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Is "Race Realism" a message of love or hate?

YouTube just banned Jared Taylor of American Renaissance and Stephen Molyneux (along with less nuanced channels of Richard Spencer and David Duke) for violating their rules on "hate" which includes "alleging that a group is superior in order to justify discrimination".

These channels promote "Race Realism" - the position that the difference in social and economic success between ancestral population groups (aka "races" ) is due to a substantial degree to immutable genetic differences and its effect on culture. They also maintain that while direct racism still occurs, it is a small component to why there are differences in outcomes.

Note: I assume most here agree that YouTube banning these channels is very bad on a 1st Amendment/Free Speech basis. Feel free to debate or discuss ramifications below.

"Race Realism" is a message of...

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Admin 8 June 30
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Truth is the new “Hate Speech”


Race realism when juxtaposed with genetic variation and equal opportunity is something that needs to be downplayed. Thomas Sowell is proof that black genius can exist and the opportunity for many more Thomas Sowells should be encouraged.

It is only an issue because race is a way bigger issue than it deserves thanks to identity politics. The root problem is the state of the family, especially black families, solving that will help solve more problems than race realism studies. And I mean single parent households.

Bingo. Address the number of fatherless families and the low value placed on education first. I guarantee you black communities will see a huge change. You'll also see more political balance in black communities.

@GTShaw Maybe you should read my post again and tell me where I said anything about Thomas Sowell and whether or not he invalidates racism.
If you want to read something into a post, find someone else's.

Thats not what I am implying. What I am saying is pushing race realism is promoting a type of determinism with its own inherent problems like "The racism of low expectations".


You are comparing mean differences and ignoring variance within groups. Equal oppertunity would allow those within a group with a lower mean but at the top end of the distribution to excel, treating them like the average or the mean number would be the racism of low expectations. Your argument is misconcieved.

@GTShaw I’d love to see your scientific evidence regarding the 99 out of 100 blacks comment, just because race realism is based on empirical study. If race realism is real—where is the empirical evidence?

@GTShaw Aw, don't know me, so let me assure I'm not for one second willing to obscure or excuse black violence. My point is simply this....I'm tired of the Left making excuses for the black community. Their pandering has done nothing to address the two key problems that, in my opinion, are hurting blacks....fatherless families and lack of education. Until those problems are addressed, the cycle will continue.


Thats what we do anyway, its called equal oppertunitty for all.

@GTShaw there you go, reading stuff into my post again. Where did I say blacks should live the way we do in order to have value?

Look, you're big on genetics. I get that, and that's cool. I don't have any interest in debating anyone on the role genetics may or may not play because it's just not my thing. My interest is in countering the utter BS that it's being shoved in every one of our orifices by the Left, which relentlessly pushes the narrative that whites are responsible for everything plaguing the black community, and that leftist policies are the only hope blacks have for a better tomorrow.


Our society is not organised with the assumption of white averages, and an example of what you mean may help. Its a free for all with people hopefully finding their level on merit, of course wealth and other factors play there part.

@GTShaw All I want to point out is a stock photo of a bell curve isn’t showing any empirical evidence of one race’s intelligence over another. I see the example you’re trying to make with it, but I could also say that the photo represents the amount of blonde haired people who are more intelligent than brown haired people or whatever. I still haven’t seen any concrete empirical evidence for race realism. The issue I take with calling one race more intelligent than another is that people won’t look at that statement empirically, rather they will look at it emotionally and who is going to support somebody who tells them that statistically they are less smart than somebody else. I feel in the wrong mindset, knowledge like that can make one believe they are “better” than the other.... like Hitler saw Jews as subhuman and of a “lesser” race, which only created more violence. If you are smarter than somebody else, that does not make you “better” in any way. There are very intelligent people as there are less intelligent people, but simply saying that this race of humans have more problems because they are less intelligent will, imo create more problems than solve them.


What you are referencing is culture not IQ.

@GTShaw I was just asking for you specifically to show me evidence that’s all. I believe its out there, I just want to see what you have specifically seen since you seem to be for it.


It's a white supremacist pseudoscience that historically has been used to justify ethnic cleansing, colonialism, and the denial of full citizenship to certain groups.

@ForeverFree76 Ask yourself, who is the project of "race realism" serving?

@ForeverFree76 Exactly. Asians are now the second target (next to whites) of the far left cult because Asians broke their racism and white privilege narrative. Asians have replaced whites as the top racial income group in recent years. Asian immigrants know this is NOT a racist country and you can achieve your American dreams if you work hard and take responsibility. Blaming others for your own failures is a privilege that some people are encouraged to exert.

It's called tokenism.

@ForeverFree76 Are we still talking about "race realism?"

@dd54 Here's some more: words have meaning.

@dd54 I'm a free speech absolutist, so don't talk to me. These platforms can do what they want. If centralization makes that problematic, they need to be broken up and decentralized.

The fact that you apply this specifically to whites rather than every group throughout all of history tells me you're just another anti-white racist.

@Flagherty How is "every group throughout all of history" responsible for the (white supremacist) eugenics movement of the 20th century, for which "race realism" is a euphemism?


OK, rabbi.

I would like everyone to read the original comment as well as the one immediately previous to this and notice how it slithers between its words and changes subjects with no apparent memory of its previous statements.

It transposes words and meanings instinctively as a snake sheds its skin. This is the nature of the enemy. They do not speak honestly and have no interest in discourse. They only seek to spread confusion and discord.

Cast such creatures aside and stride forward confidently, letting their protestations fall on deaf ears. We're only interested in those who can discern truth from lies whe exposed to the light. Their number is enough to build our future.


I'm gonna go with ALL race hustling BS as being flavors of Marxism. Just like other groupism--feminism, for example, being Marxism with panties on.

Marxism has killed more people in a century and a half than ANY OTHER ISM.

It is mostly or completely irrelevant what the "average" of a race is. It is only significant what individuals are. Statistics are interesting, but There are for example, so few 1 in a million geniuses or even 1 in a billion geniuses that these offer no statistics regarding race.

Genius is smothered in third world countries where there are little or no opportunities to foster it--also something to consider.

Notwithstanding my first comment, I should make it clear that I stand against censorship of any kind. The solution to bad ideas and/or finding better or more clear ideas, is discussion not banning

@GTShaw I agree. And I don't deny differences in averages. It's just that taking cases one on one as individuals yields more red pilled people of all groups.

>A largely mentally population is going to be extremely violent

Low IQ isn't what causes crime though; there are plenty of Asian nations with low average IQs but nowhere near the crime rate of blacks. Most criminals are not very bright but it also has to do with testosterone and lack of impulse control.

@GTShaw This is an gross exaggeration of real numbers. You help globalists and Marxists by fostering the separation they also foster. Do you also believe in socialism for white people only? I tend to find leftist ideas brewing in separatist type circles.

Groupism = Marxism That's all there is to it.

@GTShaw Thank you very much for clarifying your position(s)

I find this site very interesting. People who disagree wildly seem to have civil discussions.

Do you have any theories as to how the magic, so to speak, happens here? ya don't see it much elsewhere on the internet.

@GTShaw Where such "safety nets" do not differ from so called Marxist ones, is that they must be implemented by force. A net is also something one gets caught in. I have personal experience in this, I'm sorry to say. That church groups providing voluntary aid to members (and non-members, as my church does) is one thing, government compulsion is quite another no matter how benevolent it may intend to be. This is true regardless of who the intended beneficiaries are intended to be.

I am suspicious of all such schemes, regardless of the populations or groups involved. They ruin more lives then they save.

On the other hand, I can BUY insurance which is a form of private averaging (risk management, to me falls short of true "collectivization) Or I can accept help from a church or charity when I am in need. At least, I can be secure in the knowledge that when I am no longer fallen on hard times, that I can pay my aid back. Whereas with government aid, it must be paid back via force. And inefficiently, at that. Means tested redistribution is maybe 5-10% efficient--if even that.

It's stultifying, emotionally crippling, and who knows how many creative and brilliant people have crumbled before such systems and have not benefited all of our lives as a result?

@GTShaw vanilla societies, such as euro-socialists who until fairly recently had a very white nordic population still suffered under the inefficiency of redistributionism. I believe that that way lies bankruptcy. Make society as homogeneous as you want, it still collapses under the weight of collectivism, tyranny and moral bankruptism.

However I do appreciate your comments. I have always wondered how and why race collectivists and/or race nationalists embrace socialism. Now, at least,I understand why you think what you think.

@GTShaw and even the most stable and viable of the euro socialist countries prior to their influx of admittedly not-like-minded unwashed masses, still could not survive properly without quite a lot of privation.

Keep in mind also, that these countries were not even truly independent. None of them, including Britain, had to undertake their own defense. They all had US for that (pun intended) That's another 30% of GDP that they didn't have to spend preferring a paltry defense budget and leaching, as do all socialists, off of more powerful entities.

In any case, at least I understand why white separatists and other such people don't eschew socialism. I have wondered this for a long time.

I admit, my vision of a homogeneous society includes values, rather than class or race, that being said, I would gladly live in any such society AS LONG AND UNTIL it embraces any form of collectivism.

I can't breathe under it. I can barely stand what little we have in my country. So much so, that I am thinking of packing up my whole life and heading for Hungary where, at least for now, Western values are embraced. And (hopefully) SJWs disappear mysteriously in the night as the cancer they are.

@Thaw I'm not living in a fantasy, really. I just prefer a lighter hand on the whip when it comes to collectivism. Police, Fire, Emergency, Military, etc. I know I, at least, am better off when this kind of thing is kept to a minimum. Hong Kong had a straight 10% tax for years until the brittish lease ran out, but during that time, it flourished. It had everything it needed with a mere 10%

That seems reasonable. God asks no more than this, we should follow His example : )

@Thaw but once again, I appreciate your views. I have, as I have stated elsewhere in this thread, always wondered where all the collectivism came from in White (or even other color) nationalism. I believe I understand your perspectives much better. For that I am grateful.

But yes. I prefer a light hand on the whip, and not such a heavy yoke, and no blinders--take whichever metaphor : ) that's a personal thing.

Where the scope of collectivism is heavy I tend to side step it with trickery, manipulation and subversion whenever I can. This is so I can flourish where the whip is harsh and the yoke is heavy.. The trouble is that not everyone is as clever or wily in that way. And I would prefer not to have to do such things, but they are necessary under a heavy yoke.


Race realism just means there are differences between the races. I don't really understand why that is controversial.

@sacha799 And we do not say different means inferior or superior either as a universal statement. Depends on the environment.

@Robert100 Now you can't even say that men and women have differences. That is how far things have gone.


That's like asking if the weather report is a message of love or hate.

What kind of mental illness does a person have who would throw a temper tantrum and shriek that the TV weather girl is spewing hate because a rain forecast spoiled his plans?

I hate cold weather more than I hate anyone. Then again, I lived in a state that was often the coldest in the country.


Race realism is a return from "blank state" erroneous assumption to a common sense of John Stewart Mill, who correctly compared barbarian nations to children, although there's a twist - the domestication and elevation of various nations, ethnicities and races to common civility and rational conduct has never been properly measured by science. All thanks to that the racial science now has a bad reputation attached to it, thanks to damn Nazis, who disrupted the whole flow of Enlightenment.


All human beings have equal worth at birth. Depending on their actions their worth can go up or down, regardless of physical characteristics (e.g. race sex). Example: Who is worth more as a person, Hitler or Socrates.

That does not mean to say that all human genetic groups have exactly the same capabilities.

Usually the each capability of each genetic group follow a bell curve. If you plot mathematical ability for a group a very few will have little ability at one end of the curve, most people will be grouped around the centre of the curve and a very few of mathematical whiz kids at the opposite end to those with little ability.

If you then compare the bell curves for two different genetic groups (males vs females) it is almost certain that the two curves will not exactly match.

The problem is some people/groups will use these differences to draw stupid conclusions like "because group A has more people highly capable in this characteristic than group B, then Group A is superior to Group B".

This is bullshit of the worst possible kind. The vast bulk of people are somewhere in the middle of the curve and have similar capabilities.

"All human beings have equal worth at birth" - no. All human beings have an equal opportunity to acquire any worth, but they are not intrusively equal by any standard. As soon as there are standards, for, say, entering the National Basketball League, there won't be any equal worth.

I'd rather say - as soon as there are diverse and well-functioning institutions, there will be enough opportunities to acquire worth and value in life to most of the people, even except most dumb and ill-tempered ones. Criminality and its fight with police forces is a game on its own, where lots of value is to be gained.

@IgorRogov You misunderstand "worth" in the sense I am using it or perhaps I have misused it. I do not mean worth to mean "have equal capabilities" but trying to say something like the "are equally human' and how any other person sees or categorizes them is irrelevant.


Race realism is the most objective and honest presentation on the subject of race relations.
There is no room for objective examination of the problem with "race in America" in the Globalist, Socialist playbook.

iThink Level 9 June 30, 2020

Race realism isn't a message at all. I'm simply an acknowledgment of the obvious that virtually everyone recognized until an endless barrage of PC propaganda bullied people into saying that there is no difference between the races - even though no one actually believes that.

Denying the reality of differences between the races has become a favored manner of virtue signaling among the left.

Triumph Level 6 July 1, 2020

I forgot to add that slave owners didn't hate their slaves anymore than a farmer hates his tractor. Most of the hate comes from the disruption of the class system. You can see the same thing play out with Hillary's deplorables and Obama's clinger speeches. They really do believe they are a better class of people. Trump's election threatened their sense of entitlement. That is also why liberals never seen concerned about exporting pollution and slave labor to China or the appalling human rights abuses against women in Muslim countries. What enrages the left is anything that threatens their superficial sense of moral superiority. They have all been branded like cattle by their own institutions but if they have the smallest brand defect discovered by the mob it's off to the slaughter they go. Ironically humanism has proven to be dehumanizing, I think that was Nieztche's great insight.

wolfhnd Level 8 June 30, 2020

Interesting connection with environmentalism and the disconnect between invisible production and local consumption.


Race realism is a valid conversation, but i think that at the moment it plays into the whole identity politics trap. If "they" (mainstream agenda drivin media) can keep you talking about race, then other more pressing issues get pushed to the side. Things like others have mentioned, like the amount of single parent homes, which contributes to poor education and disfunctional family dynamic, or the lack of gainful employment for untrained workers (production jobs, farm hand jobs, entry level construction jobs) which have been exported and the job pool deliberately diluted by exploited migrants to help keep costs down for our corporate overlords, under the banner of humanitarianism.
The establishment globalist power elite cannot get drawn into a debate over policy because they will lose every time, they cannot even identify as globalist elites, they have no choice but to hi-jack a popular movement like the "left" and much like a parasite devour it from the inside, while useing the husk of its former self as a puppet. Anyone remember when the left stood for personal liberty? Now the left doesn't support the 1st or second amendment, and some are calling for socialism. Most of them don't realize they already live in a quasi socialist country as it is. The parasite has convinced the host to give up its guns, its free speech, and more tax money in pursuit of a utopia that is undefined and out of sight. The host is dieing, and these riots and desperate rallies around shit candidates are its death throws.

The most dangerous animal is often a wounded one. Trump was the first time since Eisenhower that anyone pushed back on the corporatists.

@wolfhnd While I don't LIKE a lot about Trump, I LOVE his WILD card instant abrupt ways.
The man of the hour. I don't LIKE abusive, but under this political arena I LOVE his abusiveness. It's driving the left MAD. Their mealy mouthed lying smiles SLIP.

What do you think will happen next?

@2FollowHim Yeah, he cracks me up all the time, dude. I'm ashamed to say I didn't vote for him in 2016 (or Hillary eather) But I--actually everyone in my household--is definitely voting for him this time.

Yes, he's not perfect, unless you consider his entertainment value. He IS perfectly awesome though!


Slowly we inch.......
It cannot end well but those who made these decisions know this. Their reasoning is, I won't be here and mine are taken care of, so it does not matter. They are selfish, self-indulgent people and have been negligent custodians of our country. Perhaps, this is what happens when politicians think with one brain (group think and.....). They do not like having their ideas challenged, because after all, they are now celebrities not politicians, think Trudope.

Dinah Level 5 June 30, 2020

Trudeau's mother 'nicely' categorized Justin, 'a good boy''.
You knew she meant toady. Justin is under other's orders, promised much in the NWO. Eagerly wants their approval, disdains all others. It's like he really doesn't exist except to deliver orders. King John III of Canada will eventually set this straight. Somehow, Justin can't pander to Gregory.


I really don't think it's all that important or interesting a question. The far more important and interesting issue is pointed out in a post below: whether based on race or ethnicity or NOT, the bell curves of intelligence. personality, and social behaviors are as real as those of upper-body strength, physical stamina, height, "natural" body weight, bone density or thickness, body hair, etc. The fact is, every society needs to think about meaningful and productive ways to help the tails of the curves fit into the structures and institutions that every civilization requires if it's to remain civilized. A large part of that has been in the (semi-modern) past a much broader distribution of wealth than exists within the globalist capitalist economics of today, AND a broader distribution of the actual means and locations of all of the various manners of productive endeavor. Every community "enjoys" about 20% fuck-ups. If any community is to meaningfully and gainfully "exploit" its fuck-ups, it needs 10 or 15 % of the other "tail" to sponsor them, mentor them, manage them, CARE about them, and value their efforts--no matter how lowly--with a decent regard for their well-being and livelihood.

And, to make matter worse, we really have to find something for the geniuses to do besides evil and disruption.

I don't think our problems are race nearly so much as they revolve around the idea--shared among mostly the left leaning, anti-social, and deviants--that societies can exist without functional norms.

govols Level 8 June 30, 2020

We think it's important and interesting.

It's an important issue since differences in average group outcomes is being used as "proof" of racism by those who ban an open discussion of other root causes.


Call it what you want. It is prejudice. People form opinions of others based on their personal standards of beliefs. We tend to judge or even prejudge others by our personal value systems. Some, who are open and accepting, have the opportunity and the personal skills to choose their friends or acquaintances by their characters as opposed to other, more visible traits. Others make snap decisions and end up with a narrowly defined value system. IMHO

All white people are racist ?

@David42 Pretty much. I doubt they're more than a handful of humans on this planet who are "pure" any race. Just sayin. Like my Grama used to tell me, "Don't point your finger at anyone. There's always 3 pointing back at you."


One problem is the practice of categorizing people by "race" or "ethnicity" in the first place. There is far more variation within a particular group than there is across groups. If we are to incorporate the practice of recognizing individual sovereignty, we have to overcome the (like biological) propensity to categorize people like this in the first place. Don't judge a book by its cover.

Another problem is that on a cultural level, at the level of child-rearing, we can't really do much to increase any individual's intelligence, but we sure can hamper it, both psychologically and physiologically. All those kids in Flint, Michigan, who were drinking lead-poisoned city water, that has nothing to do with their genetics.

Mostly, I think the big problem with "race realism" is that it's terribly lazy. It's trying to develop a heuristic for evaluating people at the group level, the tribal level. Sorry, no. To know someone takes time, it takes developing a personal relationship. What goes into making a human being the way the are is terribly complicated. It's not just genetics, it's not just culture, it's not just biological development influenced by environment, and there's an awful lot of random chance thrown in there just for good measure.

We need to grow the hell up.

Bravo! It doesn't matter what the "averages" are. There are exceptional individuals in all population and other groups no matter how you try to divide them.

@curvycom Agreed that ideally it wouldn't matter what the "averages" are. However, if outcome averages are different, it's now popular to assume it's due to oppression and blame/attack those who are deemed oppressors.

@Admin #walkaway and #blexit prove that it is best not to look at groups but individuals.

Groupism is Marxism.

Well done. Thank you.

@Admin It's always popular to assume a univariate cause. It takes a lot of work to untangle the mess of biology, environment, child rearing, and the wide variety of sociological factors that contribute to those averages. And even if the mess were to be untangled, there would be no easy solution to implement politically.

Anyone who argues that there's a singular cause is trying to sell something. The oppressor/oppressed argument is used to stoke resentment and revolution. The "it's all biological" crowd are selling a kind of determinism to preserve the status quo.

@Admin it’s just SO much easier to blame your laziness on someone else than it is to be truly honest with yourself.
It couldn’t possibly be your fault that you failed in life.


Is "Race Realism" a message of love or hate?
It is neither in isolation. Love and hate are passions, it is not reasoning or open careful thinking. The passionate don't need to change there minds.

Race Realism can be used for good or bad.

The big "holy lie" is everyone is the same, this is our hypocrisy.

Interesting post - thanks!

Politically correct professors, politicians, media types and identity-obsessed SJW acolytes are engaging in what Nietzsche called the holy lie: natural purpose, reason, vanish and are replaced with moral purpose. The value of an action is not measured w/regard to its consequences, but w/regard to its intension and how well it conforms to a set of dogmatic beliefs.
According to Nietzsche, once you intend to influence the direction of mankind, you grant yourself the right to tell lies. “That the lie is permitted as a means to a pious end is part of the theory of every priesthood.”


Presenting clear facts about genetically distinct groups is HATE!

The Left claims to want equality. What they really mean is that everyone should be THE SAME, and any un-equal outcomes can only be due to oppression and "cheating" by the more successful.

Equality under the law? Absolutely
A "level playing field" (equal opportunity)? Sure
Identical outcomes? Not possible, even within a distinct genetic group, much less between groups.

Tycho Level 7 June 30, 2020

Are you suggesting that class differences occur in monocultural societies? Perhaps that should be banned? 😉

@Admin Uh... what? I don't get your question. Maybe ask it a different way...

I suppose class differences occur in monocultural societies... pretty sure they do. Should it be banned? What? Monocultural societies? Class difefrences? What are you asking?

@Admin Would you reference groups like Huttarites or Mennonites? They have very strict codes within their social groups but differ from colony to colony. It seems to be in humanity's nature to express individualism no matter who, what, or where.


When did "white" become a race?
Humanity is one race. Judging people based on skin colour is as irrational as judging them by their hair or eye colour or right/left handedness. My extraction is European, my skin colour is pink.


This isn't about color. There are different genetic distributions across different people groups, and this is to be expected of groups that were apart for thousands of years. No, we aren't saying genetic differences account for 100% of the unequal outcomes across countries composed of different demographics, maybe not even 50%. But to deny their very existence or their correlation to civilizational success is to deny science.


The reason this was unavoidable is that this topic is nuclear material. It has been drilled into our brains that even looking for difference in characteristics between racial groups is evil. There is also a confusion -partially in purpose- of ideas because it is moral to think that every human deserves the same treatment under the law, and the same rights to participate in whatever they want to do. But then this morality is twisted to force quotas in every place of power and many times in places where skill, risk taking, and hard work are prerequisites for success.

There is also a double standard where women and every minority group have the right to form societies and institutions to self-serve and where membership is exclusive. They have the right of free association and doing tribal politics. But if whites (especially males) claim the right to form a society (club or otherwise) where membership is exclusive then hell breaks.

So the Creed of Google is never going to be confessed by Jared or Molyneux as they are open to the idea (dangerous to those who defend it) of different social outcomes being the result of different distribution in natural abilities. Jared is cheeky enough to propose a live and let live solution where every group is free to associate and build their own institutions (Harvards, Stark Industrieses, Hollywoods) where they can have the control and build their own utopia. His gamble is that whites will build something that looks like the USA (or any other western european country, even HK that was under British control until 1997) without needing other groups. He even does not care if the other groups build Wakanda. In a way this solution will allow whites to help other groups without the penalty of being labeled racist (white saviors) as it will be clear that the help does not come from a need to right a wrong in the past.

The other basic problem in Jared's case is that he does not want to concede political control to other groups and his solution is every group be free to build their own US of my group so they can enjoy political majority.

This looks very reasonable, but it goes against the Gospel according to YouTube and they redraw their own terms of service to proclaim their basic morals around this subject. For some reason going against pedophilia is not a top priority in YouTube land though.

Molyneux does not want separation, but just the recognition that current western society is already open to all, but people have to get their stuff together to access the opportunities as these opportunities are predicated on your own actions. We live in a competitive society and not a trophy-for-everyone society. At least we need competition in hard sciences and engineering where incompetence equals death, and competence equals we go to Mars.

I think separation is impossible as in a way has already being tried (Europe). It turns out every other group wants to live there and moan about how everything is bad and reycist, but pretty much every one that emigrates to Europe never leaves it (notice the pretty much qualifier).


I’m just gonna say that I’m not gonna say what I really think because I see many others here beginning to be very careful with their words and playing things very safe. That tells me that I’m probably not “free” to really speak my mind.

That is the shame of social media... even on a site that wants to promote cognitive liberty (a prerequisite for free speech). Hang in there.

If you want to PM me. I'll read it with an open mind.


Stefan works with research, statistics. The message is difference.
And with difference, privilege.
Perhaps not always true and Africa may well wake up, do well. In which case it will be THEIR privilege. But right now, it is more the Caucasians, Europeans, and Asians. Asians are not what is referred to as white(an incorrect term).

So, it's truth, facts. I suggest FACTS be disputed. YouTube violates rights in this.
Everyone has the right to politely expressed views that don't demean others.
The NWO is forcing blends that don't relate.


Social media Gestapo will continue getting worse. That's why people joining Parler.

Lt-JW Level 8 June 30, 2020

@Jaster_Mereel I'm a Parler moderator myself and only block accounts that belong to infiltrate who post nudity, obscenity... in order to damage the platform's reputation. I have never blocked a polite courteous opposition comment

@Jaster_Mereel no worries mate. I'm glad there communities such as IDW where we can fact check these stuff


We are all different, and since genes do obviously dictate characteristics such as skin color, it only follows that it will affect IQ as well. That being said, first of all, IQ is only a matter of intelligence and the wrong-doing resides in the culture that perceives intelligent as a measurement of value. There are so many other valuable things humans can offer, but most aren't because of societal prejudices. Example: lonely people spend lots and lots of money in therapy with psychologists usually getting nowhere real, when they could be paying soul-workers (yeah, like sex workers, but for emotional fulfillment instead of sexual) to just spend time with them and satisfy their skin need for human contact, which isn't the same as a need of intercourse. Yeah, that doesn't exist, that's my point. Second of all, this is a wealthy country's infatuation with avoiding the minimal amount of pain because the citizens all want to feel like they are perfect. Compare the IQ of the average human to that of an ant. The differences between races would be almost negligible, especially when you take into account that there are many other intelligences that aren't measured with an IQ test. Lots of black musicians and sportsmen. Once again, if you don't think that adds value, that your own perception. But if you didn't have it all, if you were all alone in the universe, you would realize you would give everything to have human companion, no matter what the color of his skin is.

A1fredo Level 8 June 30, 2020

People have differences of ability regardless of race. In a free society, outcomes will differ. Equality of outcome can only be achieved by enslavement of the least and the most competent. Race is a smoke screen for what is REALLY going on. I agree with Morgan - stop talking about it.

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Posted by Admin Should pedophiles be allowed to have "child" sex robots?

Posted by Admin Do you have a "line in the sand" regarding political or social change?

Posted by Admin Should big tech firms hire more Blacks and Hispanics?

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