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Are you concerned that there will be a coup if Trump wins?

Hillary Clinton recently made a statement that she suggests that Biden should not concede defeat in a close election. Biden himself said that he military will “escort [Trump] from the White House with great dispatch” should the president refuse to leave." According to the right-leaning Breitbart , the "Democrats are contemplating secession [CA, OR, WA] and potential civil war as they game out possible scenarios for a closely contested election". May Trump soon be in company with Muammar al-Qaddafi, Idi Amin, and Augusto Pinochet? Yeah, yeah, I know... hyperbole.

While this has been called "coup porn", does it tap into something deeper?

After the elections, expect...

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Admin 8 Sep 6
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The previous impeachment was clearly an attempted coup. I expect 4 more years of impeachment attempts.

I see the midterms 2022 as critical. If the violence and insanity the Democrats are encouraging continues after the 2020 election and they are not swept from office nationwide them in effect we have an ungovernable population. I don't think it means civil war just civil dysfunction.

wolfhnd Level 8 Sep 6, 2020

I get the feeling regardless of who wins the other side will be pointing the finger and yelling cheating. With that said, if Trump should win the chaos would most likely be far worse. At this point we can only hope for the best.

it might be worse, but it would be much, much shorter. We will have the military involved.


Who’s got the Marines? The army and navy were badly corrupted and politicized by Obama, but the marines have resisted all efforts to turn the PC. I think the odds are with Trump. Assuming they try to push things that far.

The bullshit about him not leaving is setting up for them trying to steal the election by mail fraud after Trump wins at the polls.

I see the Supreme Court getting involved. But if it comes to armed insurrection, it will go badly for them.

The gaming that Breitbart reported happened in June or July and they were quite serious. And yes, secession was on the table. John Podesta was among the participants, and using the military was also gamed. Just because CNN and NBC ignored the story doesn’t make it “coup porn.”

Nope, the Marines have been corrupted too. At the start of the current mess, the commandant ordered any and all confederate battle flags removed and forbid their display.


The Democrats are idiots, I doubt anyone who loses an election in the US can simply refuse to vacate the White House.


Two things: first I voted something else: that would violence.
Second thing - Hillary Clinton should be immediately arrested and charged for Sedition.

iThink Level 9 Sep 6, 2020

I hope Trump wins and convincingly enough that no-one dares mount a coup. If they did they might find the support they counted on is not there because, as has been shown so often, noisy minorities think they have more influence than they ultimately do.

I was excited for the 2018 midterm elections, it gave me a chance to make predictions based on poll bias and see how well I do and where I could improve. EVERY marginally close race was contested with recounts and EVERY time more votes were found for the democrat. I think I was most upset that it ruined an analysis that I had spent a months on.
Will violence stop if Trump has a landslide on Nov 3rd but forced into recounts for the next month?


Democrats are counting on forcing mail in balloting and using that to create a false win. With that false win or the complication of getting an accurate count of the mail in ballot system they plan on forcing their position as the winner's of the election. Using members of the military that are still loyal to the corrupt system of Bribery that has evolved since the end of world war 2 and forces of AntiFa and BLM to push their agenda forward. preaching that they are the actual government and trying to get foreign powers to only speak to them. There are Globalists and anti-American groups that will support that position (CCP China, Iran, parts of the EU).

What they are not counting on and in reality dismissing is the number of Americans who plan on voting in person to insure that their vote is properly counted (Good luck to the corruption when they start using false mail in ballot to discount votes in person). They are also discounting the percentage of the military that holds to the oath and the number of veterans and police that will NOT support their coup. This is something that the left in the US has had a very weak position in for a very long time and they think that they will hold the upper hand on election day and the days there after. What they fail to understand is that their position is one that has already shown that a good bit of their paramilitary groups are not able nor willing to actually deal with the price of raising the stake to lethal force levels. due to that most of the BLM and AntiFa will be hunted down once they start playing their cards even more violently then they currently have been.

They also are trying to use Trumps legal use of federal resources as a card to get folks afraid that he is actually as bad as the left states. One should look at the restraint he has been using in deploying those resources. If this was in the 50's or 60's this would have been dealt with and the bodies buried.

What will the reaction be, if 200 million vote in person, and there are 250 million mail in votes...


I don't see a coup if Trump wins a legitimate election (yes, still a lot of finger pointing and yelling/whining), however, if Trump loses and refuses to leave, things could get very ugly, indeed. I think a lot of the coup porn talk is referring to the latter scenario, not the former.


I.m.o. the coup attempts have already taken place, i.e.the Russia Gate nonsense, the Flynn setup and other unlawful arrests. Trump survived it and now knows his friends and foes. The army and important police organizations are firmly behind him, the latest spree of BLM riots failed to put him out of power, so the organized chaos of the coming elections by using postal voting will lead to nothing but a second round of decently organized elections with in person voting. The democrats and hysteric leftists will no doubt repeat their violent "protests", which are copies of the "color revolutions", but Trump and his government is prepared to cope with this!

The Army is woke and anti-white. It's nice it is comforting to think they're behind him though.


They have been attempting a coup since 2016. It is currently turning violent in much of the country, being masked as a fight for "social justice"... but it seems more directed as opposition to Trump instead of pro-anything.

“..opposition to Trump..”


I’ll just leave this here..

“As if 2020 were not insane enough already, we now have Democrats and their ruling class masters openly talking about staging a coup. You might have missed it, what with the riots, lockdowns and other daily mayhem we’re forced to endure in this, the most wretched year of my lifetime. But it’s happening.”



Make no mistake the coup has already begun. Democrats will not accept a Trump win under any circumstance. They are already admitting to it accept they will try to say Trump is the cause. All the riots, the Biden should not concede talk and much more are are signs of the coming coup. The 60 days after the November election will be like nothing we've ever witnessed.


I suspect that President Trump may win re-election, but I think the democrats will try to challenge it in the courts and drag things out.

Whites have to be punished for slavery 200 years ago so they probably won't be allowed to vote after this election.

@Truth_Teller20 Guess it only takes an amendment to do that... or a coup.

@Truth_Teller20 , dude. That is racist. Are you suggesting that there are voters who are dumb enough to believe that ?


Animator confirms what everyone already know : TRUMP WILL WIN and federal agents have immunity from post election results.

Clinton will visit a jail cell and criminals will beg to join her there because what happens next is worse than the death penalty.

No need to visit the polls, the Republic has already decided for you.


Nailed it!😂


I am really worried about the mail in ballot scenario and the delay and confusion it’s going to cause in naming a winner in the presidential and down ballot office elections. I believe that’s why the dems seem to not worry about what a bad candidate Biden is, they’re county on Pelosi rising out of the confusion, and becoming President for the next four years while millions of ballots are being litigated in the Courts


The shit will hit the fan when Trump wins

B1967 Level 7 Sep 6, 2020

Pelosi will have a full on Conniption if he wins...

@Lightman Oooh, can we all watch? Will she keep her heels on? She, hopefully "cinips" and then Steps down to one of her many mansions!

@Lightman I want Trump to win, and them his speech afterward to be HAHAHAHA gotcha. Now he'll never do that. But when he wins I'm going to have so much fun.


There is also the possibility of a false flag attack, perhaps medical (a huge upswing in COVID cases?). Properly timed, this would bolster the case for nation wide initiation of mail in voting. The massive fraud inherent in that system would virtual guarantee a Biden victory. Leaving Trump two options: accept being cheated and vacate the White House, or call it out and face the likelihood of civil war.

It does appear that the media is sowing a field to harvest discontent.


First, I wish our right and left politicians worked together as well as they did while playing out their little election war game. Reading about how both Republicans (not Trumps Republicans) and Democrats came together to plan out possible election scenarios was fairly irratating. I could think of a few actual issues we're facing currently that are in desperate need of that kind of teamwork.🤗

So, the entire reasoning behind this "close call" election cycle is stemmed from this polarizing impasse we've reached politically. Largely driven by the intolerance of the tolerant left, there is so little room for actual progress. The problems we are facing outside of political walls are not going to go away on that magical election day.

Currently we are not living in the effects of just one parties faults. It's not "Trumps America" and it's not the "Democrats America". We are seeing what happens when the divide is so great between political parties, something as unprecedented as a world wide health crisis is delt with in political terms. I don't blame the people, I blame the political representatives of each party.

During civil unrest and crisis, more than ever, people like Pelosi and Trump need to be seen as working together for a common goal: the public's health and saftey. MSM and social media, should be encouraging casting our political views aside momentarily to achieve these goals. The very opposite happened. Pelosis incapable of showing any support whatsoever to Trump for anything. A government so divided can't stand.

Regardless who wins, there will be another/ continued violence and riots in the streets. The Insurrection Act will be invoked by Trump or Biden regardless who wins if the violence isn't quelled before then. The violence in the streets currently is not going to disappear just because of an election. These parties are so out of touch they don't realize many people have already lost faith in them. Not many actually believe in their pandering or words.

A coup? Maybe for some extremists. But, BLM wants a complete dismantaling of the government, not to be citizens of the same democracy the Democrats have been running on for decades. They wish to rewrite and lead this new world. If the Democrats thought higher of the POC activist leaders, they'd realize these members and groups have quite a bit of power as a third party, having been growing in ranks thanks to MSM, and just might accomplish their goal. Instead, they seem to think of them as more of a backdrop for their election run and something they can "control". I expect more anti police/ government riots with Trump. But, I wonder if any of their scenarios included a BLM uprising over Biden.


I don't necessarily see anything wrong with the statements by Hillary or Biden. If the election is extremely close, why voluntarily concede if it's within the law to get a recount - that's what we did in 2000. As for Biden, of course you will need to use federal officers if Trump loses and tries to hold onto power and refuses to leave.

Now, I don't actually think anything like that will happen in the election. I understand why Democrats are worried - it's not like it is irrational fear - Trump refuses to say he'd accept the results if he lost, and also says that he 100% will not lose unless the election is rigged. Of course this is most likely a way to rile up his base, or troll his opponents, and they are playing right into it. Most likely if Trump loses, he will accuse the Democrats of cheating and rigging the election - he can never admit failure in any way, and had to make up excuses for losing the popular vote even though he won the election.

I am sure if he wins there will be protesting and outrage, much like what happened in 2016. Though if he loses, with all of his and the Republican's rhetoric, I can fully see riots and violence and "a coup" being attempted by his most rabid and unflinching supporters. A lot of them are just itching for a new civil war, and that might be enough to push them over the edge. I only hope things are peaceful and law and order is observed, no matter who wins.


No matter, this will not be pretty!!!!!!

Serg97 Level 8 Sep 11, 2020

You speak my nightmare. I hope and pray it is not so.

Dick Morris said Chief Justice Roberts will decide this election.


The military will not intervene while it's in the courts

I'm actually really surprised by our poll results... I must be one of the naive people who don't know how sausage is made. Everything feels abstract until a knock on ones door 😟

@dd54 Why wait for the #SCOTUS to settle the election when a few helicopter rides can settle it right now? 🚁


I am expecting accusations of voter fraud from one side or another. I am of the opinion that there has already been attempted coups with the Russia thing as others have already pointed out. If the president wins I expect violence and more nonsense from the left. If Sleepy Joe wins, well I would rather not ponder that possibility.

Sleepy joe dies of health issues within 2 years if elected.

@Truth_Teller20 Yeah somehow I would be surprised if he made it through his whole term.


After a Trump 2020 victory we should expect riots in our major cities using BLM and Antifa young white people as the force to violence in the streets. I suspect the average citizen is not going to be part of these riots but be the one most hurt by the destruction and violence. As in the 1960s the violence will be sponsored by people who have the money to attempt to achieve their agenda of civil unrest against our form of Government.


What I am expecting is that the democrats, and media will put the final count on hold with what ever means they have handy such as using late mail ballots, and challenging various state ballots. Then after a few months like back with Al Gore they will have things in place to announce Hiden Biden the winner no matter what the evidence and reality may say. If they can not get any assistance of civilian law enforcement, or any military service they will turn to the useful idiots they have in place on the streets calling on them to create as much chaos and anarchy as they by an means necessary. THen when citizens fight back the democrats and media will do as they have been doing all along and blame all the violence on normal citizens. The idea will be for either the citizenry and civilian authorities to start calling on Trump to step down regardless of the election for the sake of peace, and safety, or Trump will unilaterally announce he is stepping down adn abdicating the election to Biden for the sake of peace and safety. If Trump does this I will have no doubt this was the plan from the first day of his first election, and from that point on we can expect tyranny to be the "new normal" in all aspects of our lives.


The Left will lose it's mind if:
Trump wins by more than Hillary did and mail-in ballots go heavily in his favor leading the Democrats to complain Trump committed massive fraud using mail-in ballots.

Trump will be impeached within 6 months IF the House remains in Democrat hands. If the Senate falls into Dem hands, he'll be convicted. Of what will not matter.

If the Senate remains in GOP hands, the House will impeach TWICE within the first 2 years and virtually nothing will be accomplished by Congress.

If the House and Senate are in GOP hands, expect significant GOP cross over in the Senate to support Democrats.

And the talk of coups will be so consistent, that purges will be claimed as people are fired from Fed Gov jobs.

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