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Why do Democrats still believe that Trump didn't denounce "White Supremacy"?

In the first presidential and VP debates, the Democrat candidates claimed that Trump hasn't denounced "White Supremacy". Chris Wallace even made a point to push Trump to denounce it (again) in the debate. The result is many Democrat voters fervently believe that Trump is a racist. This pairs up nicely with the Left's narrative that if you are not an anti-racist (i.e., want to dismantle the "system of oppression" which is based on "whiteness" ), then you're a racist.

I found this video on [] which, aside from painting Biden as a clown, shows Trump condemning Neo Nazi's and White Nationalists. At first I thought this is obvious lying but there is something else going on. If you read the twitter replies, some people who watch the video believe strongly that Trump didn't REALLY condemn them. One even cited Trump glancing at the camera as proof that he was disingenuous.

What is going on here?

"If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it." - Joseph Goebbels (yeah, he was a Nazi)

People who say Trump endorses "White Supremacy"

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Admin 8 Oct 9
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The last four years has been nonstop insanity from the Left and proven to me that not only did I waste my time and votes on them year after year but -if they win-anyone not on the left should find another country to live in. They have already shown us what they are willing to do and what their lawmakers are willing to look the other way over. They know he's not a white supremacist. They just want to lie to themselves so that they can justify being a hate mob. After all, to them the ends justifies the means and in the pursuit of eradicating racism they can harm and kill people and sleep like infants at night.

If anti-racism was so important to them then Virginia would have impeached its governor, Jimmy Kimmel would be out of a job, and Biden wouldn't be their nominee. Their machine has convinced people that it is okay to be caught being racist under specific conditions, just like sexual assualt. Those conditions being "Democrat in an election year".

I am often amazed on people's ability to rationalize something that goes against their stated beliefs when it helps them continue their belief.


Better question is when will the MSM ask Biden/Harris if they denounce the anarchists and black supremacists who have caused over a billion dollars in damage?

If this is true, it's is a sad day.

It makes sense if you see the MSM as fellow tools of the Democrats.


Western Supremacy vs. White Supremacy

Is there a fine line between white supremacy and racism? Not really. One is subset of the other. But that’s not the real question of 2020.

Look: There are Black supremacists (Nation of Islam). The Japanese by most accounts are pretty much Japanese supremacists. If you think your race is generally superior, that makes you a racist by most definitions. Old news.

Proud Boys (however, as differential example) are neither white supremacists nor racists. Their president is presently a black man. What they are, is "Western cultural chauvanists." More interesting. They think that Western culture is superior, and I think there's a good argument to be made for that myself.

From the alphabet to the movable type printing press, to the photocopier, electronic computer and internet, that's western culture. From the laws of electomagnetism to those of gravity to nuclear energy, that's western culture. The steam train, the auto, the airplane, the Moon rocket--western culture. Newton's mechanics, quantum mechanics, special and general relativity and quantum electrodynamics and the standard model in physics-- western culture. Chemistry as an exact science, discovery of DNA, genetic engineering, and so on.

Was it all the west? Of course not. Western culture “appropriated” everything from Arabic numerals to the Indian zero. There was a big assist from High Islam in the dark ages, after Rome fell. The Chinese invented gunpowder, but the west figured out how to make weapons with it, and so on, and so on.

But generally, we all ride on technology invented in the west. You do if you're reading this on Facebook on some device made of transistors.

Plenty of art was invented in the west, too. Until K-pop. 😜

Western Civ starts in Egypt, moves to Greece, Rome, Byzantines, England, Europe, US, etc. I have left out the Babylonians and others but I’m trying for empires that made big progress. All these people had the advantage of the Mediterranean as play pool. They learned long distance sailing and got wealthy in trade, then war and colonialism, and finally dominated the world. The Mediterranean is why you have your iPhone and why it was invented by people who spoke English. It’s all chance but some culture had to do it first. Same with going to the Moon.

Over the past several generations there has been a general attack on “Western Civilization” classes in universities. Jared Diamond wrote “Guns, Germs, and Steel,” but was ignored. The attack was not happenstance, but I think was mostly jealousy, and a grab for political power by Marxists who had been formerly pushing "The Second World" of USSR and China but lost that race. So now what?

And most recently, the “Third World,”which had been pawns in the cold war between First and Second World, has joined in the anger. How come the First World has all the good stuff? It stole it, maybe. So Marxism said. But capitalists managed to resist those ideas. They just said “Socialism fails. Get your own, like Singapore.”

The Marxists weren’t giving up so easily. They were entrenched in western universities and weren’t interested in Singapore. So they changed their narrative.

Here is the newer and more visceral idea: that "western culture" is just a polite term for “white culture,” and thus saying western culture is superior IS a type of white supremacy claim. Aha.

It is not, of course. The association of lighter skin and European sailing is chance. But the people who want to push the destruction of western economics (primarily) and western science (secondarily) hope you won’t notice. They know that claims of racism and evil-whites will serve their cause better than claims of evil-capitalism (again, since the East lost the Cold war). This new narrative is their best chance.

People laugh at full economic socialism. So, rename it! We can rebrand anticapitalism as antiracism, and that gives the Marxists leverage (nevermind that Marx himself was racist, antisemitic, and wouldn’t pass a #MeToo test).

All the arguments about class-struggle can be repackaged as “structural racism” and racial justice. How exciting! Since people tend to leave wealth to their own descendants and tribes, very little must change in Marx’s overall views but the destription of winners and losers in terms of skin tone rather than wealth.

We are looking to prey upon the guilty children of privilege, like Engels. It might not irk people anymore to be called capitalists and derided for having more money. But it does irk them to be called racists, as that's a moral issue, and now we've finally succeeded in turning the economic debate into a moral debate that everybody understands better.

And here we are. "Critical Race Theory" is just rebranded Marxism with all the old ideas coming with a new label of structural racism on them, so you can't laugh at them.

But what to do? You are sitting there at your computer making 10 times the world poverty level salary and burning 10 times the amount of fossil fuel, and you're wearing clothes made in Vietnam and probably shoes made in some third world country by people who are abused, and making some Black basketball star rich. No, they aren't made in St. Louis or Detroit. They are made by capitalistic “exploitation," with the top profits chopped off and donated to BLM for the purpose of giving you riots and making you specifically feel guilty (but not any of those other players). And now you are a racist.

The new Left now also has your "whiteness" lumped into a single group, whether your ancestors are from Ireland or Italy, or are atheists, Jews or Christians.

It was Trotsky who first weaponized the term “racism” as an attack tool to be used against the anti-Communists or fascists. It is now a last tool to be picked up by the have-nots in modern world. It is a powerful tool. The problem of “blame the rich” was that class mobility existed. “Blame white people” now passed guilt along bloodlines and diffused it over imaginary groups by generalization. Guilt was now transmitted genetically.

Nevermind that all this is the original sin of racism, but simply applied to Europeans. The Critical Race Theory philosophers weren’t worried about hypocrisy or irony. They simply wanted power from whoever would be fooled by old wine in new bottles.

Again, identifying cultures with racial groups is itself a fairly virulent form of racism. Especially at the same time denying quite rightly that division of people into a few skin tone “racial groups” is not a good biological concept. What matters is the target.

This time, YOU the “white person” are the victim of the hate. It is born out of jealousy, because your ancestors chose wisely.

And it is a shell game. The same old Communist shell game with different colored shells.

Babou Level 7 Oct 10, 2020

Democrats have never had a true path for the country. They just used pandering and lies to get power.

And now, violence in the streets.

@Jmann44492403 they perpetrate it and encourage it when they talk to the media, but somehow that can’t/shouldn’t be seen as supporting it.

I give Democrats credit for championing equal rights up to and including "marriage equality" for gays/lesbians. We all should just have gave everyone "high fives" and smile for the future. However, now it is clear that they are not for equality... but for "equity".


At the level of the lies being told in this matter the lies constitute the prosecutable crime known as treason, calling these lies anything other than a cause to bring the treasonous before the people in a Court of Law (common law, not Admiralty, Equity, Family, etc.) is a failure of moral duty in my opinion.


The People (not a division of the whole: a majority, minority, special interest, race, religion, sex, gang, mob, etc.) are represented as if The People were ONE in a jury trial (12 people randomly selected so as to avoid obvious bias during selection, to stack the jury in favor of a majority, minority, special interest, race, sex, gang, mob, etc.) and in defense of The People there is Law, rule of law, rule by due process of law, rule by The People as a whole as determined by the representatives who represent The People as a whole: the jury. These liars (criminal frauds) would be named on presentments to offer them the opportunity to defend themselves against the charge of treason if the law was the power that rules instead of Mob rule for or against "the left."

@Josf-Kelley 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Perhaps Trump needs to bring a laptop to the next debate with queued up videos to refute misinformation?


From a response below is this: "I'm thinking that after the next debate, we can have a question about what would be an ideal way to get to know candidates better... for example, one on one or perhaps separate grilling by a panel of 2-3 people?"

I'm thinking 1 individual (someone who discovers the fraud being perpetrated) contacts another individual (a common law magistrate, a member of the pool from which a grand jury is formed), which then assembles 25 individuals (an independent grand jury at common law: the law of the land) which then assembles 12 people (a common law trial jury) and the accuses is afforded access to the lawful representatives of The People, whereby the defendant can state his or her case as to why he or she did what he or she (or other) did what they did in the treason case before The People.

This isn't about which head of a corporation is "elected" into that position of power, this is about the fact that U.S.A. has been taken over by criminals whose numbers have grown to such a degree that their crimes are legion, and well documented.

@Josf-Kelley All while being attached to a lie detector. Advances in technology today ... these lie detectors should pick up even the littlest white lie. Brain scans should be able to detect lying.

@Josf-Kelley They could test it on Comey. His last interview? How many times did he not remember?
And to think he wrote a book. Tsk Tsk Tsk


You hit the ball out of the park. The LAW is supposed to be the lie detector, and as it was when it was shelved in America (1789), it was very low technology, but still high quality and low cost, and now there is no reason, no reasonable excuse, but plenty of evidence, explaining why The LAW hasn't grown much more efficient (as a lie detector) and much less expensive in the 231 years since the treasonous frauds took over America.

Having over 200 years to perfect a lie detecting technology that is much better than common law would compete very well with common law, and potentially exceed the capacity for common law to detect lies told by powerful - treasonous - criminals such as:

"But Hamilton wanted to go farther than debt assumption. He believed a funded national debt would assist in establishing public credit. By funding national debt, Hamilton envisioned the Congress setting aside a portion of tax revenues to pay each year's interest without an annual appropriation. Redemption of the principal would be left to the government's discretion. At the time Hamilton gave his Report on Public Credit, the national debt was $80 million. Though such a large figure shocked many Republicans who saw debt as a menace to be avoided, Hamilton perceived debt's benefits. "In countries in which the national debt is properly funded, and the object of established confidence," explained Hamilton, "it assumes most of the purposes of money." Federal stock would be issued in exchange for state and national debt certificates, with interest on the stock running about 4.5 percent. To Republicans the debt proposals were heresy. The farmers and planters of the South, who were predominantly Republican, owed enormous sums to British creditors and thus had firsthand knowledge of the misery wrought by debt. Debt, as Hamilton himself noted, must be paid or credit is ruined. High levels of taxation, Republicans prognosticated, would be necessary just to pay the interest on the perpetual debt. Believing that this tax burden would fall on the yeoman farmers and eventually rise to European levels, Republicans opposed Hamilton's debt program.

"To help pay the interest on the debt, Hamilton convinced the Congress to pass an excise on whiskey. In Federalist N. 12, Hamilton noted that because "[t]he genius of the people will ill brook the inquisitive and peremptory spirit of excise law," such taxes would be little used by the national government. In power, the Secretary of the Treasury soon changed his mind and the tax on the production of whiskey rankled Americans living on the frontier. Cash was scarce in the West and the Frontiersmen used whiskey as an item of barter."
Reclaiming the American Revolution: The Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions and their Legacy
by William Watkins


Trump's opponents are obsessed with creating false narratives they hope will affect the election. As we get closer, look for them to intensify. They don't care that they're misleading people. They just want to sow seeds of doubt until the election is over.

Definitely some false narratives being created, which I get because that’s the game. That said, there’s also some genuine leftist support for the anarchist and black supremacist violence, rioting, etc., at least, if their own words are to be believed..


I'm concerned that the false election narratives are just the tip of the spear with a whole pack of false narratives coming behind.


Why didn't they keep asking Hillary to denounce her mentor the Exalted Cyclops in the Ku Klux Klan?

Whatever Trump says or however he says it it will not cure TDS. Our ignorant intelligencia needs to look at how similar Trump is treated to how the press treated Lincoln. The Washington establishment has always been a "mean girls club".

Trump is a the Texas Wrestling president, who cares. The " eloquent" Obama was one of the most incompetent presidents we have ever had. Based on recently released documents Obama was also dirtier than tricky Dick. I wouldn't think it would be necessary to point out how shallow the intellectual class is.

wolfhnd Level 8 Oct 10, 2020

I've been trying to figure out why the college educated class seem blind to the changes to the Left. I found this video insightful.


I have work experience with affirmative action. From my perspective it is pretty much a failure. I was strongly in favor of it back in the 70s when racism was pretty evident. I still believe it was necessary to change the culture but it went on too long. At first it was easy to find hard working competent blacks. Perhaps because the demand was low and the supply had built up. There also I think the first blacks that entered the market were motivated by a sense of trail blazing. As time went on my employer simply couldn't compete for highly qualified and hard working blacks because the situation had reversed. By the mid 90s every profession was out recruiting minorities from a pool that hadn't really grown.

Most of the blacks we were able to hire after the 90s were unmotivated and resentful. I don't think I have ever meet a black that at some level didn't resent "white privilege". I also have meet very few professional whites who really understood how privileged they were to grow up where they did. Even if their family was poor they were imbued with a sense of opportunity. Until fairly recently however most professionals came from professional families. Partly due to genetics and partly economics and culture. The point is that blacks have an emotional disadvantage that was never addressed. Putting them in positions they were not prepared for probably didn't help.

When LBJ said the Democrats would have blacks voting for them for 200 years it really highlights the insidious legacy of racism. Little thought was given to what effect policy would have on black families or communities. Those same policies have devastated poor white families as well to the point that the social economic divide has become more of a class divide than a racial one. Some of the problem is simple incompetence. A lot of it is simply the indifference of politicians and government employees. More concerned with their own well being than actually doing their jobs. Still poor whites do not have quite the sense of alienation that blacks do.

My wealthy sister has lived with a lower middle class black man for more than a decade after divorcing her second and fairly wealthy husband. She is college educated and he was a laborer. She has no sense of gratitude for what she has or understanding of her black lovers resentment. To me that is the real story. We have several generations that didn't mature properly because life was too easy. Gratitude being one of the hallmarks of maturity. You could say Luxus destroys the process by which people come to respect their culture. The things that people earn by way of their own blood sweat and tears give meaning to life.


Admin, The LIBs can ONLY HEAR what THEY want, why does that still surprise you???????
I like "SLOW JOE'S", new campaign position!!!!
"You have NO RIGHT to know what I am, (SLOW JOE) planning to do as President!!!
You only have to right to vote for ME, then sit back and keep YOUR MOUTH SHUT, and "OBEY"!!!!
So, get out and "Vote for Joe", LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!

Serg97 Level 8 Oct 10, 2020

It’s modern myth. All religions have myths that explain their faith to the believers. The key word is “faith,” the certainty about things for which there is no evidence. The beautiful thing about faith: not only does it fly in the face of logic and objective truth, confronting it on those grounds simply makes it stronger. Affirming ones faith against proof that there is no basis for doing do becomes a badge of honor for the true believer. Virgin birth, Ressurection, turning into an eagle after eating a peyote button—religion by definition is outside the realm of truth, at least as a scientist might define it.

The Christian believes in Heaven and a personal relationship with Jesus. The left believes in the socialist utopia, the faith in which remains steadfast despite over a century and a half legacy of failure, poverty, misery and mass murder. Ignoring truth and denying evidence is the M.O. of the left, of necessity. Objective truth has no role in their universe.

Opposing viewpoints are existential threats, to be ignored, then silenced. Those who disagree are enemies to be destroyed. Lying about them, creating a narrative of rank evil about them, makes perfect sense in the context of an ideology that has lost all concept of objective truth. Political truth is all that matters—that which feeds into the narrative (myth) and furthers the agenda.

Biden let the cat out of the bag in what was taken to be just another gaffe: “We choose truth over facts,” he said with the fiery certainty of the zealot. We should have listened to him. He just revealed the true mindset of the left.

The "beauty" of faith is that the more others try to attack it, the more virtuous the holder feels when holds it.


Trump spent so much of his presidency with sarcastic jokes that no one can take anything seriously from him anymore.

It is why he keeps being called a clown. 🤡

Stop joking around, stop wearing faggot makeup and people will take you seriously.
It really is that simple.

Can you give a few links to some of his "sarcastic jokes" as examples?


Yes, a few serious, but seemingly not too hard, I think, changes.
I'll add REACTING, mostly viciously. Or, as you said, sarcastically, RUDELY.

Of COURSE they DESERVE it, but the President has to rise above insults, abuse.
BTW? Have you also noticed he's doing better, more patient? I have.

But with such a high position, the damage is done. And in snowflakes like more extreme Dems, not only remains but escalates.

In my view, he did so OTHER areas, but kind of CANCELED his good things with this stuff.
He can wear whatever he needs, his business, but our business he's hurtful.


It's not that Trump doesn't denounce white supremacy, it's the way that he does it.
Instead of being clear and concise, he's nervous and hesitant. He has repeated this behavior pretty much every time when questioned on a racial subject.
That is the reason why people tend to think he's insincere.

Trump is obviously not a trained/experienced politician and doesn't seem to even train for debates. I agree with @TheMiddleWay that he could be more direct and clear. However, I also think that even if Trump did that, only his supporters will consider it truthful. In fact, he might do better by also listing his accomplishments to help Blacks (e.g., opportunity zones, unemployment, police-reform executive order, increased funding to black colleges).

@TheMiddleWay The President has denounced Supremacy over 20 times since his election and numerous times before that. Where the left has a problem is that he also denounces all racial groups and that doesn't play into their man bad all others good tale so they continue to say he never said it.


Wallace is just a Democrat Shill

It's odd that all the moderators are from the left.

@Admin Odd or simply stacked?

It's odd that Wallace works for Fox News and Page hosted a party for Trump officials.

@TheMiddleWay Yes it's odd that Trump's side agreed with the moderators. I'm thinking that after the next debate, we can have a question about what would be an ideal way to get to know candidates better... for example, one on one or perhaps separate grilling by a panel of 2-3 people?

@TheMiddleWay Doesn't work... people lie. We have a particular current affairs show here that makes claims about fairness and impartiality. But the public knows it is a total failure in that area.

@Admin Wallace, the Fox "News" guy, left?


Given the strange and trying times we live in and knowing how political correctness is more widespread than ever, once an individual comes to hate another and especially where political views also enter into the equation, an individual's bias appears to be nearly impossible to overcome. Even if strong evidence is presented that could clearly debunk any reason for holding such biases, minds do not change, and again that is especially true these days when politics are part of the equation. There are some folks out there who hate Trump with such a burning passion for whatever reasons, that they will not ever allow themselves to give Trump any credit for doing the right things. No shortage of cognitive dissonance to go around...

I've been promoting the idea that people are taking things on faith that the other side is more than wrong, they're evil. The Left will adamantly deny they're delusional and if pressed, they will say that Trump supporters are the delusional ones. I think the only way to reach them is to step back and talk values, evidence, and how they "know" the things they know.

@Admin With much emphasis on the evidence part. Blind faith does appear to play a key role in such biases.

"they will not ever allow themselves to give Trump any credit for doing the right things."

Media research study confirms, "Since 2016, previous studies from analysts at the Media Research Center revealed that the coverage of Mr. Trump on major broadcast networks was 91% negative.

A new study released Monday found that the coverage is now 95% negative."

Satan would get better coverage. The left seems determined to mire itself and the country at large in misinformation at every step.

@NonAgrssvMight Thanks for the link - I'm surprised that Washington Post even posted that. It is no wonder that rage is common if 95% of what you hear about someone is negative.

@NonAgrssvMight Satan DOES get better coverage... That could be interpreted in a few ways and still be true.


A narrative for the ignorant that will never search for the truth. Just like the Charlottesville narrative. As false as it is the uninformed still believe it.

"Narrative collapse" is common but rarely seen by those who are initially outraged. We could be biased as well... can you recall times where you were outraged by something that the Left did but later found out that you were misinformed?

@Admin First of all outrage is an anger emotion and I am not a person that gets angry. I will be presumptuous and change the word outrage to unset and hope that is maybe what you are implying. In that case yes. I can honestly say that I never take any statement or accusation as Gods honest truth without further research. I must believe that I have done everything possible to make sure that I can make as informative an opinion as possible with as many facts as I can find. My point is exactly the same however. Narrative to those that only hear the narrative and never seek to know the truth is what the left and MSM thrive on.


Because the Mueller Russia hoax and impeachment both failed miserably. It’s the only hoax they have left...

2peros Level 8 Oct 10, 2020

Do you think they failed in the sense of making Trump look bad to those who don't follow the news much? Do people really care if he was acquitted?


They will have nothing to smear him with, and they can't hit him with anything else because they did it themselves. It is all coming back and biting them in the ass now.
The Internet that Clinton"s Administration pushed for making it available to everyone, destroyed the control of information they and the MSM had. That one took the biggest bite.
Another is people can see what was actually said and what actually happened, because of the Internet, years ago majority found out information by word of mouth, now they can see it for themselves.
An example of it is this from []
7. Joe Biden
"By all accounts, Biden wasn’t the world’s greatest student, but he made up for his academic shortcomings with sheer likability. Biden ranked 506th out of 688 students in the University of Delaware’s class of 1965, but a professor still recommended him for law school “on grounds of personality and general promise.” The future VP didn’t exactly turn on the jets once he got to law school, either. He finished 76th in his class of 85 students at Syracuse, and admitted to plagiarism in his first year of law school. But again, a dean recommended him for a job on the basis of his “confidence,” “general physical appearance,” and “general speaking ability.”"
None of it to do with his capabilities. Makes you wonder why they picked a guy that to be Obama's VP, right?

Looks like he's one of a long list and some went to fairly prestigious seats of learning. Is it true that Trump has threatened to sue if his academic record is revealed?

There are many low-information voters who rely on “confidence,” “general physical appearance,” and “general speaking ability.”"


#Trump is the #WorstNaziEver 😒


If you want to see Biden as a clown (in his own words) have a look at this collection -

I think Candace Owens has the right words for what the left is doing with the tired old "White Supremacist" lie-
“But I’m a coon, right? A coon w/ a crystal ball who has warned black America for the last 4 yrs to get ready to check our emotions in an election cycle bc the media will attempt to turn us all into circus monkeys if we don’t raise our emotional IQ.

“They win, we lose. AGAIN!”

Looks like the video was removed already...


- should come up after searching "Power Tie" on youtube

It's an old fashioned case of gaslighting. Unfortunately for them it's all they have, Orange Man bad. One hell of a platform isn't it? Unfortunately for everyone in their right minds, at least half of this Country believes every word they say. I heard someone on a radio show the other day that believed with every fiber of their soul that Trump built the cages at our Southern Border and started the policy of seperating children from their parents.

With 95% negative coverage on Trump, [] ... hard to see otherwise 😟


Well, the video would have been more convincing if it had not portrayed Biden as a clown and repeated the same clip of Trump played over and over making it appear that he routinely condemns white supremacy. The answer to the original question seem abundantly clear. The Dems simply don't believe Trump. I could spend time pointing to innumerable examples of Trump's inconsistent manner of speaking, but I hardly think it is necessary. Anyone paying even the slightest attention could hardly miss the fact that he routinely engages in rambling dialog. Ben Shapiro calls Trump's manner of speaking "imprecise" - a generous appraisal to say the least. Trump's tepid diatribes hardly scream conviction against white supremacy or conviction to anything else for that matter. His lack of leadership skill and random oratory, driven by uncontrollable impulses, sets the country adrift - a rudderless ship exposed to the churning waves of Mother Nature, a divided, discontented and angry citizenry and Covid - 19, all guided by an administration unable to chart a course and hobbled by a leader whose impulses drive him hither and tither and away from commitment. It seems conservatives are in a political "no man's land." Either they roll the dice, place their bets on the craps table and risk sending the country into anarchy, chaos or oligarchy or they plot a course to a place they say they don't want to go. I trust with all confidence that they will choose badly.

TyKC Level 7 Oct 10, 2020

Yes, I admit that the clown face was over the top. I just couldn't (quickly) find a video that juxtaposed Biden and Trump. Originally was to put this one:


The left has always been violent. Late 1800's Chicago. Early 1900's Everett, WA 1960's just a few well known examples. Lets stop the Bull. Machine guns were in the mix 100 years ago. Do we understand the word ANARCHIST?

Did the Left has as much power then as it does now?

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