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Are people more racist now than they were 20 years ago?

I recently watched the Netflix documentary "The Last Dance" about the 1998 Chicago Bulls basketball team. One thing that stood out to me, besides Michael Jordan poise both on and off the court, was how people of all racial backgrounds shared a united joy in the game and the players. Contrast this to today where the game has turned into a protest platform for player activists to educate fans that the US is a place of extreme danger and oppression towards black people. I realize that this is just one example where it seems that race relations have become worse. But is this just a matter of heightened awareness or is racism on the rise? Do you find it harder NOT to have racist thoughts now than before?

Compared to 20 years ago,

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Admin 8 Sep 5
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People aren't more racist. The media and politicians just want people to believe we are because they want us divided. And not only by skin color....that's just the easy sell. The more division, the better. They divide us by skin color, sexual preference, religion, world view, gun control, wealth, masks, you name it.

Well said. I suspect that there is a younger generation here in America that has been constantly told that we are a racist nation by people who have an agenda in that being the case. It just doesn't happen to be true. This is one reason why they have had to adopt the whole "systemic racism" point of view to try to make their case. There are not enough clear examples to make anyone believe that this is a racist nation, so the Leftists have to try to come up with a way to make the charge that sounds plausible but which they think cannot be disproven. Never mind the fact that it cannot be proven either. It is simply an item of faith held by what is essentially a Leftist cult, an item of faith which, once adopted, leads them to view every negative experience they have as the result of racism. This in turn leads to the anger we see today.


There's plenty of systemic racism against Caucasians. That's for sure.


Of course people aren’t more racist. The culture, however, has been racialized by the activists and woke media who work relentlessly to stir up anger and division. Ethnic groups are constantly told they are hopelessly surrounded by hostility and oppression.

When woke warriors complain the media doesn’t “reflect” society, they are partially right. The media never shows the massive amount of goodwill and mutual respect I see everyday in the real world between real people of all stripes.

GeeMac Level 8 Sep 5, 2020

Talking about "race," as if it exists, is racist. Geneticists have known for twenty years - since the human genome has been sequenced. There are only differences in culture. Most of us are color blind. As soon as someone says "Black Lives Matter," they are by definition racist. It is purely racist for Michelle Obama to say "White people are what's wrong with this country."

When I was growing up, most people frowned on racists. So they gradually disappeared. New racism has reappeared for the single purpose of destabilizing our great nation by accusation. Frown on them. Tell them that if they see races, they are racist.


The word “racist” was created by Leon Trotsky to vilify anyone who opposed communism. Things haven’t changed since then. It is used almost exclusively by leftists to slander white people.

White people have every right to be angry with the behavior of blacks.

It is particularly amusing since Karl Marx was a rabid racist. His own son-in-law was Cuban and had about 1/16 African heritage in his bloodline. Marx hated him and referred to him as a negrillo, suggesting he was stupid and unsophisticated “as one would expect from a negrillo”.



Until I was introduced to White Fragility, Critical Race Theory, anti racism, and all the rest, I felt we'd gone leaps and bounds with race relations in the US. Now, after months of rioting, the bombardment of hyper awareness of race, and having read up on the matter, I personally feel the same exact way as I did before about race. But, it's really got me questioning the extreme lefts point of view. (I find most of the actions from politicians and celebrities to be pandering and virtue signalling and disingenuous)

One things for certain, if these racist ideologies are allowed to spread further than it already has, it won't matter how I personally feel if they are made "fact".


I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

When Martin Luther King Jr. uttered those words he changed our Constitution, or at least our understanding of it. It offered a way forward for people of every race. It had roots in the ideals of the the Christian Scriptures. It had roots in the ideals of our Declaration of Independence. It was a singularly American way forward.

The United States is a nation of noble ideals. Those noble ideals, however, had executors who were all too human. And thus our history; both noble and ignoble, generous and venal, improving but never perfect.

Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. said he had a dream. It became all our dream, for reasons both idealistic and very practical. Idealistic because it fits America's ideals. Practical because, given our history and ethnic mix, it is the only way forward. For as Ben Franklin said, we must hang together, or we shall most assuredly hang separately.

@Thaw Would you prefer that people look up to Malcolm X instead? Seems like MLKs words sure seem needed now more than ever (well, almost).

@timon_phocas #MLK's dream was banging #White whores on the dime of his #Communist handlers.


I grew up in Chicago in the 60s and 70s. It is a considerably less racist country than then. Even than in the 90s it is less. What HAS changed is the grievance mentality has spread and made those willing to privately hold racist thoughts MORE willing to express them.

The black on black murder rate in Chicago has changed since the 70s also. It's gone through the roof since then.

I agree that some of this increase awareness of racism and racist thoughts could be that when we were younger, it wasn't as noticeable. I remember watching "Archie Bunker", "The Jeffersons" and "Sanford and Son" and felt they addressed racism and different life experiences in a constructive way.

@Admin 😁


I object to term racism on several levels, as used for accusations and explanations of other factors.

First, it cannot exist in vacuum. It cannot exist on its own. There is no reason that I can think of why would someone discriminate against someone else inferior or superior simply because the color of the skin. If you look deeper you will always find that "racism" is a facade, a way to mask a deeper more pragmatic or ideological reasons. In other words , color of skin becomes identifying factor. By it self it cannot exist because its pointless. There needs to be some other economic, political, religious reason why people discriminate and than color of skin becomes either a way to easily identify the opposition or to rationalize immoral actions behind real reasons for discrimination.

Race is correlating factor. It is never the cause of discrimination. To accuse someone of racism is the problem is at best dishonest intellectually and at worst its attempt to hide the sinister motives of the accuser. Offense is the best defense, after all.

No one is racist, because racism is not the root cause, its an excuse . To ask a question "Are people more racist now than they were 20 years ago?" is silly to me. But understand why it was asked. So to play the same game, no people were no more racist 20 years ago than they are now, and I assume you mean United States here in particular.... it is simply that accusation of racism became quickest way to grab power in the war of ideologies.

It is not much different than word / accusation of fascism so I'll use that term to explain the same problem.

The word Fascist is thrown around a lot these days as the universal and frequently unchallenged label attached to host of cultural and political organizations. Wikpedia incorrectly describes it this way “ Fascism is a form of far-right, authoritarian ultranationalism characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition, as well as strong regimentation of society and of the economy which came to prominence in early 20th-century”. This is an interesting re write of history but a not uncommon device of current political groups and should give you some insight into their dangerous agendas.

“The further Fascism receded into history and the fewer visible fascists there were on display, the more self-proclaimed anti-fascists needed fascism to retain any semblance of political virtue or purpose. It proved politically useful to describe as fascist people who were not Fascists , just as it proved politically useful to describe as racist people who were not racists.” ― Douglas Murray, The Strange Death of Europe: Immigration, Identity, Islam

“In Italy, Fascists divide themselves into two categories: Fascists and Anti-Fascists.”
— Ennio Flaiano

The term "fascist" has been used as a pejorative, regarding varying movements across the far right of the political spectrum. George Orwell wrote in 1944 that "the word 'Fascism' is almost entirely meaningless ... almost any English person would accept 'bully' as a synonym for 'Fascist'".

Communist states have sometimes been referred to as "fascist", typically as an insult. For example, it has been applied to Marxist regimes in Cuba under Fidel Castro and Vietnam under Ho Chi Minh. Chinese Marxists used the term to denounce the Soviet Union during the Sino-Soviet Split, and likewise the Soviets used the term to denounce Chinese Marxists and social democracy (coining a new term in "social fascism" ).

In the United States, Herbert Matthews of The New York Times asked in 1946: "Should we now place Stalinist Russia in the same category as Hitlerite Germany? Should we say that she is Fascist?". J. Edgar Hoover, longtime FBI director and ardent anti-communist, wrote extensively of "Red Fascism". The Ku Klux Klan in the 1920s was sometimes called "fascist". Historian Peter Amann states that, "Undeniably, the Klan had some traits in common with European fascism—chauvinism, racism, a mystique of violence, an affirmation of a certain kind of archaic traditionalism—yet their differences were fundamental....[the KKK] never envisioned a change of political or economic system."

Professor Richard Griffiths of the University of Wales wrote in 2005 that "fascism" is the "most misused, and over-used word, of our times".

"In short, “fascist” is a modern word for “heretic,” branding an individual worthy of excommunication from the body politic. The left uses other words—“racist,” “sexist,” “homophobe,” “christianist”—for similar purposes, but these words have less elastic meanings. Fascism, however, is the gift that keeps on giving. George Orwell noted this tendency as early as 1946 in his famous essay “Politics and the English Language”: “The word Fascism has now no meaning except in so far as it signifies ‘something not desirable.

Racism is more specific to America because of its multiracial and multicultural background and would not work in some other countries. But Fascism would and so its used it similar way. Except Germany off course , there accusation of Natzism is the term of choice for the accusers. For obvious reasons off course.

Racism, fascism etc. They are linguistic weapons in the culture war, they are no the motives behind neither the accuser or the accused and that is important to understand.

Not bad ...

Really a fantastic comment! I totally agree with you that these words are used as tools and weapons. They trigger an emotional disgust response that precedes thought... especially useful for thought control and manipulation.

@Admin Exactly. The distract for underlying reasons. They are also often not even believed. Remember how Kamala Harris accused Biden for being racist and when she became his running mate, and was asked about it she laughs and says, its just debate. Its always like this. The politicians don't believe in it they just use the phrase because its full of emotions and easy to stir up unrest. What democrats need now.

Any complex theory would not be enough to stir up emotions or shut down debate. But accusation of racism or fascism kill debate so the one that makes the rules always wins, and it also serves as a unifying agent for the mobs burning the cities outside. They need something simple, emotional to drive them. So "systemic racism" works really well in that role. And the propaganda and ground work has already been done in universities where many were indoctrinated, for decades now.

@Admin All Communist Parties, upon attaining power, have become completely merciless. But at the stage before they achieve power, it is necessary to use disguises.

“It is startling to realize how much unbelief is necessary to make belief possible. The quality of ideas seems to play a minor role in mass movement leadership. What counts is the arrogant gesture, the complete disregard of the opinion of others, the singlehanded defiance of the world. Hatred is the most accessible and comprehensive of all the unifying agents. Mass movements can rise and spread without belief in a god, but never without a belief in a devil.

A pleasant existence blinds us to the possibilities of drastic change. We cling to what we call our common sense, our practical point of view. Actually, these are but names for an all-absorbing familiarity with things as they are. The tangibility of a pleasant and secure existence is such that it makes other realities, however imminent, seem vague and visionary. Thus it happens that when the times become unhinged, it is the practical people who are caught unaware and are made to look like visionaries who cling to things that do not exist.

They who clamor loudest for freedom are often the ones least likely to be happy in a free society. The frustrated, oppressed by their shortcomings, blame their failure on existing restraints. Actually their innermost desire is for an end to the “free for all.” They want to eliminate free competition and the ruthless testing to which the individual is continually subjected in a free society.

All mass movements deprecate the present by depicting it as a mean preliminary to a glorious future; a mere doormat on the threshold of the millennium. That the deprecating attitude of a mass movement toward the present seconds the inclinations of the frustrated is obvious. What surprises one, when listening to the frustrated as they decry the present and all its works, is the enormous joy they derive from doing so. Such delight cannot come from the mere venting of a grievance. There must be something more -- and there is. By expatiating upon the incurable baseness and vileness of the times, the frustrated soften their feeling of failure and isolation. It is as if they said: 'Not only our blemished selves, but the lives of all our contemporaries, even the most happy and successful, are worthless and wasted.' Thus by deprecating the present they acquire a vague sense of equality.

An active mass movement rejects the present and centers its interest on the future. It is from this attitude that it derives its strength, for it can proceed recklessly with the present—with the health, wealth and lives of its followers. It is a truism that many who join a rising revolutionary movement are attracted by the prospect of sudden and spectacular change in their conditions of life.

Freedom aggravates at least as much as it alleviates frustration. Freedom of choice places the whole blame of failure on the shoulders of the individual. And as freedom encourages a multiplicity of attempts, it unavoidably multiplies failure and frustration. Freedom alleviates frustration by making available the palliatives of action, movement, change and protest.

A mass movement attracts and holds a following not because it can satisfy the desire for self-advancement, but because it can satisfy the passion for self-renunciation. When a mass movement begins to attract people who are interested in their individual careers, it is a sign that it has passed its vigorous stage; that it is no longer engaged in molding a new world but in possessing and preserving the present. It ceases then to be a movement and becomes an enterprise. According to Hitler, the more “posts and offices a movement has to hand out, the more inferior stuff it will attract, and in the end these political hangers-on overwhelm a successful party in such number that the honest fighter of former days no longer recognizes the old movement…. When this happens, the ‘mission’ of such a movement is done for.

― Eric Hoffer, The True Believer: Thoughts on the Nature of Mass Movements

@RandyStemen Well your argument is proving my point in a way. Because you are trying to defend against accusation made to provoke emotions not intellectually honest debate. Which was my point.

I think that when we start to defend against racism we accept the rules under which we always lose. Because the rules are set up that way. I think that people who are decent have been defending themselves from accusations way too long, while the radical fanatics kept pushing for more and more privileges simply based on nothing more than accusation, with no proof or honest debate.

As someone observed, civil rights movements, never really end. Because they are out for power so its never enough. No matter how many compromises, rights and laws you change, its never ever enough. That is why its dangers to treat social justice movements as movements for justice, and see them as political movements looking for power. You cannot appease them and its never enough. They are like a stray cat. Cat meowing until you give it food because you feel sorry for it. And than you never get rid of it, pretty soon it sleeps in your bed and pushes you out of it.

As for Africa. I don't know, its a real dome scratcher that one. So much time as everyone else to improve. So much natural resources and its still a mess. Its a mystery to me why that is.

But the other day I found this article, that is not shell we say politically correct.

A Short History of the Slave Trade in NigeriaBy Cheta Nwanze
A public service as a response to Nigeria's removal of history from its school curriculum.


I disagree - Racism is a form of the natural human impulse to tribalism. Fear of "the other". It is as natural as breathing. Socialization is required in order to teach ourselves to subvert - to quell such negative impulses. I am of the school of thought that men are naturally selfish, aggressive jealous defenders of our own perceived territories.
The left knows full well that the easiest way to manipulate a mob is to convince the people that they have been unjustly treated and abused by the "other groups" - the White, the rich, the males...
Back in the day career K-12 teachers knew that they had to work 7 times harder in order to countervene one negative outburst or disturbance in the classroom. The negative/territorialism, defensiveness is the default condition in the human mind.

@iThink When we fail to properly civilize people, human nature rushes in. Absent a higher alternative, human nature drives us to make sense of the world on its own instinctual terms: That’s tribalism.

Tribalism is natural, but it can also be manufactured. Manufactured tribalism is the very essence of identity politics. “Identity politics” may be a modern term, but it is an ancient idea. Embracing it is not a step forward but a retreat to the past.

My point was that racism is never the cause its only a means to identify member of the tribe, which by itself does not mean one has to discriminate as well and or rationalizing factor in case discrimination has be done.

But on its own it cannot exist as sole reason for tribalism. Fear of the other might be again reason, but racism would be rationalization of that fear. It would not be reason for fear itself.


I have lived my whole life in the south and I would like to believe that with each generation there is more acceptance as a whole. I know there are still a small number of hate groups but in general I believe if you want to make something of yourself in this country, you are the limiting factor. Maybe I am wrong but I see very successful people and people pushing carts up the road and sleeping under bridges. They come in all colors and genders on both sides but you spend anytime with a successful person, more often than not its pretty apparent how they got where they are.

You make a good point to be reminded that our homeless population is very diverse.


Communism 2.0 - Since, individual examples of racism are relatively rare, exchange the rich/poor class war for a black/white class war. Quicker than you can say "I have a dream", there is "institutional racism" comrade!


I just see things as they are. Some people attach the label "racist" to anybody who refuses to lie to themselves.


I would love someone that thinks there is systemic racism in the United States to provide me with a single example that the SYSTEM is racist....

I think the logic goes like this: wherever there is a situation where there is inequality of outcome, there are either two allowed reasons. They are direct bigotry (e.g., "old school" racism) or "systemic X-ism". "Systemic racism" then can be found everywhere and becomes definitionally real. Some examples are SAT scores for college admission, mortgage requirements based on income, and many more (see this list of 26 charts of inequality is deemed proof that "systemic racism" is real [] )

Affirmative action.

@Admin inequality of outcome, including disparate outcomes are not evidence of systemic failure (or racism) - humans are unequal in abilities, skills and aptitude....

@Admin Looking at those charts the overwhelming takeaway is that a lack of education informs most of them. And given that there are significant numbers of non-whites with higher performance, it seems a characteristic of the black community that education is well down on the priority list for their children. And that informs almost all of the resulting disparities.

@tracycoyle It is not socially acceptable to claim that there are any differences in innate abilities, skills, personalities, or aptitude between these groups. There is some interesting genetic work that might give more insight: []


I’m often surprised to see racist and anti Semitic posts here on this site. I suspect they are simply opportunistic, resulting from the openness fostered here and missing elsewhere. I support that openness and condemn those posts. The former is more important by far than the latter, which are often laughable.

I also believe that racism and anti Semitism are actually on the decline in the US, at least for the time being. The problem is that the leftist element of society has changed the definition of racism to include everyone who disagrees with its platform. They’ve also portrayed our founders as racist instead of recognizing the enormity of their task: eliminating the 4000 year old institution of slavery. Moreover, as people buy in to the left’s narrative, it will likely produce a backlash that they can in turn use to justify that narrative. Curiously, the left has also managed to legitimize anti Semitism by taking up the cause of Palestine, Hezbollah, Hamas, and militant Islam. As a result, I’ve become less optimistic regarding true progress in race relations.

I think, if we manage to get through the next 4-8 years without experiencing a Major Melt Down in these United States, there is a good possibility that the Left will find itself crushed and made meaningless ... at least for another cycle of 40-50 years

The reason why we have allowed posts that some would consider to be racist or anti-Semitic is that our mission is to help publicly debate controversial views instead of banning them. This being said, we do try to make sure that the discussions are civil, that there are sufficient counter-arguments, and that the posts are not designed to incite hatred or violence. There is a general enforcement of thought recently that no Jewish person or other minority can say or do anything that is wrong. We try to come from the position that no person or group is immune to fair criticism. Happy to get your feedback publicly or private.

@Admin Thank you! I fully support your position and approach.


I can only speak for myself. Before the events in Ferguson, race was unimportant to me - it was not on my radar. However, since then, over the years, I have become increasingly sensitive to Negro crime, their degenerate subculture and their, over-all, obnoxious behavior. I live in the country so, happily, I don't have to deal with too many of them. I have come to dislike them to the point that I will not patronize black-owned businesses. I won't even join a check-out line if the clerk is a Negro or if one is a customer waiting in this line. This line will be (9 times out of 10) the slowest moving and longest one in the store. I have arrived at the point where I dislike all of them no matter what. I know most of you will call me a racist. My rejoinder will be (as always): okay, so what, don't care.

While what you have written can easily be considered racist or bigoted (and will be) much of what you wrote is, however, true.
Much of this they have brought upon themselves with a Heaping Spoonful of Help known as “Government Assistance”.
The Deliberate Mollycoddling of Blacks here in the USA by Democrat Driven Programs has damaged the American Black even in the Caribbean.
Non American Blacks tend to have an overall much better set of Ethics ... especially Work Ethics where, even in the Caribbean, on an American Island, an employer is almost Guaranteed to be more satisfied with a Black from ANY Other Island before a “Local”

That is truly sad but ... I lived there for a few years and saw it repeated almost daily ... the difference was stark and vivid.

It is not the Black People who have done this. It is the “Government”.

We appreciate your honesty. I was kind of leading that in my post as it is difficult to say humanistic when see protests/riots of this type. Did you used to call black people, "black people" before these events? I think you may be a few terms behind... and yes, I am kindly calling you out on that.

@pigfarmer I have arrived at the point where I dislike all of them no matter what

I'm not that racist (yet), but it's always a good idea to exercise extra caution around #Negros. The majority of Negros aren't murderers, but the majority of murderers are #Negro, so take that as you will. I get along about as well with the Negros at work as the #Whites; there's even one I'd almost call a friend. However, I have given up on them in general. I don't think our peoples can peacefully coexist.

As far as that goes, I'm the most dangerous kind of racist there is ... intelligent, well-mannered, educated, with a healthy sense of humor and a thick skin. I think racism is different in that way today. The general idea is that people are racist because they're ignorant or had bad experiences with #POC that made them hate all POC. But I'm not like that. I judge groups as groups and individuals as individuals. I treat people with courtesy and respect unless they give me a reason not too. I actually have empirical evidence to back up my opinions rather than foggy-headed notions about race based on wives tales and religious myth. I hate #MLK, but I love #MalcolmX. I was chatting with a Nigerian woman online who was convinced I lived in the South, chewed tobacco, and burned crosses (I mean, who knows ... maybe I do 🤷♂️ ).

What can I say? You can't blame people for accepting an unquestioned narrative they've been force-fed since Kindergarten. You have to let people know (both racists and anti-racists), one at a time, that it's actually possible to acknowledge race-based human population genetic differences without being an asshole. As strange as it may sound, you can be a nice racist. 😇

@Admin PS - I use "Negro" because it just makes sense. Every variation of "Black" in the Romance languages is similar - Spanish or Portuguese negro "black," from Latin nigrum (nominative niger), French nègre. According to Booker T. Washington, >"Professor Booker T. Washington, being politely interrogated ... as to whether negroes ought to be called 'negroes' or 'members of the colored race' has replied that it has long been his own practice to write and speak of members of his race as negroes, and when using the term 'negro' as a race designation to employ the capital 'N' [Harper's Weekly, June 2, 1906]"

@ZuzecaSape You've pretty much covered it all - a very pleasurable read.


Yes, Racism is reappearing because of the extreme radical fringe in this country agitating race. REpublicans are not racist in many ways. I have noticed that many libs that mouth endlessly about race are seldom in relationships or marriage with minorities. They are fake virtue signal frauds. You will find republicans with minorities more often. Leftist are quick to report that racism is mostly older people, which may have been true as the oldsters have not been conditioned by leftist entertainment and especially music to think blacks especially are kool. Anything the left brainwashed with is mostly a failure as proved historically. 100 million murdered and counting and the goofs and loons, peeps, cheaps and creeps still mouth the garbage. P.S I was once left.


I think there is more racism than when I was a younger man, but not in the way that so many people were racist back in the earlier days than that. It is not whites being racist against blacks, that has certainly fallen off a huge amount since I was a kid. The racism today tends to be almost all non white races and a large segment of the white race being very racist against all whites.


Short answer? I am.

govols Level 8 Sep 5, 2020

Black women who act like pirates are a huge turn off for me.

I do not care how big that booty is, I do not plunder a chest full of glorified gang activity.

I have met classy black women before, so I know they are capable of being sexy. My neighborhood just has too many toxic Somalian immigrants who are too traumatized by their war torn country to adapt to our peaceful society.


About the same, but as someone else has commented, it’s easy to broadcast your..preferences these days, and those with the strongest preferences usually get the most hits. The only people who are really “racist” though are race peddlers (MSM, academia, Hollyweird), who flood every avenue with their “white man, bad!!” line of bullshit. The rest of us are just people who have preferences, including gasp racial, and there’s nothing wrong with that.


Yep. I think all the screaming about having to navel gaze over race has made everyone think about race more.

It’s become an obsession thanks to the woke left.


I don't think here in Australia we are getting more racist. There are some extremist groups but they are on both sides of the divide and are small in number and loud of mouth. Of course the LW Progressive media don't help.
I think people have concerns more around population sustainability and cultural compatibility than race. Race and culture not being the same thing of course.


I've always accepted the fact I am prejudiced. However, I defy anyone who knows me to point out one instance when I have discriminated. I don't.

If you are honest you will accept that you are prejudiced. All humans are tribal. It's in our DNA. At one time it was essential for our survival. My father taught me at an early age what racism is. He was an equal opportunity hater. Blacks, Catholics, Jews, Irish, Italians, you names it.... I was fortunate for that experience, and totally rejected it when I was young.

If you recognize you are prejudiced, you can deal with it. If you don't you are being either a liar or a damn fool.

That said, don't ever accuse me of being racist. I have never been. Do I dislike certain people? Damn right I do. But is because of their actions or their adherence to a disgusting culture that causes my distain.

I can relate closely with what you've said. Thanks for saying it.


Many people experience spasms of virtuousness by proclaiming their utter disgust at any and all things "racist".

But they still won't go on midnight strolls through the west side of Chicago.

Or in the afternoon through the south side of Chicago...


I find the pushing of BLM to be more and more offensive as time goes on. Here in Ottawa no one cares what race/colour you are, and of the approx. 195 countries in the world, they are all here somewhere. But the more they keep pushing this false narrative, the more I am inclined to be against them, whatever their colour. They build up nothing; they only tear down. They have no real agenda of advancement for us all. This criminal behaviour of destruction and bullying needs to be put down hard, until anyone reasonable on their side can negotiate cogently and peacefully, and have something to contribute beside empty slogans.

It's hard to fight "racism" with more racism 😟

@Admin Then don't. Just fight lawlessness with law enforcement and peaceful negotiation when possible.


Keep in mind when you watch anything on Netflix that the Obama's are advising on content. The programs have changed noticably since that $60M contract started.

BR444 Level 4 Sep 6, 2020

Netflix is utter garbage.

True. Sad. The amount of “wokeness” has become evident.
Personally, I believe Obama and people of his ilk are Destructive to Our National Culture.


Thomas Sowell rightly points out that if racism were indeed the cause of all the ills that plague black America, it can’t account for the fact that in the height of racism and Jim Crow, black families were famous for their strong unity, where more than 85% of black children grew up in a two parent traditional family. If racism actually caused the problems, does it not make sense that the problems would have been worse when racism was worse, and in fact, commonly accepted as normal in many places.
The decline occurred after LBJs war on poverty (more appropriately named war on black families). That number plummeted to now where 69% of black children are born to unwed mothers, not to mention the 16 million who have been aborted by planned parenthood since 1973.
Racial division serves a political purpose for the left.
Do some investigation into a document from the 70s called Prairie Fire. It was written by Obama pal and Weather Undreground terrorist, Bill Ayers.
In a nutshell, it is a 167 page strategic brief for fomenting dissension that will lead to revolution. It is readily available with a Google search.

There are six main goals.

  1. Destroy Capitalism
  2. The weapon of choice - systemic racism and police racism
  3. Identify and create sympathy for the victim class
  4. Organize the victim class
  5. Engage in international solidarity with the global movement
  6. Dethrone God

Now tell me that isn’t precisely what we see happening.
Obama started the racial division when he called the police idiots for briefly detaining the Harvard professor, who happened to be black, for breaking into his own house. The police were responding to a concerned neighbors call about someone breaking into the man’s house. The police stopped him, and because they insisted he prove who he was so they could confirm that it was indeed his home, he and Obama turned it into a racial thing, instead of simply being grateful that the police were looking out for his interests.
And Obama fanned the flames over Treyvon Martin, and Michael Brown.
With the ensuing riots in Ferguson, then in Baltimore, Obama remained silent ( instead of calling for calm and restraint as a real leader should) tacitly giving his consent.
Racial issues have continued to collapse rapidly since then as every perceived slight is exaggerated for political advantage.
Soros, who was Obama’s main benefactor and puppet master, is deeply involved in all of it.
But the recent push toward revolution started with a spark in Minneapolis called George Floyd, and the left is exploiting it for all its worth.

Here's a link: [] I agree that the black fatherless argument has a powerful counter to the "racism is to blame" narrative.

@Admin The point is more this. Without an honest good-faith effort to examine all causes in depth, that might plague a community, it would be impossible to determine a proper cause of action. Anything less than a willingness to engage in a fearless and searching examination for the root causes suggests that the solution is not the goal. The exploitation of the plight is the goal, which makes it purely political.

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