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Do you think the current "fat acceptance" or "body positivity" movement helps or hurts men and women?

Body Positive

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ariellescarcella 7 Oct 3
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I put a comment on the video about this topic. I think the body positivity movement originally had good intentions but is now causing more harm than good. I agree with body positivity as a way of accepting your body even if its not supermodel thin or kim kardashian curvy, but it needs to be accepted within parameters of being healthy. I am a black woman and fat acceptance is a real issue within our community because women do not think that being overweight is an issue. They think that if ANYONE comments on their weight (including doctors or concerned family members) they are being "fatphobic" or sometimes "racist"/"internalized racism". I have also been bullied a lot for trying to be healthy and stay active and "not accepting myself". So I think there were some good intentions at not hating your body but it has turned into a way to normalize and promote unhealthy lifestyles as a form of "embracing yourself".

There is a problem with young girls seeing photo shopped images that are nearly impossible to achieve and have there self worth crush by this falsehood. But many of the fat acceptance radicals are taking about accepting obesity as normal while citing things like anorexia which is quite rare compared to obesity which is very common.


If we were talking about excess alcohol consumption, would an “inebriation positive” movement be invoked?

The data is in and unambiguous: the more over weight one is, the less healthy. In the current push for government financed healthcare, such people will quickly come to be seen as a burden, and harmful to the “greater good.” Likewise alcoholics and drug addicts. Once you invite the government in and accept their financing, you agree to let them call the shots. Who doubts that they won’t be concerned with “shaming” anyone.

It’s a bogus concept, simply another example of removing accountability for ones choices and actions.


Hello. Some people are naturally large. If they are not overweight, and just large, there is nothing wrong with that. Meanwhile, being overweight entails negative consequences on health - everybody knows that. Let's not kid ourselves.

Naomi Level 8 Oct 3, 2020

And yet they kid themselves.. and police others for disagreeing with their ridiculous bullshit😄


As someone who has struggled with weight her entire life, and has used eating as crutch, a comfort, an escape... I am not for the fat acceptance movement and this "intuitive eating" BS that is everywhere now. I believe that people should feel worthy, no matter their size, shape, , look, whatever. It is lovely to see variation in models and media that we did not see when I was growing up (in the 80's and 90's). It's great to have chic and fashionable clothing options and not just oversized shirts and moo moos to choose from.
Body positivity-- great, awesome, yes. Be positive about yourself. But be positive as you strive to get to a healthy place. Accept yourself as you are, know you are worthy but you must also accept what steps need to be taken to get to a healthy place, mentally, physically, emotionally, financially, etc.
Quite honestly, this small space in the back of my head got defensive when I heard the first couple of minutes of the video. But the rest of my rational brain kicked in pretty quickly as I felt the overall message of the video was positive and I wish more people would get on board.


I think acceptance and a self love should be commended.
However, promoting and celebrating morbid obesity is dangerous.
We don’t applaud anorexic people for being ill, so why are we doing it for obese people?
Throwing around terms like “fatphobic” and “fat shaming” is just . It’s a way to try and manipulate people and stop them from using descriptive words such as “fat”.
It seems to me that some people will do and say just about anything to justify their bad choices. Gluttony isn’t something to be proud of, no matter how you dress it up.
I’m especially appalled atm at the online pile on of this “body positivity” movement against clothing brand Lucy & Yak.
I’ve recently bought my first pair of dungarees made by them. They’re ethical, well made & comfy and come in so many fun colours and styles.
So I checked out their Instagram.
The couple running it are on there apologising for not being inclusive enough? 🤔
Because the woke brigade have kicked off with this small wonderful company (it’s not like they’re fecking McDonalds!) for not including fat people in their demographic.
So I read the comments.
They are wild.
I’m confused.
I check out Lucy & Yak’s website to see what the biggest size they make is (thinking it’ll be like or 18 Uk-which used to be considered fat)
THEY GO UP TO A SIZE 22!!!! 22. (Uk size) which is like XXXXL! Like WTF?! How is that not inclusive?!
There’s this blue tick U.S. influencer woman (I dunno who she is 🤷🏻♀️ but she’s obvs got a big platform) trying to name and shame and take down this small indepently owned n run UK business for not making clothes that fit her WHEN SHE’S A SIZE 24-26!!!
I have big feet for a woman (UK size 9) and most company’s don’t make shoes in my size. You don’t see me publicly attacking them and ruining their business!
It just malicious man, I really am ashamed of how some fellow humans behave.

•Aja Barber is the woman coming for Lucy & Yak coz they don’t make clothes for XXXXXL people•


It is bad for one's health too far one way or the other


Dude! This is the thing that bothers me the most. Okay so, when that lady in the 1st video was like "if we're not IN conventially thin bodies"... uh.... you're not IN your body, I mean you are but not in the same way that like your money is IN your wallet. The vessel and the contents are interconnected if that makes sense? Like I'm sorry but if you are morbidly obese it affects almost everything you do in your day to day life. Can't wear a seatbelt, can't walk up stairs without a long rest, can't take a shower properly, etc.

This mindset that a lot (at least from what I've seen) of women and men, to a much lesser degree granted, have that your body can look however you want it (even if that means you want to weigh 600 lbs) and that has no affect on your health is just crazy absurb like I'm sorry. I've never been morbidly obese, I was a bit husky as a child, but I've lost quite a bit of weight and it makes so much difference in how my body operates. Even 15 pounds can make a difference.

And just like.... science. It isn't good for you to have all that fatty tissue around your heart and clogging up your arteries.

So long story short. Its definitely harmful.


Well since it is killing us prematurely I logically THINK that it is hurting us.


It is a horriable movment based on a lie. Tess holliday the person who is at the for front of the movement bullies anyone one who tries to loose weight. Body positivity are for people like amputess, burn victims ect you know stuff people can't change

Agreed. A lot of times women have been told a lot of bad information about diet that just plain does not work at all. No wonder they have given up. A few years ago Milo Yiannopoulos was debating the merits of fat acceptance with a woman and she said "I should just eat lard all day", this illustrates the issue. If someone told her that yes she should be eating lard you would get a 100% deer in the headlights look. She would have a very hard time even processing it, she would have no comeback as it is so far outside of any narrative she has heard.


Excess either way is unhealthy, but people should be accepted as they are. Shaming leads to eating disorders which can be its own hell with demons included.

Yup food shamig just makes the cycle worse.


Bad only as it pertains to health. If all body types are all the same, setting shaming aside as rude, the message received might be that a person doesn’t have to change for “any” reason. My body, my life—oops, my early death!


I don't know a single man who apart of the fat acceptance movement. I have a friend is 400 pounds he compensates by maximizing his positive traits while minimizing his negative traits. His response to fat shaming is him roasting the other person for their flaws.

I live a highly unhealthy lifestyle I just don't care enough to change anything about it quite honestly. I laugh off and even monetized being a caricature of mental illness via YouTube and other video hosting sites(A perk of sponsors and donations).

But I mean I think Enrique Iglesias said it best "Why try to live to be a 100 when I can have cake today?" I think people taking things way too seriously leads to these bizarre PC movements to where acknowledging the truth becomes bigotry and thoughts must be policed.


I think the fat acceptance and body positivity movements are coping mechanisms for cast offs of female competition who are in denial. I think it goes back to our evolution. Men are visual. The top males pick female mates based on their signs of strong genes aka all the things we associate with beauty. Women's survival depended on help from men. Her ability to get a man was literally the difference between life and death. Now we don't live on the plains of Africa running away from predators anymore but our instincts don't know that. So women's looks cause anxiety because it's not always clear if they have the beauty to attract an top mate therefore insuring their survival. I think both movements are mechanisms to quell that anxiety. It's like their instincts are screaming that their in danger so to cope they deny that anything's wrong and they do mental gymnastics to keep up the lie and keep the anxiety at bay. Especially the fat acceptance movement. The body positivity movement is better but still sufferers from the denial and competition because if you look into it only a certain type of body types are allowed to be seen as positive.


I don't believe it helps or hurts anyone except for those who get to feel all smart and self righteous for whatever opinion they voice on the topic of other peoples BMI.
Don't they have better things to do? Apparently not. Bunch of Karens - eh?

iThink Level 9 Oct 3, 2020

It only hurts because we live in an age where governments control every single aspect of our lives and enforce standards (or lack thereof) on children. People who think this way vote on how schools teach students about health and nutrition.


After 50 years of the "munchies" and the fat explosion since the age of pot, I think they need help. Fat is a disease here and lowers your life enjoyment. More life negativity from the left as usual, but don't you just know "they care"


The diet pyramid is wrong and is the cause of most of the obesity. Carbs equals flabs. You want food that is dense in nutrition? Try meat. You can beat "global warming" with this diet too. Beat cow fart, eat steak. In moderation, of course.

Actually pasture feeding cows (a ruminant animal ) will sequester a lot of carbon.

Technically, the grass sequesters the Carbon and turns it into Carbon-based nutrients. The Carbon stays with the grass until eaten. Bacteria in the bovine gut convert some of it to methane, a Carbon compound.

I don't know how true this is but some have claimed if we all switched to eating meat from pasture feed cows, this would displace industrialized agriculture, we would sequester all the carbon from the industrial revolution in 10 years. The SJW religious vegans don't like to hear this.


Obesity is unhealthy and causing many diseases. Cultural beauty standards are different between each countries. Kenya’s pretty woman standards are different than India’s, Japan’s, America’s and that’s show the uniqueness of diverse ethnicities. We should not destroy anyone’s culture even if it is social constructed and we should always be informed about health risks that come with growing fat. Labelling citizens that they are “fatphobia” is to shut us up.

Guys are hardwired to be most turned on by maximum fertility, that is someone who is very fit ( exercises daily ) with around 22% to 28% body-fat.


HIDEOUS!!! The problem is, people stop looking in the mirror as they hate their appearance so much, but sadly because of that, they just get fatter and fatter! Someone should remind them of the one word that fits them, GLUTTONY!!!
It doesn't matter what You look like outside, it's how You feel on the inside, and it must be pretty bad, if you let yourself get that bad which also affects your health and happiness, because You really Aren't happy, it is so sad.
I have a couple of obese friends, life long friends that have been the same and have suffered obesity all of their lives, and they can't understand how I can eat so much, as I'm a foodaholic, but I stay so slim, and for some reason they just don't understand why, when I tell them, you live on carbohydrates, and I don't!!!
Are they happy, no!! I don't know how many times they have joined all the slimming programs and just have got fatter with them. I feel really sorry for overweight people after watching and listening to the struggles my friends have had, but they are carbohydrateholics, if that's a real word, once people understand that carbohydrates are deadly and CHEAP PEASANT FOODS FROM THE EGYPTIAN WHEAT FED SLAVES DAYS, they may be able to help themselves.
Carbohydrates are addictive, and are made to be, just stop all carbohydrates and the weight will fall off, no need for any dieting whatsoever!! Good luck to all those who are stuck in that rut!


I think many people have gone through periods in their life where they've faced weight gain. It's not easy to do, but losing weight is tough. It's important, however, for health reasons.

Body positivity/ acceptance to me means something completely different to some of these articles I've seen. While losing weight, it's important not to get down about how you look, and stay positive. But, you can't change how other people view you. Being accepting of what you can and can not change is important.

So, seeing the stuff online about making extremely obese people out to be healthy and should not change, is very wrong, imo. I mean, it's not healthy. I personally don't go out of my way to insult people online, but it happens. To me, it makes more sense to not take everything personally and ignore it, rather than force people to be accepting of it.

This kind of goes back to the whole forcing people to be 100% accepting of your appearance, sexual orientation etc. I think however someone identifies or wants to live their life is not for me to judge, but I'm not about to be 100% on board with everything they say and do.


The body positive movement has lost it's way once people started to bash others who didn't embrace their body they way that fit their agenda. People who exercise and make changes because it makes them feel more energetic and accomplished are not caving into diet culture or beauty standards.

The body postivity movement needs to be redefined. Body positivity means that healthy, active bodies can all look different. A swimmer, a runner, and bodybuilder will all have different body types, which is great. Some people's bodies are stronger in some sports than others. That's the type of variance that should be embraced and accepted.

cb96 Level 2 Dec 6, 2020

Obesity is a serious health problem that leads to a host of other comorbidities including heart disease, fatty liver disease and diabetes

TrexRN Level 1 Dec 2, 2020

I think it started as good intent (like most, if not all, SJW movements), but I call it the "probesity movement". As an obese woman working on weight management, I CONSTANTLY hear "you don't need to lose weight" or "don't call yourself fat" every time I mention working out or when I do acknowledge that I'm fat. Body positivity should mean achieving the best body for one self and I hate the enabling phrases of "you look fine!"... I'm not doing it for looks, I'm doing it because type 2 diabetes is a risk factor that I don't want in my life. Krav Maga has been a godsend for my self confidence and helping me get the weight off.


Im confused as to when body positivity became about obesity? I think fat acceptance is extremely harmful, whereas body positivity for the disfigured, victims of acid attacks and accidents etc is extremely positive and good! Everyone should have the right to feel positive and accepted! But if you’re causing more hurt and encouraging people to be harmed whether it’s jumping off a cliff or eating unhealthy to the point of death then yeah you need to be stopped


When the "Body Positivity" movement first started to gain traction in my area (around ten years ago), it was promoted by my Health and Physical Education teachers as a way to encourage students to be confident with themselves and acknowledge that you are you, and that you are the best you that have ever been. Confusing wording? Absolutely. The teachers further utilized this as a way to promote exercise and raise awareness that being skinny does not equate to being healthy, while being more heavy set does not equate to being unhealthy.

Now, as a young adult who has seen a small amount of the world, I can say that even with that small amount of understanding and experience that the original intention of the movement has spiraled into something that is the antithesis of the original core of the movement. I have had a friend of mine take their life due to people bullying them for going to the gym and being a 'effing frat boi gym rat' due to some 'Body Positive' activists continuously harassing them on their online social media posts, and another who ended up falling into their habit of stress eating due to some of these 'Body Positive' activists saying that following their nutritionist and doctor's orders and trying to mitigate repercussions for their diabetes was not 'Body Positive'. That prioritizing their health was wrong, and that they should be 'eating that cake/bag of chips and drinking that soda/margarita'.

Even from a personal standpoint I have struggled with my weight. As a personal choice, I started to become active in sports, and started taking a more proactive stance in regards to what I ate while cutting out sodas and other sugary confections from my diet. However that is my own personal decision. You can be however you want, and wear whatever you would like; however in my opinion, unless your doctor (a medical professional) tells you to change, you are fine. It is when people who are demanding someone to stop what they are doing, or attempting to impose conditions upon others that are not their primary healthcare professional is where it gets dangerous. (In my opinion)

So, while I believe that the movement started off with non-harmful intentions, in my recent experiences those intentions are anything but.

0 I have mixed feelings on this. (Info all the sizes are listed as UK sizes. To convert for example US 8 is a UK 12.)

As someone who is 6ft and CIS women butch(ish)
I have benefited partially from the movement as a whole. But only byproxxy.
I fall into the void between the large and plus sizes.
So 18/20 UK. I wear 18 Xtra Long jeans.
In plus stores my tits aren't big enough. I end up in mens alot in everything (but not jeans)

I once got told in one of the largest "plus sized" bra store in central london they didnt stock my size (my tits cups were too small).
I'm a 40 B chest. am I getting a 40 on the highstreet.

In terms of attitudes to my body. I can't say Ive noticed any change. Dicks are still dicks.

Sadly when I got depressed after coming out (who hasnt if they were a 90s baby lol) I ended up reaching 113.8 kg.
As someone who was an athelete before that - it was horrific. Absolutely horrific. Knees and back ached, out of breathe. Couldnt look at myself in the mirror.
I've lost over 2 stone (12kg) but I am still a long way off my goal. For me the inportant part was to address the toxic relationship with myself and copic mechanism with food before I could be positive in any way about my body.
The change comes after the mindshift lifts.

I think there are some good ideas in parts of the messages and others that are dangerous and misleading.
I also think its been hijacked by people that really don't understand the body and want someone else to blame.


Dickheads not dicks lol

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