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I just keep getting people talking crap about what anyone ever says that they don't like when I talk about gender of any kind, I don't think that people would actually know just how bad it is but check this out, I just had to say this to a couple of people.

@dagodfrey27127 @Forra888
There are two genders. But one true gender would exist. What is that exists other than this, is just divination from this. You have to accept that the two genders available to us are different in nature, if you don't, then you're basically saying that all the genders those two are the same thing and you're missing my point they are different I'm not even saying that you are, all I'm saying is that one true gender does exist and there's nothing wrong with that.

Smart people, or people that are normally believed to be different because they aren't like the rest of humans make up a percentage of the human race that could be closer resembling the one true gender than what is normal for normal humans, it doesn't have to be what you call a one two anything, it could be one gender, it could be true brain dominance being lefthanded, it could be what you call a more superior or new species of humans, the fact is you trying to determine what is normal just isn't working because different does exist within these people, it just so happens that the one true gender just happens to be more associated with something that you already call normal because it should be it's the one true gender and that's female.

I'm being frank with you, I don't give a shit about what you like to call normal, don't attack me just for postulating that one kind of human could be better or more true to be than the rest just because you think that I am talking about how of a gendered human you are, oh why don't you cry me a river you pussies, unless you really have something against women in which case, I really don't give a shit I'll tell you how it is though, in that case you can just go fuck yourself, thanks.

You're what is wrong with the world. No one gives a shit what your ideals are, you're impeding progress, get your shit together.

You want to play dirty with me. Fine alright, I'll prove it to you, so you can just shut your fucking pie holes. Let's begin, fuck it. But don't say that you're sorry once I put you in your place, because I do know this because I'm actually a girl that lives in a boy's body and I know what I'm talking about just remember that you sexist bitches.

So, I have evidence that all of these things that people are that are hardly known about are all connected in unforeseen ways, such as smart people, autism, asperger's syndrome, lefthanded people and transgender people, they all resemble females more than what you call that you even know of being male. How's this then for you ignorant fools, did you know that the percentage of the population that is autistic is 10%, did you know that also the percentage of lefthanded people is 10%, did you know that of the percentage of lefthanded people that are autistic is most of the percentage of people that even are lefthanded? Did you know that lefthanded people are more likely to be gay? Did you know that lefthanded people have more connections between both sides of their brain, and did you know that also girls do too? Did you know that also transgender people resemble more like females in the brain? The question is which of these things are connected and with what?

It's lefthanded people. It makes sense. Did you know that not all lefthanded people are right brained, only about 10% are of the people of that are inconsistent dominate which consistantly dominance is left brained like most people? If you want to know what the true gender is therefore, there's only one place that you're most likely to see it in, and you're either just as as a twist going to see there's a relevance or not, that's lefthanded right brained people because they are the most different types of human beings. The other 20% of lefthanded people that make up the 30% are either left or abidominant. So now the question is which is what, is being just a female part of being more abi or right brained making lefthanded people more like girls than even that of natural normal girls would ever be. If it, happens, to be the ladder, then you know what that means, because that means that what you like to call being a normal girl isn't actually all exclusive to being a real girl anymore, does that frighten you? Maybe it should, have you ever heard of retard strength?

Lefthanded people, have more testosterone than that of righthanded people. Lefthanded people are better at learning and fighting. Lefthanded people are like the one fish in a school of fish that swim left instead of right, you can call it what you want like if it would be a natural part of evolution or something, but can you though, in normal, situations, given that a shark is about to attack, what do you think that the shark is going to go after first, and what group of fish probably aren't going to be even a fish to be a part of making evolution happen anymore? Lefthanded people, have to fight righthanded people, what are the odds do you think that a right handed person has fought a lot of lefthanded people?

Lefthanded people resemble that of what is commonly known to be different, standing at the forefront of it all, but what is commonly known to be different, isn't always bad or wrong just because it's uncommon don't you know? Like, being a genius, today now just being really smart is being looked down upon, so was lefthanded people just for being lefthanded, it's called being different, and lefthanded people for hundreds of years have been labeled all kinds of things that were never true, like being evil by the church, because they were super intelligent, all of the famous people throughout history have been lefthanded, but not only has being lefthanded or a genius been secluded to just lefthanded people being different making them bad and wrong, just like transgender people another group of people that you would probably say that about, or being a girl. Time after time though, each and every single one of your longstanding beliefs about people that are different is being dismantled one after another, and all you can say is just oh that's not normal, the fuck do you know you small minded imbecils?

If someone is going to put a stop, to your treacherous hooliganism it should be lefthanded people that are female, because you really deserve what you reap which is nothing. You are nothing to the truth, don't you understand? Nothing about being lefthanded or being a girl that just happens to be unlike all the rest of your measly human race, makes girls or lefthanded people different and for that matter not even bad and wrong either. It doesn't matter how much of a stupid piece of shit you are, you must know that on some level of what you're doing is wrong, or maybe it should be just you that shuts that little trap of yours and next time that you're thinking about opening it, don't, youpieceof shit. Out here, talking shit about people because they're different.

I believe that you couldn't possibly even know what is meaningfully right, in this world. Everyone knows in this world that to tell someone what is right, you have to be telling them about what they think that is wrong is wrong to who doesn't know, that's how everything in this world is created, so you get to kick your legs up sipping tea while saying I knew everything would work out, bullshit, you know nothing about how the world really is, and if you did, you would stop this right now because it's wrong, and you must also know that you can't tell a person what they don't already think about being right unless you do that because that's the only way, it doesn't mean that it has to mean anything is better or worse at being good or bad or right or wrong, it just means that if you don't, then this person never learns that what is right is right to begin with, so I would for one say that I'm betting against you on this because of all your ever going to be ever thinking about is that you're just right all of the time, that's all you can do, my money is on that lefthanded girl that's about to kick your ass just for being a bigot. You're not a normal human being, because a normal human being doesn't scream naked through the streets burning down the town when they just find out that everything that they ever thought was right turns out to be wrong and what was wrong turns out to be right.

Don't give me that I'm the victim bullshit, like you would know about what it is like being intentionally prosecuted just for being a messed up human crap. Don't act like you would care either, all you know how to do is hurt people and be a total piece of shit. Didn't you hear me, nothing about being lefthanded or a girl is a bad or a wrong thing just because you like to think so.

Back on the topic here, lefthanded people having more testosterone doesn't mean that they have more, right handed people have less, it's how the body works, people think that without testosterone that muscle growth can't happen but it's the estrogen which girls do actually have more of that creates a thermogenic reaction that allows the body to work better to build muscle affecting a lot of things that make that happen, and estrogen can transform into testosterone, that's how they have more testosterone because they lack the parts to make estrogen but are still like girls because of it.

If just having more testosterone was exclusive to being lefthanded, then then it wouldn't also have an effect playing a role in autism too. Again being lefthanded is seen as a bad thing making people abnormal, because there's nothing wrong with the people of being autistic they are just different humans do you understand? When a mother has high testosterone this is what leads to that being born either lefthanded or autistic. How do you know that it's not exclusive or a bad thing because everyone else says so, because lefthanded people are otherwise born just fine.

I know that what you're likely to be thinking, is that it's because the people of other genders or transgender that it's because of that, that you would like to think that they must have mental issues. No, none of that. You're the most bigoted piece of human trash just for thinking it. Like no, it's not just what I say, that's the way it is in your small little world if you believe anything else other than that right now, and you don't even have a very good even reason just to be the one thinking that right now. That's exactly what I'm saying.

The only reason even, then that you would be thinking that you're right, right now, is if it's not what you believe because someone else told you that already, I know, because, everything that you have ever been thought to even be right in this world has been because someone told it to you, since you think you're always right and thinking independent thought just escapes you apparently, I mean for fuck sake, you were a piece of shit if that wasn't the case right now and you're still thinking that trying to rationalize it yourself, you're just a piece of shit and no one likes that.

How about a game, can you guess what you think I am if you think that you're always right, what am I, because I'm not like you, I'm a girl living in a boy's body, I'm not even transgender, I'm a real woman myself, so what am I then? I've tried seeing things you're way, but what you think of what I am has never been true at all, I'm the Devil and I've been many people, it wasn't just girls or a girl, I've been many and I have been always a girl, for this very reason right here. Because, I knew you were just a piece of shit that couldn't even get believing what is truly right in this world right. Why do you think that when you see the picture of the Devil he has boobs? There's no tiptoeing around it, the Devil has always been a chic. My whole entire story of my life has revolved around this fact and so has of me being the girl I am, there's no way in this world that you could ever convince me of otherwise right now just because of that, you don't think that if I could just tell you of all of the reasons that one true gender could exist right now, that I wouldn't do it just to shut you up?

What do you think that girls are? Actually, it doesn't even really matter if they were like me or not, because everything that you think about girls would be wrong then just for you thinking it. Girls are not just sex objects meant for propagation, sex is different from than gender, because it's by through having it that you can become what you truly are, you wouldn't be having sex without girls and girls are what you have sex with, it just so happens that it's not a coincidence, you do have sex with girls. Because one true gender already exists, and it would be girls.

You are the same thing as a girl. It's not a question of if you could be one thing and be something else too, you are a girl, and you can be anything else that isn't also a girl too. Boys have a y and x chromosome while girls have two x's, but that's not what makes you either be a girl or boy, because for you to be first you have to been born one or the other, it just so happens that there's not a real way of being born anything other than female, boys are born girl in the first place when in the womb anyway, however, girls only can pass on one of their x chromosomes that they recieved from their mothers because boys can't pass on an x chromosome, so where do you think the two x chromosomes came from when girls came into being then? Girls only exist by having both x chromosomes isn't that right, boys only pass on an y chromosome, so how would you know, you're either born a girl or you don't.

Just because scientifically or logically there's no reason for something to be in reality, doesn't mean that it can't still be if it is in reality. Like me, I started out believing that I was a boy, I believed that the reason I was a girl was because there was actually a girl being me in reality and I knew that, I just didn't believe I was a real girl until I understood that, as a matter of fact, that's the same reason that I now would believe that a perfect girl could exist, I didn't think that one could even exist because I was like you and just didn't believe it.

I'm not saying that being lefthanded makes people better or that being a girl is normal, I'm just saying that but considering that otherwise that wouldn't make lefthanded people different or girls something bad in the eyes of our society today, I'm willing to bet that just as so would happen anyone who's betting otherwise, would be wrong then. That's what makes being normal be normal. If you're a man, then you can be a man, but for a woman to be a woman, you have to actually be a woman to be a woman or you're not.

And what they say about being ambidextrous or lefthanded is wrong by the way. Because scientists are stupid always thinking that there has to be an answer to everything and that it must be right. If being inconsistent dominate means that you would be ambidextrous, then lefthanded people wouldn't be lefthanded and have more connections between hemispheres, just like girls, because growing connections there isn't exclusive to being female or being lefthanded, you can grow more just by typing for example, the fact that there exists ambidextrous people who have this while not being lefthanded or right brained would prove this because it's just the fact that not all lefthanded people are right brained but all righthanded people are left brained, which don't you really think is actually normal in this case then?

The fact is that first of all in the first place, you have to know that lefthanded people exist to be different and so do girls, so what the hell is so freaking wrong with that anyways that has you all flipped out over anyways? Like get over yourself. I exist as a sexual being, I might not like having sex with girls because I'm a girl, but only real women can say one thing and do another and actually like it because that's what women do, so I so much don't really even care at this point if you just happen to think I'm wrong about this, you're never going to be right with an attitude like that, mean while I'm going to actually be having sex with real girls and they're going to like it too, just like a real woman. Because, fuck you and your bullshit douche bags.

Caseyxsharp2 6 Mar 3
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This was the most frightening thing I've read all day. We are always in our own heads and in 2021 rarely understand how we are truly perceived because of the muzzle people have on speech these days. I will say that I didn't get "lesbian" or "woman" from that I got someone who injects espresso 5x a day directly into their veins.

I don't respond well to people yelling, all capping, ranting, cursing, or thinking I want to read a wall of words. I do respond to polite engagement from people who are open to understanding others.

I was super calm at the beginning of writing this and then all of it deleted because of my keyboard, so I will say right now, son of a bitch. Alright, now I can talk about that. Alright, again. Are you sure that you're not just overreacting to something that I've said, because I would hope not first up first of all. I am saying this right now because like I would hope that you're not, because if so then I'd have to ask you why you feel that way because of what I've said. I don't honestly care what you have to think about people that you don't want to talk to, someone is yelling about something somewhere and if you're not the one being yelled at then you're the one being yelling at, someone should be talking about something that no one else cares about because they just don't feel like it to be listening because someone should be listening to what matters to those it would matter to, I don't care if that's not you, I'm not even doing this for me, because people are different and if they don't know that then someone should be talking to them about it, I don't even care that I might be different than you or not, I don't feel like responding to a person that they would only reply because, because they just feel like it or not, it just isn't worth it to me, I seriously don't care why you are replying to me, just as long as you're not telling me something just to be telling me something and not caring about listening to what I have even to be saying then it doesn't matter to me, that's why I['m doing this right now. I felt like I needed to tell you that, I just figured that I should. I know that there are people that are different than me, I have no reasons to be thinking that and I know that, there just happens to be different people than me that are different than me, I'm doing this for those people, I don't care why it would matter to anyone, I just know that this has to be done if no one is talking about it that it should matter, because if what the problem is discrimination that everyone has a problem with in this world. I don't bother to care to think about or wonder why that you would have that be is all that you're going to say.

And you know what, I could have just said fuck it and not just said all of that right now, but I did anyway because I know that I don't really care of what you're about to be saying, I know that the reason that I'm saying this right now is because, this, I know that it's because you're a girl that yeah I don't bother to care to think about or wonder why blaming you for turning to run away from controversy like this, so I'm saying this to you now, if I was the real girl that I am and lived in a perfect world, then I would do the same it turns out, I don't really care if you have a problem with me or not because I'm saying this, so I'm just telling you that so you'll know. I know that I'm different from you and that's why I'm saying that. Maybe what I say doesn't apply to you, i'll just say that all that I'm saying it matters to someone, so show some consideration to a girl like that, because maybe you should then, if no one is going to do it, someone should, or what's your problem with me?

I'm not just talking about girls, I'm trying to relate girls to something that everyone can relate with to stop this discrimination and that's being different, I'm only one person, a girl, living in the body of a man, I am like other people but no one is even like me though, that's how I am, but that's why I have reason to believe that other girls do feel the same as me too, or they would, being girls that were different and being treated differently because of it. That should never, happen. People are wanting to think that we live in a world where everyone can be not so different, but no one is ever willing to drop the act of being concerned with how different other people are, in order to see that we really do live in such a world that even asking that question wondering why people are so different just shouldn't even matter and it doesn't, people are different the reasons why shouldn't really matter to anyone with such a problem with people like that.

I'm a lefthanded person too, I have the ability to be normal but my stability of mind compared to a right handed person that you know just isn't the same, so if I sound like I'm I'm to tear out all of my hair over simply doing something like watching this all happen, you'll have to forgive me, it's just how I am. I don't really care to be talking to people that either don't care or disagree with me, this just has to stop right now is what I'm trying to do right now. You're a girl, so let me ask you this, would you not like it if I started treating you like how you are being the girl you are that you are because of how the girl you are? No one likes that, and I'm the most different kind of person that's on this planet right now, I can even imagine how those people that are different feel about it or girls for that matter. I'm just making the best out of a terrible situation right now. I'm doing this for both people like that and for girls too. Someone, someone should know that even if it's not you. So, it goes without saying now, that I'm not just going to treat you just like the girl that you are because just of the girl that you are, or really are, girls are different, it's just that boys and girls aren't as different as you think they are, what's so wrong with that? Well, girls aren't that different, to anyone, so that's the point, just what does this matter right now? It's not my fault, that girls dpn't know just how different that they are to everyone else, so I'm sorry. I'm trying to help with that, right now. No one, is going to do it for me, and just like that, maybe someone should, just maybe someone should. This was science, not just someone's opinion about girls, so, by the ways, I forgot to add something to the original post at first so I'm going to say it now, I said that, anything can help build connections between both sides of the brain, and that if it was just girls or lefthanded people, that then there wouldn't also just be that in ambidextrous people, and here's what I left out, because ambidextrous people are ambidextrous, they already have more connections between both sides, if it was genetics, then just lefthanded people and girls wouldn't also have that too as well also, there are less ambidextrous people than either girls and lefthanded people, but, there are more generally normal people out there than either girls and lefthanded people too, so if it was just having been something like genetics causing more connections between both sides of the brain, then that doesn't just explain how girls, or lefthanded people who are one side dominated still have more connections than those people and they aren't even ambidextrous. I believe, painstakingly, that, now there isn't actually the female form being the absolute general and unifying form of human being, actually, what I actually believe is that it's not girls it's lefthanded people, there just happens to be way more similarities between girls and lefthanded people than what even science can put a pin in that it could have ever explained, and if you don't think that's interesting, then you're the reason why I'm saying so right now to you, it should be, just like girls are. Believing just that people are different, always believing that, taking it for granted, it's what causes problems like this, but as I'm trying to tell you now, I'm trying to remedy that situation, right now.


@ArielleScarcella hey, I'm mostly wanting to talk to you about these things, so I don't know if you're going to listen to all that I'm saying, but I would hope that you would at least take a look at it. So I'm just letting you know by doing this, to take a look at this even if you just felt like it. And what I said before on my other post talking about this there was interesting things that I thought you might like or at least thought was interesting to know.


Hello there. There are always some things we just can't get our heads around to. Some people may be too old, too close-minded, too inexperienced, etc. to acknowledge concepts that are new or different to them. Even for a most sympathetic person, there is only so much they can understand without having the same experience as the person they sympathize with. If anyone is disrespectful to you, just ignore them and move on. You have no obligation to engage with them. 🙂

Naomi Level 8 Mar 5, 2021

I completely agree. If different kinds of people could just get along then none of this would be a problem, but that just can't happen. Usually I get different kinds of people talking to me about what I have to say, this is usually a person who is about to tell me that I have no business talking about things I don't or wouldn't understand and those sorts of people never want to listen to reason even if just for me, so that's it, I don't have anyone to defend my understanding so I know that if there even so much is someone who wouldn't be understood if even for their sake, it's not that makes want to just say I know, it's that if that person can't, it's because that other person they just won't listen to anyone's understanding to even try sympathizing with anyone else other than themselves let alone that one person that no one ever has reason even enough to defend their understanding, I sometimes I somehow get people going to try telling me that I shouldn't even give it much thought just because someone disagrees, I shouldn't really be the one defending those people and I know that, because like the ones that don't listen to reason neither will I, I'm not someone that would just understand the way anyone says they are, I am actually defending just others for their understanding even if I don't understand them, how would I know how to understand how the way those people would defend themselves when they don't know themselves that anyone would listen to them because they understand, yeah, I wouldn't understand I don't know, nothing changes though because everyone just wants to be understood and no one is ever just that willing to understand even if they understand. This isn't a matter of me being right anymore, this is just something of a matter of a power struggle now to me. I consider myself even worse off than those people that can't just be understood. I'll be sure to tell those people though, that they just can't understand but if anyone is ever going to make them understand how to listen to reason it might as well just be me. If all it is, is a power struggle, that's great because I go mad just from having it happen. Everyone who has ever said anything to me at all before, has always told me something, that it's meaningless just to fight back with just anyone that argues against you, and then I started thinking, oh hey wait a minute if no one is ever telling me what even is right, but that there must be something because two wrongs don't make a right, then who am I even trying to keep defending myself here. A power struggle is, is exactly what I was wanting, I'm taking it for granted now just that I would be that something be different thing, and I'm going to be fighting even just until someone understands, that's the best thing that I can ask for, they don't know then, that I'm like that dinosaur that was in the movie Jurrasic World, this is exactly what I was made for.

@Caseyxsharp2 I hear you. If anyone says "That's BS!" but never bothers explaining why it's BS, it's impossible to develop a conversation on it. So, I normally leave it like that and move on. If two people insist that what they believe is the truth and never bother finding facts to support their "truth", they just go in parallel with no intention of even acknowledging each other's point.They're not interested in learning anything from each other. In other words, a waste of time. Meanwhile, everybody has "the right to speak" and they also have "the right to be heard". So, we have to respect that and one should never impose one's opinion on others. Do you have a family, friends, anyone you can trust in the real world? No matter what happens in the virtual world, you always go back to your reality. So, take care of those people who understand you in your real life.


Sexes - not genders. There are but two sexes. Male and Female.

The word gender does not apply to biological differentiation between sexes.

"Gender" is a grammatical mechanism by which we identify certain modifiers and pronouns.

For example the words "she" and "he" themselves have "gender" - each word grammatically indicates the Sex of the or woman - male or female - **the only two sexes.

To try and clarify "gender" is about language and grammar and "sex" is about biology.

iThink Level 9 Mar 3, 2021

I can understand why that you would think of saying that honestly and that's pretty much exactly what I'm trying to be saying too, that gender is something else than one's sex, that's what I've been saying. But gender does apply when you're talking about this though, it doesn't take just eyes to see that what there really is, is only one sex or true gender because that's really all there is, one's own sex doesn't disqualify one from it. You're thinking that I'm talking about a person having their sex because I'm talking about female being a true gender, but that's not at all what I'm saying right now, however you don't have to have the sex of female for you to be the gender of being female, that's what girls have and are, and if that's all that there is, then it's absolutely possible for one to have any sex and still be any other gender, even if that gender just happens to turn out to be female, because you can still be any other gender then too than what sex you are in that case too.

And I have an other thing to say. Sex and gender are meant to be different things but they aren't separate. Sex could still exist even without gender as long as a female exists, sex is a biological process, you couldn't have gender without a female that exists to have sex, it is only allowable to have gender if the female sex exists, but at the same time no sex would exist without just some at least a gender to have it, and that just would happen to be girls, so of course if you were actually a girl that had sex then you would have to be a creature of having gender, only by having sex will you be able to be that gender of having sex then and if that was you then you'd have to be a girl. Because, that is the only way that the sex of females could exist without having a gender just to be a gender being and having sex with being of gender too. Can you have sex with a gender of an opposite sex and still call yourself of that gender? Can you though? I don't think anyone could, you would have to be that gender to know wouldn't you, and then you would be having sex with a female wouldn't you, well there's your answer. You could say what you like, but this is how girls do things, would you be having sex without gender, alright no, so if you didn't know already that you have gender, then how would you know to be having sex with that gender, you wouldn't, girls would though, exactly. So, by having sex itself where before there was none, then, then you have gender, and then you would have gender of female just by having sex yourself having sex not because of your gender alone. Because that's what sex is.

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