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How are you doing under Covid lockdown?

After five months of Covid-19 lockdowns, most people have greatly been affected both economically and mentally. How are you handling it? Have things changed where you live? What are your plans as it continues?

A Covid-19 vaccine will...

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Admin 8 Sep 8
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you need another vote category - "Doesn't matter when - I won't get the vaccine"

iThink Level 9 Sep 8, 2020

Same here. I have no desire to get a vaccine for a disease that will likely not harm me at all even if I get it. I also have no desire to be guinea pig for the government.

I should never say never, but I don't see any scenario right now where I get a vaccine.


Who actually “cares” if a vaccine will be available?

Riddle me this;
if HCQ can be denied as a treatment or prophylactic since the Beginning of this PlanDemic due to insufficient data and testing (although its been around and used for Several Years and LOTS of “Anecdotal Evidence” says it works)
HOW can ANYONE Trust a “Vaccine” that’s been “Created”, “Rushed Through Development” and “Determined to be SAFE” in a COUPLE MONTHS!?!?

Kind of a bit hard to determine “Long Term” Side Effects?
Kind of ODD that “Viruses DON’T Respond to Vaccines” (EXCEPT Suddenly NOW?)
Kind of ODD that there’s this “Can’t Sue Manufacturer” Clause (In case it HURTS or KILLS You)

How am I handling it? Same as EVERY Other Day ... One foot in front of another ... is it raining? Wear a raincoat.
Have things changed? YES. All the People who tended to Freak Out before are in a Total Panic Meltdown.
What are MY Plans? Another Day Another Dollar. Money In, Money Out. One foot in front of the other ...

Excellent posting, thanks. By now we know that Quercetin, which is OTC and completely harmless, can replace HCQ, see

@Rosary_Trace or is it more about the destruction of one economic system, in order to usher in the new digital one and a fight over who is in control of it...this new system cuts out any middle men, so the only way to manipulate it will be from the mainframe itself...a good example is shown in the movie iRobot,

do they really need anything else to track us? I think the true motive lies in the control over our ability to consume

I think both you and RT are concerned about a valid point.
While I could see and make an argument for the Establishment trying to drop both software capabilities on us in one fell swoop, I think that they’re likely to try to be a little more subtle.
I think they’re going to have to see how well the vaccine rollout goes first because they’ve already begun to lose control of that narrative.

I would point out that this is also why DJ Trump MUST be re-elected and Remain in Office for the next term.


It's mostly an annoyance. We keep boxes of disposable masks in our cars, in our pockets, by our chairs. We're always going back to the car to grab some before going into a store. They're mostly useless, but they allow the politicians to say they're "doing something."

Well now the politicians need some sort of excuse in which to protect their phony baloney jobs...

I've been using the same surgical mask since march. Who knew they could be washed with oxyclean? Just get a bowl big enough for the mask fill it with some water, about a teaspoon of oxyclean and put the mask in. Rub it gently and leve it in there for about 30 minutes. BOOM, a clean "disposable" mask.


"It" is a well documented treasonous crime in progress, complete with confessions. "It" will last as long as the victims of "it" allow "it" to continue at will, without a proper, lawful, legal, constitutional, moral, defense against those who are perpetrating "it."

I'm not locked down, never was, so...

I agree. Look up "operation lockstep" and check out the coronavirus thread in my so called "good health tips" as mentioned in my channel.


Is the following a good start to "operation lockstep"?


I briefly looked over it and it is a good introduction I think.


Yeah, if they create a vaccine it will basically be a vaccine for the common cold which mutates too fast for it to have lasting effects. They can barely keep up with the flu. I am not really anti-vax, but I have absolutely no interested in a rushed vaccine and will probably be willing to go to extremes to avoid it at least for a couple years until the trails and testing is actually complete.

I am doing better than I was at the beginning because we were living with my inlaws at the start of it due to a career change and I was terrified that we would be delayed getting out. As it was, my husband was transitioning to a career that often works from home anyway so we were only delayed maybe a month and love our new place.

My plans for it continuing are still in development. This year has really taught me the how to stay in the moment because nothing is guaranteed.


@Admin I'm feeling the financial blow, but mental health is doing good despite dealing with a chronic physical ailment. Of course, still plenty of time yet in which for one to experience a mental breakdown. If the day ever comes I openly claim to be Daffy Duck's brother, then you could start to worry about my mental health. Until then, hanging in there.

Things have certainly changed in my neck of the woods, so many cancellations and businesses permanently closing down. The other week went to a local strip mall to replace my phone's battery, and was shocked at what a ghost town that mall had become. Many fond childhood memories there, and based on what I saw I'm concerned the mall will eventually close. Labor Day (yesterday) would have been the final day for the 2020 Great Allentown Fair, which of course was also cancelled, first time that happened since World War 1 when the Fairgrounds was converted into a mobile hospital site. The changes so far have not exactly been positive.

As for plans? Don't really have any, just been taking it day to day, waiting to see what cockamamie things the next day may bring. Can't say I'm thrilled about getting a Covid vaccine right away, they probably will have one in the months ahead, think I'll sit that one out though. Certainly been sticking to a tighter budget recently, and eating at home way more. Hope all has been going good for you during these trying times.


I'm functioning almost as normal, but with far fewer hours at work. I go out to most of my usual haunts and mostly do all of my usual activities. Where I live most shopping is open but masks are requested. Some bars I enjoy are simply and fully ignoring the C-Fear virus and good times are enjoyed by most who enter.

I'm planning to continue my diligence where keeping household supplies maxed out, saving where possible, and reading old books. The latter is probably contributing greatly to my sanity. The internet search algorithms being purposefully broken toward a twisted form of mind control basically drove me from news and current events, so that's probably been helpful, too.

I really don't think about vaccine.

govols Level 8 Sep 8, 2020

Good for you for the reading. I was generally reading three or four books a month, but seem to have lost the motivation since the lockdown, when I probably need it most.


While I appreciate the urgency in finding a vaccine, "warp speed" sounds neither safe or sound. From the little I could make of this, a vaccine may not be possible. As far as timing, if there is one, I don't see how it could be anytime before 2022.


Doesn't bother me one bit. I do everything I did before.


Well if the Democrats plan was to show how racist and hateful white males are it's working with me. The lock down plus calling the BLM and AntiFa terrorists "peaceful protesters" is pushing my buttons. The lock down is making me depressed and the failure to stem the violence angry. If you look at places like New York and Portland they look like Venezuela. At this point the degree of historical ignorance required to support left leaning policies is astonishing. Every left leaning policy has been a colossal failure. Welfare destroyed black families and created a lost generation of violent intercity thugs. California went from having the best energy sector, highways, primary education system, poverty rates, and environmental policies to almost the worst in the nation. Head Start produced no lasting results nor did affirmative action. The Mayor and Governor of New York should be charged with involuntary manslaughter for the way they handled Covid 19 and Nursing homes. Black people I know are more bitter now than they were in the 60s, because hope and change was a fraud. The Democrats focus on Russia while China was exporting a pandemic is nothing short of criminal. The Trump-Russia conspiracy hoax proved just how stupid Democratic voters really are.

As to the vaccine anyone with a high school science education should know that Corona viruses mutate so rapidly that it is likely to have mixed success.

So the pandemic has just reinforced my feeling that half the population is too stupid and lacking in self discipline to vote.


First, the COVID-19 disease is a real sickness that has been inflated into a hoax and a scam. We're learning now that the disease really isn't that serious for people who don't have major complicating factors. Those can be both mental and physical. The disease is worse for older people as most flu viruses are. When those old people are sequestered in nursing homes, abused by orderlies and nurses, frightened by exaggerated stories (lies) about the disease's danger, and denied the morale boost that would come from seeing their families, those people are going to be more susceptible to death. The same factors have likely increased deaths in all groups of people. Just as the placebo effect can make people resist some sicknesses better, I'm sure the "plague porn" reporting on COVID-19 made some people more susceptible to more serious complications. On top of that, the medical establishment has rejected treatment options that would help people at the early stages of the disease.

We have a flu vaccine, and even some people who take the vaccine will get the flu. None of these vaccines are perfect. A COVID-19 vaccine might have some value, but much of the vaccine is just going to be a scam to make money for the pharmaceutical companies. I understand that companies market their products, but the government and the media lying about the effectiveness of other approaches in order to help these companies market a vaccine is unethical. At some point, I think it should be criminal.

I was disabled already, and I don't get out much because I'm so tired. In that sense, much of my life hasn't changed. On the other hand, seeing so many fellow citizens fall for this hoax is distressing. I had really thought better of my fellow human beings, particularly my fellow Americans. Seeing the fall for this hoax completely is discouraging. I don't really want to live in a country or a world full of so many stupid people. I hope that someday we can prosecute the people who have perpetrated this hoax. I hope that they go to jail. I hope that companies that have made profits based primarily on the government closing the competition will lose those profits and be forced to pay compensation to all who have been hurt. I hope that those who have propagated this hoax will forever hang their heads in shame.


Other than the nuisance of wearing masks for no good reason (so far as I can tell) and of restrictions on local businesses, it has not really affected me much. That may change if the state of Illinois, where I live, decides to more severely restrict gatherings again. The church I pastor has already decided we are going to meet no matter what.


For me the isolation does get to me. I am in the high risk category so have only been off my property 4 or 5 times since February. I also retired shortly before that so all of this does get to me. Thank goodness I am old enough that self-discipline isn't a tough reach, but not being out and about and interacting with people is a mental challenge. I'm also finding the non-stop news BS is wearing very thin and looking ahead with respect to the political scene in the US is not encouraging. I don't know about all of you, but to me the "new normal" is pure BS and a lousy projection for how we go beyond COVID-19. Currently tying a knot in the rope and hanging on.


It was surreal at first, but doing pretty well now. Eating healthier, saving money, refocused on work, drinking less, lost 30 pounds, feel more desire to do things like socialize and go outside (not just an obligation), and am becoming more self-actualized through local political organization and protest. It's not the worst time for introverts. Miss concerts, though.

Guess protesting is the Left's version of a gym?

@Machiavelliwar I am not stupid enough to protest. A police officer raped my aunt to death in Mexico. I know U.S. police officers are not as sexually aggressive but why risk it ? Thank goodness for those Chinese donut merchants who poison our officers with soy. We do not need officers who are constantly sporting a erection.

@Mikewee777 Sorry to hear that. I do try to make informed choices, but it is always a risk at the end of the day--any protest could turn into a police riot.

@Machiavelliwar I mean, riding 10 miles on your bike with a backpack full with water bottles and protective equipment is a great way to lose weight!

@WilyRickWiles Happy to have the tip. However will take your word for it. Carrying my groceries on my back and climbing a couple of good sized hills, is my preferred, outside fun. Hope you can keep it up, and live long!


My wife and I both tested positive in June. Lost my taste and smell for a week—but that’s about the extent of personal inconvenience. When eggs and bacon tastes the same as tofu, that’s damned inconvenient.

I won’t get the vaccine. I’ve never gotten a flu shot either, despite my doctor’s urgent suggestions otherwise. It’s not that I’m a confirmed anti-vaxxer; I just don’t trust the bullshit that has coated this issue from the start. I read of serious research that is officially banned, “experts” who have been wrong about everything, and so-called science driven by politics, and I just think these people are fucking crazy.

I take nutritional supplements daily that are supposed to keep my immune system healthy and robust, but I have no more certainty about that than I do about a vaccine. I live in Dallas; if my antibodies weaken and I get it again, there are more than a few clinics that advertise their Hydroxychlorquine treatments. I’ll be knocking on their doors.

On the whole, I’d rather be watching reruns of Gilligan’s Island—wait—that’s what I have been doing.


It’s scary how people in the medical field are being threatened into silence about how much lying is going on.


With the closure and semi-closures of churches I and my household have, during the last two weeks began a house church with four so far in attendance. With the coming vaccine mandate and the implications we all know it is the shot or near him imprisonment so I think the home or house church is going to be the only way for Christians to continue worshiping God without attending a state church. We are getting ready before the full weight of the state falls upon the church as it has in other lands.

My mental state; I am much less understanding of those who walk through life with their eyes and ears closed to all but state propaganda they get from their "smart" phones.

What you are saying about the future of Churches, will make the Churches stronger, I hope. Does sound an awful like what happened to the churches in China. China wants to have a hand in Choosing the Pope. That will be a first for a Communist holy head of Marxism, with Chinese characteristics!

I don't know that worship is only possible within groups...on most occasions that an individual was blessed by the voice of God, was of a time of solitude...which may explain the struggle for most to acknowledge the propaganda, as they are rarely truly alone in the current age of the "smart" phone


It’s bullshit. I know a 72 yr old with a bad heart. He had covid and he’s fine. I could see locking down retirement homes, but all the healthy people could have developed herd immunity. It’s FISHY as Hell

I think one of the fishiest things is the testing. They're widely using PCR (polymerase chain reaction) technology to diagnose Covid-19. Kary Mullis, the man who invented PCR for DNA sequencing at Cetus Corporation, stated unequivocally that PCR should not be used to diagnose disease because, though it could identify viruses and parts of viruses through amplification of sample material, it could not determine viral load, which is what causes illness. So people who may have an otherwise undetectable trace of SARS-CoV-2 virus in their system can be diagnosed, through PCR amplification, with COVID-19 if they present with symptoms of some other illness. The disease is real, I believe, but the response is the scam. I also think those who should be held responsible have names like Fauci, Birx, Redfield, perhaps even Gallo and let's not forget Gates.


Of what importance is a vaccine for a disease with a 0.01477% (6% of 0.24% using the CDC data) mortality rate of which 80%+ are above the age of 85 years of age (which is higher then flu, pneumonia, many other viral diseases). This disease has not and can not in the same time period match H1N1 which is a virus that is still out in the wild and folks still get it but we didn't have a lock down for it then nor should we be having a lock down now.

The Globalist are so desperate that they are no longer using number of deaths but number of new cases with a test that has a very high rate of error (NYT puts it near 90% of false positive due to over amplification of sample and lack of specific sensitivity). this is why they are pulling everything they can to keep a large level of stress going on the general population and are pushing through were they can laws that are repugnant to any civilized society (California, Scotland, and Canada no name but three who are guilty of these actions).

Folks need to stand up and stop letting fear of the disease stop them from living and stop letting the stazi run their lives.


As for the questions in the post... I've been handling things well, I work for the education system so my paid was guaranteed and my husband never had to close down his business. Living in GA, nothing much had changed except the new "masked heros" occasionally floating around to scoff at you. I plan to just keep fighting all the changes moving forward.

Now for the vaccine... I don't plan to take it unless someone can prove I'll die if I don't get the vaccine.

@mgdesantis I like wearing my mask. Makes it easier to infiltrate #AntiFA gatherings.


A friend died from some fungus while gardening. Makes me think any of us can go for no good reason at any time. So my mind cannot process this pandemic in a realistic sense, it's just numbers that are wildly different depending on national or even States responses. But having good civics, I do wear masks when I am requested to.


be useless as the politicians that are promoting it with a made for TV crisis drama.


I would consider the impact to be moderate. I have no plans to "accommodate" the pandemic because I believe it will be over in November, which tells you I don't think it ever qualified as a true pandemic. The biggest area of impact for me, personally, is on the mental/emotional side. My heart hurts for everyone who has lost their job or seen their business was so unnecessary. I also feel for those who have watched their loved ones' health deteriorate as they battle illness and aging alone. And I despise those who have taken advantage of this situation for their own benefit.... there are too many to count.

Looking ahead, I don't plan on doing anything different. I wear a mask only when I choose to, and if I find it bothersome, I pull it down. No one says crap about it, so I'm guessing 90% of us are on the same page. I don't plan on staying home any more than usual, and I'll continue to go to church, dinner, shopping, and traveling just like always. This situation has its inconveniences, but I'm not going to let my life revolve around it.


Die of hunger probably. Perhaps it's time to go all Venezuelan on the neighborhood dogs already.


Horseshit. I don’t wear a mask

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