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What are black people superior at?

No, no... that's not the "question of the day"... instead, what are your thoughts on this recent video entitled "So what exactly are white people superior at?". Do you think the statements made after 75 second point are indicative of how Blacks see Whites or were chosen to give the impression that Blacks harbor contempt towards Whites?

If the above video had white people talking about black people in this manner, would it violate YouTube's "hate speech" prohibitions? Do you think videos like the above contribute to anti-White sentiment? Could it be a precursor to more?

Compare the tone difference with the following video on "Black Privilege".

Do you think a substantial percent of Blacks harbor contempt towards Whites?

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Admin 8 Nov 19
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Clarence Thomas - Justice
Thomas Sowell - Economics
Larry Elder - Radio Hosting
Ben Carson - Brain Surgery
Candace Owens - Public speaking
Walter E. Williams - Essayist
Carol M. Swain - Politician

Who cares about color when you can see individuals

How come super intelligent black people are over whelming conservative.

@daroldbanniste As a conservative I'd be biased in saying the question answers itself. Truthfully though, being conservative does add to life's happiness. However, I will concede that intelligence doesn't restrict people of any color from the foolishness of the left.


I can't comment on what's going on in the US because I live in the AUS. From observations though, the whole black vs white thing is driven by people who is profit from the narrative (but don't necessarily believe in it).
There are grifters on both sides and its seems to be a vocal minority that makes out like they are the majority (whilst the true majority is silent and quietly going on with their lives and getting along with others).
Really, these identity politics are just used cynically for political/personal gain. It's just repackaged marxist oppressor vs victim BS.

Tom81 Level 8 Nov 20, 2020

That contempt could be about 50/50. For every hateful black out there, there's another who harbors no such contempt. Same is pretty much true of all races.

Agreed, most black people are good folks. But racism by blacks is encouraged, while whites are severely punished.

@SteamDesperado Valid point.

I put the percentage at 70/30. &0% as white haters


That is a racist ass video. Wow. 58k dislikes, 6.5k likes, still fucking up. It's like they are trying to invite a race war and spread division. Same video in reverse would have been flagged in 3 seconds.

Wolak Level 5 Nov 20, 2020

It's encouraging to see the dislike %...

Your numbers are backwards. As of Nov 24, 2020: 70K likes and 5.2 dislikes with 1,150,026 views. YouTube hasn't flagged it yet...which is surprising...


Black people are exceptionally better athletically than White people - generally speaking of course. Blacks have more body mass and more natural strength than White people.
Also Blacks are exceptionally good at making very bad life choices more than Whites - generally speaking of course.
Blacks have a natural ability to express and to use rhythm - there is a clear difference between Black people rhythm and White people rhythm. Black rhythm is better and more natural than White rhythm.

iThink Level 9 Nov 20, 2020

I actually think white people can have rhythm but rhythm isn't tied to white peoples identity, so they just don't care or try. There are obviously good dancing white people. There are good dancing asians.

@BlackoutNJ I said "generally speaking" - Black people naturally count rhythm beats differently from Whites. Whites generally have a difficult time keeping in time with a beat. Blacks generally have no difficulty with that. Most White people can't even clap their hands in time with a beat for more than 2 measures. Most Blacks come by it naturally.

@iThink When we studied African music in my Music Around the World class for my Integrated Seminar credit I was shocked and amazed by the complexity of their music. I still can't wrap my head around a song using 11 beat and 7 beat rhythms at the same time and sounding so natural!


What are BLACK people superior at..... Nothing.


A friend of mine who had served in Vietnam said he always wanted to be commanded by Black leaders. They had an uncommon regard for the lives of their men and a matching disregard for their own. If that's Black Privilege, I want more of it.

That makes sense to the world I'm viewing today.


Black people are superior at bitching and moaning and blaming “racism” for the catastrophic failure of black people the world over.

Andyman Level 8 Nov 20, 2020

As a white cis-gender male I don't care if whites are superior in something or not. I just care about living my life as a white person in peace and enjoy the stuff white people like. Usually and not coincidentally such stuff is provided and designed by fellow white people. I think of comfortable dwellings, nice books, delicious music, pleasant company. If non-whites also like it, I take it as a compliment. If they don't like it, I don't care, let them have other dwellings, other books or no books, other music and the likes of themselves as company. Maybe they make themselves superior stuff, maybe not, I don't mind, I don't need non-whites for nothing, not even cleaning my toilet.

Corjova Level 6 Nov 20, 2020

No one is superior. We're all victims of genetic disposition, opportunity and birt place. The millionaire born out of new York? Would have been a good banana sales man in other countries. That would have been the height of his career.


I believe the term racism has become as lame as the word closure..or transparency. They all had a meaning until the politically correct used and abused the true meaning. For some reason the blacks and liberals act like labeling whites racist means something to us but it means nothing. It's like a two year old in the sand box screaming I hate you. It is easier to call names than to make changes.

Dmwils Level 7 Nov 20, 2020

Yeah, "racism" and "white supremacy" have really lost their impact since being redefined as "all whites are..." Now I hear the terms and the first thing I think is "oh, that must be a conservative they're talking about" or "that's most likely a reference to a cultural appropriation incident". Aside from being overly aware at times that I am indeed white, it really doesn't mean much else to me.


The subject actually pisses me off. This is a propaganda piece , a sleight of hand to get our minds off of the real issues.

Tarpon Level 7 Nov 20, 2020

Yeah, I'm trying to figure it out too. I guess the loaded keyword is "superior" as it triggers a negative response from the commenters.

I don't think it's a propaganda piece, as it's already an issue. This is merely for attention/views. This is a Capitalism problem. But definitely non a good-faith problem whasoever. It's not like they were surprised they got those answers. That's what they were looking for.

@A1fredo Yeah, my first thought was it's a click bait video.

@A1fredo but at the same time it still promotes racism, which in reverse would have been flagged off of YouTube. Instead, it's still there. 58k dislikes, 6.5k likes. There is clearly bias in YouTubes policy

@Wolak Yeah, definitely part of the problem.

Yes, this subject and the continual hype of it does seem like a diversion. I am curious though, what do you see as "the real issues"?


The CUT video might be one of the most racist things I've ever seen. It is a really sad thing that it is condoned by so many. I think maybe those people in the video need to read the @BlackoutNJ article entitled "Fighting Racism with Racism is Inexcusable."


It's funny because I saw that video right after I posted that excerpt.

It is absolutely ridiculous that this is perfectly acceptable. It's one thing to kinda make jokes that are racial, I think it's a good thing. If black people can jab at white people, we should be able to take it. But if you notice, all of these people look like they came straight from a BLM protest. I mean some of them look like they came from an SJW bootcamp.

The talks of equality are nearly over because it is now about favorability. They are allowed to say these things because we have all deemed black Americans as victims, so they can now do and say whatever they want. Racism need not apply because they changed the definition of racism to suit their standards.

In another words, fuck these people. They don't speak for myself and I believe a lot of black people but too many of us are too afraid to call out their crazy bullshit so we don't lose our black card.

Glad you pointed out his article. He's written a number of them, all of which are very good.

@coalburned Yes, I'm looking forward to reading his forthcoming book.


"Racist" was invented to shut down legit debate.

@Archangelwoghd Yes and it's used by everyone these days. Like the michigan election board calling the 2 republicans who didn't want to certify racist because they didn't want to certify due to the irregularities of the detroit districts. They must be racist lol

@coalburned thank you for the compliment

@BlackoutNJ Everyone's a little bit racist. 😁

@ZuzecaSape oh god lol

@ZuzecaSape That was really hard to watch.


If white people did a similar video there would be Hell to pay!

You must be new here...

I completely agree.

@WilyRickWiles You must not be worth my time.

@BlackoutNJ I wish there were more attention given to men like Thomas Sowell. Real leadership vs Al "Anything for a Buck" Sharpton. There are good leaders in all communities, real leaders who do not say what is popular but what is in reality responsible sober reflection and demand(s) for accountability.

@RoxyGellar I'm writing a book currently all about this. I wish for the same thing and hope that our expectations can be raised by being more prideful about ourselves instead of vengeful about everyone else. It's people like Sharpton that feeds off our racial insecurity that breeds white animosity. It's a shame really.


@WilyRickWiles go yourself


People generally do not compare themselves to something that is 'lower' or 'less than' they are.

Colin Flaherty speaks often about the claim 'white people do it too' with regard to violent crime although few examples can be provided, if any in some circumstances. This is only after denying black people do it, then blaming white people for it.

If you notice, it is about behavior - not color. That is why when you criticize their BEHAVIOR, they incorrectly accuse you of criticizing their color. Common slight of hand with leftists - swap out the attribute you are referring to.

Feelings of inferiority is a modicum of EVERY aspect of Leftism. Defeatism. They think less of themselves, that is why when THEY PERCEIVE YOU to be better than they are, that is somehow something YOU did wrong as well.

RAZE Level 7 Nov 20, 2020

First Impression? The first video is an attempt to make black people look stupid and uneducated. This is the very least the angle you should respond to this with.

To answer the question to the speakers I would say European civilisation and the abolition of slavery? Didn't watch the second, tired of identity politics, it acheives nothing good and sows seeds of resentment.


Seems pretty obvious that White people don't go around bragging about their superiority because these people were clueless about what they were superior at.
They had nothing or just baseless negativity.
Thanks Black People. 🙂

Hahhaha good point. They couldn't even answer the question. It was mostly grievances and back handed compliments.


Rage-bait caused resentment. Capitalism does have its problem. Too bad Communists screw up any opportunity to try to talk about Capitalisms' issues as they are a much, much more dangerous problem.

A1fredo Level 8 Nov 20, 2020

Rage-bait causes civil unrest which harms any system. "They are good at being bad" isn't much of a complement either. 😉

@Admin More than the actual content, it's even more infuriating how repetitive and constant it is, all the time. I'm sick of it, it's so dumb. Yet infuriating.


Maybe it's just me but I can't stand that type of conversations. The black or white type things are on the level of forth graders and even them knows better! So my question is: Who gives a fuck?

LukeGP Level 7 Nov 20, 2020

The amount of over generalization and stereotyping in this video is quite disturbing. And I think that's why this video has 6 thousand likes and SIXTY TWO thousand dislikes! Whoever made this video is someone who is comfortable with worsening racial tensions in a society! They have NO INTEREST in improving society and creating a better world. This video does more to promote racism than oppose it! It can even be said that it's "pro racism" disguised as "anti racism".

gHAB87 Level 5 Nov 20, 2020

I was referring to the first video in my comment. The second video is a lot more reasonable.

The left has institutionalized racism and made it virtually indelible, by calling anyone who tries to discuss it a racist.
Racism was fading into obscurity, because everyone realized how ignorant and harmful it is, and always has been.
Democrats exploit the black and Hispanic vote by using propaganda msm to teach young and ignorant, herd mentality people, that white people are the enemy.
They divide us as a nation in terms of race, religion, sex, sexuality, even music and culture.
This is our country people.
Walk like an AmeriCAN before our enemies put us in concentration camps


Well, these two videos show the biggest problem with the American citizen. They are all, not matter the skin color, brainwashed! Blacks are trained by the PTB to fear and hate whites just as whites are trained to fear and hate blacks. You see,when people are being brainwashed the brainwashers make sure to get soap in the brainwashees eyes and ears so that they can't see or hear the truth. They just hear the oh so warm and self justifying brainwashing, the rumble in the brain of you are good, they are bad. The sad truth is we are all messed up in some fashion.

Pulmonary tuberculosis (PTB) ?

@Admin Powers That Be, the big shots who run the little shots, like presidents, congressmen, governors, mayors. The billionaires that get the king crowned, the president elected, the POWERS THAT BE, THE PEOPLE WHO REALLY RUN THINGS, THE WIZARD BEHIND THE CURTAIN.

Whites are not trained to fear and hate blacks. Quite the opposite in fact.


Why stop at black and white, lets throw in all the other ethnic groups as well. I mean if we are going to understand each other better lets stereotype everyone.

Good, I have a bone to pick with the Hungarians!

@Admin might as well add Asians to the list since a Washington Public School District now bundles them with us white folks in racially profiling forms..

@FissionMeister I guess hard work by Asians pays off 😉


I personally think that blacks are better off NOW in this country than they would’ve been now in Sub-Sahara Africa. So yes I do feel a lot of them BITCH too much. My wife’s family were Irish, and people need to research how tough it was for Irish immigrants. They were share croppers which is not much better than a slave.


They are right about the pets - that is for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not getting arrested is true...not doing crime....


Europeans are an organizational culture from a cold climate. Watch the Queens birthday march in England with the organized bagpipers and pomp and circumstance centuries old. (You Tube) Black is a Sensate culture meaning of the senses. Singing, dancing, lazing around in the tropical heat. In Africa, little change in thousands of years. See recent documentary on Amazon prime - "Forests of the dancing spirits" - Hurry before the left cancels it as they hate truth.


I said no, but I'm also unsure. If I were to base my opinion on the vast amount of Hollywood, MSM, social media, and the numerous articles and videos on race, I might see things differently. So, maybe other people see things differently. I suppose it largely depends on how you've grown up, were taught, and the kind of lived experience you've had. My own lived experience is that people are too complicated to be easily boxed in by one characteristic or another, and race is usually at the bottom of things that "stand out" the most, to me.

I find it hard to believe when race relations on MSM don't match my own small circle of friends and family. Some share a commonality of military experience, but not race or political belief. A few more overlap in the arts, but don't share military experience or race. I also know teachers and health care professionals of differing races and political beliefs, and they are different races as well. It's pretty confusing.

It's a topic that gets brought up often, and yet seems to go nowhere. Especially because it comes off as pretty pushy by MSM, to me. Still, it does seem to be very important to a lot of people, so I do try and understand why. I just really suck at generalizing.

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