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What have we NOT been paying attention to in 2020 but should?

2020 is turning out to be one of the most chaotic in recent history. With Trump's non-impeachment, Covid-19, and BLM/Defund Police/Anti-Fed demonstrations coverage monopolizing the news, have we been distracted from other important issues or events?

Below is a famous test on the ability to focus with lots of people moving around. Try to count how many times the players in WHITE pass the ball around. The result may shock you!

Looking back, the big news of 2020 will be:

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Admin 8 Aug 6
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One thing that absolutely should get our attention is Elder abuse. Not just what goes on in private homes but in institutions. Convalescent homes, memory care facilities, hospitals. The abuse and neglect in those places is appalling to put it kindly.

iThink Level 9 Aug 6, 2020

Overhaul of nursing assistant standards and status. I can dream up some pretty cool ways to improve it, but it comes down to rigid hospitality standards and practices, and firm reprocessing on the nursing an, doctors, licenses. But there is a thin red line just as in blue. Cover and conceal

Good one - quality of workers.

I have witnessed this first hand from family members in these institutions.
Staff mainly consisted of the least skilled, uneducated and lowest quality worker available.
The saddest part is that the patients are unable to complain and suffer in silence as a result.
What I saw horrified me and makes me fear .

I've been telling my boys for years that when I get to the point of not being able to live independently, I'd rather a hot shot of insulin than ever being put in one of these homes. As a nurse, it abhors me to see how these patients are often treated. I can't tell you how many times a NH patient has come into our office and I end up on the phone having a very long, very stern conversation with the Director of Nursing. It's truly sad. Certainly doesn't help that many of the regulations put in place to improve the level of care in long term facilities were removed by the current administration.


PedoGate--I was once up in the air on it but now I'm convinced after reading the Epstein and Maxwell transcripts and I'm not alone.

Dirty cloth masks don't protect you from viruses and Epstein didn't kill himself.

Do people care other than tabloids? The elites have their vices. It’s not like they owned slaves of anything 😉

@Admin Well, they're going for $300 dollars now in Libya thanks to whoever gave Obama his foreign policy.

@Admin I don't think pedophilia is a mere "vice". That's like saying murder is a sport.


The Covid-related lockdown mandates should have been focused on more. Once Government gets a little taste of power, they crave more and more of the same...

But they made a fatal mistake. They locked us down with no Baseball, or basketball, and no job. We had them to watch! We saw what they were doing, because they would not let us do anything else, oh, except protest. We saw confused, maniacal control freaks, the best and the brightest, looking like a bunch of overpaid idiots. No, they will not rule you. That they can only do that, in the heavy cover, of us not paying them any attention, cause we are busy! Their taste of sweet power, will be their last. You will see to it!


My feeling is that 2020 will be remembered as the time of the great sleight of hand. What we should be paying attention to won't be evident until there is nothing we can do about it anyway. Sometimes I get paranoid conspiracy notions that "They" want to reduce the world population by several billion people and waiting for infertility to work is not quite fast enough for them. So they must devise a way to eliminate masses of people quickly. Wars, Famines and pestilence are traditional means but what "They" really need is to eliminate the high IQ people who would resist and retain the low IQ for fodder. And then sometimes I get the notion that nobody really has a clue what will happen. Not even "Them." "They" think they're building something of importance that will last for an age or more. They may think they are rescuing the planet, and maybe they are, but in the words of R. Buckminster Fuller, "It came to pass not to stay."


Your family and local community. No matter what's happening on a national stage, always remember to build up your relationships, spend time with your family, and seek out like minded people to befriend. Also, get plenty of exercise for the days ahead. War is coming and fatties get the rope.

It's easy to become distracted with big news and neglect the little things but, like uncle Addy said, the big world would be nothing without the little world.

Survival isn't all about preventing global catastrophe. It's also about making yourself and your family the most fit to survive.

Well said!


How about William Barr’s investigation into the Justice Department under obama and the illegally obtained FISA warrant under that administration that led to two and a half years of the “Russian collusion” lie?

That's being covered up and will be forgotten tomorrow.

I wonder is the voting public cares about things like this? I personally don’t have bandwidth to learn about it.


The world economic forum and united nations using the pandemic to rush their plan for agenda 2030 via the fourth industrial revolution.

Can you elaborate?

@Admin A substantial response would take a long time but the basic gist is this: the world economic forum is an organization filled with the global corporate elites that conspire together out in the open for a one world government system. They call it the fourth industrial revolution and it goes hand in hand with the united nations agenda 2030. Their membership ranges from top level politicians, to major corporations. They use the veil of global warming and sustainable development to try and make their plans seem benevolent. They want to control the entire world, and they are using covid as a way to achieve their goals through social engineering, and government policy. You can read about all of their plans on their website. They brag all the time about a global reset, which is happening right now. [] Here is a link to UN agenda 2030 [] which used to be agenda 2021 [] It is a massive spiderweb network of the elites, and they use corporate, NGO, and government power and influence to continuously consolidate power through government action, social engineering, and direct propaganda. Notice how every single corporation, movie star, NGO, etc. has a covid 19 tab on their websites? They are all members of the WEforum, and it is all by design. You will also notice the overarching theme of social justice being used. This is also not a coincidence. All of the "woke" propaganda that we see is all a part of the wider one world government agenda. They use it is a shield to make their actions look good, and get the support of the general public.All of the large so called charities are involved as well, Bezos, Gates, Clinton, Kennedy, etc. are all a part of the program. Everything that is happening right now has been planned for a very long time.They are also behind the censorship on social media. WEforum is the parent organization of the [] world federation of advertisers. They pressure all of the social media companies, who are also members of WEforum, to censor speech that goes against their narrative. Here is a link to their censorship campaign [] they use nice flowery language and use the excuse of "protecting safety for consumers." All of the major tech companies are members of WEforum and follow their agenda. They want to rid the world of private property, which is why we see the push for world wide socialism/communism. If it is a large corporation, a powerful NGO, or a billionaire charity, chances are they are WEforum members. Everything happening is planned, all the way down to the BLM riots. None of this is a "conspiracy theory" it is all well documented in their books, websites, public speeches, and most importantly, their actions. This is the MOST important subject that the vast majority of people is unaware of. They will not stop until they have 100 % complete and total technological control over our entire lives from cradle to grave using their large network of powerful people and institutions.


TO shut down not just our Country, but all of the world's economies doing so, will change the world in profound ways. The shift of this magnitude is never realized in it's own time. Because we are concentrating on the details! This has changed every algo of financial measurements. Every defense scenario against an attack. The anomaly has No Historical precedent. It will always be under an asterisk. One Country attacked the world with a lab created, or accidental released virus, then used every means to keep the world from finding out what it was dealing with. This was not the Biologic War, in anyones scenario. The scientific community we depend on to calculate actions to be taken, was asleep, playing political games. The stealth war being fought by China, became Hot! Now all of their gains will be countered. All of the Countries are making new alliances. All of the details of these last months, we have been so fascinated with are mostly set pieces, planned long before this Unimagined string of Events! The real face of some hidden forces in the world, are revealed. Dorthy of the Wizard of Oz, could not be as surprised as we all are right now. After our pundits begin explaining to us their brilliant insights, we will all once again, think the world is back to normal.

I agree China is a problem that is escalating. Have you read stealth war?

@Admin . No, but I watched it from the Nixon years. I invest so keep a close eye on the world's happenings. I listen to alot of Chinese interviews about the realities of China. Tibet shocked people but not enough for Every Business wanting all of those Customers. About 3years ago, I disinvested anything I had dependent on China. It is much worse then we are willing to know, because, unwinding from China is a delicate process. No Hot War.....still the stealth war. It will continue to be interesting times!


Hong Kong.

Hanno Level 8 Aug 6, 2020

The NEXT disaster in 2020 (MY PREDICTION) is going to be a tech disaster and it is already happening.

'AI' Artificial Intelligence (in programming) is being used to 'scrape' undesirables (people on the political Right) right off the internet. Accesss to information for people will be cut and people will be terrified because they won't know what is going on. It has been happening incrementally. YOUTUBE, INFOWARS, BREITBART, DAILY CALLER, etc - It happens to small businesses too and you never hear about it.

In the meantime outlets like FOX NEWS are creeping to the Left and we are not noticing because of what I call the 'juxtaposition of tyranny' this is a mind trick because they are still 'Right of Center' however, "Center is now Left.'

Google/YouTube censorship - Oh well, they are a private company. Job boards - now that people are out of work. Someone else in this thread talked about eliminating high IQ people - Companies, for years, have been saying, "We can't find qualified candidates' and qualified candidates have been jumping up and down saying, "Here I am." Is it because they are white? What is it? What is disqualifying people.... "You are overqualified" have heard that widely practiced discrimination and excuse for not hiring someone?

RAZE Level 7 Aug 7, 2020

Exploitation of small and medium sized crises to expand collectivist control over people's lives.


Schools, Learning, Goebels style propaganda, the indoctrination of our children, Teachers that can’t answer basic knowledge questions running a classroom

Tarpon Level 7 Aug 7, 2020

LGBTQ history is required by law in many states.

La Shawn K. Ford is an American politician who is a Democratic member of the Illinois House of Representatives - ran for mayor and lost against Lori Lightfoot - wants to abolish history altogether. This is in a state, IL, that just made LGBTQ history mandatory.


oh dear... awareness, peripheral vision and the main focus should be on where is the ball.
All people can Multitask and I'm sure we all have many and varied interests that we all can keep tabs on.


We will see this different in hindsight. We have what might be called yellow journalism 2.0, most of what is talked about is unimportant and will likely be forgotten.

We are clearly at the beginning of a major shift.
The end of the China era.
The begging of a new long depression?
We are probably seeing the beginnings of a new technological revolution, probably looking right at it but cannot see it.
Complete remaking of the university system.
A new baby boom.


World Wide Central Bank Fraud Collapse

Bitcoin et al.

Then, of course, as shown below, Subsidized Slavery (now called "human trafficking" ).

Those accountable are not going to get a ticket for a traffic violation if the Moms and Dads wake the fuck up.


I saw the Gorilla, and the Elephant in the Room is shitting on everything, so the only ones claiming to not see it are those who have a reason to lie.



Agenda 21/30

What’s that?

@Admin A bright, bold, grand plan wrapped in a coercive giant green bow 😉 Great thoughts, but dangerously overzealous...



Another leaf in the book of human history... soon all will be forgotten replaced by something else.

Just chill, don't take yourself too seriously, you only get to live once!

Lt-JW Level 8 Aug 6, 2020

Live hard, die young. Sure. But also stand for something while you can. History won't remember you well otherwise.

@ThomasinaPaine There is a great liberation that comes with realizing that in 200 years 99% of all people in the world will have no idea that I was alive, let alone who I was or what I did or didn't do in this life. Those people that history will remember have burdens that no amount of money could induce me to take on. I really enjoy being a nobody with a world view. But this does not mean that I don't have principles. I just do not live under the notion that my own principles shape more than my life even if they chance to. Honor Truth and Duty. One can derive great meaning in an anonymous life from these principles.

@Geofrank When the defenseless go undefended we cannot console ourselves with the knowledge that we, ourselves, have lived a quiet life of doing no harm ourselves. We live in a world of child sex trafficking, female genital mutilation, nonstop war, famine, and poverty and while I do not think any one person has the power to fix it all we ought to have at least tried to fix something.

@ThomasinaPaine You seem to misunderstand my intention. I was only remarking on your notion that, "History won't remember you well otherwise." Living an "anonymous life" does not mean living an inactive or passive life. I daresay some of the finest works of service, charity and benevolent action are performed behind the scenes, so to speak, out of the spotlight, by very private people who feel that the stewardship of this world and its inhabitants is their duty, the price they pay for the blessings of their lives.


2 things.

  1. The failure to build on the positive political and economic potential of the Commonwealth. Both in Africa and Asia. Using it to create stable areas of commerce and trade. (The USA should be allowed to join but as an associate member. Non voting.)
  2. The continued genocide of the Palestinian people. All the BS propaganda in the world can not distract from the fact that ethnic cleansing and cultural genocide is taking place. This will not go away.

We will not know until later. Perhaps much larer. Much of what we are now concerned about will turn out to be so much froth.


The fall of the CCP and their proxies in America, the DNC and the establishment GOP will be the biggest news of 2020 when history is written. In December, 1941, the Empire of Japan thought that prodding the American people by sinking the Pacific Fleet would cause them to back down and let the Empire have its way with Asia. Little did they think that what actually happened would. Today, a large minority of young Americans have bought into the false lure of socialism and they think they can intimidate the American populous the way Marxists did in Europe in the last century. It won't work. They made grandma and grandpa mad.


Collapse of the dollar and inflation. Joe Rogan Experience #1508 - Peter Schiff - YouTube


Hong Kong


Good question. What is the Left doing that we don't know about:

Nothing was done about this: [Research Finds Google Responsible for 2.6 – 10.4 Million Votes for Hillary in 2016 Election] - I would say that is pretty important.

Soros funds bad actors and has been grooming them to be identity politicians since the 80s: Bill Barr Hearing - Soros Funded Black Debate Teams

The rule of law and the health of a community all comes down to the office of the prosecutor who may choose to enforce the law, make up laws, or not prosecute criminals like #KimGardner #McCloskeys #StLouis - WHO WON HER PRIMARY!!!: This link includes an INSANE list of offenses by Kim Gardner yet she won re-election:

Look to the prosecutors when trying to expose the source of the problem in blue cities and states

Members of Congress (House Dems) don't believe in a sane level of discourse with regard to Bill Gar Hearing.

We are in a lot of trouble.

RAZE Level 7 Aug 7, 2020

Of I could predict the future I would be rich.

Changes to the education system have been frequently mentioned as a consequence of the pandemic.


As demonstrated below, it may yet be QAnon. It's the one thing that can unify all remaining Republicans and obscure racism.

I keep hearing about it but don’t really know what Qanon is

@Admin It's the grand unified conspiracy theory. Take note of the references to "human trafficking," Epstein, Maxwell, the Clintons, the Rothschilds, Soros, Hollywood, satanism, reptilians, "the deep state," "PizzaGate," and "PedoGate." Not that some of these things are inherently conspiracist, but the way they are weaved together, obsessed about, and extrapolated from. The conservative movement is intentionally propagating this.

@WilyRickWiles I’ll bring it up at the next secret meeting, thanks! Elite monkeys are just monkeys... couldn’t pull off a conspiracy if they tried.

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