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I hope we're having fun. I feel like eating Lucky Charms and talking about stuff. Nonbinary.

So like. This is real. I know what people say about it. It's understandable though like I've said to Arielle, if you don't want to identify as either Male or female, then you obviously don't want to be yourself living in a world that only tries to call you precisely what you're not. No matter what you are, no one likes being called something they aren't.

I don't identify really being Male or female either, but I'm not nonbinary, if you want a real meaning as to what it is, it's not just incongruent, it exists outside of the notion that any creature should have to be Male or female, it doesn't make sense to me either but I disagree with people that think that it's just been made up.

As a matter of fact, when you think about it, really, how do you expect that men or women and men and women to be feasibly possibly be equals, if you just have a boner for just sticking it to these nonbinary people, then there's no way that you're not one of the most sorriest sexist and disrespectful people that exist, you think I'm joking, I am not joking, this is not just being woke or not, like I would think that those have a problem with people like this are the ones that are woke, definition making trouble for those that happen disagree, and these nonbinary people are not being woke. I'm a real girl that lives in the body of a man, I don't identify as either as well, and I'd say I'm being even more woke than then either them and nonbinary individuals right now, yeah I should be, because it's important, I don't even agree with these people or people of either gender considered normal, but I know that's messed up.

Without gendered people being able to accept nonbinary, then normal, yes normal boys and girls can't be accepted by either gender, I'm pretty surprised that I have to even be mentioned about this, I mean you like to talk about that you want people to accept what gender you are and obviously your gender isn't the only one having issues, how is talking down to the nonbinary supposed to be able to establish equality between sexes when not even the normal sexes have equality yet, like are you kidding me, are you kidding me right now?

We need nonbinary people, to ensure that people know that anything is possible. That even, is, that you can literally actually be whatever you want and still be you, whether there just happens to be a single one right way to be or not, even those things can't make sense of or doesn't have an explanation for. That's the fucking point. You will never be not a sexist person, if you can't even be normal and accept other people that are different than you. I am a woman in the body of a man, I'm not trans God damn it, I'm a real girl not trying to be different, I'm just trying to be me, fuck all you guys, I'm not just a man either, but yeah fuck you and your shit, I believe in equality. And I hate sexist bitches that don't agree with that. I am the very thing that you can only aspire to desire to be, a different person, goodbye now. Belong together with this.

And now I can enjoy my lucky Charms, bitches. Yes!

Caseyxsharp2 6 Feb 6
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@Naomi uhm, maybe I should also add, I should say, that I am genetically literally inclined to be more aware. I'm lefthanded and my brain is already more wired to being trans and like a girl. It just so happens that, my being lefthanded makes me feel like trying to make myself become more superior and I already am because I can do what most righthanded people can't even begin approaching to even touch, and I can't do that without knowing these things for myself.


@Naomi replying on my phone doesn't work so I have to reply like this. Yeah, like I was saying something about that when I was saying all that, I specifically believe the same as you even though I might be different that I agree there's probably only right way to be but that you don't have to be that able to fall in that just to allow you to be you, it's not difference or likeness, the only problem that exists in this world, is that there are those that would say that what is isn't really reality and doesn't exist. I mean, like anyone, I'm not, I'm the farthest furthest most thing that exists that isn't like anyone or anything, because nothing like me exists, it's all different than me I mean it doesn't matter it's all not the same thing as me, and so precisely exactly that's why that I do believe happen to believe in this right here, to me it would have to be true, you don't have to be any sort of way for me to tell that what you are is what you are, and what you are can still be allowed to exist just like I happen to exist to be different than you, I mean or anyone else by the way.


@Naomi quotation, -Rombo lll


@Naomi you're not being offensive at all. It's less that I'm being aware although might just be possibly true, but it's more I just am very outspoken about this, I don't even care I don't think I care it's just there's only one problem without equality or both men and women being able to accept others, even at all, sexism will spread among them becoming rabid, and I just really hate sexist girls, it doesn't matter what I am it's just I believe in equality and some girls don't, that's why it doesn't matter what people do being accepted isn't the issue now anymore, it's making it known that being accepted has to happen, it's no longer a question can equality exist and be allowed to exist it can yes it can, equality does exist. It's the only reason that I would know about this, see it's that it's not that I was just being aware it's because I actually knew about this because people have been making this to be what it's not all along, I have seen equality and that's all need, I don't even care about being accepted, I'm doing this because I know you would do the same for me.

Thanks for your reply; I wasn't expecting to be honest. It's such a personal matter. Much appreciate it. I've always managed to get to know people beyond superficial stuff like appearance. It's best for me not to pretend that we are all the same, equal etc. because we are not. Say, someone is standing in front of you with only one leg, you can't possibly pretend that that's normal, right? It's good for me to acknowledge their reality so that I can go beyond that (in this case a person with one leg) and get to know that person as a person. 🙂 I hope you have the right kind of people around you. 🙂


Hello. I'm not being disrespectful to you at all, but I'm kind of doing reverse thinking here. Assuming that you have to talk so much about gender issues, binary or nonbinary or gender transition, are you actually so sensitively and acutely conscious of gender, probably much more than people like me who don't care much about gender...? Sorry, no need to reply; it is a very personal issue and I apologise if I offended you. Best regards

Naomi Level 8 Feb 6, 2021
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