil path.

God save the babies, humans have given up.

I pick as a standard example of an immoral crime the eating babies crime because it leaves less room for baby eaters to justify their desire to eat babies if one has such a green grass investment idea hatching like a reptilian idea in their inhuman mind, where they spend their time and energy investing in some future place, other than humanity, where they are then free to eat babies as soon as it is inhumanly possible, to satisfy their desire to eat babies, as that desire forms inhumanly into a former human being.


Extremist found guilty? Is it the baby eater eating babies or the one with the idea that eating babies is unjustifiable by principle, precedent, statute, and law, notwithstanding Treasonous Frauds with their appetites guilty as charged?

"A jury of twelve local farmers, all men and all white according to Levinson, rule in favor of Freeman in 1781, giving her freedom and awarding her 30 shillings in damages.”

"The prevalent practice of fornication by the masters with the female slaves was regarded as “a pleasant method to secure slaves at a cheap rate.”

I could offer as an example of Treasonous Fraud by some other, less obvious, and easier to cover-up, criminal example, such as, for example, replacing rule of law with a method of justifying baby-eating, or justifying any crime under the sun, but how would I ever be able to prove the case when that is exactly what has been done to all the babies who have been injected with Treasonous Fraud since birth, and they are thereby defenseless in their chosen Infantile State, having no means at all to defend themselves from that moment of choice, as the needle slips past the skin surface, moving on into the inhuman world run by the inhumans WHO have, in fact, been accused of eating babies, and these inhumans have been, in fact, able to justify eating babies for The National Interests of their own choice, unopposed and armed with immunities and limits to their self-proclaimed liabilities.

Google proclaims:
the ability of an organism to resist a particular infection or toxin by the action of specific antibodies or sensitized white blood cells.
"immunity to typhoid seems to have increased spontaneously"
protection or exemption from something, especially an obligation or penalty.
plural noun: immunities
"the rebels were given immunity from prosecution"

And you may not like the news, and you may argue, so as to justify, eating babies because you, yourself, cannot even imagine someone tearing apart an innocent baby, so as then to consume the baby parts like ordering a basked of chicken wings.




Extremist found guilty!

WHO is guilty?

The baby eater or the one LEFT with the idea that eating babies is unjustifiable by principle, precedent, statute, and law, notwithstanding Treasonous Frauds with their appetites, is found guilty by executive fiat?

How many children are ripped piece by piece from their mother's bodies, where all the parts are placed in a basket, which is by forensic calculation placing those baby parts in a basket?

You, Sir, are not a biologist!

How many children?

But you said eating babies, NOT placing parts in a bed pan, so YOU are lying!

How many children?


How many babies are on the menu?

WHO has such a menu?

You do not have the power to save any of those babies from those mothers' bodies as those babies are ripped apart and placed in the basket on that Menu, and YOU want to argue over what is or is not a Menu?

The subject matter of my letters that I form and publish as Public Notices are intended to focus attention on Treasonous Frauds WHO inject injections injected into the minds of humanity before each new human being is born since this killer injection takes apart the minds of human parents WHO then do the dirty work.

WHO is on call for each newborn baby to prevent further injections that take apart the minds of each new generation?

How many babies are needed to screw in a light bulb?

How many otherwise rational people wear masks when told to wear masks for no other reason other than to follow orders without question?

How many babies?

If instead of investing in FUTURES that suggest the free flow of free stuff from The Infantile State as some far-off mystical and mythical paradise in the CLOUD, one could invest locally in rule of law instead, the dues are more clear and present locally in each mind not yet torn apart by Treasonous Frauds.

How-to find out how many babies are consumed by Treasonous Frauds, the concept that may form in an infantile mind, on some future land in some future time, may sound like too much work to people who JUST follow orders without question.

Let them eat cake, or buy electric cars.

Take into your mind a future scenario involving the gap between a malevolent criminal and an innocent victim closing from a beginning distance to a very specific specified location knowable as a crime scene and place at least one victim on the scene as that victim is penetrated and the injury is caused by the predator preying upon that defenseless victim.

Use my imagination, or if that is extremely distasteful, then use your own imagination for cause.

Or NOT, free stuff costs only your soul, which is nothing, it has already been invested, a bargaining chip at a bargain-basement price, a bet, a wager, a hedge FUND for nebulous free stuff.

A cause of action at law, according to principle, precedent, statute, and law begins as a malevolent thought to prey upon the innocent begins to inject itself into the mind of a human being, and before that happens the cause of action at law, according to principle, precedent, statute, and law humans have a fortified standing on a foundation known as deterrence by conscientious objection.

Human, hey, you, human, how are you?

Fine, what's up?

Here, look, there, it is coming, it is on the way, look, there it is, and it is Treasonous Fraud being injected into your mind, so, hey, dude, how about a little deterrence once in a while?


XIV - Citizen rights not to be abridged
Passed by Congress June 13, 1866. Ratified July 9, 1868
“The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned.”

Nothing personal, just following orders.

The individual suffering a current invasion of malevolent ideas may stand on the principled foundation built upon the conscientious objection to following criminal orders without question, by precedent and statute, it is the principled foundation of law. Complete with an existing fortress of defenses, telling the defender that it is a good idea to defend expediently, effectively, and efficiently against that attack by that foreign malevolent power attacking at that time and in that place where that human being is suffering that attack at that crime scene.

Is that a question?



Patient Zero at Ground Zero is the infant caught in the Infantile State actually having the idea injected into its baby head during the attack and the infant is told that it must cry out for help only to find mommy paying the Doktor the FUNDS needed and the FUNDS used to pay for the needle, or forceps, or “government” issue “vaccination,” and daddy is off on some foreign land spreading “Our Democracy.”

WHO do you call?

You are told to call the worst evil people unimaginable, inhuman beings incapable of telling the truth to save their own lives, for help while they are so busy consuming you and all your fellow defenders at once?

Do you invest in it willfully?

Speaking about the unspeakable.

Each individual is born on the solid ground of lawful jurisdiction to defend to the limits of their capacity each other individual by principle, precedent, statute, and law, and everyone obstructing the movement of a cause to defend at law from beginning to end is consuming posterity: baby eating.

They are free!

Caveat Emptor

Josf-Kelley 8 June 19
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