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What's your thoughts about adding a way for group members to voluntarily send money to the group owner without any fees by us? This is in response to the latest rounds of demonetization at Youtube including Stephen Crowder. Attached is a quick mockup of what we're working on this weekend and hope to have up by mid-next week.

Happy to get your feedback / questions. Thanks!

So not to sound biased, here are two videos with two takes on the issue:

Admin 8 June 8
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I'm brand new around here, so please forgive any naivete as I may not yet completely understand how groups work. Are you saying this would be a way for users to give Steve Crowder, Ben Shapiro or other big named people money to draw them away from YouTube? Do/would they actually be participating in these groups or is this just about being able to support their time and effort in producing content/videos?


So would those member IDW groups have a sign in sub-access, limited to doner membership & access to additional subscription only material, with IDW platform as a publisher (like YouTube) renumerated to you by those IDW members. Or access to comment on those materials only if you are a doner user. Regular visitors to those groups wouldn't be denied access, just limited interactions in those IDW member groups specifically. Hosts wouldnt handle funds at all, same as any of us, it would just be transferred in name of IDW/donar using registration form.
IDW would be social platform/publisher/and financial manager of IDW member material and sign ups. Sounds like a winner.

Content producers would have control to charge access for posts... But for the first phase, it'll be 100% voluntary. Our implementation would be so that we use the content producers merchant info. Later, we could use a third party to hold the CC info so that if stripe/etc, terminate them, they may still be able to process recurring charges.


Absolutely! Great thinkin'

TommyB Level 7 June 8, 2019

I have been recommending IDW platform for those YouTube channels I subscribe to that are being censored by them.


Excellent idea.

Misha Level 3 June 8, 2019

This can be a valuable addition IDW community. Are there any costs associated with providing this service?

Zero costs. The group owner will need to signup for something like Stripe or paypal/etc and we just put a form up that goes there.

@Admin The problem with that is it's the likes of Stripe, Square, and Paypal that are causing a lot of this; they're the common denominator between all of the censorship services and have an extreme amount of leverage.

It would make a lot of sense that they're putting on pressure because there is a degree of platform suicide going on here and Youtube / Twitter are not so stupid as to miss the indicators. I think it's more the financial side driving this affair and the businesses are responding. Certainly, we all know the culture and ideology driving a lot of these companies in their decision making processes, but shareholders aren't going to give a damn about any of that when the bill comes due. The leadership, at least, is probably taking a good degree of heat for all this nonsense as the negative consequences are stacking up. Not good for business.

Therefore, it's likely an outside influence driving the momentum and that outside influence has pressure that can be applied across the board. Each time I dig into a story of what's going on, the names of Stripe, Square, JP Morgan Chase and Paypal keep coming up. I don't think that's a coincidence.

That being said, is there a free speech focused payment provider, yet? That's a thing that needs to happen, imo.

@AchillesAsheelz I absolutely agree with @AchillesAsheelz on this topic. These are the names I'm hearing that are the point of failure. I also second a payment provider platform with free speech as a main tenant.

@AchillesAsheelz Visa and Mastercard have ultimate control over the merchant banks who process the cards. They can terminate any processor or merchant fairly easily without much blowback. Crypto is still a hard sell to get consumers on board and will ultimately be subject to Federal control (see China)


True, I understand you can't control the logistics - got to be pragmatic. You can only work with the materials, at hand. Government always gets involved with the money, sooner or later, their fingers are in every pie; but something like this seems more akin to how the Rockefeller's stuffed Social Security through via alumni associates and ivy league circles - more or less the beginning of the modern Deep State concept - instead of Federal meddling.

I have noticed the ban hammer tends to fall harder on anti-establishment types, but I think that's associated with money interests, too.

I read somewhere that Gab found an alternative, but I'm not sure how far they are willing to go or the cost overhead, etc: []

Obviously politically charged, so you'd have to take that under advisement, but I doubt you'll find any pro free speech processor that isn't, with the current environment. In the least, they could be an elective alternative in the event that things get stupid. It just seems predictable that there will be blow back after Facebook, Twitter, and Alphabet take things too far. After people start jumping ship they're going to find other ways to control the narrative.

Things like this could be a vulnerability if not load balanced between interests. Just my opinion, though. I appreciate your time.


I see no reason to go through any 4th party to send money to anyone else. If you want to send money to Crowder why wouldn't you use his gofundme or his Patreon or his paypal account. There is Crowder who needs/wants money - there is you who wants to fund him - there is his paypal...adding that extra layer seems silly. Also that extra "layer" could easily run into problems regarding accountability. I for one would NOT want to be that person who collected funds from well meaning supporters only to be accused (falsely or otherwise) of mishandling the funds.

iThink Level 9 June 8, 2019

We would not receive the funds but have them go directly to the account of the group owner (we never see the paypal/credit card/bitcoin info). This is for us to compete with Youtube directly.

@Admin what is more direct than making donations to his gofundme or his patreon. No Youtube involvement there - is there? I dnt know


Why not just use e-transfer from bank accounts? Who is a group owner? I thought the people here were just fans but not property? Also would that mean that the individuals after whom the groups are named would have to become active participants in discussions? Right now all that we do here is post their material but so far I've not seen a single one of them actually engage in discussion.
What if the person for whom a group is named, like Bill Warner, isn't a member of IDW? What then? I don't at all mind collecting and channeling money to him because his program deserves it.
Maybe I'm thinking all wrong and don't understand the issue.

Chicago Level 8 June 8, 2019

I don't think you're thinking wrong, @Chicago. I think you're asking good questions. I can see some problems with the idea--potentially catastrophic. Throwing money into something changes it. I don't love the idea of monetizing conversation. I mean, if everyone wants to pay me a salary for giving my opinions I already give away for free... Umm, or wants to pay me to quit giving my opinions--that'd be okay too.

I may have misunderstood the OP.

If I understand correctly, the "owner" is just the person the group follows, they would not necessarily need to be a member. No one would have to collect money. I imagine a simple link to the person’s PayPal or whatever would suffice. Am I stating the proposal correctly, @Admin ?

@WorldSigh, @chuckpo Think of it as a combination of Patreon + Youtube + Facebook but we don't charge any fees. The end goal would be for us to get a collection of IDW/demonetized people from Youtube to build a community here in their groups.

Yes, it had occurred to me that financial support from members might garner a few high profile members. The caveat would be the elimination of any hint of ideological censorship. No one wants to invest time in another Zuckerberg fiefdom!


No taxation on donation? Hell yeah! Personally I think that it's good idea. It would encourage IDW members to be even more active.

LukeGP Level 7 June 8, 2019

I like it! I would like to see some other payment method, besides PayPal, GoFundMe, or Patreon. Not only do these companies take a cut, but more importantly, they also have an increasing proclivity for closing the accounts of those with views they deem to be "hateful". Mostly, those on the so called far right. For instance, the Tommy Robinson Group that I founded would be unable to donate to him. PayPal closed his account last year.

Perhaps, knowledgeable IDW members can suggest some unbiased alternatives?

Coinbase. You need not have to be a cryptocurrency investor in order to use Coinbase, as they have a wallet for native currencies (like the US Dollar). Someone could transfer money on Coinbase. That would be one alternative.


I could give you more feedback later on via private message, but I think that's a good idea you have there. Perhaps have more than one way of accepting payments (for example PayPal for your average net user and Coinbase for someone like me who is into cryptocurrencies)?

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