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Do you think mob rule will come to your city?

Christopher Rufo just put out a short documentary of events during the "CHAZ" (Capital Hill Autonomous Zone) occupation in Seattle this summer. Do you think the coverage of it was overblown or a sign of things yet to come? Would the likelihood of violent protests change under a Biden or Trump administration post election?

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Admin 8 Oct 21
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The first thing people need to realize is that the "MOB" (Antifa/blm/etc.) do not need a CAUSE, all they need is the "GO AHEAD" from the Extreme Left!!!
As of now, the two coast have effectively decapitated Law Enforcement at all levels, and THEY would sure like to get YOUR GUNS!!!
I forecast trouble no matter which side wins at this time!!!!
I am glad I am on the side with hundreds of thousand guns and millions of rounds of ammo!!!!!
Where do you stand?????

Serg97 Level 8 Oct 21, 2020

A "go ahead"... hmm, kind of like telling a self-identifying alt-right white supremacist group to "stand back and stand by" and then go to the polls and intimidate people?

If you are relying on your misinformation that "the right has all the guns" you were be greatly disappointed when you try and live out your civil war fantasy.

@JacksonNought I am ONLY talking about defending GOD GIVEN rights!!!
Do you have an issue with that?????? I'll BET YOU DO!!!!!!!!!

@Serg97 nope. You want to defend yourself, go right ahead. But my money is on the right-wingers starting the shooting if Trump loses - if he wins, you'll probably only see some left-wing marches and pussy hats again.

And when the people who salivate at the thought of a civil war, so they can start murdering people they disagree with, decided to finally act on it, just know there are plenty of left-wing people with plenty of guns and ammo. After all, we need to defend ourselves from you!

@JacksonNought The only thing I am aware of that will get the "RIGHT WINGERS" shooting is when BIDEN tries to take the guns!!! Hopefully, the Left Wing gun owners will join us!!!
Remember when the Brits tried to take the guns!!!!
As far as the Left Wing marching with pussy hats, is that like what we have been seeing in Portland and Seattle??????

@Serg97 remember when everyone was freaking out about Obama stealing your guns? Whatever came of that?

@JacksonNought TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just because Obummer is gone, dosen't mean the LIBS aren't still after OUR guns, THEY can't take over if We are armed

@Serg97 you sound mentally stable...

@JacksonNought Your Bio makes me wonder about you!!!!

@Serg97 I'm not going around exhibiting clear signs of ODS and just shouting "TRUMP!!!"

Oh, you boys ... you should have a productive conversation, like how do we peacefully #Balkanize the US?

As of now, the two coast have effectively decapitated Law Enforcement at all levels

@Serg97 Have they? There still seem to be plenty of police around. Personally, I'm all for giving the People what they want. They want to defund the police, fine ... all police should quit, effective immediately, then immediately organize non-State community defense orgs. The gloves would be off and you could clean house. It's not like anybody's going to arrest you.

On that note, don't take the #Left lightly, or overestimate the organizational and defense capabilities of the #Right. Read the following article. It's dated, but it's more important than ever.



I live in relatively small midwestern city in America, and I doubt that we will see such a situation any time in the foreseeable future. Most folks here wouldn't tolerate it. Of course, I could be wrong, but I certainly hope I am right.

I feel the same here. They did come here to riot after George Floyd. Things got out of hand the first day and there were fires set, property damaged, and people assaulted. The governor, the mayor, the sheriff, and the chief of police all stood up and said no we are not having that here. The second day they tried the same thing
but each day after our leadership would shut it down until they just stopped trying because they knew it was not going to be allowed. I feel safe as long as our leaders continue to lead.

@Lexpd1145 All that happened here was a small group (from out of town, if memory serves) tried to loot a local Target, but they were stopped after breaking a couple of windows, and nothing else happened after that. There have been a few genuinely peaceful protests by some students from the local universities, though, with no incidents at all, but those stopped as well. The only thing after that was when a small group, about a dozen or so, stood outside a Back the Blue rally (in which I was involved) and yelled at us as we went in and out. The police were there, however, and they kept the peace. I think they arrested one man who threatened someone. Anyway, that is the extent of the "unrest" here.


I believe I will see similar unrest in my area within the next 4 years regardless who wins.

The initial protests and riots began in a unique set of circumstances. Due to COVID, many buisnesses were already locked up, facing permanent closures, and operating under restricted times as well as restricted customer numbers. This left a majority of the city streets empty of workers and patrons, creating much easier targets for vandalism, looting, and other forms of violence. Since the only thing "hurt" was property, much of the policing was more restrained.

At first, I felt the officers and city officials were making a calculated decision in order not to create an even bigger problem. If they immediately went into the mobs, the chances were high that risk of life on either side could occur.

The lasting riots, catch and release, not allowing Trump to help, CHOP/ CHAZ, forcing Federal officers out, trying to meet with and "reason" with the mobs, as well as every move since has been handled incredibly wrong.

I believe the message this sends to the protesters and rioters is that the louder the scream, the more likely they are to receive their demands. It also sends a message to those who oppose these methods of "terrorist diplomacy" that if they value their rights and livelihoods, they are alone in defending them. Which will, and to a degree already has, happened.

I don't see Trump or Biden as a candidate needed for our current unrest, which would have to be a unifier. If we can't find common ground between extremism and political absolutism, which is highly likely, the civil unrest will continue. Over the years each protest and counter protest have become larger and more organized. When the next crisis emerges that requires bi partisanship after the election, I feel the protests will be even greater than 2020.

Honestly, I hope I'm wrong, though.😕


The US is in a precarious position because there will be unrest regardless of the outcome of next month’s election. Expect most of the violence and damage in the big cities, especially in the LA-Portland-Seattle Socialist Axis.

On the broader question of mob rule, it’s been running the shop here in Canada for sometime, encouraged by our posturing, woke Prime Minister. The mob has succeeded in shutting down all oil pipeline construction for over a decade, and has virtually shuttered Canada’s lucrative oil industry, home of the world’s third largest proven oil reserves - bigger than Iraq, Kuwait, the UAE and Russia. The anti-oil mob is funded by US-based activist groups like the Tides Foundation. Make no mistake, these leftists are extremely wealthy.

Statues that displease the mob are simply torn down, streets, mountains and bodies of water are renamed, and this week the name of our founding Prime Minister was stripped from Queen’s University Law School.

The BC Supreme Court has declared housing a human “right”, prompting a tidal wave of tent cities, rife with drugs, sexual assault and violence. Crime rises, health and property values decline, and leaders are terrified to challenge the woke-prog dogma that drives the chaos. Provincially approved drug injection sites proliferate, but drug deaths climb ever higher here. It doesn’t help that a socialist mayor runs Vancouver and a socialist government is in charge of the province.

Socialism, the mob and misery are always found hand-in-hand.

GeeMac Level 8 Oct 21, 2020

Canada has vast reserves of potassium, oil, natural gas, water, hydropower,
nickel, cobalt, platinum-group metals, niobium, copper, gold, uranium, thorium,
and hockey players. The world needs for Canada to be great.
America should kiss Canada's ass and build pipelines.


These were not spontaneous uprisings. They were planned. And they were allowed to happen. I think, in some cases—the mayors of Portland and Seattle—you were dealing with true useful idiots who bought the bullshit and probably wish they hadn’t been so ideologically hamstrung that they couldn’t imagine actually leading. Besides, their agenda tells them that this is the path to the great, egalitarian utopia. Poor Ted Wheeler got a lesson in idealism vs pragmatism, but just because he ran like a scared little momma’s boy doesn’t mean he learned anything. The idiot from Seattle finally sent the cops in and—voila!—problem solved. But I don’t think that changed her mindset one bit.

The only real path for the Lightfoots, the Whitmers and the Newsomes is to destroy the electoral process before they can be voted out. Otherwise, the people with the real power will take care of the riots.


Its a little bit like asking where the front of the battle will be.

The strategists behind Antifa will point them in the direction calculated to destabilize society the fastest. If I were they, I’d be focusing on the largest cities: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago...


The only way to deal with unrest is to rise and meet the challenge.
A nation can’t sit around and watch its own existence being destroyed by lawlessness.

Rick-A Level 8 Oct 21, 2020

I don't live in a city or even a town, so I really don't care what they do to themselves and their cesspool cities. As far as I'm concerned, the lefties and their pet Negroes will use the election as an excuse to increase their rioting and will do their damnedest to burn down the rest of what wasn't destroyed prior to the election. Once completed, they will begin to feel the effects of their actions i.e. loss of food deliveries, loss of utilities and other services.
They will then have no choice but to wander away from their destruction in search of food and will attempt to take it from rural communities and farmers all of whom are well armed and well prepared for for their arrival.

@pigfarmer Don't wait until it's too late to form a #MAG. Organize community defense before you need it!

@ZuzecaSape These are very good points. My neighbors and I already practice the basics discussed here - we always have. However, we're not quite as well an organized a unit as is described in the video. I'm not sure of how well farmers can live with rules and notions of membership. We tend to be an independent lot.


I guess it's better safe than sorry...

Admin Level 8 Oct 21, 2020

I'm wondering what the likelihood is of a Trump supporter/ patriotism civil unrest if Biden wins. I'm thinking maybe? I'm really unsure. What do you think?

@saramarylop3z If Trump doesn't stand down (assuming sufficient evidence that he indeed lost the Election), it is possible some of his supporters may organize and encourage civil unrest. Either way you look at it, whoever wins there will be people crying foul that their candidate lost due to a "rigged system". Be prepared for the worst I say, and hope it does not come to civil unrest.


My city is full of cows and shotguns. I don't see it becoming a riot hub.


I live away from big cities so I don’t really expect much rioting here. I think black and white people need to just be straight honest. Most whites don’t wish harm to blacks. White people are just afraid of their race going extinct!! If we can talk honestly about this we may get somewhere
>>> Also, we are all slaves to the Zionist agenda that controls our Usury money system


In Wisconsin, the small towns of Kenosha and Wauwatosa were hit.


I think such occurrences are as likely as not to happen again in other municipalities all depending on the fortitude of the local governments. If the local governments are too afraid of being politically unpopular to seek assistance in order to keep their citizens safe then such things are more likely to happen. When governments leave their police departments hanging out to dry it is probably only a matter of time.
Those setting up "autonomous" zones should immediately be given a lesson in what "autonomous" actually means: providing for themselves all necessary services (power, water, sewer etc.); all the things normal citizens pay for with their taxes. This makes them autonomous. Nothing else.


Unlikely for a long time in my area. Too far away from people and too cold. But in no way was the CHAZ coverage overblown. If someone decides to create an “autonomous zone” inside the country, it needs to be covered. If shitbags decide to terrorize a city for 100+ days, that needs to be covered, too. Some call what the CHAZ idiots did and what the Portland shitbags are doing “proof of concept” operations, so yea, everyone needs to be aware of what subversive actors are doing and how they’re doing it.

Sign of things to come? I’d say it’s already here.

When you least expect it, it happens. Hope you are right.


Nah. Brits can't be bothered. 😛

Naomi Level 8 Oct 21, 2020

I expect continued unrest, but even should it extend into the city nearby, I don't expect to be fighting brain dead zombies within a dozen miles of my home. I don't expect, but have made my feeble efforts toward "just in case."

govols Level 8 Oct 21, 2020

The "Brain Dead Zombies" have been with us since the 1960's, wake up!!!!!
And who else is it that you think you might be fighting????
Glad to hear that you are making some effort to prepare, good luck!!!!
I am too old to run or to fight, all you will hear is the "click" of the sear!!!!


I don't expect "autonomous zones" organized by Antifa thugs in my country, mainly because Antifa here doesn't have the organizational sophistication to do such a thing. Also there is no government that draws the anger of George Soros. That doesn't mean that there are no such zones in Europe, there are no-go-areas in several cities where Muslims maintain their version of "Sharia Law". They also attack non-Muslims with mobs and cause a lot of havoc.

Corjova Level 6 Oct 21, 2020

San Diego is less likely to have any major unrest, but there has been a little. I don't expect a BIG deal, but lots of little dumpster fires...


Surely one mob or the other, Antifa, Democrats, or could even be Republica, but undoubtedly a gang of some sort.


If it spread To Australia it will be a concern.

guru Level 9 Oct 22, 2020

Some will try something but they will be sitting in the county prison right away awaiting trial.
Smaller cities cannot afford to put up with this crap.
Why does people think it is happening where it is happening?


I think there will be more unrest if Trump wins.

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