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I have a post just for you Arielle Scarcella. I mean, it's more of a guy post, but it still includes all women so, nothing else just since cause it's about all women, not that I think you're gonna think this is interesting or whatnot, but, I would think that you would be a girl if this is literally just actually about all women might like to at least read to know it and maybe have a thought about it yourself so. I was replying to a person elsewhere and copied and pasted this so some of the context is a bit weird. This is a whole thing, the entire thing, this it's just me thinking it's just something if you were a girl that who would want to know, would want to be a girl to want to know, you know, just in case you actually might actually like to be thinking you know what I'm talking about if you know too this is it, this is it right here, finally something I've thought about that I might be able to want to like talking to you about being who and the girl you are Arielle.

This is just the reason I followed you right here, everyone else never posts anything about the deep shit that everyone else would just simply that's just so fucked up about but you buddy. I mean, yeah, that's, that's, totally fucked up, but still..... I don't have a reason, good enough, reason to complain anyways so.

All my relationships, I've learned that the very reason that they've many failed, been failing, has been, been that it was literally school that finished my relationships, I mean, not that it's just so hard just had and impossible just to simply have a relationship while going to school, it's just that, like that, that school will end your relationship much more even just only also your whole entire love life too, which is actually really pretty ironic too though since, it's, usually that you're in school that you're forced to be around girls that also would, wouldn't rather be there just to be in school too.

I've had at least 50 countable relationships ever since I was in 6th grade. All, of them relationships having me telling that I've had many relationships, of the relationships just I've had I've only broken up with merely less than five of those girls too. You should look into that if you should be interested on that too buddy, I know I am, I mean it's hard not for a guy, let alone just a guy, not to complain about I mean not just I mean just girls that break your that man's heart for no good reason if there had to simply be a reason at all, but, also, it's that, it's hard not for a guy simply to be who complains when of them those girls I mean it's not just girls fault they were be with you it's that it's the some girls you know of those all of those girls too, they, are the ones, girls, that break your heart just for that one very reason right there and attribute it saying that into what you're supposed to be seeing the value of that one relationship even, they attribute it not to you or anything that you did, are doing, or simply that they're doing it about you even, they attribute then it to be being, be being, that's what I mean, to, the fact that it was just simply them having to be the ones who, the ones who be, learning something new for them that they thought is one of the things they won't ever be learning from you simply being the guy that's with them too, and, that's what, that's what makes all that suck so much when those girls do break your heart for literally simply just, just no ever good reason at all, at all, it sucks. It's like, hey girl, you know what girl, this, if you didn't really want to be with me and but it just but it was actually simply because you wanted to learn something new about you yourself that you already knew wasn't you ever going to learn from just being with simply a guy, then, why, you stupid bitch, do I, not did if since it's now and now it's over, do I have to be that guy to be with you simply to simply literally get my manly heart broken, all simply just because all because, you just simply wanted to be with a guy just to be that girl to learn that you couldn't have learned anything from any guy that you're with if you're not already being that whom is who is learning what you could have just been a girl yourself just to learn on your own and without a guy either having to be who is teaching you that girl about you and also either too letting you learn that from him about yourself you really weren't just a girl to him to ever be who just is learning that by being simply a girl?

And furthermore too, if that is the case, and if that's just how that you felt girl, then, why even start any real relationship with a man, any man for that matter, because since, if you actually just are, a girl that doesn't know yourself, even since actually, didn't be ever, never be being that girl who would ever know that, then why start a relationship with a guy then, if all you just were ever going to be girl being a girl in the end was, simply to, actually just blame that the reason that you're he's already a no good man for you to be with though , is on, the fact that you couldn't even be that girl to say that he's just himself being with you to literally simply be that guy that gets to be with you, it's not a good reason, not a really real good enough reason to either start dating men or to be or be actually simply just the girl that gets to break his heart, and, it's all because you simply just weren't that girl that would have known something about yourself, because you're a girl, the girl I mean that would have had to been being be a girl with a man, just to simply know that yourself.

But, that's all girls... I'm sure that I just simply don't even need to be the one to be telling you that right now.....

I got something to say, I think, my opinion on this matter right here that you've presented in front of me now. I have this to say about that, really because I'm a person guy only that's why right now, I would say this, that and tell me what you think since too you're a guy I know too, that I believe thinking that to girls they should be who is who really becomes aware of this themselves not simply only being the ones because they are girls to know this, I think that these girls should are and be the ones to at least be aware of this right now, because man, the problem for at least us guys, at least of us guys, now, right now, it's, it's not, that the problem is present be a problem only for us guys to be pretty much aware and so to complain about it if it is a real problem only for us guy, but actually it's just but, that's not the problem, real problem for us guys that we men even just are complaining trying complaining to about you girls here, it's not really our problem that girls be like that if even it simply just were you girls that be , anmd be, being like that to us now, it's, the real problem that's just for us men here is it is it is actually that the problem literally isn't that there simply just aren't some girls that will ever be the just girls that will but ever know learning this themselves right now, right now, no, right now the real problem for us guys here, is, that the real problem for us just guys is not either only something that we either know or have to learn to be guys ourselves, it's just, that's the real problem, even if you are a girl that thinks so too, like us men also, that the problem not because it's already a real problem it's a problem because that there are simply just girls that you cannot even simply tell this to even just to, to simply make them be who learns it themselves, it shouldn't even be a problem, in the face, of the fact that real relationships are purely simply and simply hard to maintain even when it's not just a man having to tell you so, but you can't simply ever be a man, at least even at all and at all, just to tell to girls, I mean, even to girls telling them that it really is literally because they be a man unlike girls that they shouldn't even have to be the ones or the ones who have to just tell you that about what real woman who do have and maintain real successful relationships, too, even just, just in the face, despite all that, all that, so why do I just have to be that man, that simply just has to having to be who to does just does be that man telling you that all since but that you're not a girl that I should even have be a man to just to simply let you be a girl to know that too like what when many thinks of it about it, many girls out there do already know this, so why should I have to be a man, to simply just call this a problem, just so you get to be the girl that's trying to fix something with you being a girl t me wand who might have actually just been really just simply a girl not to have and to never know that if not for you just being a girl too like all of the other girls that would know that excuse me who do know that, girls. That's what I would say about hat, is it, that right there man. So stupid.

I'm well, sure, at least sure, that, that, right there is somewhere along the lines of what you've thought been thinking when you were posting this about relationships right now too.

It's like, I get it, it should, not, because, it shouldn't even be a problem that a guy like me would know about let alone know how to fix since just if only if I wasn't a man or a man that did know to, but, that's exactly what both girls don't know and what since because girls don't know being girls that you can't even be a real man to them a guy that at least gets to be the guy that also perhaps even lets just lets them know it too, because, you can't tell them that, so, why do girls expect men, to be, be, the ones who makes them understand this about themselves being girls that they didn't already know while being girls too. That's how it is, it be so as, just that, that right there, just like that, that's precisely how it be being men with girls too, and it's not men who don't know, girls, girls, it's it should even have to be a problem like that, to be a problem, real problem for only us men that girls don't ever get to be girls to at least understand, because it shouldn't even have to be that way, just it be a problem for just us men, but, that's the problem, girls, the problem is just that we are never even a guy or the men I mean that ever get to tell girls that because we men never would do that, it should not be just so simply, required by women, that us men be like this, just for them to say oh I guess, I guessed that I would and do have a real successful relationship with men right now. And if women don't understand this, what hope did they ever expect us men to have if we already knew this was our problem being men with women, girls, if you are going to be a girl saying that, if you really wanted being girls to be girls in real indeed successful relationships, then we us men should have never had to be the ones just to tell you that simply for you either not knowing or not being that girl that strictly gets it when we do try at least trying to fix that problem, because girls don't know, since, they are literally girls and not men.

Oh, so. Oh, you're telling me that's why how so many of your relationships have ended too, this is the problem girls don't know, because girls, I don't even have to be a man like you buddy that even knows why this sucks, since, yeah, yeah, because, I do know, that sucks man, that just totally sucks, it does simply suck, because girls never will learn be being girls ever to know at least even and to at least be girls who ever knew that being girls too.

I so just really hate, hate, those girls, not girls for not knowing, but, them literally those girls that don't know and but who never will, because of girls just like that too. It's ruined many of my relationships, and don't or if you do then do, believe me when I say this right now, it's not but not like I've never tried telling accepting and acknowledging that I must have to be a guy that needs be a guy actually to explain that to girls that, that have already been the girls to break my heart, why, because I wasn't ever the guy a guy that since ever simply was ever him who gets to be that guy just at least to tell that one girl who really just simply never knew.

Well, girls should know then. I mean, come on. If you're going to be that girl that knows men problems and says you can fix any of them on your own too, then, you'd either be a girl that either knows you can, stop relying on men even more importantly girls, girls, don't even begin to start relying on anyone else just to let you know that you're being what right girl you are, just if you are to be being a girl that knows you are that you are girls. It's not a problem, for us men, it is a problem of men though, why, because, i it wasn't, then logically it won't ever even get to be being an actual real problem if girls never even just are girls that can fix it even if they are girls who really can if cause if they actually knew being girls that it's really am is, only a real problem just, for us men to solve. If you were a girl wanting to worry so just all so much about you only but being a girl yourself, then maybe, no, bitch, no girls, no girls, you should be the girls to that has to beemn then the ones who that should have literally already the girls able to fix that first before then you're ever going to be being those girls who simply don't even know a real problem when you're the problems girls, the problem, girls, that you never even just simply knew while you're fucking the girls that say you know better than that man, you mean that men, that, you just broke his heart al because you're a self absorbed and self centered bitch. Well, it's not a problem, girls, because girls, if you weren't that girl to fix it in the first place, bitch then, you're going to fucking be the girls who ever know that it's even a real problem. . Haha, haha, hahahaaaa, Oh, that's kind fumy. So stupid bitch.
And hey, hey, I don't know if this makes you feel any better bud, but think of it like this now, and I've contemplated the same thing as you too also myself too, think about that like this, you might just be a toxic, I'm sorry, a real toxic guy but, but think now just what kind of fucked up shit the real fucked up girls have to be girls to solve just to be the girls that get to date you dude. I don't personally think, being, a toxic man, has anything wrong with it even if you are that and a man who is, but, girls should be the ones to know that about you, they shouldn't have to just date you just to be girls just to tell you that or not, that's pretty stupid for girls to do, it's like oh you think that I'm being actually being a toxic man to you girl, girl, you've got your fucking plate stacked like up to here right now, with reasons why this is what's effecting you being a girl right now too, and why just would you ever want to be just a girl that gets to fix me just because what you actually thought yourself is that you should be that girl that gets too, I say this, if you're gonna be that girl, then you be that girl, girl, then you'd be that girl, you're never going to be that girl that ever simply even says that she has had many bad failed relationships that have taught her about herself and a girl that also says simply at the same fucking God damn time that you're just a girl that knows better than just that guy just him, when, as a matter of fact if, your relationship wasn't good and which simply was failing. So, if you're not a girl that is that girl, then I could imagine being concerned being a girl that being that girl too, but, that never meant that it was my responsibility to make sure you're being a girl wanting a real relationship, being a girl wanting one, if you're being really a girl wanting to have a real and keep just actually a real successful relationship yourself being as the girl has that just to you is your girl perfect relationship with being a girl in that very relationship yourself too.

Personally, what really has broken all of my relationships with girls, hasn't been that they've been girls trying to know this on their own themselves being girls, what it is what has, is, or I mean was, that they think that I'm just a guy who's a man trying to change them somehow, and yet they still think that I simply just would be that man who has to, excuse me I'm sorry, must was having to tell them why they suck at what they do because they do suck, and they think that because I would do that, being a man, that they think then that I would also even be the man to them that would have wanted to tell them they were wrong and change them even if I didn't know they were wrong being the girls they are being girls to me too, and that's what prevents those girls from really actually learning this ever actually, well and break all my fucking God damn mother fucking relationships. I don't even want anymore that, girl, that simply wants to know the truth, at this point, rather, much rather me being a man that thinks so, I would much even rather than that have that one girl that no God damn idea but hat's the girl I want, and because it's not that I would ever have to be that guy just to tell that to her too , though to her, just for her to know it too probably also even that it's true that she definitely is that she purely simply just would be that one girl that would know, even if, this wasn't just the problem I have a man being, nd being I mean with that one girl with that one actual one girl I'm really with in the end.
She's perfect, the rest of these girls, I may be, a real just actual toxic man dude, but you know what buddy, to the rest of these girls, it wouldn't even to me matter if they knew it or not, that, because, the rest of these girls won't ever get to be that girl not even that one girl that ever is going to know that because, they're not ever, I mean, never, going to ever be the girls to ever at least even be that girl, that girl to me, that I don't know myself either like that girl her she would know herself if her being a girl that would. So, yeah, pretty much, those girls can straight up literally like, like, I mean literally, literally, goe eat a bag of dicks, because, you know what, I'm gonna fucking be that guy, just to be a man let alone a real man just to fucking tell them just how fucking fucked up of a girl they really are and not just because I think so either being a man. Yeah, yeah that's what I would say, fuck those bitches. I mean I don't mean to be a bad guy or anything or someone who would be does hate women for having problems like I imagine woman girls they'd be having, but, I'm a real fucking man, that's what bitch, hahaha, sorry, I'm sorry I am like so into this right now my bad, that's why, that's fucking why, fucking that, it should be should be God damn fucking girls, they should be the ones who would and should have known this about me being girls, don't just be that girl that expects me to kick you once you fall down actually once you literally fall down girl but if you are going to be that girl like wanting to be, then, don't be, I don't know, just a thought for girls to think over maybe and just like a little bit, you know, it's like that, because girls, because, if you're gonna be that girl to me not because you are but because you want to be really like that girl to me, then don't since because if you are, if you are, then I'm gonna fuck you up bitch, that's like handing a gun to Satan and saying I bet you can't kill someone who deserves to die with this, God damn, I would, girls, I mean, I would be girls, would be, would be, I would fuck you girls up, why the fuck, do you just want to be girls to test me and to test that just to know something that you either didn't already being girls that you should have probably literally known or wanted to learn being yourselves girls yourselves all just because you thought that I was going to ever be not that guy to change into what you say is the guy that would have been that guy to you who kicked you like even if you done did fall down, of course, I would be that guy to kick you a fucked up girl falling down falling down who falls down just to coincidentally probably be a girl that wants might just wanting to find out being a girl or needed to learn it too yourself, but don't sit their blaming me for that, all just because what you didn't think that I was about to be that guy to fuck you up right now just for testing me, this this is why right here everyone..... that, I was just going to, or sorry wanting to be may bad guy, the one who simply like being a bitch to other girls and girls to each other, saying that it's either that you're either going to be that girl, then you should be that girl, or that, it shall be, you don't want to be that girl, girls, then you don't, you shouldn't be that girl to me girls, and if you thought you did to be knew to that, thinking that you must be to just simply be with me a girl and tell me just how fucked up that very actual fact is to me and to you too, rather, what you should be doing you girls, is to, be, girls that wouldn't just be girls to be that to me and but would and knows that it's not your fault just like you're being a total fucked up bitch to me girls, it's it isn't really actually my fault either, even if I don't just simply literally straight up whoop beating the fucking shit out of a bitch ass or I'm sorry I mean you're bitch ass girls who wanted to really, actually, be the ones you girls to know that I, I, would have girls, because I would have, girls, that is all, and you don't have to be even be having to be being a fucked up bitch either, if you want to be a fucked up bitch complaining to me just how fucked up a guy that like I am to you girl then, then girl, and at the same time be blaming me for that too, then, it's not like that, you even don't even have to be a fucked up bitch to me if girls if girls you're were being a totally fucked up bitch to me, I mean even girls, because I would be the one I would be that guy to you then girl at all actually being that guy to beat your fucking ass even if our fucked up fucking screwed up our relationship is be being a relationship that is ours's being was actually ever actually being that fucked up, yeah no, nah bitch, I'll just beat your ass beating the fucking shit out of your ass just cause bitch, that's what I would do being a man, it's not a man thing or even only just a question but I would be that guy and just to beat your fucking bitch fucking ass bitches, like that's not really all that hard to fucking understand and I don't even know why such some are girls that struggle with comprehending this as they are as be girls, like really, like really I'm sorry, maybe I am so sorry about that too, and I did I mean would have known just how bad that is just is too girls, that's why that you simply just needed to be the girls to merely actually understand yourselves, if you didn't already girls, like really, like really if you didn't think I be a man wanting or have liked to, or that just you thought me being a guy just real man just whom would want to beat your ass just being a girl too to him that's totally fucked up even like a problem in our failing bad relationship when all in actuality you were just being a bitch wanting to know being what I just said totally just a fucked up bitch to me, then, maybe don't, it's not that like I do want or even like to think I would be the guy beating your ass because just your a girl wanted to know who actually blames me for you not knowing, but, that's why don't be girls, then don't be to me, if you really thought that I was wanting to beat your ass being a man, just cause you wanting to know like I mean like literally like you didn't already know something simply being girls, at all, girls, then don't test me bitch, like you don't already know that I'm not about to fucking be that guy just about to beat your ass since you're wanting to test me or thought I would be to let you know you're the one girl that's about to find out girl, because, I would be that guy to you girls, and I would beat your ass anyways even, even, if you, didn't just want to be girls at all yourselves just to find that out like you really don't know, when you want to be that girl to me that wants to know, then I'll let you know, I mean really considering my shall I say favorable love streak record with girls chances are it's not me wanting to be the guy trying wanting to change changing you at all, and, if you didn't be a girl to know that already well, then if you wanted to be then I would be that guy to outright beat your fucking ass not just for any or because by you being a girl to me, no, I'd just be that guy to fucking beat your fucking bitch ass that's your literal fucking bitch ass bitch, really, if you wanted to be the girl to test me just to find to find out for yourself just to be the girl to that would know and knows that afterwards.
You don't have to worry about that girls, yes, yes I would, beat just you bitch ass girls cause girls like you girls that like to test me, you shouldn't need me any man a man any man like me just like any man, to, be the guy to let you know that or not, I'm sorry to say that to girls too, you're either going to be a girl whom wouldn't know yourself and trying to find out or you're you'd either be or not be a real girl herself just that would know that girl yourself, but the very last thing that a total bitch like most of the stupid real stupid bitches out there should ever be the girls to try let alone wanting to try to be girls doing, is ever to be, girls, to be, blaming you either being a total bitch really fucked up bitch, or, me not being any man to you just that you thought I would be girls a man to you like, on that, on this, this, our real both good enough to be real relationship like it actually is one and failing no good reason like a problem like no reason at all reason for having this that relationship we have, on, me being a man to you, whether I was going to ever be the man that's just the guy to tell you that for you to know girls too or not, or not, girls. Because, then that defeats the purpose of, if you wanted to be a girl to want to like to know if I would beat your ass if you're were being a bitch to me, then, because, then I couldn't be the guy that gets to beat your stupid fucking bitch ass and let you actually really be knowing I am the guy girl would who would if you didn't already simply know that girls. Like that's what meant by saying I mean come on, because I mean come on, if you wanted to be the girl to finally know yourself whether I'd rather want liking beating your bitch ass if having to be with you too girl, then I can't be that guy to you if, if, you're not about to just be the girl to try trying to simply test me on it, actually because, then you wouldn't be that girl then that I'd be fucking beating the shit out of just for being a total fucked up bitch girl, think about that girls, you're shit on your plate, girls, it's not nearly as high as you've thought it was just trying to be the screwed if I wanted you be to be fucked up girls that I always knew you really actually were if even you're not ever going to be the girl at all to test me if I don't were be ever the guy that already knows that himself without you girls being with him I mean me, so, then, that's what I'm saying trying to say girls, if you don't want to be that girl to want to find out if I'm about to or going to at least beat your ass just if you being a bitch wanting to be to me, then, that's what I say, to you, girls, don't be, because don't, I'm not just going to be that guy to like that just because I might be if you just wanted being girl a girl girl liking to know that yourselves, but, that's what you should know, girls, but that I would be, but I would be girls, to you girls if you really, tried, testing me beating your ass being that and you being that girl to test me wanting to know, girls, don't do that.

If, and if you do, this is just me having to at least say at least right now because I have to I should girls, you don't know, I should, be, telling you here now, girls that now, now, if you're going to be that girl to me girls trying knowing to try finding out then yeah and yes, I do really consider you to be a really totally fucked up bitch, girl, and you know what else, you know, I would be that guy also that wants and likes to beat your fucked up stupid bitch ass too, too, because I would beat your screwed fucked up bitch as being a man then if you were that girl to me with me wanting to know liking to and to find finding that out for yourself girls. But, that's me now, if you're not gonna be that girl on this to me, not wanting to be a girl with me trying to figure out who's fault it is your a bitch getting your ass beat by me a man right now, then girls I shall say saying to you then, that's alright bitches, because if you're not wanting to be that girl to me who does simply just want to know for yourself, don't you shouldn't be that fucking bitch to me being the bitch trying to find out if you didn't already know being a bitch I'm about to beat the shit out you just for being a bitch to me. I don't want this girl, I want that girl that I know not that she rather whether would be a girl knowing this or not yourself, but the girl that, if even though that she wasn't, she still would be that one girl to know whether if me have a guy be who teaches her, or she be would be the bitch that would know she's just a bitch that was alright with that her being a bitch trying while being a bitch and who didn't already want at all at at least just to know it whether she did, because, I'm not an asshole, even if I was the worst man to like women or the man who hated women, because, because, girls this right here, try to understand this girls now if you can, this girls, I would, because I would, rather, much rather, just at least have that the one girl that not would and like is, but, she is, to me, the girl that I would much myself rather much rather like than, the alternative, which, is it just so happens all so happens to be, every single girl in the world our world here and now that doesn't know that I would be that the guy to want that girl over than that girl not like I needed to be me a guy to ever know that or not, because I am and I mean a real guy and I do mean that I would be who knows that girls, because I'm the man, you can't even teach men girls how to change you know that if you didn't, that's the problem with all men girls, if you didn't, don't know girls, all men we have to fucking be first girls men with problems in order for us to be fixed, and, it's and girls, that we have to be right men first in order just first for us to be men to you who are right. Stop blaming your faults on that of men girls, and if you don't be, then, don't, be, girls, especially girls all just only trying wanting to find out just if we're going to be real men about to beat your ass or not if you it's you just trying to be a bitch to test us too, they do, do that, it does happen, because of them those little bitches, those little bitches right there.

Anyways, it's like, it's school it's like it's not really meant to teach you anything else other than what it teaches you, because it needs to teach you being able to just trying to be school trying to teach you being a school, but that's why, that no one here should ever simply just be saying, that's just not, like, I mean that is that is just saying, it's not there to be meant to teach you anything, that's literally what school is meant for so, if you didn't already at least think or let alone thought ever that it's not just simply the school trying to ruin your personal relationships, the, well just me trying to say actually you'd be wrong, because you'd be wrong, it's like what school's very existence does, that school is relevant relatable to being equal to all of your serious feel good relationships you have it is because it is, why, it's because and it's because, you're relationships are like that, they can't be good relationships if they are not, and they have to not be bad relationships just in fact at least for you to know that they're not, but school, it, school, now it on the other hand it was not meant to really teach you anything in reality just like your good relationships are meant to, but, what you should really be thinking about is this, school was intended to make you learn things because one you really didn't never and not ever know that before but that's fucking why it's school that it's simply meant to teach you just how to learn for yourself, except you have to know that before on your way going to school for you to either know really or least learn that on your own, so if, all of your relationships have been and is are actually failing right now because of school at all, then it mean this, this, since, then literally all those girls, they one not ever knew did knew this themselves that real because real relationships do exist and because that should be real, good, and teach even if they do just happen to fail, then, if no one guy in their life has ever been there through that time just to tell or much less try teaching girls that and that why that they would be wrong for thinking relationships do fail if real, real, to girls, real to girls I mean, relationships, are meant to be failing if they do fail whether that's because of he the girl or him the boy just actually that is in that is the relationship they are in, then no girls will be be the girls now, just to know it's not just only the bad relationships with the men who've tried to change things about them the girls in the relationship with them even, logically, technically were also really the real relationships that were meant to teach you that you were wrong just for being the girls just to simply think you've ever been right about failed bad relationships to you just to only you girls right now. See that, that, now that right there is the real problem with girls right there, if I've ever been a man to see one before. Where the fuck are all the real bitches that are actually willing to be all be actually e getting fucked up with me, God damn, damn it, son of a bitch, mother fucking shit, God damn it, fuck bitches.

caseyxsharp 7 Oct 30
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If you really wanted a woman's attention to this post, here you go. I'm about to deconstruct all of this, and it's gonna be brutally honest. I'm prepared for whatever reply you'll inevitably send me, so keep that in mind.

  1. This is an extremely unclear post to read. Your writing consists mostly of run-on sentences, repetitive language, the overuse of adverbs, and poor formatting. I know that Tracy said these things in the previous comment thread, but I feel I have to reiterate those sentiments because this post was absolute HELL to read in full. However, your poor writing choices are the least of your problems here.
  2. The fact that your first sentences in this post is directed to Arielle because she is a woman seems a little...odd to me. You say this is about all women, but then turn around and say this is a guy's post. Yeah, sure. I'm sure most people would have the patience to go through all of that and then some.
  3. The topic itself of bad luck and failed relationships is something I can relate to. Of all the relationships that have truly been counted, none of them have been long term. My longest was 6 months, and that ex left me for a girl she's still with to this day over a year later. It could just be me being young and not figuring out who the right one is to keep in a relationship, but there's people who aren't ready to commit. If you constantly pick those people, then you're not gonna have a good relationship when you think it's time to commit. As a lesbian reading this, though, I think your relationships fail because you have an unclear and rude mindset about women. You want something real but turn around to call these women " bitches" and that you "would those girls up." This doesn't sound like a good, manly heart as you put it. It sounds like you need to heavily work on yourself before getting into a relationship. King behavior is improving yourself to become the best a woman can have, to provide for the woman the protection and love she can get.

I sincerely hope you take these things into consideration, Casey. This isn't a healthy state of mind to have at all, and if you keep thinking this way, I'm sure no one would want to be around your toxicity.

I will have to come back to reply to you again. I just gave you a good response and the page glitched up before I could send it so I'll just take me some time before I come to reply to you right. I still have a real reply for this very post to someone else too that it happened too, so, still it's going to take me some time though and it's will still happen I'll be coming back to reply to you again.


I think I could delete 99.9% of your post and just leave the last sentence.

This is similar in style to posts you made 2? months ago - my comment on your method of writing stands: it is rambling, it is incoherent, it is poorly formated. It, frankly, is unreadable. Few, if any beyond me and maybe one or two others, will bother going past the first paragraph because....I had no idea what you were talking about - it took another 10 or so for me to start figuring it out, and til the end for any clarity - such that it was.

Casey - your writing style does not convey ideas or thoughts in a usable manner. I don't think editing would work because I have a hunch you write like you think (I write like I is different) and your thoughts are, if indicative of your writing, seriously muddled.

As such, I'd say your lack of success with women is fundamentally based on your thinking, and I'm sure your behavior in general, not saying it is bad, wrong or evil, just impossible to understand.

I've commented on his posts before, and he responded by spamming vicious attacks against me. Be prepared.

Oh my messages don't convey thoughts and ideas, you should prepare for what I be then saying to you, would you edit my material, oh it's just, you know that because you see you said this on what I what's I'm talking about everywhere, I guess, so, then, then I don't think that I would be willing to be telling you so right now concerning my public image something like that, can you possibly edit my material, just, it's not like I guess I mean I would have to be telling you that something, you know, something like that, we've talked before, before, I know we have, or I know we have talked since it was before and before since that before we had done did ever talk just we talked I talked but never even having the chance or opportunity just to make a point and to making a point to be making even because of you and then, it was the the both you and like you both really were the one's, that's what you did, you both did be the one's who to me you just finally told me ok and alright so I can't take this so it's not use to me since that so now I have to stop talking to you because I feel like is who has to stop talking to you, I respond to anyone that responds to me, whether it be a person, or a simple person, person, who like you probably I mean even too only wants expecting that if someone is going ever to be just talking to them you and to be just talking to them even it be who is you that is, then you consider also thinking that you do really expect that person to if even they too like you having to like them talking to you even would have at least some point in consideration of saying if just that just that is you talking about having a point to tell someone too, well, so, do you, do you now, don't you say, because, the whole entire time and along that the whole entire time, entire whole time, that's right, even I mean you two I just I would be someone to too also that wants to expect that and holds out upon consideration and just in is in consideration now of whether they do, really do, and excuse me I mean could be considering they the to be, be the one in the conversation just to have a point to have a point worth making and just to simply comply considering that if it's a point to be making they be making just a point worth making while them having be having been making a point just to have a point right, but no one ever really or seriously ever even considers that anyone but themselves are actually being able just to make a point just to have a point, so whether that is or not people then so why is it that then both neither of and each of you two persons ever tried talking to me just to be one be to be being one person who just is a person making any kind of point to me while talking to me I mean thinking that you can or even for that matter simply as a matter of fact either more over that it really is was truly true ever that matter what you possibly say to me has a real point to me worth it be you who points it out ever what had I said what I ever had to say about the crap the both of you just say to me before throwing a barrage of hypothetically uncontemplated contingencies at me back and forth like you're still simply going somewhere next because it's not like you ever had to be the person right that ever had just to be the a person who is making a point not someone who is not wonder making a point and also isn't you know also really considering what the other person maybe just might have to say about that if that they might just not be worthy of that little fact alone, that, you be making to them upon your initial entry to the conversation first, and then another barrage of the same thing again even after, even after too, when I'm not either a person worth it at the time to be making a point to let alone also be a person and is a person whom to be making a point to someone just to be making a point that's to someone just making a point worth making, but you never really talked to me about that or ever what we might have talked about before in the past again, what's it matter to me what you simply just had to say to me or not people, tell me, if it's just, that it's making some real sense right now that I would require one of yours help in editing my material right now too, please do, just cause it's not like I would know that or not so I mean you tell me probably people, yeah, alright, so did you just have a something that you wanted to say to me right now or not, wecan't talk without it you know, alright, what a correctly and accurate thing that we should al do together if we could just all the three of us each simply allow me to be a part of the God damn fucking conversation myself for a change I mean could it be done, you know that's really what a really great conjured important question relevant to the situation don't you think, oh yeah, I could just say so too, I mean not that I have anything to say, or just one of you was even really just trying to talk to me like you really like were before be making a point to me that just you could be making to me right now possibly if you could if we did talk like we did before too right now talking to me, that'd be great, I mean then I don't even really have to wonder worrying about whether I'm do or do be doing be making, making, a point or not or not, to you both, since it was you that talked to me before like you did me being a person to you now like I well apparently do be doing right now is be a person that you're simply currently talking to, would you do that, it's me wondering that right now, is that what's happening right now, I just have to know too, is to be is knowing that's what happening right now to me too, I mean I merely can't even hold back my eagerness in simply being one person right now eagerly waiting for your response just like a person like not having to be making a point to anyone at all right now, oh, then I'd be happy to talk to you then if I could, so which one of you is it going to be right now that's going to try really talking to me this time, cause guess what sisters, I'm here to listen to whatever you have to say, if, you just were making a point and talking to me right now, right now, hmmm, you think that could work, just if I have to not talk to you, just like, and just like before when after you did you just, simply, completely stopped listening to anything that I ever had to say and then before again running somewhere and like that you tell me that you never want to talk to me again because of how I'm talking to you, not for any other reason, you can't think of a thing, really, so I just have to talk to you then, but be making a point, but be making a point, like you or that other person just making a point to me making a point to me, yup, got it, just, I get it now thanks for clearly that up for me now, but now I'm asking you would, would you be that one person I talk to right now that actually thinks this actually what I be talking about talking about to you is I mean is having a point with a point right now because if just if it does just it does then I don't even care what you have to say what can I do to make it a possibly what do I do just snap my fingers or something, how the fuck does this witchcraft of the Devil work because I'd like to know too, is there anyone here that's be worth the person right now, just, to simply be making a point right now, just to be the one making the point right now, no, it can't be, could it, anyone is out there I think and maybe it's got to be just it's got to be one of you now because but it must be one of you since I just be saying right now it could be, well, or you going to talk to me now being people or not, all it is for me, I just talk to people that both be people and persons to me for me to talk to is all, yeah, something like that, that's right, that's totally right, totally, so, now I can be the one that gets to talk to you while having a point and be making a point too, sure, if that's who I am to you right now then I guess then I'd like that to be that to you and me would think so too, oh I'd love to be making a point and talking to the both of you right now too, if you two people actually are, are actually, a couple of people at least I can know I could talk to, I thought so, now you say you mean you too, I mean, that's great, we should start this shebang right now even, what are we waiting for, if it's anyone that's to be talking to each of you two I guess I mean it would be have to be me and like me too that has to do it too just to be doing it too like you two people be the persons to me that I get to talk to really right now, I see, look at that, it's just like the first time we've ever talked, it's even better than I margined it would be, it's just like we've never even talked before right now too, even if this could be a dream, it's not right now like I would be the person wanting this talk in our conversation ending to end, I would want to just say woah I did not expect that to happen, right, would you happen to tell me what I should do now just, so, I could, lose my fucking shit right now too, and then I'll just could be get to be the one able like you right now that gets to tell me just why, what point that I'm making right now is what, the point I'm making right now telling you so what, that is what, the point that I'm just making, just like that, just making it right now, oh, it's not like I'm a person to be a person like you even that would just by chance would be ever the one just to say I have a point worth it to me at least to you people too that is just be being the one making the point right now just to talk simply and to say, to say to you, this is the point I'm making that you mean to tell me right now cause it's me be a real person to you that at least be gets to be person able to too right now too, or you can just shut up about me like you mean it, and then you could like me just do what I would talking to people like you too because since firstly I would do this right here this right now, do you hear it, it's in the air, you could hear it, that sound, it's the sound of me not like and you know I mean not fucking just talking about me the whole entire time, and maybe then, I just could be the one get just to be the person just to make a point to, you people too.

Alright, then here we goe, not that you know, you know, that I really am just be the person that gets to really consider if you're two the, people, that I just get to talk to simply to only to be to be only a person talking to you right now and making a point like you, oh, so you would think so, I mean, not that I really know why wondering why this interests me about you right now even either too, but, that just sounds fucking canticular fantastical right now, you know that, good shit, that's what that shit is, if you get to be listening to it, that's the way that I like it baby, just like that, break me off a piece of that, kit cat, bitch, you know what I'm saying, people, all I try to do all day is just making a point to people who aren't worth it be it be to me too people that I would even ever be the person to make a point to and but though I like it too much too so like you too just like that I guess it's like that I mean you get to listen to it could be just listening to it, but not even being without and be being a person making that pint right now too the telling that it's simply just a point to me it be you to you it be worth it for me to be making too, just like you, would you, be, a person able to be, to be able, at least saying, to say that, one, thing right now, point, that you would be making right now too like you would, yourself? Then, give it to me, let me hear it then, be people also to let that happen, all so, so I can all so can too, our talk ends, one person is telling and one person gets told, it's just so simple, perhaps too simple, like we just really had been people able to too be able to talk having a point too like people would talking, so you could be the one telling me oh that's right I told him, we, we can just talk, just, like that and everyone and everything be good, just tell me, tell me, then, tell me then, people, you should tell me then, who is, the one like peoples, people be talking to right now, then why don't you tell me that, just so, I don't even have to wonder if that's me right now, just tell me. Seriously, because like, it's be being been like that too even, people don't even tell me shit, now you say, there's a way those people try can try just to when I be talking to you mother fucker, I be fucking talking to you mother fucking and all that good bullshit, you're telling me. Wouldn't that just be the shit right now too, wonder why, I guess cause thinking be being me a person I think maybe God damn the will of God and God's will is my mother fucking point right now is this shit that if I be a would be person to be a person like people do would be do doing making a fucking point to a son of a bitch now if I could, that's just the shit, like that you think you making a mother fucking point right now like I would be if I could, because I would say to you then but because I really do be you better bet for me too that if that person was me, I'd be God damn shit making me a just fucking mother point right now just if I be point me a mother fucking point right now to someone right now. Just, oops, I did it again. You wonder why, like you wonder why, it's because I do and I do be making that point and I'm the shit because just like that I be the shit like you people making a point to someone who wouldn't know, that's why you need your mother fucking bitch to come back you up, yeah oh yeah that's my boy, you better make sure your mother fucking old girl knows you're a team with your shit together, and then, between just me and you,. you people, then we can talk in our conversation like we do between people.

I gotta, warm a, bitch, up you, know what I'm saying? Yeah, lets kick ass, lets whoop this mother fuckers ass together everyone. Because you know what, people, everyone being a person listening right now to this at least, this bitch right here, be, getting fucked either way, that's what, that's what I'm saying to all of just you mother fuckers I'm talking to right now that I'm talking to, and no one, ever cares even and more even simply just enough to try talking about it, so, lets just do this, right here and now, people, lets do it, it's happening now, we're gonaa give it all we got and giving all of the shit that we can care to give right now, right the fuck now, people you listening, we're doing it, doing it, right now, we're gonna could be talking about it right now and God damn shit we be talking about it right now too like shit, this be it, be, it, the shit and kind of shit that only people try wanting to talk about, someone is talking to me right now, so, I guess we are talking just now about it too, you can't tell me this isn't fucking happening now, right now bitches, because people, if that bitch be just trying to make a fucking mother fucking point right now, that bitch be making a fucking making point right now, just, like ow, that, bitch, is be, to be making herself a bitch being a bitch making a fucking mother fucking point being a fucking bitch making a God damn point right now too, God damn shit, like woah, you know what, I think, I'm different, I really, like, not be a person and just like this and this right now I mean I be just a one someone right now making me a fucking God damn point right just here and now and shit like people do too, I am ready to be a part of this right now too, people. Lets do this bitch, because really some bitch be about to learn right now and fucking shit that bitch be talking like I gotta tell them mother fuckers I be the bitch walking right out the God, damn door, making a point to that people let aloe that itch, making a fucking point making, talking to them mother fuckers she was the one bitch making a mother fucking point right now that's my point right fucking now like bitches be making like all you people out there.

You're just talking like, yeah we're simply just, gonna, wee the fuck gonna crank this bitch up, and we, are, just going to goe, just like that. Well, I tried to be that person making sense to you before, you seen me doing it, you heard me doing it, when, it was me talking to you last time, but I guess you just have to talk to a real public figure mother fucker, just for you to know that, too, people, you expected me to talk to you and be talking to you and making sense to you at the same time people. You did? Well, how was I going to know, mother fucking fucking people don't ever, I mean, never talk to me really, for me to know that, when, all just, so they ever do is, all just but run away just like that while telling me something like it's all because people just simply not be wanting to ever talk to me anymore, never talking to me anymore, just like that. Someone should tell you people then, shit does not always work out, the same way you pointing out, when, you pointing out, just pointing it out, but, if you're just never gonna ever talk about it again like that was the point you're none at all saying is what you mean to do, then, you're never gonna be that person who ever knows when someone is telling them what they mean ever, I mean, ever, or not just too.

That's just what I'm thinking in my head, right now..

You're a person who I talked to, that was just so old a tran girl that by the time you made the very idea attributing people can be like people just like people, because, it really, would, be that way like that just like, because they be that people be like people that be people, you, never even stopped to really consider yourself that even if someone else knew what point you were wondering to attribute to a telling of anyone it being worth it, that they that someone might just want to be a person would want to agree with you but you don't consider that they are because you're thinking of only considering people even before people like ever would have before, and not that person that you're talking to actually, much less, if you were just to be that girl yourself, that considers that they think at least just as people they would be a person to agree with you, but with having different reason than you for why they to you would not just have to be agreeing with you, but they still do agree with you, so, just when it comes to when if a person you think is very going to be that person, going to be that person not to and to disagree with you, it don't even matter what anyone else tries saying to you, after that I mean, because, you would be that one person like people that would like you would that will be simply losing your God damn shit all just over something like disagreeing to disagree with a real person, because, to you their reason for being in disagreement to you is different to you than if you were just be one to agree if what they said was to you, you actually think that I would talk to a person like that seriously, I mean, seriously, like seriously, especially over something that is to them all about trans and being trans people who is when they are trans too, like I would even have a stepping stone to even walk on even, much less, be making a point to a person like you just if I were to talk to you or not person.

And you. The reason that I would want to threaten you, isn't because even I'm a person trying to be making a point to you either just to talk to you like people teaching points to others who don't know would have to do, like I would do that, no, because I wouldn't be a person to want to do that, just to talk to you just to have a point making a point talking to you, not to you, just if I were to ever be the one to ever talk to you or not, you think me threatening you was my point, what about me talking to you, oh that's right, you do think that so, just would be threatening you to be just making a point just if I were to talk to you and that would be my point me threatening you, you do think that right now, well I was threatening you talking to you, what I wasn't, was, talking to you being a person making a point to you even, because if my point was to threaten you by making a point simply just to talk to you, I wouldn't be talking to you, I talked to yoou all the way until even my last reply was all just repeating me having to explain explaining just what my point even was to you because you asked me to, and then you just stopped talking to me and just came here to act like you know me because to you right now you really consider me to be a person that's very a person wanting to be making a point if it was to you right now too that my intentions are to threaten you and just not actually really be to be talking to you a real person also, and then you just stopped talking to me in the end anyways, no, if I was going to make the point just the simple point of threatening you, then I wouldn't be talking to you at all, because, I just actually would be making my point by actually just simply you know not talking to you just to tell you hey I'm talking to you now and I would just hurt you just like that without even having to say a thing, and then mother fucking bitch, the next time that you do talk try talking to me, then, you can say that you're not a bitch but that guy to you is a guy that would be just to be a guy that does whom does would be threatening you by talking to you, I don't even know you, and you think honestly that really I wanted even to say all that stuff to you even just because you asked me to, hell no bitch, and that's exactly why actually for me right now why that I don't even talk to you right now, you're just a fucking bitch that was a bitch to me before thinking that what I really was doing actually was is actually that I was simply talking to you, I don't even like the idea of you thinking that, thinking, that all just I was trying to ever do was talk to you just to talk to you, if it was, up to me bitch, bitch, then I wouldn't even be a mother fucker making a point to you at all and I'd just not threaten you then if I was because then I'd do what I was threatening to do to you there's not going to just simply be a next time that you again get to say oh he was just talking to me because he was threatening me. It's how you are to me, I didn't want to question about it, that's how you be talking to other people, you're not even people that would be able to say I know his point since because his very point was to threaten me, that, would be, if they could, be people just at least even able to say they are, you're just some bitch to me, that happened to be just someone I talked to that one time and didn't actually because I wasn't like a someone that thought of it being about that I like talking to you in that moment you were a bitch to me and only you thought all just because I threatened you being a person, now you're going to come here and tell it to someone that I was already talking to other than you too, because you didn't like talking to me, well, congratulations I guess, I'm sorry I guess, you thought that about me that the only reason why you didn't like that was only because you thought I really am just a person who would threaten you simply just because I am being just who is talking to you like before, no, no I wasn't even threatening you, bitch, I was fucking just trying to be the one in a real conversation like normal people to tell you just what I would do just if I would be to do it, the fuck is it to you bitch, what's it matter to you even what I would do just if I happened to talk to you, I mean it's not like you were the one I was trying to talk to even being a person, I said one thing to you, I ddn't like what you said or how you did done be to me either, so, a real me talking to you about threatening you bitch, bitch all I ended up doing the whole entire time was just trying to be a person to you trying to tell you just why I would threaten a piece of shit like you for being such a bitch, the fuck do you I even care what you would have said to me person, what did you expect from me, not to just be the one to simply tell you just how much of a big piece of shit that you're being to me just to not only tell but to at least let know that I think so let alone am be being a person wanting that would want to be hurting you if I could and that I just would like to simply be telling you that just because I am happening to talk to you, no, you're a big piece of shit and I tried telling you then that if you walk away from this I'm just not going to be a person to you anymore that's a person that just isn't about be forever now calling you a bitch just because I did tell you when I was talking to you then that I really do think that you're just a big piece of shit, and if you did happen to be a person to happen to think that I would care just if a real person me talking to you much less even threatened you that I would be the one to have to be the one caring or not, then, I would have said this to you, I don't give a shit you big piece of shit bitch and I don't give a fuck what a bitch like you says to me like I could or would even being a person, just even to care, what a bitch like you might just happen to think of me only maybe if we had simply just ever talked to each other. I would, would, beat your ass, you don't think I would, no I would, because I would be that guy that is the one who would beat your ass just for it be being that you're a total big piece of shit to me you bitch, I wouldn't even say anything or even that I would look at you first, I'd, I'd just turn, and, then, left hook you like the God damn fucking people like me that you were talking about like would just for not being a south paw and being just the total big piece of shit little bitch that you are that, you are, bitch. If that's what you think of as me threatening you or me saying something that's off putting to you, then maybe you don't, don't, be that fucking bitch piece of big ass shit that tries talking to me like not really is my very fucking point about going to be about I'll just simply would be the one to would be beating your fucking ass bitch just if I would, maybe I couldn't being a person, a real person, but, I would be the one there beating your ass like the little bitch that you are to me, just because that's you, that's what you be, and if you have a problem, shouldn't walk away when I'm talking to you bitch, especially if it could maybe be a guy like me who is a real person would might would perhaps maybe just want to kick your bitch ass because I would, and I could bitch. So, you're out, I'm not going to fucking try be being the one talking to you about it about it with you right now. And, certainly don't fucking come back just to say since that one time you talked that the one you're talking about just is a guy wanting to threaten you just talking with you to you, you know, wanting to maybe do more and actually want to be the one that gets wo whoop your ass like a bitch like any real bitch would, that's not gonna be me right now, so, forgive me, as you watch me, not, running to chase you down to just talk to you like a little bitch you are to me and beat your ass too, just because that's my point being the as a real human being whom unlike people like you and them is a real person just for you to know that I would be like you. But seriously, don't fucking talk to me bitch. Like I cared what you thought bitch if like it was that you knew me. Nope.

If you need more reason to understand me now, right now like you did before, then this is it right here, to the both of you right now, neither, one, of you two people are the ones that I would just even try talking to being a person like you that I would talk to, to make a point, just to be making a point even that I just wanted to talk to some who is some one a person you people who I really actually just simply wanted to talk to, to be for the people that I would like talking to, talking to those people too. Don't talk to me you're both bitches to me. And you can take that and shove it right up your asses, both of your asses, like the literal bitches that you're being that I don't even have to right now even say that you're just being talking about like real bitches, to me, to me, you're both two just simply bitches to me that I couldn't even care less what you bitch did ever thought thinking about me even if I cared enough to try to, which might have just been the very same way that you mentioned not like really even needing to talk about it, you're right, that's right, right, that I can't be a person that cares even just enough a person to be a person to talk to either one of you people being all so even so even if I am was a person like you who would've cared maybe if not for me being a person talking to you people, just, you actually, expect, thinking that now if you talk to me, that, it's not simply ever going to be like I'm not going to be a person again about to not like talking to you because I'm talking to you, that now if if you talk I maybe I would care then maybe I would be to you a real person to you that would care too. Dude, fuck both you people and that's not even my point right now, you both I don't even give a shit for the point not to like to talk to you people, enough just to me, not just to talk to you people that are just so fucked up right now wanting me talk about what you don't like about me, because, you thought so, you have nothing to fucking offer me more than that, you wouldn't be people that I ever would like to talk to just to talk to, I don't give a shit what you think, you're simply going to think like bitches anyways, but you're not, ever, nor would you ever going to just be the ones that I talk to if I tried talking to talk to real people that are real people like you.

Lots of God damn people exist like me in the world, just because you happened to think he's not making any sense to me or he speaks about what he would do like that's really and really what he would do, doesn't mean, that, if I just happened to be that way to you that I would have to be the one to change not to be that way to you, you never cared what I had to say before, so if you're saying that now, then you're just fooling everyone out there in thinking that you actually even would, no you wouldn't, and no I mean personally me too I would not even accept a couple bitches like you two either even being the fucked up bitches that even would, all that you have to say right now is just that I don't make sense or I threaten you, you never had a any fucking God damn fucking point to begin with, let alone probably I'd say even simply something that you would have might just be being the one to tell saying to someone else worth saying that it right there to, you have nothing to say for yourself, why the fuck did you think I would care if you did or not, fuck both you people, that's me saying what I mean I don't need a point to say this is my idea and I'm sharing it with you like you people would, do you understand, because I needed any point in this whole entire world right now just to say that two you two fucked up bitches like right now, then I wouldn't, because, you really fucking are just a couple of really stupid fucked up little bitches to me, you are, and I wouldn't just be telling you that just to talk to you bitches either, if that's so wrong, like, you really want me to make sense to you so bad bitch, then why don't you, at least, you know, stop being a fucking bitch to me and actually fucking talk to me you fucking fucked up little bitches, this isn't my fucking fault that you just are two people who are be the ones right now that can't ever be the one to understand me, you know why, I'll tell you, but, it's not a real mystery if you were to ask me, it's just, because both of you fucking bitches, I am the fucking shit at talking to real people like really like to talk about it be with being good stuff to talk about in the end, and I am very good at it too. I don't give, a shit, if you were people that ever thought nor could be would have been ones to ever at least be able to say you agree you think so or not what you think about me, and if you thought I would care, seriously, both of you little bitches can fuck off and literally goe fuck each of each other like I couldn't even give a shit less if it is like you did or not, and it really is but I don't people.

I guess that's close enough to what I would have said, to those people. I'm about his far being done at this point right now, I guess I'll just hear what you bitches have to say at least and then I'm so totally out of this out this mother fucking bitch.

Say something to me again, just see if I would be just a person right now to care or not.

@caseyxsharp I have to believe that this response is by one of those 'quote' machines that takes a sentence and spews 40 sentences in return that is mostly incoherent.

Casey, your response is worse than the original and that is saying something. A 1000 word reply when 20 would have worked is just another example of my point.

I'm done with the "conversation" and your future posts. I've been polite, and you've been profane. Your interaction with other people - if these posts and comments made on Slug are an indication - has got to be driven by what I could only describe as irrationality.


@TheMiddleWay I appreciate that - but I don't think Casey is all together....rational.

@tracycoyle well besides I've just made some really good points, it's not my intentions to being in this our conversation to be having a, any intentions at all, to be the one talking if I am talking to you, one of my points I did made was one that was one which meant that if you respond to me then I am a I am a person to you who to me is how you somtimes see I'm not a person to you and whom anyone ever to unmanages literally to unmanaging to not waiting for the next qoute the next person is going to say, it has nothing to be I mean at all about how I am , it's just I do know not having or it being none a stage to talk at all would if then I mean it does suck and also although that's what is how it is but no I know what it means that it's already known and should 90 to 5000 % of the things that you're hearing ever online the internet is, the embodiment of stupidity, Not no i would ever imply what you're saying is and is but utter rubbish not even to me even, that's why the times that you've ever talked to me, I never even stuck around to be but picking the next topic of of conversation was going to be at all too, my story is a llittle different than a person who just sits in a room and spits spinning around in a chair spewing what and at any one who to you who is being the one that simply can goe or could be just throwing jabs out into the air directly anyone in the void of the ether which is nothingness, I can't tell if I'm lazy or what and I'd like to take interest in what you're saying and what I'm saying at the same time while I'm here saying it too but the problem real problems or real problem just is that with that, that I really am way just more interested myself who to you is just some person sitting in a room, in, what exactly that you're simply saying to and simply be putting in front of me too is you doing, I would love that, but honestly not me, that's who I not and cannot be right now myself, that is myself, but that's not who I just simply want to be either, it's more like this than that and or than that which ever really trully I'm just guessing right now and honestly also I have no idea what it is to be being to could be being and so is actually right or not, right, but, that's not me and wwho I even do want to be, buut that's really hard to say see, because, it's very hard to see a person who is you that you're not be saying something you be not and still you not be them saying it and while not be being them all at the same time too, but there, that's it, but the big picture is right there is what it is, who is not what who is the one signing the masterpiece drawn on the what is once a blank canvus of the foreground is lost within and on me, how am I supposed to know who even let and alone what that which I'm looking at isn't in the eye of the beholder when it was signed, how am I supposed to know then, artful masterpieces bought in bulk they are kiterally the only or and that for one thing in this whole entire world to me to me even is actually the only eyes that I got to have to have to see just who signs it, now if no one just eve and ever just not ever signed it at all, then, I don't know what you'd think and much less eve at all let alone see picturing what the canvus was when it was painted you know within the eye of the beholder, that canvus is just gone to you too, it's gone lost I mean, mustn't it be, hold on and you'll se that what point I was making in a minute please, so should it let being said that now I'm saying that it mustn't be, mustn't be that is which would be then lost and you cause it to be lost just I mean gone to you and yet so missing that interjecting to your brain now that so one missing artwork that was art and worked on and you seen it well now you this be are you literally now you are well bluntly put I'm sorry just so for this too by the way now, literally, literally, you be the one that which is having to stand maby not thinking you realize at all and it's just his like this you be first being just standing there and it's like now even you're not even be thinking anymore, I mean, about, like anything at all, and then, as you're, now, doing that right now too even you're both standing there trying to remeber it's just for the life of you now like oh my God what like is that just right now and you're also looking is wondering if it was in the eye of the beholder when you see just imagine even possibly but now now standing not are doing literally and now you are the one wondering literally like through a field of a medow of posies and it is it be like cooked up in your head to you right now that instead you're not even a man or woman right now picking up your own interpretations of art that's laid literally in front of you right now and it's just what it sounds like or oh I mean no I mean whoever is you being that's instantly melding, instantly imagining how trying to imagine just how you being a man or woman just standing there thinking this right now, because oh so I don't know maybe even it could be that you literally just right now made this city in your mind picturing you trying to just picture yourself right now be a person being a person to you right now and nright now too even as you're doing that though that mean is the means to suggest to you right now that who and while you're standing around there trying to picture what you imagine,, and, trying and to imagine you trying to stand there and see you yourself trying to imagine trying to imagine and imagine literally right now too it be you it's imagine, imaginging all this, about yourself, or, and it's not you or while just that thing it be, it is it be, it be you that's just now, now, being the one, you're trying not just to imagine what you're never in you're whole life ever going to imagine, let alone being be the one that's standing around trying to see yourself trying and while trying to see yourself just be the one is who that is be is that so imagining what you're being the one there too standing literally like right there, you're right there, next to you evev, you're standing right literally next to yourself, while, trying to probably because who even knows what I'm saying right now it's you wanting to stand around or right literally like now even too you're having be that literally right now thinking oh was I just imagining myself imaging even that I am me seeing loss for words because like literally right now you're seeing yourself see this painting because you know where you see it because you're seeing it and now like now you're looking at it while thinking to yourself oh I didn't need to even think of myself trying to at least much or less even imagine being the one that even just like right now literally it's you it's you that's, is, the one you be the one so literally like standing there imaging maybe that's what you're imagining right now is you, you are, it's you being the one imagine, you being the one to be imagine trying to imagine and wanting to imagine standing right now liking to llike standing around while trying and wanting to imagine yourself right now just seeing this one fucking painting right now too that you're not see, excuse me so I mean sorry I mean, you're not seeing that and just picturing or right now like it's you, be, now, that is right now at yourself picturing yourself seeing yourself see this painting, why, because, I'll be for this one very reason right here now sir, I'll be because and listen then to this alright so if you're in the eye of the beholder while you're seeing yourself see this painting could it be maybe that it's the same painting of you trying to imagine at least it's you yourself right now that is being the one to be first imagining this in your head while you're seeing yourself that is or was looking at yourself see this painting too because it's at and one thing to you now it's, it's, like it's not the first time for you imagining seeing yourself seeing yourself, and even that's it, I mean, this, and I mean even do myself say that as you're seeing yourself see yourself right now that, you could, like it do be you that stands thinking is the same you like right now not seeing yourself and it whom that you're lot like being is you is not you that's maybe just maybe not seeing yourself right now maybe and not imaging seeing yourself at least see or I mean sorry seeing yourself seeing yourself right now is the one to be to you, wondering me, me wondering for like five seconds, I just bonded myself down on this literal quest right now just having that thought that is like or literally to be, be like that I saying that it's me right now saying this is not me saying this that and I am not even saying this but also I am literally like to you me telling you though I am now right now a person instead telling you and you being the one me saying so to you and to you even at all like it's you it's you be the one that tries or yeah right excuse me sorry is who is can be is not thinking imagining right now that and be imagining that it's me imagining that I say or to me is me saying at all right now you're not even imagine me saying this right now, and especially if, you're not the one that's trying, now right now, being be the is the one that thinking thinking even, you're not, because, you're not, not like literally to you even I mean literally like to you not me be the one saying this right now like I'm not the one just like literally saying this right now though, though is I mean, neither is me right now either, you think you know yourself sorry or I mean yourself knows yourself is the same is yourself you that sees yourself that could say you're the one can is being just is who at leas who is who is right now that you could be doing be is just the one it's could just be the one literally right now saying the reason to you and you saying so is that the reason for your saying excuse me sorry just is that is I mean that is you saying that the reason that you're saying like at all that it's just you saying that you're saying it's you thinking now, is because saying now thinking be it to being be it that it's actually, actually, right now that you're not even doing what I'm saying like it be you that's just saying yeah you're saying the reason that your saying just would i sorry is not would but you just saying that it can be you seeing and imaging yourself seeing thinking you think thinking trying to remember thinking all round about also being be the one thinking this right now that you can imagine yourself at least standing thinking alright imagining, imagine, yourself being who is telling me that's what you're doing, alright, alright, now let me finish, while but this is why I'm sorry for saying now right now simply, but this is why, why, that, you are, telling me that you are, telling me that, that's what you're thinking you're doing right now, hypothetically right, right well that's what I mean alright, now listen to this to you, you thinking be thinking that you are, alright hold onto that right now that's not what I'm trying saying to be saying just listen, this, I mean, is that I say having to that this is the reason for me why being sorry about this myself like listen if you really like and want to hear it, the reason is because, now you listen, because, this, I mean, right, if that's alright with you I'm sure, while, you are being this one yourself to both body be standing and you thinking now you think this that this is to you really you that's saying this right now like I mean as you're, literally, like the literal one be thinking of this that it's you relaly you to you right now really being be you that thinks all that and that can say that you are to me like you really are, but don't you, be, listening now, well, whatever sorry for the confusion in the air a minute ago this, is what, I'm saying now too, alright so, and then the meaning the answer is, the reason I'm sorry that's why I'm sorry excuse me, is because, what I say what that was or is alright you do be thinking that standing there like or I mean and thinking be thinking like that it's right alright even to me the real, sorry, reason, that's what I'm saying, that's what I'm saying, you think standing there trying to thinking trying to imagine this painting right now but, to me, right now, cannot be you and except a but that's you I'm saying right now fine alright be you are I am saying literally right now are not the one thinking that be saying that to me right now and the reason for me but the reason that I'm saying is because, is because, just that's what I'm saying to you now, literally, you cannot be saying and thinking of that you are doing any of that, now I'm sorry that I'm here one the is one saying to you now that I'm sorry here because that means that means, that while that, that you're talking now so standing there so thinking of just saying at least saying thinking that you're imagining at least to me, is because, while you're doing that trying to I'm sure, that, it's alright, just follow with me on this and lot like that would you stay here on this just with me right now for a maybe just a just minute please you aren't seeing if not or you'd have to listen anyways so just listen right now, you'll see, you be, the one doing that, I'm sorry, that I'm saying is doing that to you for you just to imagine you are, believe, do, me the one of them that believes that too that like you something like now right now that I it's me I be saying that to you right now just cause you not being the one just could be listening and I cannot even like I'm saying say that you're literally at all least of all like that to me listening to what I even say, just listen alright, I do say that, not that you be that, but that's not the point right now of me saying, so, here it is, really actually that just like that, that, means, right, that if you're not the one saying that to me right now and being the one thinkin gthat you are just that you are right now and then that so does mean literally right now was so that it's actually because it's not even me right now thinking that you are and that I m yself be thinking to myself likeve or even at all even that to me what I'm saying is like you be , sorry, and that, like and that are be that, to me, right now, is the real one right now that can be thinking even not just saying to you even for real right now like that like it's that you're either even to me both to me literally one you're saying both saying and is thinking but thinking that only I mean you think that to you yourself right now I what I mean that you only just be was just imagining that you're saying simply saying you are because you are both saying listening to that yourself and see being see yourself not me you yourself seen imagining seeing yourself imagining trying just to think of what this art is right now, so, this is not me saying this to you right now, that you do or be one be the one I mean also not either thinking or imagine that if you could be who is saying that not me right now too, no, I wouldn't say that if you said that you are to me that's what you're doing, either, I mean to say, that, it's not going to even to me I'm saying would you be thinking saying that you are or are not just be thinking that you're the one imagining all this right now that you are and be the one saying that you are to me right now, so, i say to you now, that's not me either, and I be the one here, here, saying that I'm saying I am even the on eto be saying trying saying that you right now myself, just not that I would be the one to say that to you right now, but that's what I can say, you be thinking you thinking that, wanting and trying to remember this painting where it is right now because you forgot and are too trying to think of just where it might be to you I say you are not actually though the one doing any of all of that at all right now, and that's just me saying that right now, and that's not the point now that I'm here saying is even why there's a reason I do make a point right now to you, because this is not me saying this to you right now but I think really think of telling you being the one who tells you at least that, of course that's not you even either that you think you are and you're the one wouldn't you know it look at that then that is thinking of even being the one saying to say that you can or do say that you do this right now thinking and too imaging just like you're think yourself thinking that you simply are telling that to me too, I'm saying though, now that you listen this, that, it's not even you really and I mean also it's not even you're not even the one either right now too that does be is at least thinking and imagining whatever you're imagining you're doing I mean to say that's at least thinking and imagining just of saying thinking you are, that you, are, you see what I mean now, doing that even at all, you don't know me saying that I either do say that's what you do or how you be is how you're being asking yourself that, you're the same person as that other you saying that, are you, sorry, right that's right like I mean, I mean, you'd tell me, if you were, that, right , you would, I mean you would tell me if you were right, well I listened and I hear now just like that, that you would, alright, good, so, that's the way only ways way that is ways to work that is this working like right now seriously, you don't be that person either, and you don't be, there is a reason, believe me, trust me, trust me, there is a reason too right now, I don't have to be the one to tell you this, at least, I would hope not to, this is me, I mean, that's why that I don't know if I'm simply just lazy myself talking to you right now, is because before I fucking say anything in the world to you too just like that really I am a lot too myself way and way more interested in just what you be saying to me but and there it is there is the and at the very end of this statement I be making and is but I'm not the one that I would be the one being interested in what you do say to me enough to tell you that just whether you could be the one imagining me saying that or least like be me that is thinking it too like you would be thinking, or saying to me telling me oh that's what you are is to me person doing that, that's not me just like that's not even you, what I'm saying if only you could be doing just that what it is that you're imaging doing yourself, the real only reason that you hear me saying this what I say to you or this is what I be thinking of at least saying myself saying to would be it be you right now is only one reason that's the same reason you have yourself too, without me being the one saying it to you even, there is that, the reason that you're the same person you think but not able to say if you could to me you being, is the same reason that if you weren't to me at all like that would does mean not just to me telling you so that just that you don't be that, because, you don't be thinking and it's you wanting to say just if you're thinking what you think me doing thinking is that you're trying to imagine this and to be doing really to know you are or not to you, and even if I thought you were the one and I mean be that person that I think does or is doing that, it doesn't matter, the reason that I would be telling you anything right now about what you're doing, is because you're not the one thinking knowing that you're thinking that to me someone else to you as to me because that is you, and, that's the reason if you didn't right now listen to you yourself with me on this right now then, then now you would be knowing this that I not be that or saying that to you whether that be you to me or not, there would have to be an absolute reason for why it's you thinking that to think to do that and it to you that you be to do that too, because what I can't be the one to say to you is, like really what I also really would like to too, so sorry about that, it's this not but this and I do be saying it to you, I wouldn't be the person that you'd be saying that to that it is or that it isn't that at least hey you have a reason to be doing this and to be thinking of saying for that very reason that you've told yourself that is that the reason is because you want to be the one right now just to be right who one is that is who to you is also would if being be to be that is still you knowing that which that you've been saying and thinking that of what you're saying to be saying could be saying and does to someone and someone being me too, I can imagine myself, I mean, I would be thinking right now that you're not just someone to me right now person being be a person that is trying to say to me like you are trying to remamber and by thinking trying to imagine this painting if it's actually true that you still could be that person other to me that is too to me be is you doing what you're both doing and thinking of doing, which is saying and imagining where this painted art is and who is the artist that you remember being, and I would say that I would think that's not you if you say or said that was just you that wanted to be that one person doing all that right now trying simply to be who is thinking about this painting, to me you are doing that too, at least, trying, I mean, to think of it or imagine that you are even maybe, see, that is what I understand from you and I do, I would think that's you whether you told me or not, that's not the issue here me being the one here to say now there's an issue, and that you think it is also something about me too like that like that I mean that I be or it be doing something and I don't know what it's doing that is the issue for me to say, I don't have to say it for a lot of reasons, but the reason that I just simply am inclined to be in this case so to say is because, I can be this what I am and still know that you're something else I can say and be something else myself that is to say you to say is something else to you, so if you're really the one right now that's, that, thinking of this painting and art to think about who made it and where it is now then, then, well actually, truly, actually, I don't have to be the one knowing even that, that is, or not, that so to say that's youre doing even just if that's you're doing or not so can say just really what you're not myself that I would be thinking you doing, so to, be, to, to be thinking of saying to you, because, right now in this likely scenario it's simply true to me right now even, even without me being the one knowing to say this right now too, the only reason, I can be who is saying this to you right now is because, because that's are you being that you're being which and is not to me a person to me at all that would be one and be a person saying that's just what you want to try to do and, be thinking of imagining yourself trying to imagine knowing when and where that you've seen this painting at the same time that I imaginge this that you're this that's what you're saying right now to me is that you could be this person right now thinking and trying like knowing you are that is imaging and thinking of this painting and telling me about it too, Yeah, maybe I can imagine that and perhaps too anyone just could like that, but, I wouldn't be the one thinking it rust me, just like, for why this is right here right now, but that doesn't matter, what does is anyone would be able being the one just like me too to think so to think you think that it's you imagining yourself and trying to telll it saying to yourself it's you and to them that the reason you are and can so be saying it is so is you would oh so be that to anyone else that you could be saying this to, not, I mean anyone else other different than you saying this to you though, is because you wouldn't be even to anyone whether that's you thinking that or be being the one who is also and is thinking that trying to tell yourself that you're be the one that is doing that too yourself actually really being the one you know is I meant who is now right now imaging thinking of yourself trying to remember this painting, because, because, you're trying to remember this, I mean, that, painting, right now, oh I know I can imagine that's you being that are that, I would be someone to think even just possibly simply that you are if since you would be and really be too, but, believe me that's not what I'd be here saying to you right now if that was you being that, the one I'm thinking of or not, and maybe since that won't be me and then I would be still able to say myself that maybe that's a for the best a good thing possibly, because, I should and shall say so you know because of this right now, if that's not you right now at least to me that I would know not like anything but be what you are be just what you be is what I mean is just what you be to me, then, then actually, what does this even matter right now, I could be one since I am one who to you is able to guarantee to you that for sure that you be just what you think that you are and be doing that I think so too and really it's possibly right truly but first of all then that's not me saying it to you what you happen to be doing, secondly, more importantly in this made up situation that this happens more importantly though actually this it only would be mattering to me right now too and just maybe if only too that if you were the same person to me as to you to you be that would know this right now, without me having to say that is you or not, because of this reason now, you see that wouldn't be me saying this to you just if I could too even like anyone else could, I could but that's not the point here, my point here it's this like this, that reason I would me I'd not be saying to you it being me in this would or I shall say is being is, that if that's not really you right now that I just could be saying that's you or at least also that but both that and what you are really doing right now too, then this is what bound is that which is that which happens, it's not, because, of me it being me saying, because if that's not you I would if I really could be saying it too then, that means, it's not even going to be me to you even is going to be me that is really literally like who is even who is even that the one right now to be the one telling you what you're doing even just if it's I'm me see, seeing that you're doing it, or, or that it's actually the reason real reason I see that and can be saying that too to you is because well that's easy to know because it's because I know that it's not going to be, that, it's not going to be you that's who is that's who is who I would be saying is or isn't you at all, the only way that you're hearing this me saying this right now making this I guess point is that since, it's me and is me really I know that you're the one I'm saying this to right now too, why would I be me and also be just some guy that is telling random other people that they be this and that whatever they be or not all just because it's me that's what who is would be thinking that's them to me or not, that's why it would be me you see, and that's not, I do not wish to be the one to be here so to be here saying that to you at all even myself, just whether that, you are you or not, and that's why it's also not what someone, I mean I, that I, would be doing myself either even just if I could like if just I could if could do it even, I understand right now though that I am doing this right now because it's like like how it sound like you just listened to it be being like I it's me that I literally would be knowing of that myself and why is no question it's because it's me and I am me that's why too, you don't have to be done telling whatever that is happening with you to me, it's I'm glad sure it's good maybe but still not the point, you could be saying what you're saying it is what I'm saying to you though that if it was me being the one making a or this point right now that I'm be making right now, then my point would happen to be this actually, that I'm not just going to be the one to be the one telling just to anyone who just to anyone , anyone is, to me, being someone else to me to them different than to me as to them that they be then i tsead of like it's they be someone else entirely like an actual different person that the person I'm saying trying at least to say is that one person to me right now or not and is that who is one person to me though, I have no reason to be telling others what they do even just if that's them that I think they are me thinking they are or not or whether differently just what they are is literally just some other different someone person being to me though, I don't know what about you what is thinking to you that you think that you're thinking about you is that person or not, really, honestly, I don't, I have no idea, I do know I would not rather know, but that's exactly just why that I'm just so lazy though too, I really do fucking know being theone to know that's you and that's you right now that I'm talking to too because I would possibly know that yes that's actually what I'm doing right now, so, if you're not, I mean, not, who I think you are to me right now, then, of course I couldn't be thinking or telling myself that I know even that it's really that is you too, just like you, because that's just like you too, at least to me too, and then I couldn't be to you either just like that you see is being the one person who or not would is be doing is telling you oh yeah tell me if that'syou or not because it'e not like I really know just whom I be talking to be being them who I be talking to at all but then say like almost like at the same time to you just like that too at the very same being saying that it's oh lets just say it's because it's me and I know that who I talk to is literally just like a person I meant be is very the one exactly to me that which I happen to be talking to too, because, that's stupid, and that's why not even me right now is even thinking at all that right now too, but wasn't that a lot to think first off and just to be able to know that just about me right now too, yeah, like I know, well, well that's why I'm saying, that's not going to be and wouldn't be me that if could even is to and is to be saying that to you like I be that just the one to really know that myself right now, I get why that you'd think to yourself and I mean I guess yourself right now that I might just could maybe possibly know that fact one fact myself right now too like that's what I know and you don't even have to say that I know too, well it's like that, I do know that which what I just said just now because do and actually really I do too, but, see how that, right there right now, is like something literally like that what you'd never be one to ever tell be telling to another person no matter or if again even given that chance to or not too, it is, there are things that we both think of each other and that are things that we can't even say to each other right now even if that's true we tried try that or not, and I wasn't going to be the one to have to say that, I wasn't but now I'm having to make this point right now just so to hope to hope to get myself to get you to actually be listening to me right now too, this I can do right now, you don't have to know how but just know I know myself too though right now too, and the reason that I can tell you that right now too is because if this wasn't me right now that just could be anyone to know this is me right now, then, I know me I know for one would not have any idea then who that I'm even talking to at all, do you see me showing you right now that this is me truly so talking to you right now, yes, I can say that, because that's me and I be who that is that would say so too, I know this, this is me right now, just like that's you too, you're knowing too standing there figuring out just where this painting is because now you're thinking about it too, if it was, could have been, just that it could have been you saying that's what you're doing now to me right now, then I just could that one is who tells you it's true to me or not to me though, that's, just if you're the one that's saying it to me though too so you could say it could be you doing so like you think to too like you both wanted and thought of doing like while being you also thinking about it's you thinking about this painting to you, oh I know, that could oh I mean really sorry excuse me really be you right now is doing that and that I can say is doing too, but that's not the point of mine either, this is, it's not ever going to matter to me if you are or even whatever whether whichever that you be or be being, not even to me even too, that's what I am able to say right there, that it doesn't matter though even if that's you and this is me too, then how do I know to say this to you then if this isn't just what I'm knowing to right now, I don't, because that's who I be, literally I not be a person that would say being able to that I do be a person that does know that right now to you, that's the point, you would be thinking that I be someone at least being someone who does would know that about themselves, I can understand this because I'm not just fucking anyone and I am me that I can say that myself, and that's also why that I am able to say that to you too that it's that's you and that's who you to be that is you, not just why just that I believe or think thinking that I am simply just the one right now that I would be one that might just be able to be being the one that is be being the one that does tell you that just because it's you and I happen to know that it's you too, but that's just why that I do and can be the one who that one is now telling you now right now that I do really myself know knowing that I can tell you that and I can know myself me myself too that I to be am being be the one that also knows simply put that I am the one right now talking telling you this right now too also, so, now you know, I can do this, and also you can stand over there thinking trying to about this painting you just actually really can't remember yourselve even though that's you even to you right now too without it me saying is able to know too that the real only reason that you're thinking at all much less maybe trying to imagine this you thought what you thought about this painting that you can't even be right now the one to know you knew or so much as see yourself seeing it even too also, while that's you be doing that, here's me right now just so you know, I'm the one that's just trying to fucking figure out right now just why that you ever thought even about though that you should just be the one who just actually is telling me that is to what it to what that you're doing that you're doing so you can say yourself is you be doing and to me saying just that to me right now thoguh, I understand all of this right now, the only thing that gets me stuck on it is me trying to figure out why it would even just be you that happens to be that just is telling me that's you too to me just for it be only one to you that knows and sees you are that being that, here's my question, if you were just that to yourself right now then why and why did I have to be the one that you're telling that you are all just because right now you think I would know that if that's actually just what you're doing yourself though like literally right in front of me right now too, well, yes I am sure there must be a real reason for this, and that you're the one just trying to tell it to me too also, there must have been a reason whether this is or was me that knows it myself, as it turns out person, that is what I just would know too, it doesn't matter to me knowing this, it's just, what I do know is it's the same difference to you too just like me that is the difference between us in conversation, it's, like this, because, I know that the only reason you and you is or I mean now could be the one that who is telling me right now that's you thinking imagining this painting, it is not because to me you are you telling me or because and if it's me that you're talking to that just like you would be knowing just if like you are and are to you and to you at all to me just by me simply seeing that it's definitely so you and it would so be you that would be thinking yourself just if that's really you right now or not, no matter what you said to me, no matter what who that you all along I shall say is you be who you be is being right now, none of that matters in the least to me whether I knew it myself right now about you right now or not, it's simply the reason to me though that it don't and won't is actually because the only thing that would concern me just if to be the one knowing, is if to me that the reason just for you telling me any of this right now is really actually just to be the one that's who is to could be telling this to me that is it could be that person is the one that it really is like that you're the person right now truly trying to say that you are tome right now, that's what I listen for myself, because believe me I already know it that if that was wrong then I couldn't be the one to fucking tell you if it is or not anyways the only way that I know myself that anything yo're ever going to say to me is true or right is only because you're saying it and not because you know but because it's you and like is thinking like you would that you're right, and that, you're also telling that to me too right now too, then, it would matter and mean something, here's why that's a good thing I said is a good thing, is because then I know for fuck sake if I see or think that you doing something while I'm there watching it all fold oud like it does then if it's fucking right or good something, then yeah I would say and because I would be then saying for fuck sake that if I see something that you do or are be being right something ike that to me, then and then, like I'n gonna be the fucking one then the one who fucking then tells you that what I happen to think, I am and be thinking that is, oh that's a so real good thing, or oh that's so really a real right thing if I think so, why the fuck would you think that I would just be the one to say to you then that's just what I'm thinking too, I wouldn't, if it was me, there is no reason for you to think so, just like you could be that for no reason yourself too and you know what that's the beautiful thing about hearing what other people really think right there, since, you need no reason at all just to think anything about anything at all, so, that's why, I don't know about you what you be to me even and that's not that I would even say even if to me I did know myself, you can be anything that you want that you can be person that I believe, but you can't just simply be that and like wanting talk about it too like be talking about it and be the one telling it to another person like they would really be the one who would really know, no one has to say that to you, and everyone knows thes things too even me and you too, but when was it have you ever in your life have you ever simply just someone else talking and be telilinng you at the same time too that they really did have something to say and saying that the reason that they are is because you're just the person they have to tell it to just right now too, never, let me tell you why, because you're never gonna just be the one to know and if that is you who you be are being then, you'e not ever could gonna be a person that it does matter to at all you correctly being right saying something good that anyone else would ever know too that you will ever say to another person to anther person either, so, my point is now, you don't know yourself, and that isn't yourself for that to you for you to be knowing that you would be even the one knowing exactly just if you would happen to be that person yourself and know it, if you're not that person that thing is being or know what it would know to you the same as it, then that's so definitely true without me or anyone ever having to say to you or to anyone else too, that, if you're not that thing that you be that you would be having to be just to be you then you're not ever going to be the one that to then knows yourself that you are that or not, and you might be able to figure that out yourself, that's totally fine, it should be, but see i would have a problem myself saying well that is true though, because to me right now, that's not even something I'm allowed to even say to you even like at all too, I mean, if you're not the thing that you claim that I thought you be, then logically I can't be the one to be telling saying it to that you are that thing I think and more certainly can't even be the one right now that can tell you at all if that is right or not too as well also even if you're not that thing I happen to actually be the one to think that you are, I believe you, I do think that you could be anything like anything, but, it's just that, to me, I hope to me too that and that you are those things and that so I don't have to that one to be who what one is telling you that you're that or not to them, why then do I happen to care, good question, because, if it's not gonna be fucking me talking making a righteous point talking to other people, then I'd at least want myself to like wanting to know themselves at least that it's right like it's right because they thought they are too even at least is what I'm saying, you think, like that's me right now that I would care to only listen to others to listen for that, you are to me a person I don't know unlike me, no, I don't, won't because, I would not care about that, but, can you tell me anyone else that you have ever heard right now that would say they know what you know too like you without have be that thing a real person that would know themselves, so, if you're going to be the person now to listen what others might have to say just so you get to be you know the one that gets to still be just simply the one who the person is could be you that saying telling others they know this like it's really true that you're the one right now like would really know this yourself what you'd think, then, maybe you're a lot more like me more than you realize and more than what I myself to you right now cares even just to simply say, because whether you be who realizes this yourself or not still talking now the only way that I be right and you know that I'm right about and you know just if I am or not about anything you think considering what I say, is if you be that thing and it's just like the reason why that I would think you're right me being thinking oh you're right about that it's because you think that I am because and you think that I am too, seems pretty simple and easy to understand, it is, my point would be right now, the reason that you're either gonna be thinking I be right or not talking about anything is if you thought so too, and also, you'd have to be actually too, because if that's not you right now about to could be saying being the one whether that's right or not about what I say, then, how will you ever be the one to know yourself whether what I thought about what you thought was ever right or wrong to me if that's what you be to me is a person that I see as both a person that either could know being a person who would or not know and then it's me now telling you just exactly what that is whether it's right or wrong just f I think so because you are the one me I'm having to tell that, doesn't know themselves even what right or wrong to them even is to say to another person, you think I fucking know this shit like I'm some mugical human with powers to know this shit, hell no person, you think that I'm a person that if I knew did know that I would be the one to tell you something like this because you're not like me who knows what the truth be, that I just be the one to you even if you didn't be that person to me or wanted to realize thinking that is it's you like you think it is that I would be telling this to you even if I knew and did just see you be that person who I'd have to say so to just for you to know, exactly, that's what I'm not even ,myself, and I don't claim to be either too, why, because if I do tell you whichever that I think is to me that I think you're to me right now, I do this sure, but you don't think about this isn't what I want to be or think I be even just to tell you so too, if I'm going to be the fucking one to tell some shit like this to yo then trust me then trust me that it's not because I wanted to be the one telling that just you this right now if I knew, I get why that you'd think that because it's me, and that's the reason I wouldn't be that to you right now though, if you don't think I'm doing it just to tell you so, then I don't even want to be the one that does so tell you just that, if I tell you just why something you say is either right or wronf, it's only for this reason that's right here right now, the reason is because I do think and am the one that thinks you are because it's me and I do really be thinking that you are really are to me, then you'd be the one to know if I do or not, see how that works, it doesn't matter to me, I know it myself, I've learned this myself, mself, I know that you'd have to actually be right that person telling me that you'd do think is either right or wrong for it to be me that is who it would be what this matters to even too, then I will say that is me saying that's right what I think, if you're not gonna be that person to me, that's the reason don't think that I am person, because if I'mm not I mean I don't need to tell you so you won't even be that one person to me that to me that thinks just that I might just be right too even, and that's why then, you do have to be that do be thinking that first of all about me or else don't be thinkig now that I wanted to just be or even ever be to be being the one even now that is who tells you what I think is right or wrong what you think just because you'd be telling so to me or not if you're not that person to me, you can be anything being anything to me right now I don't care, that's why I won't ever be that person to you ever even at all, I won't be because I won't ever be that the one the person to you ever that would just be who is telling you that's even what you are to me just because I know you are too, even if to me you're just like me too, I won't ever be that person to say it to you, so, if anyone here is here anyone someone who knows whatever you're being right now to me, then that's also the reason that I don't tell them why I think you are or not, because I'm not, I'm only telling them right now because right now they think they know what you be is or isn't being, if you just thought that I would like to be the one that has to tell them whether they be right or wrong, then it's only because you think I be that the one who is you're thinking is a person that would be telling you if I was like you thinking you are or not be what you just are really that I think you are too, that's just why that I don't even want to tell you what I think because it's what I think even if it's me and that's me I think I'm thinking about telling you I am, I don't just want to be that person or that anyone who would know if they knew they be to you who is telling you even, you could be to me, that's not the point, whether I just am the one thinking what I think about you or not or you realize it being right or wrong like it really is that it's you that realizes it yourself too, I still don't want to even be that person to you that has to tell you just that I think that's right I am to you or not, since, that's not me, you can be anything, don't take my word for it, that's why, whether you were who thinks I'm right about you or not, you're still to me at least someone I would have to be that person who would know this, that, if you really wanted to know what you are and be, don't look at me and be asking me that, I only tell anyone that is anyone who would be thinking is right being right or wrong being wrong whether they be what they are and not what they are not, if you were anything else to anyone else who they who not know who and what you be, then, you could be really to me that thing that you think too, but if you were actually that to anyone else to me, then, this is getting into it just what I would be to say to you though then, this is not me that is who would be the one telling you this that I'm the one who either does or would be telling you that you are or not, don't just expect me to be to be, just to then, be the who that is now going to tell you saying that I be this thing that I am just to tell you that you be what that I think you are or not to me, like I would be that just because that's me and I would have to be just because I'm having to tell you what I am is the same how you think that I am, I say that I'm not that one to you since because it's that simple really you think that'd be me that would be me and just be just to then tell you what you are even is or are not what just my thinking that you are too, no, I won't be that person that tell you or so, I mean I can be, I know myself that you can't be thinking right now that is me right now even if that was all entirely all true right now too, why should it be that it be me that this would matter to I mean to you, see, this is why I don't want to be like that person that does that at all even, don't worry about what I think being me, if you think you are be something, you're not just one of those one people even to me even that I would say is not that something even if I thought so and I did like did actually think you are that thing too, I don't have to be, because, if that's really you and you think you be that thing you're telling me that you're being, I don't know that myself, I can only be me when I'm telling others that do be wanting to know now they be is just what I think or what they really be to me which is just what they happen to think that they are too, you either are that thing to me or you are not, if you're not what I am being or am what is not different to me than what I just happen to know myself, yeah I could be the one and who is to tell you just what you are to me too, but I can only do and be that person to you now only if it's that you're the way you are what you are that you're wanting to know that and that you're not already knowing that you're too, how the fuck is it that you'd expect me to just know what you'd be to me or not I mean to me or not, you don't know, that's why I'm telling you that's not me who I be right now that is being who is being be who has to tell you that does tell you that even if it is me having to tell you too, you already know though, then there'd be absolutely no reason or pint to ever be who is asking me what I think at all even, because, then you'd know yourself, someone has to know the truth, and you could be anyone not knowing realizing that you know this yourself without you even be who is knowing this and you could still even to me too even be that one person too just like anyone that could be what you are to anyone being just how that you think and be just what I happen think that you are too and yet still be something else all entirely too that I don't even know myself too, you think that I know this, that if I was something different then to what and who is to you would know that I would know maybe then because if you didn't know and really were different than what you thought or anyone else ever did, that I would happen to be the one who knows how you be, yeah, you'd think so too, well, hey, this is all I'm saying is my point I'm havng right now myself though myself too, I can't tell you that which you are not that which you're wondering when you don't even know what you be either, and I'd rather not be that person that knows it that either too, I even feel uneasy just being the one right now just to tell you this thing right now me imagining that I would that you do actually can see is the who be is who is doing this right now, I have to be something to be something, just like you too, I know what I am, I'm not that person that you'd ever think that I am that's who I am how I am, but that doesn't just mean that I ever wanted to be the one to be what I am because I had just to be just to then simply even be me to have to hear just what I am just because I wonder that and don't know myself what and how I am when you could be the one who is to tell me like you'd have to tell me just so I would have to know that, That's what just what exactly that I do know about myself see you're thinking about me doesn't matter to me at all, no reason, it's just, I'm not going to be that person that you think I be that I are be, are being, no one ever just had to be the one to tell me that for me to know that myself, someone has to know like I'm saying though, so, if it's not me and you're not them who knows that yourself then, someone to you right now could also be different than what you're thinking now and still can be this not me but still being different to you and you knowing that without my any knowledge of it at all, I believe now that myself, that, if it's not you that they are they be not the person who you are then, I must be the one saying this to you now then that, that is the reason I have for not being that person to tell anyone what they be or doing is what they be or doing even at all, because, I know me being different thought and I know that if you didn't know yourself what they be and you're now asking me what I think about you too now, no matter what you attempted to say to me right now, I would be just that one person that says to you that is the reason that I don't do that and don't want to be that to anyone or to you either whether you know the truth or not yourself, someone has to be something to someone for them to know what that someone is to them, if it's not you then I have no choice left now but to see that other person as both a person who is unlike you and yet at the same time also would be the one to know just what you are even though it could just be too that they not even realize themselves that too either at all even, and that's why for me I won't ever like I'm saying just be that person to you that would know this themselves like it would be like that it's that I really know any of this right now at all myself right now about all of this right now, I don't have to be myself and be the one that knows this myself at all, it's just like that, so that's my point that I'm making to you here, that I be making to you here now, right now to you here too, I can know things not knowing about myself that this is the way how I be and I can still be the one to know that myself too and still be knowing those things, obviously also like the way I just explained from my perspective thinking like that way there really just are some people out there too like me who can be one thing and see things differently than anyone else too like they were the real really the ones who ever known this all along about themselves although think about it how would they ever know if they were different and not having just that one someone telling them that's what they really are to them even too, it would have made more sense to you possibly now maybe if I started with my moral of the story but anyways this works too, this is my point to you right now, I'm saying to you, that, you can be the one to know things that you're unaware of yourself and just like that you still can also be the one who knows that what you think you know about yourself is still right even thought and without having anyone else to tell you too, and again what does that sound like to you like I've said, I said, that there are some things that you just can tell being who tells it and be being the one saying it too like also it really is just is the one who really is saying it too yourself, and that's one of them right there too, but you realize it and I know you realize that too without me be saying anything at all to you too, so you do things like this, no one ever just had to be the one to point this thing out to you even at all, how did I know, I'll tell you, because if it's not me who knows these things that I be that I be being, then someone is wanting to know here and if someone has to be wondering this, then it's only got to be for just that one single reason that you know, now you know that there doesn't have to be a reason that person knows these things, but it's because that person be what they are and not even knowing what they are they know what they are and you didn't be the one to tell them that was the really way they be to you because now it was them and not you that had to be something in order for them to think what they are, no one just ever says to themselves that they don't know if they are this thing so the must be this thing since no one just whoever was and is just the one person telling them the one reason why they aren't what they think themselves to be, no, you either know what you are, and you wanted wondering having to ask someone just what you are because you really did not know that yourself, or, you're not the one asking the question about what and who someone be and being even at all, I don't know what you fucking are, it doesn't matter to me, I can only tell you if what you thoght you were was to me the same way that you are to me if that's what you happen to be and you were wondering too if you be yourself or not, I don't know, that's why if you respond to me, I'm just not going to be like oh this person just doesn't know what I'm thinking so they must be trying to tell me something here right now, someone is listening regardless of anyone you think is or not especially talking to me even too, the person listening might not just be me if I really knew it myself but I can possibly say that if someone is listening to someone telling what they are be being to them another person, then, I'm telling you right now I'm pretty freaken sure right now it's not the person that's listening to the other person right now that is actually or really even like at all the one that does know what the other person be themselves, the reason is just too so simple to anyone who wants to know that if you were to be that person who is listening and who actually does or did know that and you're also telling another person you think knows what you mean that you're having to tell this to for them to listen to you saying you are be what being that is the one who is saying all this right now and who knows it while wondering and while telling this to that other person like you don't know what be that they think about it you telling them this is what you be and this is really who you really are to you, then think about it then, if that person was you, you'd have no reason to be telling this to another person, even just to be who is the one who is the one telling this to them just for them to know it too like you do too, why, is simply, because if you be that and you be saying what you be like that like that you really do know it yourself too then, you're not going to be that person that's that person and saying someone listening to you now that you're telling them just what you be whether you are that thing and know it just yourself or not, someone has to be something, and someone has to know this about themselves first just in order for them to know it and also to be also telling it that to another person other than themselves too, but the real person who does know just what and what they themselves have to be being if they did not know themselves is still the very same person, it's you, or them that person being that thing, I don't need to be like anyone else just to be just telling you that I can promise you though right now it's not the fucking person listening to the talk at the other end of the conversation that would be the one knowing these things, I can tell you that much definitely, so, you're the one looking for artwork that was once painted on a blank canvas print that was then painted onto, well guess what then, I'm not the guy that right now going to even be the one to tell you the only reason that you be thinking that you're the one who possibly really knows just where it is because you're thinking that you are, and I will tell you that if that's what I'm thinking too, I don't have to be anyone for me to know myself that you're not going to ever find that art piece even if it was you did be the one who knew where it was and who signed it, you're not the one that crated this art piece, would I be the one right now to say saying that you couldn't know what this art even is that is literally painted onto a blank canvas waiting to be painted, just like I would be the one to say that what you're seeing too is you being the one now looking for this this isn't even you right now either too, because I would be that person to say that to you right now if that was you right now, and I can know myself that by me saying that to you right now too that and you're really not to me even a person I'd say myself be a person who would know that themselves too even if I did know that you did too or even that you even know what this art was that was you seen that is you the artwork that you're is the one that is trying to find it too because you don't know yourself just where it is, to me, you either are that person that knows the art so you don't need to find it to look at the name on it or, it's just or that means that you're not the one that painted it yourself so that I could be saying at all that you're imagining this very artwork yourself right now too, I literally could be that person that tells you I could say to you that you have no idea adnd it's not you looking for it at all right now, because, not because I know and I felt like telling you that either but, I would that's why be that person who would be the one to tell you that though, which means and it is that I don't just want to be telling you that because I am the one thinking you're wrong or that I want to be who tells you that, I just would be, because I would have to be the one that's that telling you that an being the one too also for you to know if you didn't notice yourself to realize that it could jjust be you don't know because you're not thinking about the art but wondering now the name on the art or being the one to look for it right now like you know where it is right now either too, I don't want to have to be that person that says to you that you don't know even what you're doing right now, I only do tell you for this, not because I know you're looking for a piece of art or not but because I know I really am the one then who would have to be who tells you that just if you're wondering where that art is and not like really looking for it yourself right now though, the reason now, that I am who now and to say telling you that to you, is because, just like for the very same reason that you're gonna be the one person that I say this to that same reason why is also the same reason that for you right now that you're who even looking for this thing that you've said before that you've seen literally before and knowing actually what you're looking at trying to find this thing and it just happens that you still can't, I'm saying there's a good reason for that whether you realize it or without me having to be the one to tell you no matter what you think right now, you still can't see yourself like looking at this thing thinking when you find it and look at it that you're just gonna do be knowing just what name happens to be on it too, the reason that you can't doesn't need to be explained, but this is why I'm here not to respond to you but only to be saying, that, the real reason that you can't right now is because if you did know the fucking art work like the art work should have been being art, you're trying to remember it because you're trying to remember it, you won't know the art that you're looking for until you see it, then you'll know that's the art piece, but if you had to do all this to find it just for that one little thing right there, then, did it even really at all then you thought you knew and you also even forgot, I would say no actually, because, you seen it and now, now it is that, you are looking for it and found it too and also it's really also not like you're gonna feel it's like the first time you've seen it either too, even though you forgot and had to look for it, the reason actually is one of those things you don't need to explain it that the only reason for ny of this at all right now, was only one thing, because, you did see that art printed on cavas enough to say to you and you see it that you can say yeah now I know what that aritis meant and by making art was able to show you not to forget yourself because you're now able seeing the actual art that's made to know yourself that you're only ever going to be the one to remember this art not because you might forget but because yo

@tracycoyle I wan unaware why it cut me off there maybe. it's a good thing I saved it before then it's whatever I just got this last thing to say right now on that.
looking for it and found it too and also it's really also not like you're gonna feel it's like the first time you've seen it either too, even though you forgot and had to look for it, the reason actually is one of those things you don't need to explain it that the only reason for ny of this at all right now, was only one thing, because, you did see that art printed on cavas enough to say to you and you see it that you can say yeah now I know what that aritis meant and by making art was able to show you not to forget yourself because you're now able seeing the actual art that's made to know yourself that you're only ever going to be the one to remember this art not because you might forget but because you're trying to remember it not to forget like a person who never seen it would might forget being person that forgot, it doesn't, never mattered to you, what was on that art piece, the only reason you wanted to see it, was and still is that you wanted to see it again yourself too, only a person who that can see what's printed on this very canvas can ever possibly be wondering themselves now is it and art piece to me that is an art piece I have liked to see again, you went through all this right now, and for what, should I tell you, so that you could learn yourself that now you don't have to be the one viewing this art to see this art and still be looking at it yourself too like you had to just be seeing this art piece for you to really be who sees this art piece, you could be that person to learn that if you tried whether you be knowing it or not yourself, or you could be just the other person and not like thinking at all about any of this right now too, just be the artist with the eye of the beholder and then you never even have to so much as think of what anyone else ever thought about your art just for you to be able to know you being able to at least call your master piece a piece of art too without even knowing yourself what those them others the people think about it too, you can only believe what you see, and you have to be the actual one to see it just in order for to know in order for you to that you can believe yourself seeing this thing because that's what you're doing right now and you do see this art piece too that's why that you're the one believing it too, if you're not the one that simply knows that, don't expect for me just to at least be even at least the one myself to want to be just who hashaving to be that telling you of it just for you to know what you could have known too just if you would see the same thing that I did too.

If you put something in front of me, that's who I am sorry who I be God damn it, I'm going to criticize every piece of shit that you lay in front of me, people don't think that I can at least be the one making art even if I could like they think I can see it too, and they are right, I gave that up, because, people don't think that I can also interpret an art piece too, even when I"m the one who has made that mother fucking art piece too, it wasn't even art or even piece of art that was art before I made that thing, all th e God damn fucking sudden all these people wanna keep saying my interpretation is just wrong entirely whether it be of this piece or all of that other art out there in the world too, like I have to see it just hear the person next to me tell me about it for me to actually be who is the one that knows what it's about like I seriously just had not literally didn't know all that if not because they be who here is telling also about it too and to me, well fuck me, for not fucking, you know, making just that one God damn art piece that no one has to tell is an art piece to someone who happens to see it because I should have just made that one thing no one has to do that even but because no one will ever fucking forget again what my mother fucking art piece is, and anyone who doesn't know that it's real art made by me even when they do be the one to see it, fuck you. That's all I have to say.

I am that art piece, if you've never been the ne to see that this is me, well, now you have, this is me, don't be that person expecting me to explain myself why for you and for what so that you can keep looking for this thing you can't even remember yourself just so you'll be the one who also is one to say is an art piece to you, only because you seen it, after, you had to be the one to see the art piece that would have still been art to you all along if not for you just fucking forgetting about it because you only can say this is art hen you see it again like you have to just to see that this art is an art piece yourself. If something I made, made you think to yourself that's really just how you're feeling thinking about maybe looking at something I did made, then God damn real art make you fucking catatonic, holy shit, I'm sorry. Figure out that I'm sorry for you then, or stop fucking asking me what I happen to think about what you're thinking about then if you don't like how I talk.

@tracycoyle It's a lot easier than this then if I could speak these things out loud. I was simply just talking about that I am not who is the one that wants to tell you things if it were me that I would not want to bbe the talker telling you some of those things, I can't even be telling you more than so only just that one thing at a time and that's just it, if you ever thought that so I like to be the one who to and to be telling you something if that even I could be the one to tell you about a thing to me that I think, if I could do that, then, I can seriously honestly be telling you right now though that I can say that I don't want to be doing that myself like even though and it could be that I would be too, that's why I'm not doing that.

As a matter of fact actually, right now, really what I'm thinking now is this now that I'm really thinking about it now. You cause to seem to me in the manner that you've described how that you would briefly think about touching all of my material just to bee proving that improvements are better than my way and that my way is nothing but jibber jabber, you know I'm not that good at least expressing my emotions rather than my thoughts just that like how I would if I am to expresising to have to express that my feeling in that I'm thinking is the thought of my having that thought but to feel to talking about my feeling that whch is talking about my feeling of the thought of expressing to that person what I'm feeling I'm expressing, it's not but because I'm just bad at it either, I actually think that I'm not at all bad at it and at all, but that's just because to me I know how I won't ever have a problem with how I'm feeling because it's always going to be me feeling it, that's not the point, this point just is here that to you I want you to know right now too, that, even if I did know myself to know just how good at I am at being able to do that single task, "bestowed," onto me and unto me, then I still wouldn't be the one be the one me is who that is able to even tell you at all like I would if I could that it's just that I don't like can have the ability at all to just to simply say that's it at least I don't think that I can be thoe one telling you right now but just actually I don't even have any of the very idea myself at all right now what that even is this thought about what I'm trying to be telling just as like you are to you me telling it that to you, you honestly seriously, like, I mean you actually just so thought right now that, that it was me right now that what I would have been the person to like to be the one person to you to like to have at least that just have a person making improvements, nothing else I don't know I mean like or jusmilarly just that you could be just doing is editing it be but being just to be editing my it my work, di you just seriously right now just thought literally like I would like to have had an idea that came out of your head inside floating around in myhead right now rolling over itself like I soo too like I too way liked having have that it's that be, in my head like you relally just right now literally thought that I just would have been the one to have at least wanted and liked having you do that and be is saying that to me cause I so liked to have heard that coming from you.

I think that pretty much basically just explains all that I could be that even to be explaining to you right now that I could be.

I mean. SO, you would have actually liked to have just that to me a person that just gets to edit my work for free telling me that this is now supposed to be better than I think right now is right? Are you serious right now? I could have killed myself right now just like that, if, it could have been eons before me that I have to do it could be it happening long before me though contemplating whether that when you're about to say it to me, way before, me ever, having, to have to, hear you say that and then ever have had have killed myself right now, before you ever said that to me even, my first thought firstly having the thought is, I'm so glad because it's almost just like that I won't ever be the one to say this to you right now that I'm about to but I am a little bit sad that you just asked me that right now though if I was being honest with you right now which oh like I've said probably it's just that I probably wouldn't be right now, my second that thought it be what I'm thinking right now also, it's a little bit funny to me as well just toughly a hard like that just like that I mean just that too, I'm feeling that right now too, first it's gotten to some point right now that someone just asked me right now that they could be the one that gets to edit my work because it's just that bad, not that I can complain just now though too, I mean it's just like I didn't already just get done through explaining this to you, I guess I feel like that then, how the fuck should I know, come on, all I just said to you right ow is that just I so can be the one tell you too that I would not be that person right now, so, I mean, I'm asking you did you really just want to do that for me because my writing style, and by the way don't call what I do a writing style if you would, if I had a writing style right now if then I mean that then I would not be talking like this to you right now just to avoid me having just that to just answer your one single question to me right now because you were the one right now to ask it here and now.

A little part of me though, it's still a speck in there, that kind of a little bit did be expected not expecting that, what, that you did, that what you would do, and then you did it, too. Well, oh shit then. I mean what, nothing that's alright. I mean, uhhmm, but I just feel that I should say something here I had for this right now. Well, that looks like that I know exactly what that I'm to do right now too now. I hate doing this, not that I have to the one be to tell you that right now I'm sure, but I'm only telling you right now how that I'm feeling right now really. That small part of me was thinking you would, actually that someone would, but I didn't even think having that thought that I just got it someone just asked me that, and now I have to respond to that. people are so really much more stupid than you think, I mean if you're not a person that just is thinking that you have to have someone tell you jst how stupid huamns are even and like it's that you even still do know just how that they are and you're still being be the one asking that to know that, then if you don't know that you really need for someone just to tell you that then, you're one of those stupid people then probably most likely, I would say so just if I would ever have to, having to have to be the one that has to tell you that if you didn't know. And then, you asked that to me. Well God damn it I'd say this was ironic, but then that's, that'd, be ironic, son of a bitch.

Uhhm, though, you don't think that I'm gonna think instantly what I'm thinking, because you're only thinking about that and me liking that you could be and be that being the one that tells me let me help you and then gets to edit my work because and like it's that you're thinking and that and that because really it's like you're also thinking that and the reason for that you want to tell me that you'd even help me at all for me something I do is that you're just telling me to the one that's to be is you that gets to edit my work letting yourself thinking that and it's like and that it's like that I would and like be, be, the one that may just like you asking after you thinking me wanting to think about may I that I might just like that it's I give you this for you to do that and then you can possibly say to me just what you're gonna say to me of you doing that, well, that's right, you don't think that I be the one thinking that, or that I instantly being one person because I would and I would be a person though too that I really would just be thinking what I'm thinking and not what you're thinking and what which is that I don't think about it and the being reason from that is because it's not me that's thinking like you're thinking you think you're thinking, so, if you're liking it, what with asking me this right now, I guess that I have to respond to you then even though I did just thought that you would do that right now and that it be definitely me having to deal with that right now too, so I guess there's not really any need for e to explain any of this to you right now I hope right.

That's, odd, because that I wouldn't be the one right now that I would really feel the need to hope that me to having to be explaining this right now actually too.


Oh hooray, I now know what I'm about to be the one to say to you right now.

I'll get right on that. Ha.

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