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Did 9/11 and its aftermath change your view of the world?

19 years ago today, the US experienced a horrifying attack that changed the way many of us view the world. We remember and honor the people who lost their lives in and around the towers, the brave first responders, and all of those who risked or lost their lives in the resulting military actions. Feel free to give your thoughts on this painful event and its impact on the world today and in the future.

Admin 8 Sep 11
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9/11 pushed me firmly and forever into the conservative camp. Most Canadians were shocked and saddened, but what sealed the deal for me was that a vocal core of post-modern progressives seemed delighted with the carnage in New York.

Most disgusting was Sunera Thobani, a sociologist at the University of British Columbia, who gave a speech days after the tragedy, not to extend condolences, but to attack “America’s blood-soaked foreign policy.” I couldn’t believe that a woman from one of Canada’s most prestigious universities could speak that way in the midst of the profound grief. It was like she wanted to purposely whip up anger.

Thobani is another woman welcomed into Canada, from her native Tanzania, who seems to find nothing here but more cause to criticize. Not surprisingly, she specializes in post-colonial feminism, Islamophobia, and of course, critical race theory.

When Canadians from coast to coast reacted to Thobani with revulsion, she played the victim and kept her job. To this day she continues to inculcate young Canadians with her hateful anti-western beliefs.

She remains my most nightmarish memory of 9/11.

GeeMac Level 8 Sep 11, 2020

We had an overwhelmingly strong military, stupendous wealth, and nearly absolute information dominance. We thought we were invulnerable. We were, if somebody attacked us with military forces. But we weren't attacked with mlitary forces.

We were attacked by someone who looked at us like a termite looks at a wooden fort. Collapse the barracks and nobody can rush out to defend the walls. Collapse the gun platforms and nobody can fire the cannon.

We are a complex, interconnected society. Blow up a few dozen electrical transmission towers and and our power transmission network goes down. Interrupt food distribution networks and mass starvation becomes grim reality.

One thing 9/11 did is reveal how terribly fragile our society really is.

As I recall, much like as with Pearl Harbor, we had very strong intelligence suggesting that not only was an attack imminent but almost to the point of knowing when/where/how. Almost...

It seems to me that it was allowed to happen. Like Pearl Harbor.

Didn’t anyone learn anything about asymmetrical warfare from Vietnam, four decades before 9/11?


You may not like hearing this, but outside the US, most people were briefly shocked by the scale of the attack , entertained by the coverage in real-time then quickly became sick of hearing about it all Day as though everything else in our own country was not worth talking about . , Within 6 hours the first pub jokes were circulating and by 2 days after we'd stopped caring

I don't doubt that at all. I don't think very many Americans would expect it to be otherwise. We would be the same if a similar attack occurred on London. After a few days we would go on about our lives - business as usual. Not offended at all about your comment.

Hmmm. It may be history to many today but it took me ten years to feel that way.

That wasn’t true for me, nor I think for many Canadians in general. For example, we had an American flag 🇺🇸🇨🇦 placed next to the Canadian flag in our workplace for over a year.


In addition to many of the great comments here, I would add that it certainly taught the U.S. that we needed to take much more seriously the War on Terror in which we had been engaged already for decades. The fact that most people didn't even realize this fact shows how unfocused and, perhaps, willfully blind we had previously been in our waging of this war.


I remember watching the attacks on TV realizing this event was going to change everything. A brief glance at the sky confirmed as much ... not a single plane to be seen in normally busy skies.

9/11 became the cudgel with which the #NeoCons beat back the opposition to push thru a disastrous, poorly planned #GlobalWarOnTerror and restrictions on domestic freedoms. Not unlike the intolerance of the #Left today, the NeoCons allowed no room for debate or dissent ... You're either with us or the terrorists, they would say.

Two decades later, we're still swimming in the shockwaves that emanated from 9/11. Tens of thousands were killed and trillions spent on short-sighted wars. From getting felt up by the #TSA to being surveilled by our own government, 9/11 was an excellent example of how easily #Americans are frightened and how dangerous a strong, wealthy, terrified country can be.

9/11, much like chinavirus today serves as a prime example of the free-est society on Earth gladly trading in their individual liberty for the promise of security. We all know how that goes. Look at what we've given up (and how much more we're prepared to) and not a single shot needed be fired.

What would have been a better response?

@GeeMac Police action to punish the guilty, tighter immigration, and better airport security.


"“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”
Mr Roger's

What I recall having the biggest impact on me was seeing the way the entire country came together to help each other. From first responders to everyday people on the streets. People of all color, all ethnicities, all backgrounds coming together and uniting in a way my generation had not seen.

What I've learned since then, is that we are, as a people,
far better equipped to come together against an outside enemy than one which lies within.

Amzungu Level 5 Sep 11, 2020

Don't have the time at the moment to go into deep details, but suffice to say after the events on 9/11/2001 my outlook on things started to change, namely political views. Most on here are already aware of the fact that I come from a long line of registered Democrats, and while not one myself I grew up believing in Democrat policies, and after 9/11 I didn't view politics the same way. Hard to believe it's been nineteen years.


It could have all been prevented but for the ridiculous FAA rules against pilots carrying firearms. We were brought to our knees by a couple of dirtbags with box cutters. Never would have happened if the pilots were locked and loaded.

Even tasers...

@73jazzbass If I'm not mistaken, the hijackers said they had a bomb. It's my understanding it was airline policy at the time to do whatever someone who says they have a bomb tells them to do. In such a case, firearms wouldn't have helped; people complied due to the bomb threat, not the box knife threat.

Not that I'm opposed to arming pilots.

@Admin The flight attendants on United had to resort to boiling water, apparently.


911 completely and permanently changed the entire world. It literally, factually led to the deaths of millions of people in the middle east; it led to the extra-constitutional creation of DHS. It touched every man, woman and child in USA in ways they don't even know.
Just as it permanently changed the city scape of NY city it permanently changed the trajectory of the global population.

iThink Level 9 Sep 11, 2020

Do you think Trump we’ll succeed in draw downs?

Given what you said, did the terrorists, in fact, win?

@Admin by "draw downs" are you referring to pulling back on our military presence around the globe? I think that's what you're talking about. It's impossible to say if he will be able to draw down as much as he hopes - mainly because of the variables - things of which he has little or no control. The "peace agreements" between Israel and UAE is brand new - tentative and could easily be sabotaged by anyone who has a vested interest is seeing the conflicts continue. Then there is the matter of getting re-elected. Hope he wins but have to acknowledge he might lose. Furthermore, even if Trump wins a 2nd term there is no guarantee he will enjoy a Repube majority in either houses of the legislature.
We'll have a much better idea about the "successfulness" of his goal to "draw down" after Nov 3rd - Dec 15th...inauguration day


I was 15 when this happened. I feel like my pride in America was shaken. I was a very patriotic kid, but as I grew older, I became less trusting and less admiring of America.

Less trusting and admiring because of 9/11?

@GeeMac I think 9/11 played a big part, yes. America wasn't invincible anymore. Maybe we weren't the greatest country in the world.

9/11 wasn't the only influence. I think liberal rhetoric definitely played a part as well... but in my POV, it seemed like liberal rhetoric changed to become less patriotic after 9/11 too. -- I welcome older liberals to respond to this to tell me if their POV on that is different than mine.

@RavenMStark I know it’s totally out of fashion, but when I look at the other countries in the world I still see America as exceptional. Ironically, as a Canadian, I feel a greater attachment to the Constitution and the founding principles than most of my American friends.

America, like every other western country, particularly in the Anglo-sphere, has fallen under the influence of post-modern progressives who hate everything Western, from Athens to Rome to Christianity, the Renaissance, the Enlightenment, Adam Smith and John Locke, the Industrial Revolution, the scientific method and the modern world.

The most disturbing trend of recent times is that both the left and the right have lost confidence, and are beginning to express the same diminishing faith and growing skepticism, which proves, the post-modernists have won, and won decisively.

After we dance in America’s grave, prepare for the return of the dark ages. Things are going to get much worse for several centuries, and may never get better.

@GeeMac Thank you for your response. I've been trying to rekindle some of my old patriotism. Your perspective gives me a bit more to think about.


It wasn't 9/11 that changed my world view. It was more how briefly we remained on the "same side."

govols Level 8 Sep 11, 2020

In answer to the question... NO.
But it did confirm that there are psychos in Islam willing to kill innocent people for nothing though.


The inner nation is under control unless we get a military coup when Trump is elected legally. The outer Nation is usually out of control and as was learned in Vietnam, not a lot to be done about it. Not a lot to be done as superpowers require require a vibrant war machine. The only other alternative is 100 million murdered by communism which completely negates the military industrial complex rants of the libs for 60 years or more now.


I saw this on TV when I was in high school.

It stupidly resulted in me joining the ARMY with a attempt to save the world as a " prayer warrior".

Of course, I was immediately discharged half way into boot-camp.
I lost my faith in God and the Republican party. Please vote third party. I am sick of this nonsense.

@AlpacaLunch the thread is asking us where we were at when the 2001 terrorist attacks happened and how we responded.

All of this impatience and panic is resulting in some very unfair trades.

We have become our own worst enemies.


Don't think it had the same effect as Pearl Harbor for many reasons. 24/7 space cartoon shows and movies like Star Trek and etc etc etc. Less Patriotism due to the 60's and the lefts constant drive to make us weaklings and non-competitive. Since the 60's military service seen as let them do it, not me. People living in various drug and fantasy worlds so that few understand reality and life.

Although war was happening already during Pearl Harbor... maybe we’ll see something similar internally 😟


Nó the US and British/Western imperialists just cranked up their fearmongering and caused even greater death and destruction along with their allies in Saudi Arabia and Israel, as usual we will never know the truth, no change there!

N0DD Level 7 Sep 12, 2020

Sept-11 made me read into the Koran and the religion of Islam in order to investigate possible religious motivations and "justifications" for the attacks. Reading up on the Koran led me to reading up on the Jewish Talmud. Much to my shock and horror, the Talmud turned out to be even more evil than even the Koran.

Study religion then become an atheist


I remember feeling it was a big deal, but not much more than that.
Today, however, seeing some ugly comments about how "all buildings matter" stings and leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.

@CharliePrime Nobody wants to talk about or cares

@CharliePrime the way all the buildings involved collapsed reminds me of the controlled destruction of buildings, like when they have explosives put in specific places so they crumble into themselves and doesn't affect the surrounding area a ton.


On 9/11 I was an open-minded Republican beginning college. I had slept in and felt like I was hit by a bus after I woke and turned on the TV in my dorm room. I remember wondering how it was possible that our air defenses hadn't been able to prevent the planes from crashing into the WTC and Pentagon. Months later, as the tragedy was exploited to wage the GWOT, which had been the goal of many of Bush's advisors prior even to his election, I became a Democrat. The nonstop official lies of the Bush administration, mixed with the rise of a police state, created a national paranoia that probably hadn't been seen since the Cuban missile crisis and wouldn't be seen again until COVID-19 hit and the police state ramped up in response to protests for racial justice. I remember the inevitability of the Iraq War. 60% disapproval flipped into a murderous national unity after a massive cable news propaganda campaign. Who can forget the military porn? I recall tracking the rising tally of civilian casualties in Iraq. I remember how grifters like Alex Jones directed their ire at Republicans back then. I've only moved further left since as I've learned more about the fuckery of neoconservatives, nativists, and neoliberals over the last 50 years. Hard to believe we're still being ruled by the same generation of failed leaders!

I had zero-point-zero interest or leanings in politics at that point in time. Was in my early 20's, I'm sure anyone could take a series of reasonably accurate guesses as to what my interests and priorities were at the time.

But regarding Iraq, I never did - and still don't see the correlation between 9/11 and the decision to go in there. Saddam was a bastard, but he wasn't OUR bastard and even then in real time I was unable to ascertain how it served the interest of us or even anyone else to take him out. It was a foolish notion that we would take him out and the next day Iraq would be a big happy democratic society. The truth is, power and dictatorship are all that societies such as that know and are governable by. Saddam's iron fist mentality is what kept everyone somewhat in check. You can take one shithead out of power but there's a whole line of other shitheads waiting to replace him. The best foreign policy we could have with the Middle East is to just stay the fuck out and keep them as isolated as possible. They aren't interested in Western ideals and way of life. It sucks, it isn't the humanitarian thing to say, but there's truth to it.


Yes, but look around, how soon we forget, that there are forces out there still trying to destroy this great country!!! They have just changed THEIR names!!!!!

Serg97 Level 8 Sep 11, 2020

Same force just a different face. This was just the beginning of their plan to destroy us, and they’re gaining ground.

@RoscoNovaro And I suppose that you think the people behind what is going on in the USA are all home grown, and none of the financing is coming from sources outside the USA, RIGHT?????

@RoscoNovaro More like defund the government and accelerate the process of becoming a mere colony for the rich and powerful to exploit.

@WilyRickWiles Ricky, you have changed your picture, but not your mind!!!!!!

@RoscoNovaro The LIBs think it is all about the money, just read Ricky response to me!!!!

Yes, we need to stop fighting over thoughts. Yes, confronting ideologies is more important. Also important is confronting actions. But most important is confronting and taking the reins of power in every venue.

@WilyRickWiles Ricky, that thinking worked in Russia, China, Cuba, ETC.
I suspect that is a good answer to you!!!!

9/11 has become a footnote in history now

@Serg97 There financing it with our tax dollars as all ways

@Serg97, @FEWI they did a good job and we ask and let them do it


It was a wake up call, like Pearl Harbor!!!
Some of the world see the USA as a threat, others see the USA as a competitor, others are just jealous!!!
If we stuck to our founding ideals, we could/would/should be the best in the world!!!
So, let get back to IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Serg97 Level 8 Sep 20, 2020

Well, that question is hard to answer accurately because I was young back then and I don't remember what my view of the world was exactly! Certainly I laked then a lot of knowledge of politics, economy... and the world and life in general (you know, what did I know at such age?!) However, I can say that my compass back then was almost in the same direction. Without revealing much details, that was due to my upbringing (a "moderate" Muslim family in Cairo), other factors, and Egypt's long war on terrorism!

While now I almost remember nothing of the Luxor Massacre (I vaguely remember it happening), 9/11 would then be the oldest terrorist attack that I remember details of it from the day it happened (where I was, seeing the reporting on TV, but not exact details though). I also remember some people (although I don't remember any of them in particular) either blaming US foreign policy or outright were happy about it, even if they're cautious revealing it or speaking about it (fear of arrest and terrorism charges of course). I also remember a thing that was circulating afterwards that 9/11 was mentioned in the Quran. I also, of course, remember some people calling Osama bin Laden a martyr when he was killed.. like a dog [1] (and I know, it was Trump's description of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, but it's valid though)!

However, of course 9/11 had an impact not only on the US, but also on the world and on the Middle East. 9/11 and what I have seen over the years, whether directly or indirectly over a long period of time, of course contributed to what I am today! [2]

[1] Apologies to dogs. But that's how the saying goes.
[2] To the idiots who took a quote, reportedly (and they claim there was a video of it then the "Jewish-owned" YouTube deleted it), of Netanyahu talking about the impact of 9/11. My words here as well don't mean that I'm happy that it happened or that I made it happen, idiots 😏


Made me angry,scared and very emotional as it unfolded.

Fleabag Level 7 Sep 12, 2020

I was surprised at what cowards people are. While other people were avoiding airlines I booked a flight to Paris. Terror only works if you are terrorized.

wolfhnd Level 8 Sep 11, 2020

But death comes to us all.


By definition you can only be brave if you have reason to be afraid.

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