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Outlawry Remedy Refusal I
by Joe Kelley

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Are these guys seriously avoiding basic common sense, pointing the finger from their positions of authority, while at the same time refusing to acknowledge the perfected human remedy for outlawry?

If Jesus, for one example, teaches how he would do it, to a point at which a large part of human history involves newcomers born into humanity learning to ask WWJD, then...

Google Searches and Discovers:
“WWJD is an acronym for What Would Jesus Do. This sentiment is an admonition to make decisions and live one's life in the same way that Jesus Christ would.”

Then what?

From my very limited and admittedly weak intellectual rulings, Jesus, if he would do anything, would conscientiously object to blindingly following orders issued by infamous evil monsters, because, with reasoning, if not with help from God, one will be lured into not merely following evil inhuman orders, without question, one risks the highly probable consequence of abandoning one’s humanity as one transforms into yet one more evil inhuman monster.

How many times does one bribe, extort, torture, and murder people for “The Greater Good” slogan, just following orders, nothing personal, before one continues to bribe, extort, torture, and murder just for personal reasons no longer having to be bribed, extorted, or tortured into just following orders without question?

Predators make more predators out of the stockpiles of innocent prey.

Do YOU refuse to see this happening before your own eyes?

The government, in rule of law, is in each mirror.

If that is understood, rather than conveniently ignored, then WHO provides the government?

Why would anyone willfully reject the morally justified options?

If it is discovered by someone looking in the mirror that someone other than the independent individual looking at the reflection of oneself in the mirror has "provided" a criminal version of government, someone with a name has preyed upon the innocent in this manner forensically knowable as Treasonous Fraud Predation, then that discovery of that other individual perpetrating a criminal act can be validated for cause.

Once validated, that specified cause of action at law can be prosecuted according to principle, precedent, statute, code, and due process of law on an equal footing.

As soon as one individual claims immunity from prosecution before, during, or after self-confessing their criminal actions, as they perpetrate their criminal actions, that individual is not providing a government service, even if that criminal repeats that fraudulent confession more than once, and with more than one misleading slogan.

Build Back Better a New World Order with a Great Reset for The Greater Good as adjudicated by self-confessed Treasonous Fraud Predators.

Someone counterfeiting lawful actions, issuing unlawful orders, such as looting, rioting, stealing, robbing, so as to then have the stolen property of innocent victims, to then bribe fellow criminals into a criminal organization, with or without fake badges, licenses, or hall passes, is someone creating a crime scene that may or may not be discovered as a crime scene, even by victims at the crime scene, because someone counterfeiting lawful actions, as a rule, use fraud to do so.

Victims of fraud, as a rule, a natural law if YOU WILL, are not self-evidently victims of fraud, self-evidently to those NOT victims of fraud.

Since criminals have been discovered counterfeiting government causes of actions those criminals have been called names by the defenders over time, the forensic name that names a discovered criminal caught in the act of counterfeiting government is by principle, precedent, statute, code, and due process of law THE DEFENDANT, all moral members of the people agreeing to abide by rule of law are voluntarily duty-bound to offer the defendant their opportunity to explain to their peers precisely why their actions are justifiable to The People.

Time permitting expeditious defensive actions, another natural law if YOU WILL.

If the moral people, through lawful County Criminal Trials by Juries, find the defendant guilty, those Jurors assembled as representatives of those (or these) moral people then offer the guilty criminal remedy.

One obviously risks error during the process of adjudication, an error that can turn the defenders into predators, and therefore each voluntary defender is well-advised to strongly insist upon the truth and nothing but the truth with or without the help of the perfected example knowable as Jesus.

Strict, unanimous, biased, extreme prejudice demands for nothing but the truth, so help me God, or if no one is currently receiving messages directly from God, then supplies of the truth to justify the demand for it is warranted or else.

Or else what?

Treasonous Fraud Predation is good enough for "our government" so it is good enough for me too?

My Dog Uncle Sam made me follow Treasonous Fraud Predation orders without question?

If the criminal refuses remedy by word or by deed, the criminal has been deemed an outlaw by the same process of law, on an equal footing, that has worked since Ancient times, as the law of the land. Law on an equal footing, even before people wrote principles, precedents, statutes, and codes down on memory storage devices other than human memory or DNA, is our government factually. That is why the law of the land, also known as the common law, with trial by jury, has been known as the unwritten law as well as the law of the land and even in Latin, known as Legem Terrae.

If the criminal that is found guilty of a crime refuses the offer of due process of law remedy and is then allowed to continue rioting in the blood of the innocent, after confessing outlawry by refusing remedy, WHO is responsible and accountable for failing to deal effectively, expediently, justly, morally, and defensively when discovering, validating, and prosecuting criminals?

I'm curious about all this fingering being done to Fearless Leader Pedo Joe and Son the CCP Puppets as if one must follow Treasonous Fraud Predator orders without question, because nothing is personal, and the actual law must be rejected because we all want to march in Unison to our joyous collective goal of Omnicide.

Yet, if one example provides, then all we really need to do is conscientiously object to following Treasonous Fraud Predator ORDER. Afterword, WWJD then?

Caveat Emptor

Josf-Kelley 8 July 18
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