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Rapid Transitions in Combat III
by Joe Kelley

Kristi Noem takes a flamethrower at Biden in victory speech

“...I don’t want South Dakota just to be an example for freedom. I want us to be an example of respect. We need to be honest with each other and have real candid conversations.”

Alabama U.S. Senator-elect Katie Britt's victory speech

“ achieve real, positive results...”

Discovery of clear and present dangers, such as Pedo Joe and Son the CCP Puppets grooming Americans for defeat during the undeclared ongoing World War Three, and the Programmed Pogrom injected into posterity, in Publik SkewL, Networked Media Programming, to name just a few clear and present dangers discovered, leads to validation, and then boots on the ground prosecution.

Actionable Intelligence in defense against Artificially Intelligent Predator Parasite WOKE Drones.

Without discovery there can be no defense, with false discovery, misdirected discovery, or fraudulent intentional misdirection covering up discovery of clear and present dangers by defenders, is an Infantile State of impotent defenselessness.

Nonfeasance is ignorant, misfeasance is an error in discovery, malfeasance is fraudulent discovery, misprision of treason is WOKE World War III under cover of Treasonous Fraud Parasitic Predation.

I see nothing, I know nothing, and I can therefore do nothing in my own defense, like a good Nazi Stooge.

While the humans are made inhuman by fraud, the inhuman beings are being inhuman, as they are confessing guilt on so many levels, not limited to the obvious crimes that are NOT discoveries made by the oblivious, ignorant, and apathetic inhuman sheep and lemmings.

WOKE Treasonous Fraud Parasitic Predation is so, so, so so.


On purpose.

Meanwhile, the wolves in sheep costumes can never quite satiate their inexhaustible energy and lust for innocent blood.

No wonder they have this need to keep humanity frozen in an Infantile State.

The Union of Parents Unite!

Mothers, by natural laws, take care of the defense of posterity business, while the men are being made into MULES for the Infantile State.

The discovery stage has past for those refusing to drink the WOKE cool-aid, the enemy is
clearly in view, and those on the whole truth defensive path, are validating their discoveries for cause.

Just be-
they must
CARE for humanity.

If the WOKE government continues to do such an evil job in the defense of posterity business, then the aware mothers of America have to move rapidly past the inert, immobile, impotent MEN, transitioning from nurturing their own children, and transitioning rapidly to the front lines, boots on the ground, defending humanity from inhumanity, marching upon a whole truth equal footing at law foundation, validated each step of the way, so as to never fall into the quicksand false stepping stones of WOKE Treasonous Fraud Parasitic Predation, avoiding the obstructions that lead humanity rapidly to OMNICIDE.

While the MULES wish they could someday grow the fuck up, the grownups do the heavy lifting.

Discovery, validation, then prosecution, leading to discovery, validation, and prosecution, where the candid conversations avoid the unjustifiable obstructions with contempt for the equal footing whole truth foundation of law, and the positive results lead to more positive results.

The names of the worst evil threats to liberty are written on True Bills, named by name as the defendant charged with treason, and the Whole Truth convicts the guilty. The remedy is the discovery of the whole truth as published on Public Notices, from trial transcripts recorded in each criminal trial by jury case processed in each County Court of law, in each republican county, federated with each other republican county, from sea to shining sea.

Not on our watch.

Not with our dimes.

Posterity is precious.

Posterity is NOT an inhuman shield to be fed into WOKE Treasonous Fraud Parasitic Predation.

Caveat Emptor

Josf-Kelley 8 Nov 12
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