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Would moving state borders reduce the chance of civil war?

As you know, the US is more politically polarized than ever both as shown by the US map image below. The red/blue shows the net change in voters by county... basically suggesting that states are becoming physically polarized. As such, counties often have more in common with neighboring state's policies than their own. This has lead to a renewed interest in changing state borders to allow counties that feel disenfranchised to join adjacent states. One example are counties in Eastern Oregon and Northern California who are more aligned with the politics of Idaho. A group called Greater Idaho is trying move Idaho's border and has succeeded to get on some local ballots.

Independent of the federal and policy implications, is it better for states to keep polarization local (as is) or to have consolidated counties that create neighboring states with vastly different political views? What could go wrong?

Note: I am considering to help fund the Greater Idaho project and posting this in part to get your advice. Thanks.

Admin 8 Nov 20
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By all means, let's keep rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

The youngest generation is more conservative and could "right" the ship if we keep it afloat long enough.

That's good!

@Admin I hope you are right about that.


The civil war is rural vs. urban.

In Civil War I, the North was economically stronger than the South.

In Civil War II, Republican cities and states are economically stronger than
Democrat cities and states. Republican territory tends to have less debt/capita
than Democrat territory, less taxes, less crime, and a larger value for exports minus
imports. Moving vans are flowing from blue to red states. The plot quantifies
this, with more plots in []

A "blue hole" is a leftist city. The law of blue holes is that blue holes get bluer, until
they end in a blue hole singularity. There are few large red cities, the largest being
Oklahoma City.

The vote shift plot is fascinating. Not only is rural red and cities blue, it's becoming
even more so.

In the age of sail, prosperity required being on a sailing route. Same for the age of rail
and the age of interstate freeways. The modern age is aircraft, which are different from the above
in that they can't make stops along the way. It's all about airports and hubs.
You need an airport but they tend to be in blue holes.
This page [] shows the largest airports in red territory, such as Salt Lake City, Kansas City, Omaha,
Oklahoma City, Boise, Des Moines, Anchorage, and Tulsa. Montana, N & S Dakota, and Wyoming don't
have a large airport.

The only way to fight blue invasion is to be mobile. We will see an age of land
yachts and temporary cities where freedom of association can be exercised, plus
freedom of disassociation from leftists. We need competition between cities,
and this is a mechanism. In the Stephenson novel Snowcrash, America fractures
into independent burbclaves.

Cities rely on economic focusing of the rural economy, and this can be used to siege them.
The boycott strategy is to favor rural over city. Boycott strategy: []
In Game of Thrones there was no need to attack King's Landing. Instead control the farmland.
This is the Fabian Strategy.

The Ayn Rand novel Atlas Shrugged features an "atlas war", a war between the productive
and the parasites.

Missouri Compromise:
The Right plays the game according to the rules. The Left prefers to change the rules, always in a way
that favors them, and never consulting the opposition. The Right has to identify possible rightward rule changes as a deterrent to leftward rules changes. Want statehood for DC and PR? Let's also have statehood for East California, East Oregon, and East Washington. I like the name "Jefferson" that North California proposed. Let's have Trump State. Pack the Senate!

The flagship university of a state is often in a blue hole. We need new universities in rural territory, and they should be Institutes of Technology.

Also as to Civil War II, the Red regions are the most heavily armed. The gang bangers of Urbania have most of the city weaponry, but I don't see them risking their asses over a political squabble. They KNOW us country folks wouldn't cotten them bringing their ghetto looting selves down to stir up shit.

Love the charts you've put together! The war gaming process is fascinating until the bullets start flying (if it does). I think debt restructuring will be the first big weapon of blue cities...

The only way reality is inforced is through debt. Either the city tackles the debt
(which leftists don't do) or it goes bankrupt. That kicks the attitude out of them.
But up until the point where they go bankrupt they still have attitude.

One of the voting bases of Democrats is public workers, who vote Democrat because Democrats excessively hire public workers. It's vote bribing. Most cities carry ludicrous pension obligations.

Not all public officials can be elected. Too many elections. The officials at
the top should be elected, and then they appoint officials below
them. The quality of their appointments is one of the measures of their quality as a politician.

There should never be a permanent official. There has to be regular elections,
and the same applies to public workers. They shouldn't expect to have the job
permanently because the job is public. In fact, the principle of wealth
redistribution mandates frequent rotation of appointed officials. You collected a government check? Good for you. Now get out of the way and let someone else have it.

In Wisconsin, Governor Scott Walker drained the swamp by firing many public workers.
The public unions fought back with a recall election and Walker won.

We will soon see the collapse of cities, states, and colleges, and that will change the political

The plot shows that republican states are stronger than democrat states, and that moving vans are flowing from democrat to republican states.


I'm not a fan of people moving goalposts to guarantee the results they want. Natives of states like Tennessee and Texas and Idaho and many others have a general distaste for transplants from California that ruined their own state and attempt to spread their disease to another. I can't say I blame them.


For reasons i hope to explain elsewhere I believe that a state should ideally have a surface equal to countries like Ireland, Denmark, Switzerland or the Netherlands. This is between forty- and seventy-thousand square kilometers of fertile and inhabitable ground. This would mean that the USA should redivide the country into between 140 and 240 states. It is obvious that the current borders are artificial. E.G. If we look at the time zone in Indiana we see that near Chicago it does not match the border of the state. I can imagine that people living in north west Indiana are quite happy to not be under Illinois/Chicago rule, yet have the same timezone. I suggest to create around 150 states.
I don't think that a civil war can be avoided by changing administrative borders. The argument for starting the civil war of 1861 was that the newly elected president didn't accept the secession of the southern states. So he sent the federal army which happened to win. There was no legal reason for Lincoln to not accept it, it was just a matter of power. The forces that keep any federation or any oversized country together, stem basically from inertia due the habit of federal / central government institutions to keep clinging to power.

Corjova Level 6 Nov 21, 2020

Changing the state configurations requires and act of their legislatures and no politician wants to relinquish control and lose tax money. For instance Parts of Eastern and Southern Oregon would like to succeed from Oregon and form their own states. Oregon is controlled by the big cities in the Willamette Valley and they will never give up control without a physical fight. So, in the end, splitting states without violence is next to impossible.

Right. It is the same thing here in Illinois, where occasionally there is proposed legislation to force the northeast corner of the state -- Chicago and the surrounding area -- to form a new state. But it will never happen because the majority of the states' population is there, and they will never allow the rest of the state to leave and lose even more tax dollars for their liberal policies which have bankrupt the whole state.

@KeithThroop Forming a new state seems harder than moving state lines. Agree that population centers call the shots... until shots are fired.

@Admin Good point. 🙂


"Would moving state borders reduce the chance of civil war?"

Doesn't that sound a lot like the "Missouri Compromise".


wolfhnd Level 8 Nov 21, 2020

Yes... it's at least a way to respond to unpopular policies.


Northern California has always resented the dominance of the urban areas. They tried to secede from California and form the State of Jefferson. They blockaded roads with bonfires and armed men to jumpstart the movement. Unfortunately, they chose the wrong date to do so. It was December 6th, 1941.

That's a date that not very infamous. 😉

@Admin Except for the major distraction of Pearl Harbour.


we just had “greater Idaho” initiatives fail at the ballot here in southern Oregon. Im all for it. Southern Oregon consistently gets the shaft in state spending on education, safety, and roads. ever since measure 5 passed in the 90’s Oregon does not spend its money where it is generated leaving our rural schools to rot while Portland and Salem spend at alarming rates. Our Governor does zero for us. shevwont’t even drive south of Eugene and constantly derides us as hicks and rubes. our lockdown policies reflect this too where isolated rural counties with 1 or 2 cases where people live very distanced lives anyway being forced to shut down with the rest of the state because our metrics have to be multiplied to x per 100k. 2 people infected people in 1 household can shut a school system down in a county of 20k because thats now 10 cases per 100k (multiply by 5).

many of us would love to be Idaho without moving. our people and our culture here is far more consistent and congruous with Idaho politics. No one here wants to be associated with Portland, when we travel people look at us like a bunch of violent socialist activists when we say we are from oregon before explaining... Not Portland.

RobD1 Level 7 Nov 21, 2020

Thanks for the feedback. From what I've seen from the "greater Idaho" movement, they are not well organized and are basically doing it as volunteers.

@Admin they were very unorganized, no signs or much to speak of. The lockdowns really hampered signature gathering in counties where it didn't make the ballot and campaigning was nonexistent. still the movement pulled 40% in the counties that it made the ballot on. The forest Fires really dampened enthusiasm in southern Oregon for all things this year.

However The “State of Jefferson” movement has been alive here since the 50’s. Greater Idaho is kind of a more realistic compromise in which many envision joining a system that represents our values being more realistic than creating a new state out of whole cloth. A more focussed conservative effort is in order here especially with the idea of Dems adding other states. realigning west coast power structures to more accurately indicate the electorate should be strategically considered.


I don't know much about your politics, but as I see with the extremist pronouncements of the Left against conservatives, I don't think a civil war can be avoided anymore. Or (at least) a countrywide imposition of martial law. The biggest concern is, which side the US military will take. It might be that even they are also poralized.

Politically, I vote against the far Left and see good things in traditional Liberal and Conservative camps. I'll make a post about civil war soon... thinking why would video game players want to go out and shoot people in real life?

@Admin I meant the "your politics" as plural and not to you specifically, as I'm no Westerner 😊 If this were happening anywhere else, there would be shooting already. Seriously. The fact that your society has lasted this long without kinetic results is to your Conservative society's credit.

I spent a lot of time in the military. The majority of service members are on the right but I am not sure what the generals are thinking. Many often get fat civilian defense jobs which the Deep State wants, but there are patriots out there. The young troops may believe the lies of the mainstream media but I still believe the majority do not think like the left.
I would think the military must be getting ready for strife. I am wondering if special forces type troops are training to stop the Communists of the left if the radical left becomes very violent. The head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff was rude to President Trump when President Trump requested active duty troops to quell rioting in DC. When we enter the military we take an oath to uphold the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. The rioting bought and paid for by Democrats seems like insurrection to me. The left's complete disregard for the rule of law points to something against the Constitution.

You are right. As long as the left and the MSM continues to turn a blind eye to the racism and violence of the extreme left, civil war will be unavoidable. Unfortunately, the right defending itself will be called facistic violence and the MSM will decry the evils of the right.

@JobyOneKenobi should there be one, MSM would be a logical "first order of business" target.


I am curious how you plan to help fund the Greater Idaho Project. In what way or for what purpose?

IMO - I like the idea generally, but like with - 'gun sanctuaries' that popped up in southern Illinois and some other places, all that does is show the group's willingness to 'retreat' in my opinion. Gerrymandering is already a huge problem in some places.

I wish we could just divide the country in half EAST/WEST but wherever you go, they will invade. As soon as you identify yourself as a target, they will attack you.

I read an article a few years ago about New Hampshire being the least diverse area in the country and in response to this article, a lot of people commenting on the topic mentioned something along the lines of, 'we need to do something about that.' There are no safe spaces FROM the Left.

RAZE Level 7 Nov 21, 2020

My parents taught me that if you're going to do something, never do it half-assed. From what it looks like, the Greater Idaho Project could use a little more professionalism and organization. I'm rooting for the underdogs... the people living in the rural areas who don't agree with Portland's politics. The recent decriminalization of hard drugs is one example of a policy which is better suited first for an urban area but applied state wide.

But you cannot fear these leftists. They want you to be anxious and fearful. I would never act that way. These leftists are just arrogant, sarcastic, self serving sociopathic creatures and should be treated accordingly if they mistreat you.


3 week tour of the west a year ago. N of Napa, east of Crater Lake we started running into MAGA cafes. Felt welcome.

M1TMC Level 6 Nov 21, 2020

Southern OR is very beautiful!


no - the hatred and vitriol that is emerging has nothing to do with geographical location. It's about Communists trying to assert their power and oppressive politics and holding dominion of the general population.

iThink Level 8 Nov 21, 2020

Yes, but at the state level, there is different levels of taxation.


This is what happens when stupid countries take in foreign outsiders who fully refuse to be a patriot to said country that took them in, they still hold their ancestor's country beliefs.
As for America, a once proud strong nation until the UN's interference into the Democrat Party, have made you all weak kneed.
Trump was and is the only one standing against them, and trying to bring back the jobs, the independance, the strength, the Liberty, the power America ONCE HAD, and many across the world like here in Australia were also proud of America for how they conducted themselves!!!
Australia always followed America, and still would have if President Trump got his well deserved future four years, and well deserved after all the hard work he put in, for you the people!!
Are the people in every country all over the world the only ones seeing the great good President Trump has done, if so, then I'd advise people to read all about the great advantages he's put in place, instead of listening to fake hoax media that have invested interests to make President Trump look bad!!!
Civil war, just great, so you all fall into the trap orchestrated by the United Nations by pitting one against the other, people made to be angry and like rabid dogs turn on each other!!
Between the LBGQT lot, the men who want to be women and women who want to be men, and men can have babies, and teenagers screaming eat your babies, and the BLM movement, etc, no one has caught on yet who put that into their heads, the UN, with a little help from way back in the sixties when they invented, "THE PILL" the hormone that changes humanity, so whatever is born after that falls into what they had in mind all along, WELCOME TO YOUR NEW WORLD ORDER, THE GREAT RESET!!!
Instead of fighting in the Streets, and amongst one another, sit down and really think about what is coming, that you Will Not be able to change, as it will be way too late then!!! Trump forever or we're all done for!!!
I wish everyone well.

You are correct!

I guess an analog in Australia would be adjusting Victoria and S. Australia's border. Regarding societal changes, I have the feeling that it's a bit like people eating sugary food... there's a lot of short term energy that could easily burn out once realize that there is less sustenance to it. Then again, a lot of damage could happen when people are on a sugar high.

@Admin The fact is, these border closures in the States of Australia, are all Left controlled. And the worst one of all which appears very Communist and is a little too friendly with China is, Victoria, where 800 died from Covid, or so they say, and the only State that locked down the whole State until the people there took notice of what I said, and stopped getting tested which I kept saying was spreading it, then, within a matter off days, no new cases. The Premier of that State many say is very much like Hitler in his domination and control.
I wish you well.


How about the simple answer!!!!
Let us get back to a Constitutional Government, stop the "give-aways" (welfare) and get back to the idea that if you want to eat, WORK!!!!!
That idea worked for about 150 years, until the "Socialist" (AKA, FDR) got into power!!!!

Serg97 Level 8 Nov 21, 2020

Ever try to take candy away from a baby? I've heard it leads to trouble.

@Admin It would not be, if WE had never given the "CANDY" in the first place!!!
Even babies can earn their candy!!!

So the highest middle class in history of the USA under FDRs plan is worse than the failing middle class of Reaganomics? Funny how the "socialist" had more people employee and making more money than anyone in US history. Would appear "socialism" is the best way to employee people and make people rich if u look at US history. The downfall started in 1980 once the New Deal was traded for trickled down BS lies that only sends wealth to the top.

@george FDR had a WAR, pretty much wiped out the working class for 5 years!!!!
AND, people got rich working extra hours, support the war, and more than one job!!!
I was raised by the people that did both, fight and work!!!!

The villain is the person that hooked the baby on candy.

The O'Reilly & Feirstein book "Old School" discusses how they grew up unspoiled by candy.

@Serg97 Bush, Obama, and Trump all had war and how is that working out now? The USA always has a war and the MIC.


I think it is time to consider dividing an already completely divided country up into two new countries: one that supports socialism or democratic socialism that support things like the Green New Deal and mandatory mask and vaccine compliance and a country that still values the rights of the individual above all else.

Andyman Level 7 Nov 21, 2020

I personally wish to keep the country together and lean toward giving more control to the states. Pendulums swing both ways...

@Admin Like I said above, let's get back to a Constitutional Government!!!!
That is where the power of the states originally came from in the first place!!! they only lost it in the last 80 years!!!!


How about you gradually expand Idaho's border west and southwest, slowly but surely pushing everything in your way into the Pacific.

Would love to see a test case somewhere to see how it goes. There is a huge long-term win for Idaho if can get to an ocean port.

Funny but sounds good.

@Admin Enough west coast LIBS, that ruined THEIR areas are moving to Idaho to ruin it also!!!
The LIBS don't leave THEIR ideas behind, only the messes THEY have made!!!!!!
I,ve lived in Idaho, I know, and now the same thing is happening where I now live!!!
Moving borders, or yourself, will not change things!!! Eliminating the cause is the answer!!!


Maybe the continent should cease seeking Equality it will never come to fruition just remember "All Animals are Equal....Some Animals are more Equal than Others"

that will Never Change!

jpnese Level 6 Nov 21, 2020

Equality is so often defined monetarily instead of fulfillment of potential.


That is a bad, bad, bad, BAD, BAD idea. Like, REALLY bad. Putting aside that it would foment attitudes towards getting away from learning how to be empathetic and to resolve your issues by engaging one another in a good faith effort; showing the people that such extreme changes can be so easily done will only change their perception of what a country is, and what laws are as things that can be changed according to their whims. I personally, think that they should be--ironically enough; but it won't work for a population as immature as America's. Your problems can be solved. You are just all being childish and pedantic about it, and everybody refuses to make an effort to learn how to deal with one another by rejecting the mere idea that you may be wrong and/or just need to mature a little. Because you are all such civilized, and successful big boys and girls in your mind even though you are about to utterly destroy all of your ancestor's legacy forever.

I'm sorry if it sounds tough, but nobody else will say it. It needs to be said. Even being said clearly and in your face, still won't be taken into consideration. Let alone all dressed up in strawberries, rainbows, unicorns and my cute face. The US is a country of big old children. It's time to mature, and that means to learn what virtue is actually about: sacrificing your personal gain for others when the situation will result in a bigger net advantage for both. It's just like with Capitalism against Communism. but you people are blind to anything that's not all bling-bling shiny. I better stop my rant here, I got emotional fuel to go on forever about this...

A1fredo Level 7 Nov 21, 2020

Civil WaR is more exciting and better for the ratings !! but first burn down the media institutions then let the scramble begin ......

@jpnese You won't be quite as eager if you're the one who's fingers are being cut off little by little in order to force you to say something for the camera to humiliate you publicly, while pulling your hair back to put out their smokes in your eye. I'm holding back out of respect to the site, but you don't know what it's like to be in such a situation where you don't have any power anymore and are in completely control of others to use as they see fit.

Have you ever been confronted by gangsters, by street thugs in ghettos and other places? The radical left runs the US mainstream media. They create the perverted reality through their newspapers and television. The law and truth is whatever they say it is. Try having a conversation with Trump haters. It would be great if we could talk but believe me the left doesn't care what goodness you have.
I grew up in a dangerous neighborhood in a borough of NY City. I first served in the USMC 1968 and have a familiarity with violence that the majority do not have. I didn't think things in America woud turn out like this. For the radical left the ends justify the means. One of the first rules of Communists is to control the media.
Do you know that the anarchists and Communists torture murdered 5,700 Catholic priests in Spain 1936-1939. Check out what happened to Vendee Catholics in France in the 1790s. Are USA leftists capable of committing atrocities? They sure are!

@Creaghsully I live in Mexico, where we find people in the dirt every week because of the cartels, but I do find them being better people than our police. I am very familiar with the dark side. Hell, I've witness some of those allegedly non-existent Qanon guys' "rituals" from those craxy totally not real conspiracy theories. And yeah, I do think we are all capable of atrocities. I'm not sure what your point is though. Are you pro or against? Yay or nay? Or what?

First of all not all humans are capable of committing atrocities. Those that do that evil stuff are a minority but they are the ones that often gain power. We have white collar sociopaths all over America. They hate those who do not think like them.

I am for Constitutionl government. I am against our getting involved in endless wars. It is Democrats who got us into WW1, WW2, Korea, Vietnam, Bosnia-Kosovo, and Obama gave us 3 x the number of deaths that Bush gave us in Afghanistan. He gave us the Arab Spring or the NATO bombings. He gave us Syria, the Rise of ISIS. Obama was responsible for over 940 targeted assassinations whereas Bush Jr some 54.

I came from a blue collar family. My mother's father died in a Pennsylvania coal mine. My father's father was cheated out of his farm which was eventually turned into suburbs.

I am against these Democrats as they are the greatest hypocrites in my lifetime. I have seen bad cops but I have seen far more that are all right. I would bet that 90% of the Democrats of the city council members in America like Minneapolis, Seattle, and many more came from nicey nicey suburban homes or nice apartments. Mommy and daddy were radicals or Democrats only and spoiled their kids.

These people embrace Communism which means they are historically ignorant. But they don't care. They like to have power over people and they HATE anyone who disagrees with them.
These Democrats have no idea of how you lived in Mexico. They will tell you they care but the reality is that they don't. They do nothing that works. They just make sure that the voting population gets their welfare checks. I am all for welfare when it is justified. Take NY City. The mayor there has wasted billions, and his wife running programs has made a fortune and given a fortune in money to the people she hires.

I spent my youth dodging blacks in the neighborhoods near me and where I worked. I have many black friends who like me want nothing to do with the sociopaths.

These Democrats will turn America especially the cities into the kind of lawless environment you grew up in.
I remember the fall of Vietnam and the tens of thousands of Vietnamese escaping in boats.
I could go on. These Democrats are radicals. This reptile Ocasio-Cortez wants to draw up a list of Trump supporters. Pol Pot did that in Cambodia.
Just follow history.
I am 70. The leftists control over 90% of the mainstream media. With them in power we will be hit with endless rules and regulations. They will institute a massive surveillence state. Already on the New York Thruway and Pennsylvania Turnpike in the eastern USA there are sensors on the sides of these roads recording license plates and speeds and destinations. You can see the devices and there is a pulse of light when you pass them. They are not there for our good.

@Creaghsully Yeah, other than I think that we are all capable of atrocities, I actually do agree with absolutely everything you're saying. The left must not win or the whole world is fucked. I'm right there with you.


Actually no. What I believe needs to happen is the Congress to stop limiting the number of representatives to 423 and reducing the amount of people per representative to something a bit more sane like oh 500K per representative. Instead of the current number that has it at over 750k. That would allow better spread of the voters voice and while it could increase the current division in the US it might not as people will be able to have more ownership of their seat in the house.

That and folks need to hold government accountable. Redoing borders is not going to stop those who have an agenda from finding a way of pushing it forward. Only holding them to the account of law and making the issue not an option will aid in a return to a more sane society.


Let's go full on retard but keep the conceptual ideas like the founders envisioned.

Using identity principles to take us to the maximum divisibility . Every individual is their own country.

Sovereign countries free to consensually establish "treaties" with other countries (individuals) and contractually establish "trade agreements" with each other for goods and services.

You could even rename the land mass / collective as the United Individuals of America.

Civil war would be eliminated. Real war would be everywhere instead.

If only we can get people to tax themselves 😉

@Admin Isn't that we are "supposedly" doing?


Would cobbling those Counties and States who more closely align Politically and Socially work for good or ill?

While I think that maybe in the short term it would be good, in the long term it would inevitably be bad.

Most “Blue” areas are Population Dense and creating such an overwhelming polarity would cause a conflict.
The first problem would be one of Representation... its lopsided now due to Blue areas having greater population densities.
Truthfully, the more Dense the Population is, the more Socialistic the Area becomes ... simply because Denser Populations are forced to rely more and more on Government Assistance ... on “Social” Programs. Most of those Dense Populations are due to the existence of Economic Hubs.

It would cause essentially the same reason for the first War Between the States with likely a similar outcome. The South lost due to a lack of manpower (population) and technology.

Blue Areas rely on Red Areas for sustenance and would soon find itself “required” to Force the Red to provide for them.
Red Areas would once again find that while they had the Will and Drive to support themselves, they would be without major Economic Hubs (trade and technology) or an endless stream of immigrants to bolster their numbers.
If we simply make lines between the Blue and the Red it would simply be a matter of time before the Blue gained an overwhelming amount of power.

"If we simply make lines between the Blue and the Red it would simply be a matter of time before the Blue gained an overwhelming amount of power." => isn't that happening already?

@Admin they've been allowed to recruit the nation's children through secret indoctrination and brainwashing in the schools.

@eschatologyguy Yes... and now they don't need to be secret about it. Even Sesame Street is doing it...

To some ... an obvious ... extent ... yes.
“Blue” seems to have gained an inordinate amount of strength.
However, the “Blues” are not currently cohesive ... they are not as strong as they seem as they, themselves are falling apart as a cohesive group.
Will they continue to? Will they fall quick enough? Its a tough question.
Keep in mind that most States are basically Red ... with primarily Red Governing Bodies.

If we split in Red/Blue we forfeit Our Right and Opportunity to affect their thoughts, society and governing systems ...

Although I hesitate to use the phrase because I DON’T consider this a game ...
It is said; “You’ve GOT to Be In It to Win It. ...”


Well I would suggest splitting up Red states to keep the morons from controlling the Senate 😉

Whatever the idiots suggest should be countered with the same, it's called mutually assured destruction.

Rearranging borders only addresses local issues and will do more harm than good as cities will never be compatible with less populated areas politically.

That borders should be redrawn is absolutely sound but not now.

wolfhnd Level 8 Nov 20, 2020

In what time or circumstances would redrawing borders be good to do?


I don't know lol

If we had maintained the original concept of a weak central government with largely independent states it would be a less difficult question. The Civil War pretty much made that impossible.

I'm kind of fond of the City State concept but question it's practicality. Like all utopian ideas you have to wonder about unintended consequences not to mention the political process that would be very difficult.

The answer to your question is when interdependence is less all encompassing. Perhaps when production is mostly automated. In a hundred years? I can't foresee the future.

this is absurd on its face. you want to take the already ridiculous problems redistricting has to offer and inflate that into a constant national problem. it would be great if people started thinking more than 5 minutes into the future. there are reasons to redraw state lines, politics isn't one of them.


More absurd than expanding the number of Supreme Court justices until you have a political advance? More absurd than creating new States to control the Senate? Think about it for more than 5 minutes.

@wolfhnd everyone keeps acting like there is some new looming darkness over the country. as long as you guys keep asking the wrong questions you won't find the right answers. the founders, forefathers, even the boomers or whatever they are called now warned us to no end about commies and traitors and were mocked and belittled for their efforts. we have processes, written down, agreed upon processes for the Supreme Court, adding states, etc. the problem is not state lines, justices, the senate or whatever, its the people. the commies as it were. the people that crap on the American way of life and were elected into government positions. this has always been a problem, some of you just never believed it. mess with what ever you want, as long as you keep electing people that want to rule you instead of represent you, things will continue to get worse and you will have your war. amatuers....

@solopro @wolfhnd Surely you realize it's a people-problem, not a policies-problem. Half the country went nuts because they are being affected by an issue that needs to be addressed. They are trying to change anything and everything because they don't know what the problem is. All of these things you mention are all cray, but we are wasting out time even acknowledging them. We need to find the root issue here.


The war has already started. As I have pointed out the only way they end is for one side to be completely destroyed or mutually assured destruction. The Democrats, especially the leftists, have declared they will not stop until the evil Republicans are made irrelevant. What you can be certain of is you don't want to live in a one party system.

@wolfhnd Yes, there needs to be a counter-balance to the far Left.

@A1fredo Hey ! fancy meeting you here !

@Admin elaborate on counter balance ? ideas ? what part of leftist ideology are you trying to learn to incorporate or coexist with ?

@wolfhnd The whole "there is no stopping it" is a choice. A choice to be immature wealthy brats to death.

@Admin Yeah, would you elaborate? Because that's what I've been pleading/begging/asking/demanding/bitching about for a year now. But they won't, will they... Will they?


Obviously compromise has become impossible, Pelosi has declared that to be the case.

The question was how to prevent a shooting war. Drawing new boarders I don't believe will work. I didn't work before the previous civil war. The only thing the enemy understands is power. There is no willingness on the part of conservatives to use the power they have.

@wolfhnd Pelosi is no the boss of them. It's all people and people could all change their minds. Well, mature people can...


Honestly, Eastern Washington would like to jump ship and join that project as well. The light blue tint is from a couple of college towns in each of those counties that could use some greater influence. A good chunk of each of those light blue would be red otherwise.

The largest red city is Oklahoma City, but you don't want it.

Oklahoma City has a blue hole at the center, and the hole will expand and
consume the city.

The blue patch on the southeast side is the University of Oklahoma.

State university systems may undergo secession. Build Institutes of Technology in rural areas.
STEM departments should secede from universities and form Institutes of Technology.


Wouldn't this simply increase the polarity, not decrease it?

TyKC Level 7 Nov 21, 2020

Yes, between states but not within states... on a per person basis.

@Admin Oh, I see. Yes, the U.S. has already been divided into districts. But this is only for administrative purposes. Any redistricting in the future will also be for administrative and or population control purposes. Bureaucrats care nothing for the good of the people.



There is an argument that the current situation is gerrymandering to disenfranchise the minority voters once their % gets too low to care about.

@Admin Which minority voters?

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